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Isabel Marcheselli

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2023
Duo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"A Fascinating Artist"

"A fascinating artist." - The Republican, (write-up about Isabel Marcheselli's music and verse) - The Republican Newspaper

"Isabel and The Whispers "Dot to Dot""

Celebrating ten years since its original release, Isabel and The Whispers (with Alec Menge on drums and Octavio Padron on guitar) re-capture the depth and creativity of their single Dot To Dot, and release it complete with a fresh set of visuals crafted in honour of the celebration.

Leading with a simple, piano-led chord progression, and a few additional soundscape details, Dot To Dot keeps the audience focused on the meandering, rising melody of the voice, and the poetic yet deeply personal nature of the lyrics penned by Isabel.

Always the words resolve back to this title, this image, and it becomes a clear calling card or recognisable trait of the song – along with the delicate yet striking nature of Isabel’s voice.

Offering long-form verses that precede the resolve of the hook, Dot To Dot manages to balance minimalism and identity in a memorable way. The lyrics utilise metaphor and beautifully descriptive writing to pay tribute to the love of a significant other – references to constellations, the contours of the face, the power of closeness.

The new video also delivers a series of images aptly relating to intimacy, oneness, and the natural world intermittently, furthering the song’s hypnotic embrace as it moves along.

Check out Isabel Marcheselli on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram or visit her Website. - Stereo Stickman

"Your Eyes - Reviewed by Dave Franklin"

Pop is all too often big and brash and bold and bombastic. But not always. Sometimes, it can be restrained and understated, chilled and delicate, and the new one from Isbel and The Whispers frontwoman, Isabel Marcheselli, is undoubtedly one of those times.

That said, Your Eyes is still an impactful song, but it builds up its sonic weight through the layering up of various tones and textures rather than big sonic hits and musical sucker punches. And the song is all the better for it.

This piano piece slowly wraps itself with dreamscape hazes and classical grace, a gorgeous understanding of understatement and emotive atmospherics. It is the link between the pop and the classical world, between structure and soundscaping, and between the worldly and the other.

And it proves, if proof were ever needed, that sometimes understatement wins over obviousness, that subtlety is better than shock tactics, and that less definitely is more. Did I say sometimes? Make that every time. - Dancing About Architecture


Dot to Dot (Digitally Remastered) - Digitally remastered track that was first released on my band's album, Isabel and The Whispers, in 2008.  Official release, February 2, 2024.


Josefina (Remix) - The synth pop vocal remake of my song, “Josefina,” that was first released on the Isabel and The Whispers in 2008.  Official release, November 4, 2023.


Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement) - The classical adaptation of my original song, "Josefina," arranged for a string quartet.  Official release, September 9, 2023.


Wander - Soundtrack in SONY Award-Winning Future Filmmakers documentary, IN COD WE TRUST.


Josefina (Jazz Arrangement) - Featuring my original song, "Josefina," and its jazzy arrangement arranged and performed by Francisco Peragallo.  Official release, June 17, 2023.

Isabel and The Whispers - Featuring eight of my original songs for piano recorded by my band, Isabel and The Whispers





High Horse 


Do you Have to See Me Cry?

Dot to Dot


Flute Path - Featuring my guitar playing for music composed by flautist, Naomi Rabinowitz.  

Song Without a Name


Figures Seeking Ground - Featuring my back-up vocals in a duet with singer-songwriter, Amiel Leshnik.  

No Game to Play


We Are The Defenders - Featuring my back-up vocals for songs by the late singer-songwriter, Thomas Breeland.  Limited edition.

Caught by Surprise 

I Will Care



Welcome to my Sonicbids EPK!  

I'm a singer-songwriter originally from New York and now based in western Massachusetts. Emerging out of the pandemic and a subsequent period of recording music, I am ready to do more shows as a solo artist and as a band entity. 

My band, Isabel and The Whispers, consists of myself on vocal, guitar, and piano, plus a drummer and additional percussionist.  Our repertoire consists of ambient, lyrical and original singer-songwriterly pop with some upbeat, jazzy covers thrown in. Some of my more popular songs are "Josefina," "Wander," "Dot to Dot," and my whimsical song with rhythm and groove, "My Imaginary Friend." 

Thanks to the generous support of fans and the Massachusetts Cultural Council,  I am excited to have a growing number of musical releases out on Spotify (with much more on the way) that feature my original music, new music, and even arrangements of my compositions.  

Recently, one of my original songs, “Wander,” was featured for 2 ½ minutes in the climax and opening credits of a 2023 SONY top prize-winning documentary, IN COD WE TRUST, about the challenges in the fishing industry in Gloucester.  Also, one of my new releases, "Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)" is a winsome jazz track making its way around jazz-loving circles from New York to Japan.

Whether performing solo or with my band, my mission is to touch and impact the world through the power and magic of music.  Visit:

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