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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Country Rock




"Jamison Road's Rockin' Country"

Jamison Road is a “rockin’ country” band from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. They are Jennifer DePalma (vocals), Brent Duersch (guitar) and Laurie Heltsley (bass). They cite Sugarland as one of their biggest influences, and, if you listen to Jamison Road, it’s obvious. Jennifer Depalma has more in common with Jennifer Nettles than just the same given name – she, like Nettles, has an amazingly powerful voice. This girl’s got pipes! She sings like an angel if angels wore cowboy boots and drank beer. In addition, Jamison Road, like Sugarland, is basically just a rock band fronted by a country singer. DePalma‘s twangy voice soars over driving guitars, bass and drums, underscored by a little pedal steel, some banjo, and wonderful harmonies. Jamison Road also cites as influences country artists such as Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Sara Evans, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, and Keith Urban. However, when I first listened to the band’s Sojourn Records debut Let It Rain (2014), I thought of the Randy Rogers Band, who are one of the few country bands I still listen to on occasion. They rock, too.

So, yeah, I’m not a big country music fan. I stumbled on Let It Rain by accident. Well, not “by accident,” more like “by attraction.” I saw Jennifer DePalma looking all cool on the album’s cover at CD Baby, so I listened to the sound clips. I liked them enough to download the album, but, I wasn’t blown away – yet. So, I listened to the downloaded album in higher quality, and, suddenly, something just clicked. I’ve been listening to Jamison Road non-stop ever since that day [one week ago] which sucks because I have new music from some cool female-fronted punk and hard rock bands that I really want to listen to, but I keep going back to Jamison Road! It’s almost like I’m comforted by their sound or something. I even downloaded the band’s self-released eponymous debut, and, found myself enjoying that album just as much as Let It Rain. I hope I’m not becoming a country music fan! I’m not. I can’t be. I’m a rock dude, but, I like what I like, and Jamison Road is a pretty amazing band who are recommended for fans of both rock and country. Or anyone who just likes good music.

cd_cover_jamison_road_let_it_rain_hi-res_BLet It Rain opens with the breezy pop/rocker “Already Gone”. I’ve learned, by listening cold to hundreds of albums from artists I’ve never heard before, that a good first song is a deal breaker. If the first song doesn’t grab my attention immediately, I’ll probably lose interest and move on. Luckily, “Already Gone” is a damn good first song, so I stuck around! “Baby you know the line’s already been drawn / Ain’t no lookin’ back ’cause I’m already gone / Babe you know I’m already gone,” Jennifer DePalma sings, backed by the lovely harmony vocals of Laurie Heltsley and pedal steel. This song needs to be blasted from your iPod linked to your car stereo [times have changed!] as you’re cruisin’ down the highway with the windows down. “Maybe Tonight”, the second track, delivers more addictive pop/rock giving Let It Rain an awesome one-two opening punch. Both songs are similar, musically, with their radio-ready feel and catchy refrains; but, lyrically, they’re in contrast. In “Already Gone”, DePalma is boldly moving on; while, in “Maybe Tonight”, she is “haunted by the one that got away.” She adds, “Maybe tonight, I’ll pretend you’re here beside me one more time, like you were mine.” Maybe she regretted moving on. Or, maybe they’re just songs. Heltsley‘s bass line, in “Maybe Tonight”, kind of reminds me of Emma Anzai‘s bass line in Sick Puppies‘ “So What I Lied”. Very cool. I was falling for this band, for sure, but …

“Bourbon and Bibles”, the third track, is one of two songs on Let It Rain that really sealed the deal for me on Jamison Road. Sure, the opening two tracks are great, but, this mid-tempo ballad is simply amazing – and, it’s my second favorite of the two songs that sealed the deal. The melody and harmonies of this song are mesmerizing, and DePalma‘s vocals are powerfully enchanting as she sings about the two things that matter down in Northern Kentucky: “God and grain, bourbon and bibles.” Did you know that 95% of all bourbon whiskey is produced in Kentucky? I didn’t. Bourbon matters down there, even when the county’s dry. “We fill the pews on Sunday / The bottles up on Monday / ‘Round here it’s all a matter of survival.” A stunning track!

Watch Jamison Road perform “Bourbon and Bibles” live [w/poor sound quality] here …

OK, the other track that sealed the deal for me on Let It Rain, and, my favorite song in this amazing collection, is “Go It Alone”. It’s a wistful ballad about boldly facing a break-up you weren’t expecting. “Last night I was next to him in bed / Now it’s only me and the late-night radio / ‘Cause when I heard those words he said / I knew the time had come for me to go, go it alone.” It’s funny how those steel guitars behind DePalma‘s beautiful voice really drive home the heart-breaking emotion in this wonderful song’s refrain. A few years ago, I went to Tempe, AZ, on a week-long business trip with a co-worker. One night, we went to a country-themed steakhouse called Rustler’s Roost (“Beef and Brew With a View”), situated atop a hill in Phoenix. The place was huge, and I swear it took the waitress nearly five minutes just to walk us to our table. We had live music, great steaks and good times. After dinner, we stepped outside, onto the large stone patio that overlooked the city. I heard a sad country ballad with those pensive steel guitars playing inside as we enjoyed the view. “Go It Alone” reminds me of that song.

“Seventeen” is a vibrant rocker about realizing that there’s more to life than just being young. “Seventeen, you’re like a sweet first kiss / You’re thinking it’ll never get better than this / But, oh, let me tell you that it does,” DePalma sings, proudly. “You’re just getting started, Seventeen,” she adds. I concur. This song, musically, is cut from the same cloth as Bon Jovi‘s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” featuring Jennifer Nettles. Surprising? No. In fact, if you, like me, love Bon Jovi‘s 2007 album Lost Highway, then, you will love Let It Rain, too. Now, since I mentioned Bon Jovi, I’ll say that I would love to hear Jamison Road cover one of my all-time favorite Bon Jovi songs, “Wildflower” (from 2005’s Have a Nice Day). It’s breezy and melodic. However, I don’t think that song would work quite as well by flipping the gender. Guys aren’t like wildflowers. But, the fact that I want to hear this band cover my favorite songs shows you just how good I think they are.

“Broken” is another good ballad in which DePalma finds strength in herself, post-breakup. “You’re the one who left me / But I’m the one who is set free,” she sings. “Let It Rain” proves that most country ballads about rain are worth listening to. Gretchen Wilson‘s “Raining On Me” (from 2005’s All Jacked Up) is a definite favorite. Hey, Jamison Road should cover that one, too! Anyway, Let It Rain closes with the wonderfully addictive “Goodbye Tune”. Just try to shake that song’s refrain: “Once upon a night in June / In the light of a supermoon / Here today, then gone too soon / I never got to sing my goodbye tune.” But, wait – there’s more …

cd_cover_jamison_road_jamison_road_BJamison Road‘s self-titled debut, overall, pops a little more than it rocks, but, it’s still a fantastic album. “Call It Home”, like Let It Rain‘s “Already Gone”, is perfect opening track. This pop/rocker could simply be about loving a bad boy, or something deeper like an interracial or lesbian romance: “We are a match made in heaven / Too bad no one else sees it that way.” Either way, it’s about ignoring intolerance even if you have to run away from it to be happy: “It don’t matter where we go / As long as I’m with you / I’ll call it home.”

“Shut Up and Love Me”, my favorite track, is a passionate ballad where DePalma demands more than promises: “Shut up and love me / No words tonight / All that I want now / Is silence and moonlight.” This song is steeped in country innocence, but, we know what DePalma really wants, that lovely little minx! She struggles, again, with promises in the melancholic ballad of regret “I Know Now”. She laments: “I thought your love was too naïve / There was no way I could conceive / A promise that you’d never leave / But I know now.” This song also delivers my favorite lines from the band’s songbook: “Your heart didn’t tell you lies / But mine put me through hell.”

Watch Jamison Road perform “Call It Home” live [w/better sound quality] here …

Elsewhere, pleasant pop/country melodies power “That’s Enough”, while rootsier Eagles-esque rock drives “After You” and “Slow It Down”, and, surprisingly, bluesy harder rock fuels “Let Me Outta Here”. Jamison Road, the album, closes with the twangy “Girls’ Drinkin’ Song” in which DePalma declares: “I’m a girl and I’m singing a drinking song / It’s not just the boys who have fun / It’s true that I like a cold one, too / So ladies, this one’s for you.” I’ll bet that song’s a crowd pleaser at their shows!

OK, I’ll say it again … I am not a country music fan. I’m not ready to trade my Chucks in for cowboy boots any time soon. However, I am now and forever a fan of Jamison Road. I love their brand of sincere, heartfelt rockin’ country. So, Jennifer, Brent and Laurie… if you ever make it up to Cleveland, I’ll be there, hiding in the back of the club (or arena), hoping that nobody recognizes me and mistakenly outs me as country music fan, but, I’ll be loving every minute of your performance, I’m sure.

Jennifer DePalma‘s voice is one of the best I’ve heard in country music. I’ve mentioned a few songs I’d love to hear her cover, but, if I had to choose one, I’d choose my favorite female-fronted hard rock band Halestorm‘s rockin’ country song “American Boys”. So, Jennifer… if you’re band does, in fact, make it up to the Northcoast, play that one for your new biggest fan in Cleveland – me! If you don’t know the song, listen here.

Maybe they’ve already been here. What do I know? I just discovered them last week!

Anyway, I love this photo … - My Heart Explodes

"Jamison Road - Let It Rain"

Jamison Road is a trio featuring Jennifer DePalma (vocals), Brent Duersch (guitar) and Laurie Heltsley (bass / backing vocals) and ‘Let It Rain’ is their second album. It was released Aug, 2014 on the Sojourn label in the USA. The album was recorded in Nashville with Larry Beaird at the desk and with some of the top Nashville session players including Dan Dugmore and Eddie Buyers.

Jamison Road is a country act that like to rock. This is no doubt honed by their touring schedule around the Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky area. Their sound is very impressive, the songs benefit from a solid bottom end that routes the songs but allows them to breath at the same time. Guitarist Duersch is a good player and isn’t afraid to shred, tastefully, on occasion. Singer DePalma has a strong powerful voice while the third member of the band Laurie Heltsey adds some nice backing vocals to the mix that blend perfectly with DePalma.

Infectious album opener ‘Already Gone’ sets the scene with a rock solid groove and melodic guitar break while ‘Broken’ with its plaintive steel guitar, impassioned vocal and subtle harmonies is another winner. To be honest it’s difficult to pick out tracks as the material and delivery is very strong but the title track ‘Let It Rain’ with an upfront bass track and underlying guitar lines is superb. ‘Better Off’ rocks with an impressive solo and ‘Go It Alone’ is pretty much perfect, another stunning vocal from DePalma rides atop some quite lovely guitar textures, more trademark harmonies and the lead guitar has room to breathe on the extended out

Jamison Road has every right be very proud of their sophomore album. If you like your country with a rock edge this comes highly recommended. - Red Guitar Music

"Jamison Road: Let it Rain"

The Cincinnati-based collective have spent the past four years building a respectable following in the Ohio River Valley with their singer-songwriter brand of country. On their sophomore LP 'Let It Rain,' they flood listeners with passionate compositions.

On this sweet and tangy dozen, Jamison Road (comprised of front woman Jennifer DePalma, guitarist Brent Duersch, and bassist Laurie Heltsley) pen an assortment of heartfelt country music offerings armed with intricate riffs and a commanding female vocal that gives such an enormous strength and soul to each and every song.

DePalma isn’t afraid to show her feelings, just like she’s not afraid to let her voice soar. Though she roars on emotionally-charged ballads like "Broken," "So I Run," and "Maybe Tonight," where she tries to mend her broken heart, she also shows her gratefulness on the more upbeat "Friends Like These."

Another highlight is the "damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't" anthem "Better Off," and "Jeanie's In The Bottle," a tale about a hopeless romantic with a low self-esteem who’ll give just about any guy a chance, is quite admirable in the aspect of storytelling and metaphor usage (and, of course, it ties together quite perfectly, musically and compositionally speaking).

Jamison Road bring listeners down a lot of roads on Let It Rain, but they also bring to light a thematic message; even though life may guide people to some dark alleys or leave them paralyzed in a thunderstorm of chaos and despair, they can always weather the storm, get on a better path, and, eventually, see the sunshine again. - Arena.com - Bear Frazer

"Music fills summer nights in Blue Ash"

One of the joys of summer is to bring chairs, a cooler of drinks and a picnic to sit out on the wide lawn amphitheater as a bright summer day fades to dark and listen to live music. There are two concerts left for the August Friday night series on the Blue Ash Towne Square.

On August 8, Jamison Road will play country music. Lead singer Jennifer DePalma belts out the songs as Laurie Heltsley harmonizes and Brent Duersch is a virtuoso, wowing crowds with his electric guitar. The members of the band played casually for friends and at small venues before they made official music together and their friendship may be the key to their song writing magic. They write all their own songs.

Jennifer is a pediatrician. Laurie and Brent met working in information technology. They enjoy their jobs, but find the time to play together and write. They never dreamed, but still they believed, that they’d sign a record deal with a Nashville label. Jamison Road will be releasing their second CD on August 12 of this year.

“We were able to record with some of the best studio musicians with both projects,” said Laurie Heltsley. “We especially enjoy getting out and meeting new people and all the fans interacting with us at our shows. I don’t think I ever imagined being able to look out at a crowd of any size and see people singing songs that we wrote. It’s hard work but when you can get up there and experience that, it makes it all worth it.”

[...] - Sycamore Living - Cathy Hollander

"Buckle Up Band Jamison Road Set to Release Let It Rain"

Cincinnati-based country trio Jamison Road has enjoyed success locally and nationally with their blend of country vocals, soaring harmonies, and driving guitar work. Their sophomore album Let It Rain, due for release August 12 of this year, captures the balance of each member’s own influences and a thematic blend Jamison Road feels represents them better than anything they have produced.

Jamison Road isn’t alone in believing they have something good happening. New York based Sojourn Records signed the band within the past year and will play a role in bringing the band’s music to more ears. For the band members, just getting recognized and signed felt like an accomplishment. “This will get our music into the hands of more people. I am anxious to see where this can go,” said Brent Duersch, who plays guitar and first recorded the band’s demo tracks in his basement.

For Jennifer DePalma, lead vocalist, getting signed to a record label fulfills a lifelong dream. “It is amazing to have someone in the industry recognize you at all. I always thought music was my destiny. I didn’t know how or where it was going to happen, but I always knew.”

Both of Jamison Road’s albums were recorded in Nashville studios using the same session musicians, but this time around felt different. “If I can just brag a little about Brent,” says Jennifer DePalma about working with studio musicians of their caliber, “He rocked in there. It was great to watch how well they played together.” Jamison Road had been playing some of their songs for a year or two before recording them, so their sense of how it should sound combined well with their previous studio experience to capture their sound.

A review of an advance copy does not disappoint. Each track delivers a full experience of Jamison Road’s skill as musicians, songwriters, and performers. Personal, professional, and musical lives all intertwine with the trio as Duersch and DePalma’s husband-and-wife duo meets Duersch and Laurie Heltsley (bass, vocals) as coworkers; The finished songs make artistic examples of the collaborative songwriting role all three members share. As the band becomes tighter their songwriting has opened up more with personal and powerful songs such as “Broken” and “Bourbon and Bibles”. For the fans who have found and stuck with Jamison Road over the years, a song called “Friends Like These” has become something of an anthem for the band to sing as a thank you for the loyalty of their fans.

Jamison Road is having a “Sneak Peek Party” for their album, Let It Rain on Wednesday, June 4 at Grandview Tavern & Grille in Crescent Springs, Kentucky with pre-release copies of the CD available for those in attendance. Festivities get underway at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited.

You can also check out Jamison Road at Buckle Up Music Festival on Friday July 18th on the Acoustic Stage at 4:15. Enter to win weekend passes to the festival HERE! - CincyMusic.com - Daniel Van Vechten

"Jamison Road Performs on Local 12"

They have powerhouse vocals and high octane guitar.

Jamison Road has been playing all over the Tri-State and Local 12 News was lucky to have them in as our Sunday Morning guests.

Sunday they are playing at the Saint Jude Festival that runs from 4p.m. to 10p.m.

Later in the week they will be at a couple other great events.

Here is a clip from their performance of “Friends Like These” off of their upcoming album Let it Rain on Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday.

For more information about the St. Jude Festival: http://stjudebridgetown.org/Fundraiser/Festival.aspx

For more information about Jamison Road: www.JamisonRoad.com - Cincinnati WKRC Local 12 "Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday"

"Music festival benefits DCCH Center"

FORT MITCHELL – Enjoy good music and good times for a good cause at the DCCH Music Festival.

The DCCH Center for Children and Families will host its music festival 6-11:30 p.m. June 6 and 4-11:30 p.m. June 7. The center is located at 75 Orphanage Road, Fort Mitchell. Cost is $5 per vehicle.

The event includes performances from a variety of musical acts including Jamison Road, a craft beer garden featuring MadTree Brewing Co., food court and a Kid’s Barn with kid-friendly games and activities.

“It’s really fun,” center development coordinator Stacy Neurohr said. “It’s a wonderful weekend and there’s something for everybody. It feels like a family picnic.”

The best thing, Neurohr said, is helping a child in need.

DCCH Center for Children and Families has helped Northern Kentucky children for over 160 years, according to its website. Starting out as an orphanage in 1848, DCCH has evolved to meet the needs of the community and offers residential treatment, foster care, adoption, outpatient therapy and training services to area children, families and residents.

“The main purpose of the event is to raise funds for the children who live here,” Neurohr said. “We have 40 children and it costs almost $300 a day per child. We’re raising funds at this event to meet these children’s needs.”

The center offers long-term treatment for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children in small group living arrangements. Currently the center is at capacity, serving 40 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 14 in the residential treatment facility. Services include apartment living, counseling, recreation and special education at Guardian Angel School, located on the property.

In addition, the center offers therapeutic foster care and adoption, and outpatient counseling services.

According to development director Paul Miller, the center is “the last opportunity for hope,” for the children who are living there.

“They come to us with severe emotional and behavioral issues,” he said. “They have nowhere else to go. These kids, many who’ve suffered abuse, will deal with what has happened to them for the rest of their lives. We hope to give them the tools they need to handle that.”

Miller, Neurohr and others at the center hope that the community will rally around these kids, attend the festival, and help make a difference in their lives.

“We’re hoping with this event we’ll reach more people with our story,” she said. “Our story is so compelling and what we do for these kids is transformational.” - Cincinnati.com - Melissa Stewart

"FeminINDIE: Jamison Road"

Jamison Road is a rockin’ country trio from the Cincinnati/North Kentucky area. In 2010, the band was formed, after a snowy night of playing some songs for friends. What set them apart from the other FeminINDIE candidates is their passionate blend of country and rock. They each bring a little something to the table, and when combined it creates some tasty tunes. From lead vocalist Jennifer Depalma’s powerhouse vocals (think Trisha Yearwood), to guitarist Brent Duersch and Laurie Heltsley, who seems to do it all and is roots of the band they have a winning combination to make it big (should they chose to do so). The trio combined forces on the debut self-titled, Jamison Road, and with such a strong presence we are very excited to see what else this band can come up with.

Released in 2012, Jamison Road contains an impressive array of storytelling, rock and roll riffs and good old country twang. For an independent release the band’s sound comes off loud and clear. No pop-crossover confusion to be found. Jamison Road has country flowing through their veins. They feature plenty of personality, and good times to be had by all who listen.

The album keeps the energy high from start to finish without sacrificing lyrical integrity. Take, for example, the emotional track, “Don’t Repeat It”. Domestic violence is never an easy issue to talk about, let alone hear about in a song. Jamison Parker handles the issue with grace while giving the listeners a positive outlook. The song plays out as a cautionary tale gone right. A little boy grows up watching the mistakes his father made, and vows never to make those mistakes himself. Keeping the positive mojo flowing, there are plenty of songs on the album to keep spirits high (Specifically the sweet love song, “Way Up High”).

The album closes out with the ever-fun bar anthem, “Girls’ Drinkin’ Song.” It’s fun, it’s silly and bound to get the ladies to raise their glasses wherever they may be.

Overall, Jamison Road is an impressive, coherent debut album. Keep in mind as you listen, that they are a trio (the sound is larger than life at times). These two ladies and gentleman can rock with the best of them, while remaining true to their country roots. They are currently working on new music, so be sure to stay connect with them online for updates.

Maybe it’s the chemistry, or maybe it’s the years of experience the trio has under their belt (collaborative and independently) but Jamison Road is a band you just can’t ignore. One listen and you’ll be hooked. If you are in the Kentucky area, there are some shows coming up that are definitely worth checking out (We heard their live shows are really something special).

Whether you tune in, drop by one of their shows it won’t take long to realize why we think they are FeminINDIE! - WordKrapht - Kerriann Curtis

"Turn it up! Local Music Reviews"

p12 - 5 STARS - "Jamison Road thrusts country rock into the 'I want to hear that one again on the radio.' Jennifer DePalma's gutsy vocal style is a perfect compliment to the music that her partners produce. Neither supersedes the other, all blending perfectly like a fine wine. For the sophisticated listener, repeat play is a must! Twelve original songs, loaded with some notable standouts. [...] Out of a 5 Star rating system, I give this artistic work a 5 start rating! Vocals are extremely strong yet don't overpower the instrumental artistry, with well crafted storytelling. Put on your boots and your cow-person hat and crank the volume to the maximum!" - Live Magazine - Toran S. Erickson

"Jamison Road Performance Brings Laurie Heltsley Back to Muhlenberg County"

GREENVILLE, Ky. (8/16/13) – Rising stars “Jamison Road” will bring “Country That Rocks” to the Greenville Tourism Commission’s “Saturdays on the Square” Summer Concert Series this Saturday, August 17 at 8 pm.
Not only is this the first time the country trio has performed with their band on the Square, but it is also a homecoming for Muhlenberg County naive Laurie Heltsley.

Heltsley told SurfKY News that she can't wait to return home and perform, "in a county that has such a rich tradition of great music including the Everly Brothers and Merle Travis."

She is also proud of the fact that, "back in the 70s when I attended Hughes-Kirk High School, my entire family went to Hughes-Kirk, even my grandmother. I could do a bit of basketball dribbling and had a mean lay-up. So I managed to get a basketball scholarship. So I was ultimately the first college graduate from our family in the county."

Heltsley added that, "Both of my grandfathers were coal miners. And that ultimately comes through in some of the music that Jamison Road records. We have a song called "Coal Town" that is about Muhlenberg County, and living there during the big mining boom in the 70s. Coal played such an obvious role in our way of life, it was only fitting that we capture some of that in a song."

You can hear "Coal Town" and other Jamison Road songs by logging on to http://jamisonroad.com.

Heltsley is the daughter of Darrell and Shirley Heltsley. She said, "They both attended Hughes-Kirk High School together, became high school sweethearts and married."

Her Muhlenberg musical roots began to grow when the family's gospel group, The Heltsley Singers, performed throughout the area, and even recorded an album at Central City's Cardinal Studio during the 70s.

"We attended church three times a week, so there's a lot of gospel music in my background. We'd pile into a VW van and drive around to churches all over Kentucky and Indiana. I eventually learned how to play bass guitar. Then I put down the bass for over 20 years, graduated from Western Kentucky University, went to work for Fruit of the Loom for a while, and in the 1990s I got back into music after moving to Cincinnati."

Heltsley said that, "Eventually, I ended up playing with Jamison Road. I guess it is a little odd for a country band to have a female bass player, but it's what I feel best doing. We have made a few connections in Nashville, with publishing companies, mostly because of the CD we recorded in 2011. We were extremely fortunate to have some of the top musicians backing us up on that.

"I have been looking forward to being back in Muhlenberg County all summer long. Like I said before, the music scene in Muhlenberg County is almost unsurpassed, so I'm very proud of being part of the county. Also, the people there really support musicians. In fact, without all the influences and support over the years that I've gotten from people in the county, you probably wouldn't be talking to me now. We know we stand in good company."

Jamison Road also includes the husband and wife team of vocalist Jennifer DePalma and guitarist Brent Duersch, along with a three-piece backup band.

For more details on this Saturday's show log on to www.tourgreenville.com.

Keep up with Jamison Road, and check out the Muhlenberg-inspired song "Coal Town at http://www.jamisonroad.com. You can also learn more about the group at
http://www.reverbnation.com/jamisonroad and https://www.facebook.com/JamisonRoad.

Paul McRee
SurfKY News - SurfKY - Paul McRee

"Gold Country WOBL radio interview"

radio interview with Big John on 5/29/2012 - Gold Country WOBL

"Jamison Road to hold local CD release party"

A local singer gets to pursue her dream of music -- after she almost lost it.
Troy Chamberlain
May 25, 2012

Want to go? WHAT: Jamison Road CD release party and concert w/ opener Acoustic Scotty
WHERE: Paper Moon Vineyards, 2008 State Rd., Vermilion
WHEN: Saturday, May 26, 4 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
COST: Free admission INFO: 440-967-2500 or Papermoonvineyards.com; Jamisonroad.com;
Album download: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jamisonroad (also available on iTunes and Amazon)

Music has always been a fond focus for Firelands High School graduate, Jennifer DePalma. Growing up, she sang when she could: the national anthem for every Firelands HS basketball game, numerous 4-H and FFA events, and at the close of her high school career she sang the national anthem for the Cleveland Indians. But college called, and DePalma left her home in Vermilion to attend Case Western Reserve University, followed by medical school at Ohio State. Education was consuming DePalma whole, and her passion for music was obscured by the responsibilities. “I had to sacrifice music for a long, long time,” DePalma said. After Ohio State, DePalma completed a pediatric residency program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. During this time, she met guitarist Brent Duersch. “After I finished my residency, I essentially got my life back,” Depalma said. “Then I had free time to pursue the things that I loved again, rather than just working all the time.” DePalma and Duersch would marry and begin writing and recording music together on top of their day jobs for 10 years when in 2010 Duersch was invited to fill in for a rock ‘n’ roll cover band featuring multi-instrumentalist Laurie Heltsley. During one of the band’s breaks, DePalma stepped up to sing. The moment was immediately marked. “Jennifer, when she came to sit in with us that night, I still remember it plain as day,” Heltsley said. “I was so excited when I went home because I hadn’t heard a voice like that in a really long time, at least not one that wasn’t getting paid a whole lot of money; at least a lot more than we got paid that night, for sure.” The three joined up – Jamison Road was born. The trio started playing out around the Cincinnati area and was discovered by Nashville talent manager, Frank Larry. “They’re such a great band live,” Larry said. “They’re so performance-oriented that they just knock them out of the park when they get up there on stage.” Larry arranged for Jamison Road to fly out to Nashville where the group had the opportunity to work and record with high profile, professional musicians in the industry. They recorded their first, self-titled LP – comprised entirely of Jamison Road originals. The experience was one they will never forget. “It was really kind of a life-changing experience, and I know that’s a little cliché,” Duersch said. “The first song we recorded was one of our originals called “Another Day” and the drummer kicked it off and every one came in and it was kind of like this magical moment, because it was like, ‘Oh wow, this is our music and it sounds like this on the radio and how did this happen?’” Listen to a medley of clips from four songs off the new album, including “Another Day,” below.

Jamison Road: Multi-song Medley

The album was officially released May 8 of this year and the second album release party brings DePalma back to her hometown Vermilion. The band will perform a stripped-down acoustic show of their songs mixed with a selection of covers at Paper Moon Vineyards this Saturday. “Growing up I think everyone knew that I liked to sing and people had told me that I should be pursuing music as a career,” DePalma said. “People were proud that I had become a doctor, but I think in some ways people were sad that I hadn’t pursued music like I’d hoped. … I’m so glad to be able to go home and be able to share this music with them and for them to see that I did use the gift that I was given.” - Funcoast.com - Troy Chamberlain

"A doctor by day, she sings country at night"

Published: Friday, May 18, 2012
By Arcade Staff

Not many Nashville singers are also pediatricians. But Jennifer DePalma-Duersch, formerly of Vermilion and lead singer of Jamison Road, will be putting aside her stethoscope and picking up a microphone as she sings along with the band at Paper Moon Vineyards in Vermilion on May 26.

Playing music from her recent Nashville-recorded CD, DePalma-Duersch is a graduate of Firelands High School and lived most of her life in Vermilion, before moving with her husband to Cincinnati.

While growing up, her talent and love for music led her to many singing opportunities, including the national anthem for every Firelands basketball game for four years and many 4-H and FFA related events, her father Dan DePalma said.

She capped off her high school career by singing of the national anthem for the Cleveland Indians, before moving her studies to Case Western Reserve University.

DePalma said his daughter continued to sing and harbor a deep love of music, but the next 11 years were dominated by education. After graduating from Case Western Reserve, she went to medical school at Ohio State, and then completed a three-year pediatric residency program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

During her pursuit to become a pediatrician, she met and married Brent Duersch, a guitar player and IT professional.

Together, the husband-wife team began writing and recording their own music, exploring different styles, both keeping their “day jobs.” In 2010, they met and formed a band with Laurie Heltsley, a singer and bass guitar player.

They describe their genre as “rockin’ country,” bringing them back to Jennifer’s musical roots.

The three musicians and songwriters quickly gained a significant following in Cincinnati and were recruited by a Nashville talent manager.

The trio went on to write and record a 12-track CD of original songs, the self-titled “Jamison Road” debut album, released May 8.

The record has been well-received by fans in Cincinnati and Nashville, and now Jennifer is bringing her band to northern Ohio to share the music with her hometown.

Jamison Road will be at Paper Moon Vineyards from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. May 26. Her new CD will be on sale, but her concert will be free to the public.

For more information, visit www.jamisonroad.com, or call 440-967-2500. - The Morning Journal


Jamison Road - released independently May 8, 2012, re-released on Sojourn Records May 12, 2015
Let it Rain - released on Sojourn Records August 12, 2014



Jamison Road, an indie country music trio formed in Greater Cincinnati, is comprised of powerhouse vocalist Jennifer DePalma, her husband and lead guitarist Brent Duersch, and backing vocalist and guitarist Laurie Heltsley.  Since inception, Jamison Road has recorded two studio albums in Nashville, entertained thousands of fans across the country, signed a distribution deal with Sojourn Records, and joined the ranks of the Breedlove Guitars Artist Program.

Soon after founding the band in 2010, the long-time songwriters, composers, and musicians combined their talents to release their self-titled album Jamison Road in 2012.  Recorded at Beaird Music Group in Nashville, their debut was met with great enthusiasm by industry insiders and country music fans around the world.  In late 2013, the band sparked the interest of Sojourn Records in New York. “Their music is well-crafted; the recordings are first rate", said Mark Ambrosino, President and Co-Founder.  "They have done all the things necessary to move their career to the point where we at Sojourn feel confident that everything is in place to take it to the next level.” The band was signed to the label in May 2014, and their highly-anticipated second studio album Let it Rain was released by Sojourn Records in August 2014.  In May 2015 they re-released their debut album Jamison Road on the Sojourn Records label.

When Jennifer, Brent, and Laurie take the stage, it’s apparent to everyone that these three were meant to make music together.  Having played across the nation — from California to Virginia, from Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico — Jamison Road attacks the stage, bringing powerful and passionate country music to audiences of all sizes and ages.  In May of 2015 Jamison Road completed their first cross-country tour, playing shows in Cleveland, Chicago, Des Moines, Reno, Napa, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, and Memphis (and racking up nearly 6700 miles on the tour bus).  Jamison Road has had the honor of sharing stages with artists including Wynonna, Lonestar, Dustin Lynch, Frankie Ballard, The Lost Trailers, Trick Pony, Exile, Dallas Moore, Earl Thomas Conley, and Ronnie McDowell. The trio has performed live on national television, taking the spotlight for performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” at Kentucky Speedway prior to two NASCAR races (Kentucky 300 on ESPN and Quaker State 400 on TNT) in 2013.  They have also made several radio appearances, including a live performance on the Drink of Ages Radio Show which was broadcast on Badlands Radio and ESPN Radio.

When Jennifer DePalma sings, people listen. She has one of those voices — powerful, soulful, and belonging only to someone who was born to sing—that will make you remember the first time you heard it. With passion and an unparalleled love for music, Jennifer captivates a live audience from the very first note. A gifted songwriter with a knack for tugging at the heart strings, Jennifer, together with her husband Brent, have composed dozens of original songs spanning multiple styles and genres over the last decade.

Brent Duersch plays guitar—any guitar—with the single prerequisite that it rocks. Brent brings raw energy and high intensity to any instrument with strings. His unique compositions unapologetically soar and often serve as the crowd-pleasing punctuation mark to the band's live sets. A talented composer and arranger, Brent is completely at home in the studio as well, having accumulated production credits playing comfortably alongside world-class Nashville studio veterans on both Jamison Road albums. Brent is also a popular advisor on all things guitar-related as evidenced by the followers of his personal website brentduersch.com. Brent collects and plays PRS electric guitars and Breedlove acoustic guitars.

Laurie Heltsley is a veteran of the country music scene who has finally found her home as a guitarist and backing vocalist with Jamison Road. As a bassist, Laurie toured regionally with country-artist-turned-bestselling-author Todd Henry while opening shows for Diamond Rio, Toby Keith, and Kenny Chesney. Laurie reprises her role as bassist during Jamison Road live shows and provides signature vocal harmonies that blend effortlessly with Jennifer’s melodies. Observers are likely to see Laurie forego the bass for the acoustic guitar or cajon during more intimate acoustic performances. A storyteller by nature, Laurie is also a gifted songwriter whose characters are flawed and memorable. Laurie collects and plays Fender bass guitars and Breedlove acoustic guitars.

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