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Jae "The Lyoness"

Columbia, MD | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Columbia, MD | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"Friday Feature - Jae The Lyoness"

No other animal has mesmerized humans quite like the king of the jungle- the lion. In her own concrete jungle, Jae "The Lyoness" comes with a mighty roar, viscous bite, and innate ability to lead. She has proven herself time and time again as a skillful lyricist, spiritual poet, and all around voice of power and reason for those facing their own struggles. Her resume highlights gigs like two Apollo Theatre performances and winning a Rep Yo Grind Award as the Best Femcee of the year. Most recently, she earned her spot as one of Team Backpack's Mission Underground Los Angeles 2015's top 3 winners, notably the only female of the group.

A strong and proud 25 year old woman, Jae represents hard for the city of Baltimore. She uses music as a way to express her great sensitivity for her community and social conscious regarding issues like racism, homophobia, inequality, etc. Take a look at her stellar performance in the latest Team Backpack Cypher and you'll see that she is more than meets the eye. Whether it's on a beat or acapella, she brings a unique mix of raw delivery, intellect, and insightful poetry into every verse. Her "Barz & Poetry" video illustrates Hip Hop in its purest form, in a modern setting.

With many notable projects and credentials under her belt, the grind never stops for this phenomenal feline. She has independently released a number of projects that are available on iTunes and Spotify as well as a number of productions on her YouTube channel. Currently, she is working on two separate projects- an independent mix tape entitled "Murder was the Case" and an EP called "A Soul on the Rise" hosted by Team Backpack. She has also joined a female music empowerment group called Female Lyrical Assassins (FLA).

Although often underrepresented in Hip Hop and the music industry in general, artists like Jae "The Lyoness" give other females a strong role model that will inspire them to lead their own dreams, whatever that may be. When it comes to music, Jae advises aspiring artists to "Do your homework, and remember that nothing comes overnight. Female artists especially have to work even harder than our male counterparts but don't let that discourage you. It's all about persistence and passion." She continues to give thanks to God for enable her to accomplish her goals, her single mother for raising her to be a protective and prideful feline, and her spouse for managing the daily grind of their independent music life. Check out more of Jae "The Lyoness" on social media and on other music outlets. - Jehzan Exclusive

"Artist Spotlight: Jae “The Lyoness”"

Jae,”The Lyoness” is a Baltimore native & an inspirational Hip Hop Artist who has recently released a Mixtape Online Titled God Save Me. Jae wanted to create God Save Me as a project to help uplift people with real music, stories of real life situations, and personal experience. Get to know the YOUniqueness of Jae, as she shares why she’s a self proclaimed “lyoness”, why she dubs her music as “struggle mewzik”, & why she thinks support from other hip hop artists matters.

YM: Why the name “Jae , The Lyoness”?
Jae: I chose the name Jae because my Middle name is Julise(the E is silent). The Lyoness came from my first rap name which use to be Sekhmet . She was very Powerful In Ancient Egypt. She was Half Lioness and Half woman. Growing up my favorite animals were lions. They represent courage, power, strength and are fighters. Everything that my Life required in order for me to get where i am today. Of course God is First and the reason.
YM: I love the fact that you are an inspirational hip hop artist. How important is it for you to help put that kind of hip hop on the map?
Jae: I believe that everyone needs someone to hold them up. Hip Hop started off positive with a message. I believe music is a form of healing. It is very Important for me to put it on the map. The world is broken. I am just trying to repair it the best I know how….Through Music .
YM: What are your thoughts on Lecrae?
Jae: OMG !!! I love Lecrae. He is my favorite artist out right now. He really delivers the message in the most realest way possible for people to understand. I can definitely relate to his music. He actually help me realize what it is I should be doing as an artist which is being honesty.
YM: You dub your music as “struggle mewzik”. Why is that?
Jae: Struggle Mewzik was created after being homeless twice in the city of Baltimore. Here I was talking about things that was holding people in my city down. When I could have been building those up that was like me or different but went through the struggle too. Struggle Mewzik is real,honest, Raw at times, Uplifting,Inspiring, Motivational, and Empowering . I wanted to make music people could feel whole heartedly. whether it was the Ceo to the prostitute on the street.

YM: As a local Baltimore hip hop artist, how have your fellow hip hop artists embrace you? Is there a lot of support?
Jae: There are a FEW artist who really genuinely support me. I wish there were more. I believe in unity. I support other artist regardless No matter What that’s just me . No Shade.
YM: What do you like to do when you’re not creating inspiring hip hop?
Jae: I love spending time with my Family . I have this thing where I use my Reverbnation fan mail to send out motivational messages. As well as sending text messages to friends. Everyday for me is about inspiring many. Not just through Hip Hop but however I can reach them.
YM: Any plans to shop for a major record label deal, or is being an independent artist the right thing for you to be?
Jae: Most definitely. Being independent right now gives me freedom but if I decided to look I would want to be signed to Lecrae’s label Reach Records.
YM: Since your music career, what places have you visited where you’ve told yourself “I must come back!”?
Jae: I haven’t been to many places but Most definitely New York City . My first time there I auditioned at the famous Apollo Theater and made it . It made me feel Like anything was possible . I brought God with me and stayed true to my faith and I made it.
YM: What’s next for you?
Jae: I have been so blessed with so many different opportunities lately I am just taking it day by day. Where ever God moves me that is where I will be . I’m not sure what the future holds but I believe it’s promising.
YM: What is YOUnique about Jae?
Jae: I believe I am the last of a dying breed. With so many things against me I managed to prevail in such a short period of time . I am not afraid to be me anymore. I am a Lesbian woman not afraid to talk about God regardless of how the world will judge me. I am standing up for those who feel rejected because of flaws. YOUnique because when I walk in a room I demand attention without words. Even though I am shy I manage to draw people in. I’ve been told my spirit is inviting so that’s what makes me YOUnIque. - YOUnique Magazine

"Video Hallelujah - Jae The Lyoness"

A hip-hop savior of sorts, Jae the Lyoness, comes to us with her single “Hallelujah.” An onslaught of clever rhymes, Jae is a female inspirational Hip Hop artist, a voice and style adopted from J.Cole and female MC’s which paved the way before her. Born in Washington, D.C, Jae the Lyoness is now a resident of Baltimore. With a background as a poet and a singer, Jae is definitely a veteran of passionate bars.

Her first Mixtape released in 2010 was entitled “Sekhmet: The Untamed War Goddess” in which her fans were introduced her aggressive side. Her second mixtape “The remix Tape” dropped in 2012. Here, Jae displayed her ability for sharp wordplay over industry beats. Then in 2013, The Lyoness” released “Life Through Composition” which gained the attention of many fans. Jae took some of the most historic Tupac songs to give it a spin of her own. - UpcomingHipHop.net

"Amateur Night At The Apollo"

Performance Type
Rap and Vocalist
Artistic Influences
Left Eye, Da Brat, Lecrae, J.Cole, Lauryn Hill and Chris Brown
Current Standing
Performed in Amateur Night Show on 4.30.2014
Performed in Amateur Night Show on 7.17.2013 - Apollo Theater

"Hip Hop Or Not?"

Lately I have been seeing social media posts about who is the best rapper or what is the best song from the 90’s, 80’s?How do you box that many artists, there are too many out there. What about Old School music? Who is remembering their first basement party with the red or blue light and practically no air but that beat was flowing and you could get lost in a lyric because it spoke to you?

You remember when the Sugar Hill Gang came out with Rapper’s Delight? Almost everyone I know to this day still knows the words to that song. These are the Breaks from Kurtis Blow, My Addidas from Run DMC? LL Cool J Rock the Bells, Doug E Fresh or MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Wu-Tang Clan, Common, Bone Thugs, NWA, Tupac…the list goes on! Music during this time was defining a generation that had something to say not just something to show. Words to live by from those who had lived them. Today’s music offers maybe a smidge of that reminiscent buildeing block in our culture. The beat seems to overrule the lyrics, if you can understand the lyrics at all. Underground artists, in my opinion, are bringing back the meaning of true hip hop giving music with depth and heart, music you can listen to and truly feel. Artists like Femcee Jae the Lyoness, KID, Illadelp, Team Kreamate, Quinton Randall to name a few. Artists about their craft and giving you their reality thru lyrics, bars and presence. They make you think, feel strong and open your mind like the songs back in the day and won’t stray from what is true music to them. Just like back in the day.

Music is something we all feel and experience daily. Why not make it mean something while you listen to it to make your day go a little smoother! - Urban Image Magazine

"Single - Jae The Lyoness Hallelujah"

“Hallelujah” by Jae The Lyoness from Columbia, MD.

@Jaethelyoness - The Cypher Effect

"Jae The Lyoness Murder Was The Case"

MULA 2015 Champion Jae The Lyoness released her new project “Murder Was The Case”, and it’s DOPE. Jae The Lyoness is a ‘Female Inspirational Hip Hop Spoken Word Artist’ from Washington, DC. - TeamBackPack


Still working on that hot first release.



Jae "The Lyoness" is a female Inspirational Hip Hop artist. She was born in Washington, D.C in 1990 where she lived until the age of 6. She then moved to Gaithersburg, MD and is currently living in Baltimore Maryland. Growing up Jae was a poet and a singer. She wrote poetry from ages 7 and up. Poetry was a way for her to express how she felt about life growing up with a single mother. Jae sang in school talent shows, as well as the school chorus and church choir. Jae's musical talents came natural, anything she wanted to learn took absolutely no time to pick up. Her musical influences growing up were, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Karyn White, Chris Brown, Omarion, Mariah Carey, Earth Wind and Fire, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Tupac, Scarface, and Dmx. At the age of 19 Jae "The Lyoness" took a break from singing and turned her poetry into Rapping. In just a short year she taught herself how to engineer, make beats and produced her own music. Her first Mixtape released in 2010 and was titled "Sekhmet: The Untamed War Goddess" were, she introduced her aggressive side. Her second Mixtape was released in 2012 titled "The remix Tape" where she displayed her wordplay over industry beats. In 2013 Jae "The Lyoness" released "Life Through Composition" which gained the attention of many Tupac Shakur fans. Jae took some of the most historic Tupac songs and made it her own. Jae "The Lyoness" recently auditioned at "Mission Underground L.A" which is an event that is held every year for emcees all over the world. This event was started by the truest hip hop platform "TeamBackPack". Auditioning live placed her as one of the Top 3 winners to be amongst some of the best underground emcees. Jae "The Lyoness" has also performed at the world famous Apollo theater twice, accomplishing one of her biggest childhood dreams. Jae "The Lyoness" brings back the true essence of Hip hop with a positive Message in every song. The phenomenal feline started a Movement called "StruggleMewzik" in March 2013. StruggleMewzik was created to bring people together by the healing and power of music. Showing everyone that no matter who you are, we all are one. We all struggle at some point in life. Jae released an empowering and inspirational EP in January 2014 titled "God Save Me". It was about her own personal struggles in life as well as her peers. She has received Great feedback from fans all over. Jae has impacted so many lives. Letting people know it's okay to follow your dreams no matter how the world may label you. Jae "The Lyoness" is not shy by giving all Glory to God. Without him, she says nothing she does is ever possible. New Opportunities have presented themselves for The young Feline. She says she is taking it one day at a time but she knows that as long as she has God by her side, her future is promising.

Try ft. Evon Uniique Single off "God Save Me" 
Try was written and inspired by my first Apollo Theater Performance. I wrote "Try" to tell the world that it is okay to keep going no matter what happens in life. People will tell you no and some wont like what you do but, as long as you TRY things will eventually work in your favor. People always tell me how this song inspires and starts their day.

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