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Dayton, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Dayton, OH | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Southern Rock




"The Jay Clark Band Creates ‘Country Metal’ Genre While Making Great Music on New Breakthrough Album"

This One’s For The Underdog
For anyone who’s had down times while trying to make your way, The Jay Clark Band has an inspirational album, “Cocked and Loaded,” that may give you a second wind.
Jay Clark puts out one for the underdog with ‘Cocked and Loaded’ – Photo courtesy of Jay Clark
If there were such a genre as Country Metal, then Cincinnati-based The Jay Clark Band has itall wrapped up. His voice is as good as any metal rocker out there today and the wailing country rock guitar brings us back to the day when it was the most popular genre out there.
Remember Lynyrd Skynyrd?
The driving rythm and the great lyrics on “We Won’t Be Pushed Around” makes every underdog feel victorious. Everyone has experienced times when they’ve been picked on for
no reason. Well here’s a ballad that turns the tables, with excellent lead guitar and powerful keyboards, succinct vocals and explosive lyrics.
“Freight Train” certainly captures the power behind the thought of plowing ahead no matter what the odds. It’s definitely good to have it playing in the car if you’re on a great getaway.
The lead single, “The River,” which features Adam Cunningham is a great song, but not the kind of tempo we would have thought would be worthy of early release. With all the other songs that make you want to go party or carouse, why the elegant “The River” as a lead
The band is tight. Tommy Harden is on drums, Eli Beaird and Mike Brignardello play bass, Jeff King is on electric guitar, Steve Nathan plays the keys, John Willis and Larry Beaird are on acoustic guitar, Adam Cunningham is on vocals along with Tania Hanceroff and the
record was engineered by Jim DeBlanc, mastered at Yesmasterstudios in Nashville and production was at Beaird Music Studio.
Jay apparently tried out his material on his Facebook page. Actually he’s very entertaining and the lo-tech quality on Facebook makes it even more interesting that the recordings came out so absolutely the opposite with exacting sound and hi-caliber quality. Check out
his Facebook videos and are sure as God made little apples, a smile will come to your face.
Keep your eyes peeled for The Jay Clark Band because they may be coming to a little honky tonk or rock and roll bar near you this year. Check the band out on Bandcamp.
Overall, Cocked and Loaded is an excellent record. It gives us a sense that country rock may be making a comeback only with a metal twist. After all, don’t headbangers and rednecks both love good music? - California Rocker

"Turning It Up with Southern Rock"

Once Cocked and Loaded, the Jay Clark Band is now Turning It Up.
Coincidence? I think not.
When we last heard from the Jay Clark Band, it was spring of this year and the band was, well, Cocked and Loaded. That high-energy album put the music world on notice that southern rock sound was still alive and shit-kickin’. It seems there was plenty of meat left on the bone after recording that album because December 17th marks the release of their new, still high-energy album called Turning It Up.
Slightly shorter in number of songs, Turning It Up raises the ante in terms of musical growth.
The title song starts the party. It gets fast and loud pretty quickly. Lots of guitar to get your feet moving, gritty vocals and yeah, a little cowbell. “Turning It Up” is an energetic introduction for what’s to come. “On My Way” is a no heartbreak tale of the end of a relationship. A matter-of-fact statement where the music fills all the voids where feeling once were. “Backroads” brings in a little blues-gospel feel. A song of reminiscence, new country in lyrics, southern laid back in melody, it’s like pulling on a well-worn pair of boots.
Turning It Up moves into the political climate with “A Storm Is Coming.” Taking more of a journalistic approach than taking a side, Clark states the facts of how society is changing. It has the essence of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth,” brought into the present day turmoil.
“Loud” is just what it says it is. Strong backbeat, stronger message; “crank it up loud.” They do and its message becomes an anthem.
The last two songs of the album turn more retrospective. “Coming Back To You” is every touring musicians story. The endless driving and constant loneliness take a toll. Decidedly southern tinged, the song relies more on organ than guitars to enhance the mood.
Turning It Up ends with a perfect lead-in from “Coming Back To You.” Back to what’s familiar, “Hometown” names names and extends the gratitude for what’s real in your life. In the end, it’s the everyday things that mean the most. The melody is familiar and comforting, as are the lyrics. The tune is a stop and think message of what’s important. A nice way to end off an album that is being released during the holiday season.
Much like Cocked and Loaded, Turning It Up is full of great hooks and complementary rhythms. On this album there’s also growth in the lyrics as Clark takes his songwriting up a notch. The music is fun and pretty damn good. - Onstage Magazine

"The Time is Now - Impressively Addictive Album"

Jay Clark Band returns with new record The Time Is Now, managing to fuse together Country and Metal in an impressively addictive album.
It’s not often you’d put the genres Metal and County in the same sentence; they seem like such opposite ends of the music spectrum. Jay Clark Band decided it was worth a go, however, and luckily for us, they’ve somehow managed to combine these two different styles into not just something coherent, but also extremely enjoyable in their new album, The Time Is Now.
Opener Not Giving Up kicks you in the mouth as soon as it starts with heavy guitars, big drums and 80s metal overtones. This is all contemplated over by strong guitar solos, gritty vocals and rock ‘n’ roll lyrics as Jay Clark belts out: “I’m working harder, I won’t be led astray, I hit a wall, I can’t get out of my way”. It’s full of energy and a blistering way to start the record.

You’re Going Down focuses more on its southern rock roots against a country vibe as intermittent guitar allows the vocals to breathe and build up to a catchy chorus. The Southern drawl is continued on Bring Down The House but with a more Motley Crue essence, fun attitude, and even some Hammond organ making an appearance against shouts of ‘Down at the Club!”. Think of ‘hair metal’ with a country flavour and you’re on the right tracks.
The mixing of Metal versus Country continues as the overall basis of the record and it really never gets old. Stand Out has the energy of two bands as Clark throttles the song forwards amongst big chords and whaling guitars that AC/DC would enjoy whereas Hell Of A Time sounds like a cross between Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses, sauntering along with the confidence that most bands would kill for.
Never Good Ever Lasts offers up something different with a more contemporary Country feel as a tale of youth and life lessons evolves amongst a slow-building thinker. The record also ends with another slow burner in Long Long Journey that flips the coin by focusing on 70s metal as its guide.
The Time Is Now is a clever culmination of genres that is pulled off to perfection. Radio rock is met by Metal overtones which goes hand in hand with a Country essence holding everything together. Although the record’s main aim is to make you rock, it does have its contemplative moments that are further amplified by fitting lyrics of Country stories or cheesy but entirely fitting rock cliches: this is what the record really thrives on. Who would have thought Metal and Country could work so well together?
Score: 4/5 - Vinyl Chapters

"Its American Rock n Roll in all its glory"

This is power music, unapologetic, unadulterated, turn it up and air guitar away. Polished country rock, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Metallica are all echoed in this ambitious record. The production is excellent, walls of gorgeous harmonics and spiraling cranking melody.
It has that great blend of tight production and a live feeling, especially with the vocals. Jay Clark sings like he’s standing right next to you. He’s full of soul, emotion and stories of love and family. It’s great, big-hearted music. One track after another of head banging, climbing on the roof of your car, howling at the moon music.
It’s American rock in all its glory…great summer music with a love for the retro sounds of Alice Cooper and Motley Crue. If you still love your mullet - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that - then break out your leathers, dust of the motorbike and let's go for a ride!! - Noho Arts District


Cocked & Loaded LP - released April 2017
1. Get Wild
2. Hell or High Water
3. Leave It All Behind
4. The River
5. Won't Be Pushed Around
6. Freight Train
7. Another Love Song
8. Cocked & Loaded
9. Whatcha Doin' To Me
10. Shakedown

Turning It Up - released 12/17
1. Turning It Up
2. On My Way
3. Won't Let You Down
4. Backroads
5. A Storm Is Coming
6. Crank It Up Loud
7. Coming Back To You
8. Hometown

Single - You're Going Down - released 3/19/19

The Time Is Now - released 6/28/2019
1. Not Giving Up
2. You're Going Down
3. Leaving
4. Find a Way
5. Bring Down the House
6. Stand out
7. Alive
8. Nothing Good in Life Ever Lasts
9. Hell of a Time
10. Long Long Journey



Jay Clark Band burst on the scene in 2017 by releasing two albums Cocked & Loaded & Turning It Up. Their blazing guitars, powerful drums, and gritty vocals created a new musical genre “Country Metal" and their new release has been described as "a bedrock American album."

The Jay Clark Band or JCB as they like to be called take their sound to new heights with their sophomore effort, Turning It Up. Lead singer and songwriter, Jay Clark says the new LP expands the band's range of music to reach a broader audience by offering soulful gems like Hometown and Backroads in addition to the rocking tracks that you'd from them like Turning It Up and Crank it up Loud.​

JCB started when the singer set out to write and record his own material. He went to Nashville in 2016 to record 6 songs which became the demo EP, Never Too Late. He went back into the studio a few months later to record new tracks and released his debut album, Cocked & Loaded, to Independent radio stations and streaming sites around the world in April 2017.

He had multiple #1 hits with Get Wild (Full Impact Radio), Won’t Be Pushed Around (365 Rock Radio), & Freight Train (365 Ultimate Radio).The River received terrestrial airplay with Adam Cunningham's participation on The Voice, Season 13 and their first single off the new album, Turning It Up is gaining airplay worldwide.

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