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San Francisco, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

San Francisco, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
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"Activation Station: An Interview with Illuminertia's DJ Mantras"

Illuminertia is an umbrella for music releases & audio visual collaborations created by Eric “Modean” Mantras (DJ Mantras), who has been a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance events in the Bay Area, CA. For two years, he performed at the monthly Zodiac events held at Guava in Emeryville, CA. The music itself is global bass music layered with soothing, hypnotic melodies.

DJ Mantras has two distinct styles: one tribal and rooted in festival culture and healing sensibility, and another side that includes Hip-Hop and rap overtones. We appreciate the dichotomy of Illuminertia, as they aim to bring together 2 worlds that find ways to compliment each other. There’s an array of drumming didgeridoo and Electronic beats, an alchemy of sound that invites the listener to explore Illuminertia’s unique soundscapes.

Keyframe caught up with DJ Mantras to discuss his music background, his new album Activation Station, and several exciting ongoing and upcoming projects.

Keyframe Entertainment: What first motivated you to pursue Electronic music? And why your specific style?

DJ Mantras: Firstly, experiencing the visionary art and music at concerts, festivals and underground shows was a major motivator. While attending shows, concerts and festivals as a youth I witnessed first hand the power that music has to bring people from various cultural backgrounds together under one roof. It’s a truly potent and inspiring thing. I moved to San Francisco in 2004 to immerse myself in the Electronic, Trip Hop, Dub, and World Music scene because I felt it was a higher calling and part of my soul contract here on earth. To be honest it was the audio visuals coming of San Francisco that got me excited to dive into the world of west coast Bass music. I was listening to Dan The Automator and wondering how he was producing such tight beats. I also went to Burning Man for the first time and played my djembe along with some of the electronic musicians there. Even seeing the flyer for the “Electronic Awakening” film was an inspiration for me at the time. Almost every Sunday for a year I walked over the Dub Mission Elbo Room to feel thousands of watts of Bass frequency wrap itself around my body. On Tuesdays I’d check out the phenomenal world music being transmitted by the legendary DJ Cheb i Sabbah at SF Underground on Haight Street. The music coming out of the Six Degrees record label was completely enchanting to me. I had been playing keyboard and guitar in rock bands and Hip Hop groups for about ten years prior to all of this so I was already in love with music creation itself. However, as soon as I experienced this otherworldly Bass music coming out of SF, I just new it was something I wanted to figure out how to create. I wanted to be the one delivering these life-changing frequencies to the people of planet earth.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you? Who would you like to work with?

As a producer & musician all of the artists I’ve already worked with are an inspiration to me.

As a keyboard player/vocalist/guitarist and sound engineer, I’ve performed on and engineered tracks with Bubba Jones bassist of the Digable Planets, Earl Harvin the drummer of Air, Seasunz founder of S.O.S. Juice, Earth Amplified, Legend of the Uber Rapper, vocalist for Bassnectar and Dogon Lights, Bongo Sidibe master djembe player who is also a member of Dogon Lights, Angelo Bundini producer of the current smash hit Celebrating David Bowie Tour, Salar Nader the world’s most sought-after tabla master and protege of the legendary Zakir Hussain, Tommy bassist of Jazz Mafia out of SF, Liquid Love Drops and Rob Schrock, a hugely accomplished pianist who’s played on countless hit records we’ve all grown up listening to; from Frank Sinatra to Stevie Wonder and Elton John.

Other inspirational artists I’d love to work with are Tool, Faith No More, Cheb i Sabbah, Jurassic 5, Kalya Scintilla, Saqi, Emancipator, Govinda, Tor, Dissolv, Shaman’s Dream, David Starfire, Beats Antique, Dirtwire, Liberation Movement, Desert Dwellers, Thievery Corporation, BioLumigen, Midival Punditz, etc.

Tell us about your new album Activation Station. What was the vision behind it and how did you go about selecting the collaborators? We’d also love to hear about the ‘World of Color’ and ‘It’s Time’ feat. Terence McKenna.

Activation Station is a name that reflects the power music has to motivate us to be the best version of ourselves in a world where we are currently experiencing both extreme breakdowns, as well as incredible breakthrough scenarios. Activation Station is really just one component of a larger project that involves music, film, television and activism. Macroshift Media is a multimedia production company formed in 2016 that houses all of these audio visual creations designed to upgrade the world that we’re living in. It is an offering and a catalyst for change. For me music, film and art is more than just a fun thing to do on the weekend, although that can be enough sometimes. I also believe visionary art, music and festival culture is a spiritual vehicle for transformation and the delivery of vital paradigm shifting information. Its transmissions are a way to break down walls and I believe it is an important part of the evolution of our species. Much of my identity has been shaped based on the music and art I’ve consumed in my life. It’s a way to connect the dots and cocreate with others so that we can then, as an activated community, move forward collectively in an effort to build a more sustainable way of living. Activation Station is designed to be something that helps us come together to move our bodies, expand our consciousness, activate our cells, experience joy and ultimately to share creative solutions to the problems that we’re faced with as a humanity. I think that Terence Mckenna’s message was one designed to expand consciousness as well. He’s a pioneer and key contributor who helped shape visionary culture as we know it today. That’s why I decided to include him in this legacy that I believe he was very instrumental in starting. I believe it’s important that we give thanks and praise to the ones that paved the way. He was a brilliant thought leader who emphasized the importance of not blindly consuming the negative media that is being force-fed to us. He encouraged us to utilize our creative powers and utilize all of the tools available to shape the culture that surrounds us.

For the Activation Station music video production itself we pulled together an outstanding group of Bay Area performance artists, belly dancers, altar builders, flower mandala designers, body painters, henna specialists, headdress designers, wardrobe and theatre people. - Reality Sandwich

"Illuminertia satisfies psydub fans with new premiere 'Seeds'"

Soak in the luxurious sound bath that is Illuminertia. The Bay Area producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist is on the verge of releasing another dubby trip in the form of his AKASHA EP, which is slated for a January 6 release. Full of trip-hop, psy dub, and global breaks, Eric Montross' latest offering is perfect for fans of Bluetech and Desert Dwellers.

Today's premiere, “Seeds,” is definitely on the psychedelic tip, blending a glitchy brew of rich, organic instrumentations with some delightful wubs for full enjoyment. This is definitely one of the trippier songs on the collection, which really do run the gamut, and would honestly be perfect for any lounge style set or chill out mood. You can catch Eric “Modean” Montross, who is the resident DJ at the monthly Zodiac Party at Club Guava. - The Untz

"Keyframe Blog December 2017"

Hello dear Keyframe community!

The end of the year is upon us, and we’re THANKFUL FOR ALL your support! We’re honored to continue the journey with you in the new year and beyond! Please note we’ll be on holiday hiatus until early January; we look forward to reconnecting with you then!

In the meantime, please enjoy this month’s mixes, film screening opportunity, upcoming events, and holiday gift ideas!

Enjoy dela Moontribe’s Oregon Eclipse – evening dnb set on the Moon Stage on eclipse day! It includes some favorites from Moontribe’s August Full Moon Gathering! Features full track listing:

Dive into Illuminertia’s ‘Activation’, whose great work we’ve been tracking! Illuminertia is a lush diverse omni-tempo musical experience that is influenced by rhythms & melodies from around the globe: - Keyframe Entertainment


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Illuminertia is the creation of Eric Mantras a multimedia producer and sound engineer.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and audio visual alchemist who’s released over 20 full length album throughout his career.  His songs have made to the top of the billboard charts in two categories and he has performed on and engineered tracks with many world class musicians.  Some of his most notable collaborations have been with Bubba Jones (bassist of grammy award winning Digable Planets), Earl Harvin (drummer of Air), Seasunz (vocalist for Bassnectar and Earth Amplified), Salar Nader (world renowned tabla master), Govinda, Saqi, Little Star, Angelo Bundini (Celebrating David Bowie Tour), Evan Fraser (Dirtwire, Beats Antique & Stellamara), and Rob Shrock a grammy award winning pianist who’s performed on countless hit albums that have been playing on the radio over the past few decades.  Since is inception in 2005 Illuminertia has also attracted the attention of outstanding visual artists like famous french muralist Liliwenn who designed the album cover for Auditory Persuasion (  Olivia Curry (set designer for the box office smash Black Panther) designed the Mystery School album cover.  

Illuminertia is an umbrella for music releases & audio visual collaborations created by Eric "Modean" Mantras (DJ Mantras) who has been a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance events in the Bay Area, CA. For two years he performed at the monthly Zodiac events held at Guava in Emeryville, CA.  The music itself is global bass music layered with soothing, hypnotic melodies.  The latest album Activation Station is a full length festival style release that is being promoted by Keyframe Entertainment.  It's a follow up to the EP entitled Akasha which was released January 6th, 2017.  The recordings are comprised of a carefully crafted concoction of highly danceable global grooves blended with organic instrumentation and voice.  Imagine booming polyrhythmic percussive elements layered with gorgeous orchestral arrangements and powerful soaring vocals.   

Sounds & cultures from all regions of the planet have an impact on the Illuminertia sound which draws from a wide range of influence and ethos. The sonic architecture is comprised of the best of EDM, breaks, trip hop, glitch, and global grooves.  Embedded in the sonic landscape is a message of hope, humanity, evolution, ecology, self discovery and a higher consciousness. 

Modean is a multi-instrumentalist (lyricist, guitarist, keyboardist, hand drummer, poet, sound engineer) and visual artist who first picked up piano and acoustic guitar at age seven.  Nirvana was the first guitar song he ever learned.  At the age of 15 dubbing guitar and vocals layers onto one tape with basic tape recorder was how he began learning the art of recording.  He then chugged it up in some experimental hardcore bands as a teenager in the 90's. After that the helped form an experimental hip hop group called Audible around 2000-2004 and rocked the Zephyr in Salt Lake City. During the end of the Audible days he played rhodes, keyboards and guitars in an indie rock group called Landcaster in 2004. Finally, he relocated to the bay area and conceived the project that is Illuminertia in 2005.

Upon arriving in San Francisco 2005 Modean began working with touring bass player of the Digable Planets Bubba Jones. The collaboration entitled March Into the Sun was a collaboration with Scrote (Pucifer) and drummer Earl Harvin who plays with the notorious french Electronic group (Air). Illuminertia also won the Relix Jamoff in 2010.

It's omni-tempo arrangements which contain elements of break beat, tribal, trip hop & world throughout but the title track of the Energy Eternal EP could be classified as cinematic drum & bass. Illuminertia teamed up with Street Ritual for an official release July, 2013. Star Portal to Loveland was a vibrant follow up EP.  It was played by many other DJ's in the ecstatic dance world regularly.  The unifying theme for all the various recordings would be the deep love of music itself & the limitless possibilities of today's music production tools.

Prior to this release Modean crafted a double album release Audio Elixir and Audiphoria. These two albums are packed with innovative bass music blended with organic instrumentation and vocals. The instrumentation includes the classic rhodes piano, guitars, congas, keyboards and voice all produced & performed by Modean. All songs were then sent to LA to be mastered by Scrote (Alvaro Bundini) of Bundini Music. 

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