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Jay Tausig

Nevada City, CA | Established. Jan 01, 1996

Nevada City, CA
Established on Jan, 1996
Solo Rock Acoustic


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""Shrunken Head Music" Review"

Lastly and most certainly not least (well, least Krautish anyway, but there in spirit!) we have Jay Tausig's astonishing recasting of Gong's "The Glorious Om Riff". With layers of spacious kosmische guitar overdubs cascading off of his vocal mantra, this has the drive of vintage Hawkwind, a comparison reinforced when that questing saxophone rips open the fabric of your mind, before coaxing the listener back to some semblance of normality when the spiraling vocals return.
You need this. - The Active Listener

"Jay Tausig"

jay tausig
Posted on January 17, 2017 by marklosingtoday

I’m certain we’ve said it before, cover versions of Nick Drake tracks are hurdles best left avoided, the perfectionist he was his completed studio recordings oft take the song as far as it can go. Oh sure, there have been those that we’ve loved who’ve brought a little something to the table – Beautify Junkyards, Rhys Marsh and does my fading memory recall hearing a version of Psychic TV covering ‘I was made for magic’ way back many years ago when we were oh so much younger. ‘northern sky’ has always stuck with me, elegant, eloquent and ethereal, there’s a kind of beautified grace surrendered in mystery and yearn rising from its grooves, its lushly hushed tones revealing an at peace with everything trembling tenderness and a first person intimacy rarely heard on any other Drake track that makes it unique and special. Left in the hands of Jay Tausig, incidentally hitting up something of a creative purple patch what with two releases in as many days – his frankly astonishing re-appraisal of the Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘incantations’ – reviews of both visiting these pages next missive – ‘northern sky’ is somewhat opened up and given an airy spring cleaning which sound wise finds it relocated into the kind of terrains more readily associated with Dennis Wilson, and while arguably, it may well lack that essential magical ingredient breezing through the original, what Tausig returns to the party is a crisp lilting and lazy eyed contently drifting warmth. https://soundcloud.com/jaytausig/northern-sky - The Sunday Experience

"Album: Aries: The Fire Within (2012)"

Jay Tausig returns with the next album release for the project: "Aries:The Fire Within".
.. Jay's wife, Rhi Jenerate, does another great job of kicking off this album with some…well…interesting narration on "Aries Ignited". This time with some great backing guitar and drums ala Rush or maybe Zappa…with a little "Leftoverture" thrown in for fun. "I am the beginning…the spring…fast fiery, flirtatious and free". "Come with me if you choose. But do not try to hold me back or control me". 'Nuff said, eh? Let's rock! Saxophone and guitar fill the air to open "Determination". There is a strong… well… determination to vary the groove on this new addition to the "Trip Around the Sun". The synths and keys are beautiful and ever – present. They weave softly in and out of the production as Jay adds new instruments to replaces others, keeping the mix interesting. A flute replaces the power sax for example, with nice transitions. "Vernal Equinox" opens with some awesome '60s era "wha" "wha" guitar, nice bass, and some cool shimmering synth keys from Kerry Chiccoine, that pulse like a strobe light. Otherworldly and cool. The keyboards and guitars set off on a relaxing, yet complex journey with the saxophone tracing behind in their footprints. Cyndee Lee Rule adds some soft violin to the mix. "Focus and Flame" opens with very cool lead synth, soft electric guitar and echoing sax played so soft and nice. Definitely the focus before the flame which will rise as the song develops and builds. That Hammond sounding organ adds a wonderful element to the mix. About three minutes in there is a cool guitar solo that will capture you attention, amongst the sax notes bouncing off the wall. Very cool and powerful electric lead guitar solos flow in and out of "Betwixt the Fish and the Bull", as the surrounding keys and synth orchestration fills the room with sound. But it's the guitar solo at the 4:45 minute mark that really leaves you speechless. Cyndee Lee Rule adds violin that blends well with the poem written by Keith Waye. "The Fire Within – Part I" brings the sitar, cool bells, and chimes with an excellent guitar solo cutting straight through the middle of the sound. Yeh…imagine that. Sounds better than words can describe. Best track…so far. But we're just about to get to…. …"Aries Fire Horse", is the epic 10:07 minute track on the album. This one opens like something out of a Pink Floyd "Saucer Full of Secrets" dream, with Bill Berends on guitar. Very cool bass and electric guitar soothed with cool keys bathing the soundscape in soft elegant sound. Yeh…nice. "The Birth of Intention" opens with excellent spacey synth keys, ala the Alan Parsons or that era and generation of sound. The power lead guitar that plows through the middle brings back memories of early Pink Floyd. "The Fire Within – Part II" opens with deep vocals and surrounding sitar. The soundscape is filled with echoing synths and keys. The singing takes on a hum or chanting effect, as the rhythm builds and slows, like breathing. Slow strings, then bass and lead electric, followed by Jay's wife's narration, bring us to the center of the "Aries" figure, "Ram". Cool effects and surrounding keys, gliding guitars, "stirred but not shaken", with soft drums. "The Quest for Mars" opens with gong like sounds and slow synths, pulsating throughout the soundscape, from Violet Eternia. Yeh…imagine dawn on the Mars landscape. You can feel it all around you within this music. Rhi Jenerate delivers her poem with softness and care. "Aries Spent" is the closer and finale, and just like Aries, it will not go gentle into that sweet night. The echoing synths weave and roll with the launching electric guitar chords creating a magical chemistry and soundscape. Review by "Mark Johnson" (www.seaoftranquility.org).

RATING: 8.25 / 10 - Gates Of Delirium

"Ipse At Non Solus"

Mr. Atavist (Sunrise Ocean Bender: WRIR FM 97.3)
Jay Tausig is indeed himself, and he alone wrote and performed Ipse, At Non Solus, a fiery prog workout that should satisfy old school yearnings without leaving you feeling like you just got a cheap imitation or wrapped yourself in an old moth eaten gold cape. Stripping the bloat and overblown showmanship, Tausig conjures up the choicest ghosts of prog past into a thoroughly modern setting. Everything gels and shines without calling attention to the fact that this is the work of a one man army with the battle cry of ‘look what I can do.’ The fact that he did do it all is a massive piece of the puzzle, and appeal, but it’s obvious that’s not the mission. Making touchstones out of Crimson, Tull, Yes, Hawkwind, Floyd and more top shelf ingredients than your favorite overpriced upscale bar, Tausig blends them all into his own statement, that if anything, could by-pass a prog pigeon-hole and be called traditional. I’d hazard a guess Tausig is simply making the prog records he wants to hear. No small feat, and neither is having your heart, and to these ears, taste in the right place.

Impetus and the Outward Spiral kicks it all off with a rush and a middle section that walks a fine line between being somewhat of a respite, and a slightly unhinged freakout; a perfect bellwether for what unfolds. Through the Ozone takes the dynamic gallop of Tull at their finest and ups the ante as well as thickens it without turning it into congested prog pudding. Green Planet (Song for Zero) proves it’s not all histrionics and pyrotechnics, providing not only a more unhurried outing, but strengthens the dynamics overall. Next up, Teeth shows it has some, a full mouth…from molars to incisors. Opening with a Crimson like stomp, Teeth moves through fusion tinged breaks and billowy space clouds. Clouds become vapor trails on Elementals, the longest cut that never over stays its welcome, or takes more than it needs to get done what it set out to do. The title cut swings back around to the more vivid, reigniting the fireworks of the more incendiary cuts, but still tempered with enough places to wander and slow down that it doesn’t wear you out.

Closer Nocturne winds down for the landing with a Genesis feel that rolls out for a tasteful finish, not too hot, but not tepid, highlighting another big appeal of Ipse, At Non Solus: for all the instrumental working out and fireworks, it never comes across as putting the foot through the floorboards. Tempered with cuts like Green Planet and Elementals, Ipse, At Non Solus is aware that the highs and the heat mean nothing without the full spectrum. - Sunrise Ocean Bender

"Pisces: Vast Ocean Dream"

Although Jay Tausig may be a new name to you and I, he has been yearning to create music since 1967. His first steps into the water were with a piano his relatives owned. His early influences, at the age of seven, came from across the ocean and musical genres. ELP's "Tarkus", and Joni Mitchell's "Blue", were two of his biggest influences. So he set out to bring these two worlds together. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he started playing guitar at age nine. The drums and other instruments were added to his arsenal over the years. Tausig began recording and releasing his own music on his own label.

Tausig has teamed with Ed Unitsky, who provides the art for "Pisces: Vast Ocean Dream" and the other 10 albums, which will follow and combine for a "Trip Around the Sun" package, to be released each month during the Earth's journey around the sun in 2012. Ed's artwork, as always, captures the vision and realm of dreaming and space and Tausig provides you with the sound that helps captivate this art. The host website for the entire production is http://www.thetriparoundthesun.com.

If you're old enough to remember hearing your first Hendrix album, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear Tausig's music, which, like Hendrix, challenges and amazes you at the same time. Tausig adds layers of keyboards to his experimental guitar work and brings along a bass which sounds like a Chris Squire whip, punctuating each section of his mini symphonies.

This is Tausig's second in a series of 12 albums, and I think he captured every essence of the water sign. Two albums in and Tausig most likely will capture the trophy for best solo album project of the year. The tough part is going to be choosing which one of these masterpieces is the best of the year.

Pisces Transmission opens with that friendly female voice, (Tausig's wife, Rhi Jenerate), greeting us, only this time from the planet Neptune. She provides the cosmic weather report for the planet. This one gets wet…as one might expect with Pisces, "Diving deep, swimming, knowing fresh wet life, we grasp mud oozing between our fingers…" Ready for another cool journey. Close your eyes and prepare to dive deep.

Twisting the Tail kicks off over 8 minutes of diving deep into the ocean with female vocal assistance, (imagine Ed Unitsky's cover art mermaid as the female assisting you), as you dive 20,000 leagues. "There is no need to weep, just go to sleep". The beautiful voice is Bridget Wishart of the band Hawkwind, who also penned the poem. The spacey synths and keys help fathom the depths. With all the news of James Cameron navigating the Mariana Trench to capture new film for the return of Avatar, this music matches perfectly the effect you might feel diving below. The cool synth water turbine keys will take your imagination where you let it go. Billy Sherwood, (Circa, Yes), provides synth and lead guitar throughout the track.

Now, Let's Focus on the Fish opens with slow acoustic and electric guitar. Tausing's first real vocals on the album set. He does a great job of keeping the calm that permeates the underwater depths we have navigated. The keys and synth water bubble effects surround you. About 2:40 seconds into the piece, early Genesis fans will hear a familiar surprise, bringing a warm smile to your face. But wait…there is more. Sounds like Mr. Hackett's joined us down below. Very cool. Then cool keys forecast a change. The flute work is so wonderfully soothing. The keys, synths and guitar work will make any early Genesis fan reminiscent.

Vast Ocean Dream (Reprise) is full of more excellent flute work and Tausig's great vocals. The acoustic guitar is simply amazing set against the soft glow of the keys. This track will again take you back to early Genesis, and that era of music in general.

Rhi Jenerate is back, "May I have your ascension please, clean up on "Aisle Earth", opens Tidal Persuasion. She continues describing a soft delicate, sensuous "field of dreams", lost within the web of seaweed in the ocean below.

Fins and Scales opens with soft organ, bass, and electric gliding guitar, like the movement of a great whale or shark, right in front of you. The synths and keys continue to create wonderful effects surrounding the warm soundscape. The launching and soaring guitar soloing is some of the best since Aquarius, magnificent to behold. Not Too Far From Pisces is full of more quirky female narration with cool discussions, set to echoing keys, heavy bass, violins, and other soft synth textures.

Oceanic is full of the ocean's waves filtering above as ticking and other sound effects fill the soundscape. Then spacey ripping guitar, piercing the silence, as heavy electric guitars roar to fill the soundscape. Heavy bass, drums, echoing psychedelic synths and the roaring guitars continue as if the submarine has just rocketed forward on a new adventure. Incredible Pink Floydian dreamscape guitar work reminiscent of some of their earlier albums helps take you back in time.

Water and Stone opens slowly with more synth and keyboard work, before the drums and electric guitars pull through the murky sound. The grinding guitars bring back more Pink Floyd Meddle and other articulated sound memories.

Vast Ocean Dream is mostly a narrated track, with soft acoustic guitar and flute supporting throughout the background soundscape.

Water Improvisation #1 seems to take off on a Middle Eastern caravan with excellent sitar. In fact it is an ocean of sitar for over 10 minutes. And some of the best sitar I've heard since In the Labyrinth's One Trail to Heaven last year.

You Are the Water is mostly spoken word, contributed by Thorn World Poet, with the sound of ocean surrounding. Excellent bass, electric lead guitar, drums, keys, and trumpets helping to build a rhythm, as they support the lead guitar's experimentation.

Track Listing:

1. Pisces Transmission
2. Twisting the Tail
3. Now, Let's Focus on the Fish
4. Vast Ocean Dream (Reprise)
5. Tidal Persuasion
6. Fins and Scales
7. Not Too Far From Pisces
8. Oceanic
9. Water and Stone
10. Vast Ocean Dream
11. Water Improvisation #1
12. You Are the Water

Added: March 28th 2012
Reviewer: Mark Johnson
Related Link: JayTausig.com
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"Cancer- Shell of Silver and the Beehive Heart"

Jay Tausig's 6th release from the Trip Around the Sun, package of twelve albums released in sequence during 2012, is Cancer: Shell of Silver and the Beehive Heart. This latest release does not have the massive over 20 minute tracks on it, but it is none the less as epic as all of the other five albums.

The first track, "Tidal Transmission", is a cool spoken word poem, by Thom Worldpoet, who almost sounds like John Lennon as he reads this interesting and dreamy poem. The chimes and cosmic/spacey synths sounds mix well with the sounds of oceanic waves to kick off this new journey through the star signs.

"Shell of Silver & the Beehive Heart – Part 1" has a real Ziggy Stardust feel to it. Michael Palschakov's ARP Odyssey synth helps add some wonderful dimension to the sound. Multi –instrumentalist Tausig, cleanly finishes out the excellent heavy lead electric guitar, mixed well with brilliant acoustic. The drumming is excellent and well placed throughout. Imagine Yes mixed well with Ziggy Stardust and you're there. At 13:52 minutes, this is the second longest track on the album. The track really amps up its power with the chants near the final third of the track.

"Slow Crawl" opens with soft but fantastic percussion beats from Hojji Firemaker, gently supported with excellent guitar and echoing vocal rhythms. Just another of the many ways Tausig can create that cool spacey effect without relying only on synths. But the synths are magical and add that eerie calm to the whole sound.

Excellent synths, spacey effects and cool poised electric guitar quietly opens the sequel to track two, "Shell of Silver & the Beehive Heart – Part 2". Then Virginia Tate, takes over with a spoken poem. Later she adds some wonderful flute and vocals to build the longest track on the album at 14:16.

"Moonsong" opens with Rhijenerate Winders poem and spoken word. Later Remy Lindsey provides more words set to Tausig's spacey chorded and keyboard rhythms.

"Of Land and Sea" is another excellent keyboard/synth journey with soft electric guitar weaving its way through. The guitar solos move like waves along the ocean's bottom. At 12:42, it is the third longest track on the album, and one of the best.

"Inner Spaces" is a wonderful instrumental track full of great soft guitar and keys. Hojji Firemaker plays great percussion. Multi – instrumentalist Tausig handles all other instruments.

Devorah Bry, provides great vocals and spoken word poem for "The Wave". Tausig provides more cool spacey keys and guitars.

"Shelter" opens full of more soft electric guitar and percussion. But this time the action changes quickly. The solid electric guitar soloing is simply amazing. It brings to mind Rush and many other bands from the past. But Tausig has the whole album to explore and play guitar and he does that well here. Over ten minutes of guitar and keyboard pleasure.

Hojji Firemaker plays some awesome water drum on the closer "Between the Worlds", as Tausig executes some wonderful dreamy keys and guitar. Like walking through an ancient temple at dusk or first morning light.

This is another excellent production for Jay Tausig on this year – long journey. Hop in and take this latest part of the journey around the sun.

Track Listing:

1. Tidal Transmission
2. Shell of Silver & the Beehive Heart – Part 1
3. Slow Crawl
4. Shell of Silver & the Beehive Heart – Part 2
5. Moonsong
6. Of Land and Sea
7. Inner Spaces The Wave
8. The Wave
9. Shelter
10. Between the Worlds

Added: October 5th 2012
Reviewer: Mark Johnson
Score: - Sea Of Tranquility


Still working on that hot first release.



I am a Vocalist and Guitarist who performs live primarily as a solo artist.
I have a diverse selection of material to draw from and often play 4 sets of tunes with no repeats.
Set Lists available upon request. I have my own lights and P.A.
I am also the lead vocalist and drummer for the group Paradox Drive. I have collaborated with members of legendary groups such as Gong, Hawkwind, Yes.. just to name a few.
I perform a wide variety of cover songs and originals including songs by Richard Thompson, Nick Drake, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Peter Hammill, CSNY, The Who, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, etc. etc.
Improvisation is also an important part of the show, I utilize Looping devices and the occasional Harmonizer on Vocals to make the live sound just a little fuller.
I have a vast catalog of original releases and I work with British Label "Fruits De Mer Records" Italian Label "Black Widow Records"... Most recently a double cd release with Nik Turner of Hawkwind and Helios Creed of Chrome entitled "Chromium Hawk Machine"
The first single I released was Undertow by Genesis on the album "Suppers Ready" which has sold over 250,000 copies.

Band Members