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Jamie Scoles

Mission Viejo, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Electronic




"Dapper Drummer"

Dapper drummer Jamie Scoles likes it in black and white and we like her style - Tom Tom Magazine

"The Heavy Hitting Drummer of Nylon Pink"

Jamie Scoles is no stranger to Amped Asia. She was once the heavy hitting drummer of the all female Asian rock band, Nylon Pink.

We spent sometime with her and delved a bit into her art:

It’s been a couple years since we last saw you what has been new?

Yes, it’s been a while! I disappeared for a little bit and started a new project. It’s been a long process, but I’m finally back and I’m back with something new and exciting!

And we heard you’re coming out with a Solo Album?

Yes! I just came out with my new project a few months ago and it is a solo drum project where things are a little flipped around. In this project, the drums are the main focus and a different singer is featured on each track. The music is described as electronic music, pop music and drums fused together to create a new and different definition of performance and sound.

We saw your first Single Real (ft. Cantenela) it was great. What pushed you to write this song?

Thank you! Writing Real was easy because I wrote the song about a specific time in my life, so it was kind of just like I was just releasing my thoughts and memories. The song is about a relationship that had the biggest impact on your life and it’s more specifically about the time after a break up. The time when you’re just trying to move on with your life and just trying to stop missing that person, but every time you fall asleep, you find yourself dreaming about them. Every dream just seems so Real and it’s more heartbreaking because it’s the only time you can actually be with them and spend time with them until you wake up and realize that it was only just another dream. It’s pretty sad haha.

So your new Album Echosphere what’s it about?

My album Echosphere will be releasing this year and as you hear each song, you’ll find that a story unfolds. The album name kind of represents how the songs were written. I came up with it with two words; “Echo” represents thoughts and emotions that run through my mind and “Sphere” represents a confined place which is my mind where I hold the thoughts and emotions. Writing the album was my way of expressing myself and releasing it all.

How is it so far being a solo artist?

Being a solo artist has been a nice change because you really get to be you and creatively express yourself the way you want to. I’ve always been in bands and you kind of have to be what the band is and stick to that genre. Now, I am able to create what I personally enjoy and go in a direction that is more meant for me. I must admit that I miss the fun and company of being in a group sometimes.

What’s the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an artist also to go more in depth a female artist?

The biggest challenge is being a female drummer. Being a female in the music industry is hard as it is, but being a female doing what people think is supposed to be a masculine thing is even harder. A lot of people don’t take you seriously and you have to work triple as hard. In my case, what I am doing is probably the most challenging thing because I’m doing something new. Something that hasn’t actually been done before. Everything I do has to be well thought out in order for people to understand what it is I’m doing exactly. - Amped Asia Magazine

"One of the world’s greatest drummers"

Jamie Scoles is one the hottest drummers around the world, and the No.1 Asian American solo drummer in the US. The former Nylon Pink star joins us on the show for an exclusive interview, as well as showcasing her debut single, ‘Real,’ and gives an exclusive snippet of upcoming new single from her upcoming ‘Echosphere’ album, ‘Endlessly. - AU Podcast Network


Still working on that hot first release.



Jamie Scoles is an Asian American drummer, formerly a part of the all-female pop rock band Nylon Pink. Nylon Pink gained notoriety after reaching millions of viewers on YouTube and songs featured on hit television shows such as; MTV's Jersey Shore, The Hills, Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and more. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Jamie taught herself to drum at the age of ten, and from fourteen years old, she started performing with Paris By Night Vietnamese pop star, Adam Ho. After school on Tuesday nights, Jamie would perform on Main Street in Huntington Beach, California. These Tuesday night performances became a hit and landed her the front page of the local newspaper, where she was dubbed, "The Hit on Main Street". When Jamie turned seventeen she began booking and playing solo shows, drumming to the Top 40's Hits and was quickly picked up by Nylon Pink. From seventeen to twenty-one, Jamie toured with Nylon Pink across the world, and shared the stage with some of the artists that activated her own playing. Jamie was honored and placed in The Hard Rock Hall of Fame in Macau and Malaysia.

In 2015, Jamie spent writing and creating Echosphere, her first and most anticipated album in her solo career. Jamie Scoles fuses pop music, electronic music and drums together, creating a new and different definition of performance and sound.

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