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Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop A Capella




"JellyTooFly headlines Queen: T.O.’s first all-female hip-hop show [News]"

Toronto, ON – In just a few years, Toronto emcee JellyTooFly has garnered the respect in the rap scene from both her male and female peers. On the heels of her February mixtape release, Queen, she headlines Rancho Relaxo this Thursday; marking the first time in the city’s history a hip-hop show features an all girl lineup. - HipHopCanada

"JellyTooFly (@JellyTooFly) Performs at That New North Stage (Video)"

Over at That New North, JellyTooFly performed a dope set on a whim, captivating not only the crowd but every bit of this footage. - Erin


It’s depressing how hip-hop events can still sometimes remain a boy’s clubs, even in 2015. With all the strides female artists have been making in the genre, most underground rap shows remain handicapped by men dressed in their finest Tumblr, who can rhyme “versace” with “givenchy” over a jacked Soundcloud trap beat.

So it was a breath of fresh air to close out the week-long mishmash of shows known as Canadian Music Week with a rap show whose roster featured exclusively women. Punch Records’ Toronto Meets the Best of U.K. show, hosted by BBC 1Xtra’s monthly resident DJ Melody Kane, began Sunday night at The Drake Hotel and brought a compelling showcase of rising Toronto talent together with representation from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hometown heroines bizZarh started the night with moody and magical blue hues. Playing instrumentals straight off an iPhone in airplane mode, their performance evoked a DIY aesthetic to the Sunday night affair soundtracked by an infectiously, smooth score. Following biZzarh, Jessie Reyez came armed with an acoustic guitar and band to belt out songs about having to “regulate” when your beau is getting macked on. Her voice—and guitar skills—enveloped the venue, proving that King L always knows what he’s talking about.

The first U.K. act of the night was Cleo, who performed cuts off her recent Beauty for Ashes EP, an emotionally-driven, contemporary R&B project that hints at Internet-friendly future bounce production that translated very well live. Her voice rose higher still, matched with energetic sing-rap sensibilities. Next was local emcee Lola Bunz, dropping her own remix over Zaytoven’s “Versace” beat and bringing a familiar, Toronto rap show feeling of exuberance to the night. Continuing that sentiment was JellyTooFly, a statement-making rapper that just completely obliterated. It’s rare for any rapper nowadays to start off with an acapella freestyle, but she did it hauntingly powerfully.

Then North London’s Lady Lykez energetically stormed on with a complete gear-switch, recalling deeply British grime-rap production while engaging with her super-fans in the front. Running through tracks like “Eurgh” with authority was the highlight of the night, as her style, a mixture of Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes filled the room. Between Lykez’s just plain dope energy, her persuasive empowerment and aura received a big reception from the female-majority audience. Toronto’s Staasia Daniels ended the night with a lively R&B set, complete with a costume change, and a few tracks from collaborator Oshaun. - Eric Zaworski

"Too Fly, too good and too real"

Toronto rapper Jelly Too Fly opened up for Mobb Deep on Nov.6th at the Guvernment night club.
The group was conducting their Canadian tour and asked Jelly to perform before they went on stage. It was one of Jelly’s biggest performances in Toronto with approximately 1000 people. Fans, friends and family bought tickets to show support for Toronto artists; the concert was sold out. People filled the club and enjoyed themselves as they listened to the nostalgic songs of the popular rap group.
This performance amongst others has gained recognition in Jelly’s career as an underground hip hop artist.
“It felt really good being on stage with Mobb Deep and at the same time it’s just another stepping stone for me”, Jelly said.
It was Jelly’s first time performing with celebrities from North America. It was not her fist time meeting them however.
“I’ve performed at Yonge and Dundas before but that’s completely different in comparison to an environment that’s a bit smaller and more intimate, like a club,” Jelly said. “In a club you hear everything more clearly; you hear boos, you hear the yays. There’s a lot more attention on you.”
Presently Jelly Too Fly is finishing up her mixed tape called Executive Decisions. It will be made available for her audience in the beginning of the year in 2015.
“There are a couple of names on the mix tape that people are going to be surprised to hear,” Jelly said. “I’ve been going through a lot of changes and a lot of different things from when I first started until now and I’ve realized that sometimes in this game you got to make executive decisions to better yourself as an artist.
Fans of Jelly Too Fly can expect to hear seven new songs on the mix tape. With her new style and cutting edge; Jelly is ready to take her music to the next level. You can keep up to date with all of her hits by going to her website at
“I remembered to not take in the negative things other people were saying when it came to my music because that will not take me anywhere. As an artist, I’ve learned to work for myself by practising the things that I want to do,” Jelly said.
Stay tuned Toronto for more hits by Jelly Too Fly; Toronto’s underground hip hop artist. - HAWWII GUDETA


TIJB1 - Released 2011
TIJB2 - Released 2012
KING - Released 2012
Inn the Rough - Released 2013
QUEEN - Released 2014
BackTOOBasics Ep -Dec 25, 2015



JellyTooFly is Toronto’s number one female rapper who’s rapidly taking Hip Hop to a whole new level. Creating songs since she was 19 years old, has paved the way for her tasteful music that fans can’t get enough of. Writing poetry inclined JellyTooFly to manifest her poems into lyrics. By doing so, she was able to create unique characteristics that productively add to the genre of Hip Hop. Working in the Canadian music industry is challenging but that didn’t discourage her. After experiencing the death of a loved one; she knew her mission was to produce memorable music that would be played for generations to come. With song after song JellyTooFly continues to keep your speakers playing. Her creative flow adds a special take on style and quality.

Jelly was a nominee for best female rapper from the Canadian Black Music Awards in 2014. She has proved that she has what it takes to lyrically take Hip Hop by storm by gaining recognition in the industry. Jelly has worked all over North America with several popular artists like King Louie, Smoke Dza, Boogz Boogetz and JRDN just to name a few. She has performed at shows in America and throughout Toronto her native city. She drew attention to her name by continuing to perform at venues. Summer 2015, Jellytoofly took part in Canadian Music Weeks Best OF UK Meets T.O. She was a part of the King of Diamonds tour and performed at Jermaine Dupri’s music festival A3C in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently, she opened up for Mobb Deep during their 20th Anniversary tour. Hip hop is a fairly young music industry in Canada that is presently adopting a popular reputation. The importance of networking is extremely important and vital to her.     

Presently, Jelly is in the booth working on her latest ep BackTOOBasics, 1 of 3 Eps dropping soon. She has every songs for the video line up. Jelly is a rapping sensation boldly putting Toronto on the map. You can listen to hear music on her website at and via sound cloud.

JellyTooFly believes music is a deep form of expression which is the reason why she became an artist. Through her trials Jelly knows that she is fortunate to be in the position that she’s in. Self-motivation is extremely important according to Jelly. She believes if you want something bad enough you can obtain it; you just have to work for it.

“Being a female rapper is an obstacle itself. You have to put in more work as an artist because the industry is a complex when it comes to the urban scene. Everything that I’ve done in the past is irrelevant to what I’m doing now. You start to grow up and you learn from your mistakes. Being original is all you can do. As a rapper you can’t let the industry change the person you are otherwise your raps will be nothing but a gimmick. I’m confident within myself and when you’re confident it will show through your music.” ~JellyTooFly~

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