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Avon Park, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Avon Park, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop




"The Entertainers Hub"

Jimi Nu…I Got Next? I Got Now
Hot off the release of his latest single, Jimi Nu, the “Freestyle King of Tallahassee” is taking hip hop by the reigns and turning the industry on its head. The song, "Lil Som'em,” has been in constant rotation by DJ Envy of Hip Hop Nation Sirius/XM radio since its release early last month and shows no signs of slowing down. The 23-year-old Nu has been doing the rap thing since the age of 10 and has held his “Freestyle King” title for the last nine years. Since 14, he’s been shaking up the music game, battling rapper after rapper in the Florida rap scene. With love from his fans, the support of his family and his drive to be the best, Nu doesn’t have next… he has now!
His natural freestyle gift has made him a regular at events and shows from Atlanta to Miami bringing his unique flow to the stage for all to see. His hard core, take no prisoners delivery on the mic stems from growing up having to watch his back and his hours of dedication in the studio to his craft.
All that he’s faced has prepared him for this moment. To show the world that he’s a lyricist among his generation with honest and true content that speaks to the realness he’s been through and the situations people go through.
“My life, my mother, struggling people and people who have overcame -this is what inspires my music.”
The only featured artist in the upcoming issue of the Mix Show Prime Magazine, the first digital magazine for DJ’s, Nu is making his rounds and honing is music every day.
While his style has been compared to some of today’s most popular rappers like Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne, don’t get it twisted. Nu is his own talent set apart by his rawness and lyrical ability.
The media loves him too. Nu just finished an interview with The Entertainers Hub, a platform for emerging entertainment stars and his upcoming itinerary includes a feature for Up Next Magazine, a publication for underground talent in the music, fashion and entertainment worlds, and an exclusive interview with DJ Envy himself.
With all that he has on his plate, there is no stopping Jimi Nu. He has trained his whole life to be a star and at this point in his career, he is shining big and bright for his lovers and his haters alike. His time is now and no one can take that away.


http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/android/video.php?v=wshhCsrbZOzI4EYN6GFK - Kap

"CNN iReport"

Jimi Nu, a Florida based hip hop artist has released another hit single from his upcoming EP. The single, titled, Haters, is a self explanatory track and has been topping the charts for hip hop tracks since its release on 2nd September 2014.

The song has been released on all major platforms iTunes , Amazon & Google Play Store and many more. The song opened to mixed reviews but has become a chart topper in just the first week of its release.

Fans all over the world are relating to Haters, as it is a song that everybody can connect it and it provides a true explanation of the world. This self explanatory track has become an all time favorite for a number of listeners and is predicted to stay on the chart for quite some time now.

Jimi Nu, although cutting his debut EP, has been in the limelight for his unique rapping and Hip Hop skills.

About Jimi Nu:

Jimi Nu was born in Alabama, Tallahassee and is currently based in Florida. Jimi has been a stand out since the get go. He started off with his music on the age of 14, and now at 23, Jimi has been raping since the age of 10 and has grown up to make his two dreams come true, one to be the greatest rappers of all times. Jimi Nu believes that “dreams do come true and there isn’t anything wrong with being different.”
Jimi is all set to launch his EP album anytime now and he has used each and every song to get closer to his mission.

For more information please visit http://www.jiminu.net/

You can also check out Jimi Nu Rock World Star Hip Hop:http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhCsrbZOzI4EYN6GFK

Check Out Jimi Nu On
Face Book : www.facebook.com/therealjiminu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/the_real_jiminu
Website: www.jiminu.net - CNN

"XXL The Break"

Name: Jimi Nu

Age: 23

Reppin’:Tallahassee, Florida.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: It varies, I mean a lot of people say [Young] Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Eminem. You know it’s on those lines. You know if I try to talk, I can talk just like Jeezy. Now watch this. [In best Jeezy impersonation] ‘Yo, chill ni–a what it do nigga?! It’s XXL Magazine, ni–a! You already know what time it is!’ Jeezy gotta lot of pain when he raps, a lot of pain in his voice. It’s a lot of punctuation in his rap, that’s why his music is not boring. So, I mean that’s cool. That’s an okay comparison for me.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Developing my team man. It’s the Music Committee. You know, everything kind of comes together at once. That was like the best moment [so far] because you can’t start a movement without a team.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m going to change the game by really, really being conscious of what I put out and not over-saturating the market with free music. If you just keep giving somebody something, free then they’re going to expect it free. If I was selling you a car and it’s two cars—One of them were free, one of them you have to pay for—first, you’re thinking in your mind is ‘That shit is free! I’m going to go get in this!’ But then you get it and it breaks down right when you get off the block. Then you go buy the car and you paid for it but it rides for the next four years. That and not rapping about the same thing—drugs, money, bitches.

I’d like to work with: I mean two of them are dead. I would love to work with Biggie, I would love to work with ‘Pac. I would love to work with Eminem, would love to work with Jeezy, Andre 3000, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Wayne, Drake.

My goal in hip-hop is: To go diamond on at least one album. I want one of my albums out of my career to go diamond and I don’t want it to go diamond 10 years later. I want it to go diamond in the next five years.

I’m gonna be the next: Because first of all it’s God’s plan, second of all I got the team, third of all…I got the drive and the talent. - XXL

"Jimi Nu "No Games""

Now just how did a newcomer get a 13-time Grammy Award winner like Eminem to be featured on a new track? Well, it all comes down to talent. And Jimi Nu is just that talented—even the legends do duets with him. The song—“No Games”—was produced by Jayson Brown and featured Eminem. The two hip hop artists definitely aren´t playing—as they come hard and strong on “No Games.
Jimi Nu, the young dynamo artist from Tallahassee, FL, has just released his latest single entitled “No Games” produced by Jayson Brown and featuring 13 times Grammy Award winner Eminem. Jimi Nu’s latest recording effort has incorporated the talent of that Detroit icon Eminem, who has established and solidified his position in the Hip Hop Community. Since 1999 when he first burst upon the Hip-Hop music scene, Eminem has been one of the premier performers for this genre. With his thirty eight Grammy nominations and ranked as one of the ten greatest MCs of all time by MTV, Eminem continues to dominate the Hip-Hop music community with his edgy, push the envelope lyrics and music.
This blending of the Mid West Detroit sounds from Eminem with the Southern sound from Jimi Nu leaves the audience asking for more. The release of this latest single is the result of the overwhelming reception from the media icons that were at Jimi Nu’s listening session at the Quad Recording Studio in New York City on October 23, 2012. This outpouring of excitement from the listening audience influenced The Musiq Committee to release this single immediately.
The continuing “Freestyle King of Tallahassee Rap” is clearly demonstrating that he is not a one single artist. Jimi Nu is planning an even hotter follow up to this track. He is in the studio editing, remixing and crafting his first untitled album, which will be released in the Spring 2013.
Jimi Nu won’t be keeping his fans waiting long.
“No Games”
Jimi Nu
featuring Eminem -


Still working on that hot first release.



Sometimes an artist comes along who is genuinely unique. And Jimi Nu is definitely one of them. The Huntsville, Alabama-born, Tallahassee, Florida-based hip hop artist doesn´t take the road less travel—he paves his own.

 Raised by his mother, Andrea Paige, from the get go he has been a standout. Since the age 14, the now 23-year-old has reigned as Freestyle King of Tallahassee. He´s been rapping since he was 10 years old. And growing up he had two big dreams—“to become the greatest rapper of all time and an NBA star.” His style has been compared to some of the greats—Lil Wayne, 50 cent, Biggie, and Young Jeezy. And it is from them he learned to rap. “I just listened to the greats,” says Nu on how he honed his own style. “My voice is my instrument. And my style is who I am.”

As he is readying for his 14-track debut album, he wants to use each song to get his mission across. “I want to make real music, something the common mind can relate yet be very diverse too,” he explains. He has a variety of tracks on the CD thus far. “There´s “Electric Raindrops”, which is ´bout my current standpoint--how I knew I wouldn´t be down forever, that a bright day was coming. “Lil Som'em” is just what it says—and it´s a real grimy Southern track. “She the Greatest” is about a girl is down for the ride with her dude no matter what—a ride-or-die girl,” reveals Nu. One of his favorite tracks is the self-explanatory “Haters.” Producers include Squatbeats, Buck Wild, Jay Brown, C Note,Beatfanatix, Aredus and Tone Legend.

 Like many artists who make a mark, Nu is inspired by this surroundings and people in his life. “My life, my mother, struggling people and people who have overcame—this is what inspires my music,” he says.

 Nu is prepared for what life unfolds for him. There are two mantras he lives by. First: “Pray to GOD, claim what you prayed for and thank Him for it.” Second, “Dreams can come true and it´s okay to dare to be different.”

Some artists are born. Some artists are made. Then, other artists like Jimi Nu shatter the mold.

 Get blown away by Jimi Nu at www.jiminu.net , www.instagram.com/The_Real_Jiminu www.facebook.com/therealjiminu & www.twwitter.com/The_Real_JimiNu.
 Your life will never be the same

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