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Destin, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Destin, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"[Video Hot Pick] "Mamacita" - Jones"

Rising Hip Hop artist Jones is creating a huge movement one fan at a time. He creates musical murals with his songs. The Texas born; Mississippi raised wordsmith has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. Jones approaches every note with fearless class. His voice is pure and authentic. The multi-talented rapper is known for his energetic and noteworthy performances. His relentless drive and outgoing personality enabled him to showcase his amazing stage presence at different venues throughout Mississippi. He has opened for such stars as Kevin Gates, the late Shawty Lo, and Juvenile.
Jones has carved out a distinct sound, which is devoid of pretension, yet rich in insight, loyalty and family. His music is fun, upbeat and family friendly. He puts his heart and soul into every track. His flow, delivery and cadence are all top notch. Using his conceptual word play and dynamic rhyme schemes, Jones is changing the game and paving the way for a new era of clean-cut Hip-Hop artists. He is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in his path. He has beaten the odds and he has prevailed.

Equally important, Jones started his music career professionally in 2015. He released a few projects, such as an EP titled “Nice to Meet You” and an album called “Unexpected” in 2016. After a brief hiatus from the music game, he revived his career by dropping the "Radio Reject" EP in 2018. Moreover, in 2019 Jones put out his full-length album "The Peer Pressure Project," which was met with much fanfare. The album charted on 6 charts on the Billboard Charts. This is a feat that very few independent artists have accomplished. Jones demonstrates his expressive storytelling ability, unforgettable melodies and tantalizing vocals on his new song, "Mamacita." The radio friendly single is sure to appeal to fans of Hip Hop music around the globe. - Pitchfork Music

"The Next Household Name to Make a Difference: Jones"

Keep it super simple: Jones states that’s advice his mother gave him as he was attempting to find his artistic identity. When asked where the inspiration for his chosen career path came from, Jones quickly mentioned the avenues that Will Smith and Jamie Foxx have traversed. At least that is how this emerging artist would like to be mentioned. When asked for clarification on what that meant exactly, Jones very confidently and concisely stated, “Ultimately, I just want to make a positive impact through my passions while giving people something to look forward to. I want to make a difference.” In a closer look at the careers of the aforementioned Smith and Foxx -who many would consider entertainment icons- it is important to note that they have both had success in music, television, and at the box office. That is what this artist is working to achieve. On his journey to reach his goals, Jones has not only released music, with his latest effort -The Peer Pressure Project- charting on the official Billboard Music charts, but he has also appeared in the critically acclaimed James Brown biopic Get On Up.
When asked if such accomplishments have made him feel like he’s close to his goals he swiftly rejected that notion. “If anything, those achievements have awakened the hunger for more,” Jones said. The artist revealed that he desires to become a household name for his skillset and his contributions to the entertainment culture. Jones is currently working to form a partnership with charitable organizations such as the Make — a — Wish Foundation to not only make a difference, but also to serve as a constant reminder that positive impact is the goal.
Follow along with Jones on his promising journey by searching your favorite social media platform for @ineedjonesnow or visiting #YoJones - Medium

"On The Verge Artist Spotlight: Jones"

For those that have never met or heard of you before, answer this question: Who are you?

Hmm. At the risk of sounding too poetic, I am laughter. I am anger. I am joy. I am pain. I am confusion -shoutout to any that gets that reference-, I am imperfection. I am all of these things combined to bring you the finest of genuine-hearted entertainment! I, am Jones.

Nice to meet you Jones. Where are you from?

I live in Florida, but I was raised in Mississippi.

You mentioned entertainment in your response earlier. What do you specialize in?

Primarily, I am an independent musician. I believe I specialize in people with a dash of versatility.It’s deeper than just music for me. I desire to leave a positive impact wherever my artistry takes me. Because of how I present myself and my music, I am able to be booked for any venue because my product is family-friendly. I also have experience as an actor as well.

As both an actor and a musician, do you have any published work?

Absolutely! I have music available on all streaming platforms. My album “The Peer Pressure Project” actually charted at #12 on the official Billboard Heatseekers Chart! Shameless plug, I know.

My acting experience comes by way of the Tate Taylor-directed biopic starring the late Chadwick Boseman titled “Get On Up”. I played as the late James Brown’s drummer Edison Gore as he was getting his big break with his “Please, Please, Please” record. I have also played a minor role as an investigator in an independent film titled “The Hollow” by actor/director Miles Doleac.

It sounds like you keep a busy schedule. Is entertainment your full-time career?

Not yet. It’s something that I am working towards. At this point, I try to ask myself this question daily: “Why would I spend 40+ hours a week working to fulfill someone else’s dream and not give at least that much effort into fulfilling my own?”

What would you say your biggest obstacle has been in reaching the level of success you desire?

You know, I’m proud of the fact that I readily have an answer to this question. For the longest, I couldn’t identify it. One might even argue that I was in denial. That being said, my biggest obstacle has always been me. I’m like the Captain of “Team Overthink” and that aspect alone has cost me many opportunities twelve times over. Overthinking -which I’m willing to argue could qualify as a disability- has literally made me talk myself out of opportunities and relationships that were literally and figuratively sitting in my lap.

What would you say to someone that is struggling with the same battle as you?

The same thing I now tell myself: Get out of your own way. You’re only doing more harm to yourself than good by going through this life you’ve been given, and not actually living. Go for your dreams! The worst that can happen is you’ll hear a “no” or it won’t work out the way you wanted. That part will hurt. It’s important to acknowledge that. Personally though, I would rather know I actually tried and it didn’t work instead of wondering “What if?”. There’s beauty in the struggle of trying to achieve your dreams, but that “what if” will haunt you for the rest of your life.

That’s very solid advice. Where can people find you to learn more of your story or get in touch with you?

Thank you. Everything that is me online can be found by visiting my website or searching your favorite social media site for my handle @ineedjonesnow. You can also search my hashtag #YoJones to get directly to posts related to me! Send all booking inquiries to

Do you have anything we can look forward to from you?

I’ve been waiting on you to ask! On August 20, 2021 I will be releasing a new single to all streaming platforms titled “Mamacita”. It’s available for preorder/presave on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify right now! I’ve never been more excited about a release.

Why is that?

Well not only is it my first major release in more than two years, but if for no other reason- it is undoubtedly the most effort I have put behind a product of mine. I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this one, even down to the music video, and I’ve gotten some incredible feedback from some very key people in the music industry. Essentially, I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride instead of stumbling over my own feet.

We will mark our calendars for August 20th! Thanks for speaking with us Jones.

The pleasure was all mine! Peace, power, and positivity to you. -

"Jones Releases New Single: GOAT Talk"

ATLANTA, GA, January 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vicksburg, Mississippi native Orlando S. Jones Jr. known as "Jones" in the music world is no stranger to hard work and the belief that everyone should chase after their dreams. Since his teenage years he found himself sharpening his pen game by writing rhymes while on campus, battle-testing other M.C.'s in the back of the school bus or whenever the opportunity presented itself. "Music and rapping has always been a part of who I am. I love being on stage, being an artist and most of all being attached to people through my music has always been my passion," states Jones.

After graduating college and still trying to find his way Jones was researching reputable studios in the Mississippi area and ran into CEO/Founders of 'AMS' Alvin Mays & Gregory Fields Jr. Jones. Shortly afterwards he discovered that AMS was more than just a recording studio. The distribution/production house was also putting together shows for the artists in different cities; providing not only a platform for the music of independent artists but providing support to aide in their overall individual success.

"I was looking for a situation where I could be a part of something big. I decided to join with AMS because they weren't just out for a money grab. We work together as a team and I am able to be developed as well; as an artist and grow along the way." - Jones

Priding himself on his homegrown production team consisting of 16 year old Treyo Beats, CRG Productions and Outcast Musik. Jones has utilized these three producers throughout his rap career for years. Although Jones admits he has been heavily influenced by Kanye West, J. Cole, Eminem and Tupac it's always been important to him that his off stage presence as a person is a direct reflection of his own music.

AMS is proud to announce JONES will be releasing his new hit single "GOAT TALK" on the AMS Distribution platform January 31, 2020. Please follow @ineedjonesnow and @amsenterprisecorp for all future updates.

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"A Positive Influence Thru Music"

Orlando Jones walks to the beat of his own drummer and is encouraging others to do the same in his new album entitled the “Peer Pressure Project.”

Scheduled for pre-release at the end of the month, the former Warren Central High School drum major said, “I have never been the guy that tried to be like everyone else. I have always been some sort of different.”

Jones, who was also a member of Total Sound and the Madrigals while at Warren Central, said his former music teacher would probably concur.

“Miss Nancy Robertson was my choir director and she was great and I give her credit for putting up with somebody like me. I’m a character and I’m very energetic,” Jones said. “And I like to think outside the box when it comes to certain things.

“If there is a way I think something could be better or a different way of doing it, I will bring it up. Everybody doesn’t necessarily care for that,” Jones laughed, “but I am all about being innovative and pushing the envelope forward. I never did it in a way to cause trouble. I just always had something to say.”

Following high school graduation, Jones attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where he received a degree in Public Relations and communications.

“I didn’t continue with band while at Southern,” Jones said. “But as far as music goes, I really did start taking a look at possibly making a career in being in entertainment.”

After receiving his degree from USM, Jones said he worked during the day as a teller at BancorpSouth and in the evening sold shoes at the Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg.

“I was also traveling as a musician at the time, too, and it wasn’t as good a vision as I thought it would be,” he said.

“I thought ‘I didn’t go to school for four years to be working this hard,’ so I started weighing my options,” and with nothing to lose, Jones said he enlisted in the Air Force.

Jones said his mother and father helped influence his decision.

“Both my parents were in the military. My dad, Orlando Sr., was in the Air Force and my mom, Lori Thomas, was in the Army,” he said.

Currently, Jones is serving as a Senior Airman at Hurlburt Field, which is a special operations base located in Florida. His assignment, he said, is much like that of someone who works for the fire department, meaning his hours are 24/7.

And because of his time constraints, Jones said, it can be challenging to set aside time for his musical aspirations.

However, the military has given him opportunities to sing the National Anthem at several ceremonies with ranking officials, Jones said, “All the way up to two star generals.”

Jones said he has also been able to speak publically at events, which has allowed him to grow his passion of motivating “peace, prosperity and positivity.”

And in conjunction with this message, Jones said the music on his album was designed in the same spirit.

“None of my music has any profanity in it, and I have never put out any music where I am using derogatory language or speaking ill of another person,” he said.

All goes BACK to WCHS

Jones credited his desire to continue to pursue a career in the entertainment and musical fields to his high school training.

“Simply put, while I was in high school, I was allowed to diversify my musical talent and I was also exposed to different types of music,” Jones said. “I was learning music from different angles aside from just the performance aspect and this gave me a greater appreciation for it while also encouraging me to want to learn more about music and dig deeper.”

And in addition to his musical endeavors, Jones also had a cameo role in the James Brown biopic “Get On Up” where he played a drummer, and he was cast in a regional film, “The Hollow” that was directed by American film, television actor, writer and producer Miles Doleac.

The music video release of Jones’ album, the “Peer Pressure Project” will roll out on Jan. 21, and the music will be available on major streaming services Feb. 1, he said. The Vicksburg native has also set a personal goal of selling 1,000 albums by Feb. 7.

“I have released some music to the online community in the past, but I didn’t have a specific goal. This year I would like to make a charge to the city and to all of my friends and family and to people they may know to support a positive movement to help me reach my first weeks’ sales goal,” Jones said.

For those interested in getting a jump on the album, pre-sales will be available Jan. 25, for $3.99, Jones said, with two of the 10 songs on the album accessible prior to the Feb. 1 release.

Influencing others

Jones described the music on the album as having a hip-hop — R&B — pop sound.

And although Jones wrote all the lyrics to the songs, his 16-year-old nephew, Tommy Curtis III, helped him produce the album.

“Learning that he (Curtis) also has a passion for music blew my mind,” Jones said of his nephew.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jones said, when he found out how the younger family member became interested, “My knees buckled.”

“I asked him (Curtis) one day why is it that he wanted to do music and he said it was because of me,” Jones said.

“I have never let go of that moment. It has made me realize everybody is watching. They may not tell you and you may not ever know it, but somebody has their eyes on you, so it is important that you present yourself in the correct manner,” Jones said.

In addition to his military service and his musical aspirations, Jones said he would also love to return to Vicksburg as a motivational speaker.

“I would like to go and be a part of high schools and elementary schools with the message that you do not have to be like everyone else to be successful,” he said.

To help Jones reach his goal of 1,000 albums, download the album on most major music streaming services by typing in jones-peer pressure project. - The Vicksburg Post

"Campus Celebrity: GOJonesJr"

Orlando Jones Jr. defies everything you think you know about his genre. Under the name “GOJonesJr,” he has developed a style he describes as “lyrical hip-hop.” Using his music, he has defined himself as a musician and as a person, and plans to take no prisoners as he goes out into the world with two shiny new Bachelor’s degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi.

During his time at Southern Miss, Orlando Jones double majored in Public Relations and Speech Communication. He served on executive boards and as President of two campus organizations, presenting himself as an active and vigorous student. Jones knows his scholarly goals set him apart from stars in his genre, and he couldn’t care less. “I don’t want to be something I’m not,” he says. Jones says his music empowers him to “be different.” He says he’s a musician and an artist, but don’t call him a rapper. “'Rapper' has a negative connotation,” Jones says. “Everybody doesn’t listen to rap. If I say I’m a rapper, you won’t listen to it. If I say ‘musician,’ you’ll give it a chance instead of just rejecting it.”

Orlando Jones, a Vicksburg native, makes a point of representing his roots and making his family proud. “Vicksburg is where my grandmothers are,” he says. That’s enough for him to claim the area as his home. “I want to prove that a youngster from Vicksburg can go out in the world and make a success of himself,” says Jones. “You have celebrities from here who don’t even claim Mississippi anymore. You won’t hear that from me. Mississippi is home. No part of my story gets left out.”

So, why Public Relations and Speech Communication? “Music has no color,” Jones explains. “Music is the one thing that brings everybody together. Even if we don’t like the same kind of music, we both like music. It’s universal communication. Speech communication comes together somewhere in there.” He says he loves being in front of a crowd, letting people know hear him. “Anything with public speaking, I’m there.”

So, what’s next for GOJonesJr? He’ll pursue steady employment as a public relations professional, when not playing shows wherever and whenever he can. “I want to be the next person tweeted about on the AMAs or Grammy’s,” says Jones. “It’s not for the fame, it’s just something that I love to do. Why not get paid for it, too?

His upcoming project is called “Apollo.” This will contain what he says is the favorite of his songs. The track is called “I Never Thought.” Jones defines the song as “the single most vulnerable I’ve made myself on any of my musical compositions.” The lyrics strike very close to his heart. “On that song, I include 100 percent of my life… there’s no question I’m telling you everything that is me. Everything from my emotional confusion to my relationship with my dad, to me thinking that I wouldn’t be as successful as I’ve been thus far,” he told me, fighting back a catch in his throat. “When I first finished it,” he said, “I didn’t think I’d release it because it was so personal.”

Ready for a HerCampus exclusive? His upcoming work will feature collaboration from 4RecognitioN, well-known hip-hop group, on a song entitled “Ready.” It won’t be long before you hear this on the radio, but I got to witness the phone call that set everything into place. You heard it here first.

Orlando Jones’ greatest passion is for the stage. “I will perform in front of every crowd,” he says. “I don’t even need a microphone… Just give me a chance to be heard.” There is no doubt Jones’ energy, ambition, and self-driving personality will put him in fate’s way. As he goes out into the post-college “real world,” we Collegiettes wish him the best. - HerCampus



Name: Jones

Location: Destin, FL

Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/World

Releases:  Unexpected, The Radio Reject EP, The Peer Pressure Project

Performance Credits: Opening Act for Kevin Gates (I Don't Get Tired Tour), Juvenile (Greenville, MS), Shawty Lo (Hattiesburg, MS), Core DJs Conference Atlanta 2015, Opening Act for Lenny Williams (Jackson, MS) Opening Act for Parliament (P-Funk Connection), Hard Rock New Orleans,  and various festivals in MS (Statewide)

Jones is no stranger to the stage! There are several music styles and subjects covered in his music so one song by no means sums up his artistry. He takes pride in writing 100% of his lyrics, and he desires to write for others. He has been featured on numerous radio outlets with artist spotlight interviews to accompany the debut of new material.

All this young man needs is a chance to prove himself to any willing listeners and its guaranteed not be time spent in vain. So make your next investment your BEST investment, and listen to Jones now!

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