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Jessie Rae

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1999 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1999
Duo Folk Adult Contemporary




"Portland Underground Recording - quote"

"What a pleasure it was to mix the new Jessie Rae album! Every time I received a new song in my in box, I couldn't wait to hear what they had for me. Each song getting better and more amazing as the project progressed. This is a must have record ... The beautiful vocal melodies laid over some serious groovy guitars and rhythms will have your toe tapping the entire way!"
- Prince Strickland, Portland Underground Recording - Prince Strickland

"Blue Funk quote"

“I dig the overall vibe… I especially like Sparky and Now that we know.”

~ Joel Chernick, music consultant, previous manager at Apple Music Row, Portland OR - Joel Chernick

"Blue Funk quote"

“It’s so anti and well — glum…..”

~ my sister Susan - my sister Susan

"Out of the Blue Review"

Artist: Jessie Rae
Title: Out Of The Blue
Genre: Blues, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Country
Label: Independent

The band Jessie Rae, named after the bandleader Joan Meyer’s grandmother (first name) and her sister (middle name), sustain a funky, blues, rock, reggae beat, with dashes of country throughout their infectious new release Out Of The Blue.

Meyer’s vocal style is reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt. With rich and smooth tones full of soul drenched from-the-gut inflections, she follows the one-two punch of the coordinated rhythm section comprised of herself and Phil Hornik (bass), and Kipp Crawford (drums), punctuated by stinging guitar lines from the axes of Jim Bronson and Lauren Semler. Both lead guitar players sound seasoned on all accounts throughout this solid session.

The production and mix are very good accentuating the strong points of the band’s sound and varying styles. The first three tracks are addicting, “Blue Armor,” “Can You Explain” and “Around Here,” are filled with funky hooks that latch on and never let you go. Meyer’s vocals are right on time and perfectly keyed for the music; she sounds laid back but expressive, allowing the blues influence to take precedence in nearly every track. Although other influences are evident in their sound, the blues seems to be the common denominator everything else stems from. This one all-important factor actually makes each track stand on its own with the various flavors added to the mix. “Say What You Mean” would be a nice choice for a single to push the band into the different markets they fit into, which would be contemporary adult, pop, blues and pop for that particular track. Ironically the one instrumental on the entire CD is titled “Affectionate Soul,” which I could see having plenty of great lyrical content, yet the title fits the track very well, it’s a warm and rich tapestry of sounds marked by stellar musicianship.

There is nothing lacking in the variety department on this CD. Everyone uses his or her talents at the optimal level, which in
fact became obvious to me early on listening to this music. I am glad to say a good chunk of this CD fits darn snuggly into the
da blues-rock category and amongst others, and that’s alright with me.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-

May 31, 2004

01. Blue Armor (5:09)02. Can You Explain (5:27)03. Around Here (4:38)04. Miracle (5:40)05. Say What You Mean (4:14)06. Affectionate Soul (4:17)07. Walk with You (5:26)08. It Came Down to Me (5:11)09. Ground Zero (4:09)10. Don't Care (3:44)



Joan Meyer-lead vocals, backup vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, synth
Lauren Semier-lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, backup vocals
Jim Bronson-lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Matt Burnett-keyboards
Wendy Owens-percussion, backup vocals
Donna Rae-backup vocals
Kipp Crawford-drums
Cliff Koufman-congas
Ian Manheimer-backup vocals
Phil Hornik-bass
- MuzikMan / Review featured in Blues Matters! Aug-Sept 2004 Issue 21, page 68-9 /

"GoGirlsMusic Reviews"

Jessie Rae
"Out of the Blue"
Genre: blues
reviewed by Heather Corcoran
Copyright © 2005

Presented with the flair of a firecracker, the instant bang of reggae, blues, folk and R&B crash together in a vibrant, colorful combination from “Out of the Blue”, the junior release from band Jessie Rae. From start to finish the overall mood of the CD is one, long, energetic jam session complete with an invitation to the listener to join in on the ride and plug in as well. “Out of the Blue” is driven by powerful melodies and lead singer Joan Meyer’s seductive vocals that would get a nod from musicians such as Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Rait. Adventure and passion swings high from songs like, “Walk With You”, a fun-filled tune that will have you singing along and tapping your foot to the beat. A spiritually thrilling tornado of sounds, instrumentation and vibrant energy, “Out of the Blue” is enough ear candy to please the whole family.


"The Good The Bad The Ugly"

Two Louies
Oregon Music
January 2001

The Good The Bad and the Ugly
S.P. Clarke

“A Tribute to Jill—Jessie Rae

Bassist/songwriter Joan Meyer has a vocal delivery somewhat similar to that of Chrissie Hynde (or more currently, perhaps Aimee Mann), but manages to take her music in decidedly different directions from Hynde, incorporating elements of Jazz and Folk into her presentation. Here, along with Lauren Semler on guitar and Jeffrey Graham on drums, she carves a niche for herself and her band.
“Something I Said” is a shimmering piece of work, that captures a sort of Roxy Music feel and appends it to a catchy Pop song. “Laced with Sugar” reaches for a mood similar to those devised by Kate Bush, with a “yiyiyi-yihi.” “Safe and Warm” ricochets with an upstroke Reggae rhythm and a rubbery syncopated bassline and a memorable melody, slightly reminiscent to Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride.” Very nice. Sounding something like the work of early Heather Nova, “Think Twice” reverberates with incandescent warmth.
Joan Meyer displays a knack for unique combinations of sounds in association with heartfelt songs. While her productions are fairly bareboned, there is strength and sinew in her music.”
- Two Louies

"Jessie Rae -- A Tribute to Jill"

Subj: now at
Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 9:40:58 AM

Jessie Rae A Tribute To Jill

The components that make up this 3 prong acoustic-based band are Joan M. Meyer doing voice, bass, guitar, and keys. Lauren G. Semler on guitar, bass, backing vocals. And Jeffrey D. Graham giving out drums and spoons. Spoons? Don't worry. Our team owes more to an alt-rock Bonnie Raitt than a Jim Croce, and soft rock tracks like the beginning 'Bittersweet' make life worth living. Easy going.

'Something I Said' is filled with twisting bed springs and drums, as the voice asks 'Was it something I said / or was it all in my head'. Sparse
words float around this beauty, as it does with follow up 'Laced With Sugar', before getting into blues country with 'It's a Pity'. A full service band giving you lots of sounds, styles, attitudes. But mostly a
gentle kindness you don't hear too often anymore. This is what I carry away from Jessie Rae.
And I'm very thankful for it.


"Blue Funk" released 2016
"Out of the Blue" released 2004
"The Originals" demo 2001
"A Tribute to Jill" released 2000

Gabby's Wish - Original motion picture 2012 - Directed by Hollie Olson
Original song by Joan Meyer "It Came Down to Me"

Women Sport Report, an online sports magazine selected the track "Affectionate Soul" from the Out of the Blue CD as a loop to be played on their site located at

Track "Blue Armor" from the Out of the Blue CD was selected to be on the L.A. Independent Artists of the Month Compilation CD for the month of April 2006.

Track "Can You Explain" will be played in the upcoming feature film called "The Briar Patch." Check out for more information.

Featured on and promoted in their Female Musician newsletter dated June 2005.

Radio play at Dog Radio

Radio play at Midnight Special Blues Radio at; Track "Don't Care" artist listing on Local MusiCafe; Track "Can You Explain"

AA Media Music's Music 4 iPods Podcast Promotion
Tracks: "Affectionate Soul" "Walk with You" "Say What You Mean" "Don't Care" "Blue Armor"

BandRadio Streaming Radio Live; Track "Blue Armor"

Stream radio play at
Radio Muse #1
Host: Jan Best
Track: Bittersweet from "A Tribute to Jill" CD

Radio Muse #10
Host: Ruth
Track: Canyon Blues from "The Originals" CD

Radio Play on KBOO
Show: Movin' On
Host: Jade
Track: Hey There from "The Originals"
Host: Jan



Jessie Rae’s music is raw, real, and full of feel. Alive with rough edges and magical moments, Jessie Rae mixes honest lyrics, smooth harmonies, and a bluesy beat, infusing Portland’s indie music scene with a fresh sound. Whether they’re playing original tunes or songs in the public domain, Jessie Rae’s roots in folk, blues, funk and pop is unmistakable. With such a diverse lineage, it’s no wonder Jessie Rae’s sound has been described as “roots pop with a blues edge” and “cool funky folk.” Joan Meyer’s songwriting brings a subtle yet soulful groove to the Jessie Rae sound. From the rootsy tone of Lauren Semler’s slide guitar to the sultry blues of the vocals, Jessie Rae offers a unique sound all its own.

Joan Meyer is a seasoned songstress and the introverted face of Jessie Rae. A Portland native, Joan discovered her musical calling in the hand-me-down albums of her three older sisters. Sly and the Family Stone, Bob Dylan, and piles of 60s and 70s rock records stoked Joan’s musical fire. She checked out the piano in her family’s basement, and picked up the guitar while in high school. She dabbled in many genres over the years playing with the all-women 80s band TranSister, and Lonesome Taxi and Oversol in the 90s, before evolving naturally into the indie, singer/songwriter that she embodies today.

Lauren Semler plays guitar and sings backup. Originally from the Midwest, Lauren brings deep “roots” to the band. He played R&B, soul, reggae, blues and rock with Shakabuku before joining Jessie Rae. Lauren also played a key role in co-producing and co-writing three songs on the Blue Funk album.

The tracks on Blue Funk include originals by Joan M. Meyer and Lauren G. Semler as well as the cover Garden of Eden by John Dawson of New Riders of the Purple Sage. Blue Funk is about living in the real world of climate change, suicide, mourning, corporate greed, struggling to make ends meet, letting go, getting let go, flashing back, and in spite of it all, still finding a way to be thankful. Jessie Rae skillfully fuses contemporary and existential themes into dynamic and spirited songs.

Indigo Bliss is a song dedicated to Hayden Meyer, who died in an accident at the age of 24. Hayden was an extraordinary young man whose path was, in a word, heart. He exuded joyfulness, and at the same time was present with his family members and his many friends. He heard us. He saw us.

May we learn from his wisdom.

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