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New Iberia, LA | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

New Iberia, LA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop




"Eviction Notice"

RVLA and his upcoming EP 'THE CONFESSION' which is produced entirely by Kapital. The outer look you get from RVLA is nothing like the music you experience. Wavy isnt even the correct word. Its just a good vibe but with actual stories. Nothing and nobody are out here doing what this man is doing. On October 30th, his EP drops and it is a #SupportArtSpotlight project! - SVPPXRTVRT

"Aftermath Of Confessing"

A few weeks ago our spotlight was artist RVLA and his EP 'The Confessions' which portrayed deep emotion and tones throughout the entire project. As a music listener, one always wonders what was in the mind of artists like Eminem when he wrote 'Stan', or what was Kanye feeling as he created 'Stronger'. This EP from RVLA makes any listener ponder those very questions so we got to ask some questions about the EP and what the future holds for this young upcoming artist. View our Q&A with RVLA below.

Q: How do you feel the Ep showcased you as an artist?
A: "I feel that it showed everything thats been going with me personally and emotionally. It showed all the heartbreak and depression I've been feeling lately with some elements of happiness."

Q: How do you feel on a personal level having all that off your chest through your music?
A: "I feel great. I feel like I had a lot of thoughts and emotions I didnt realize needed a place to go and once I put it in a song or multiple songs I should say it felt good. Especially hearing the final product. Now I dont have to hold on to all that internally."

Q: What kind of vibe does this set up for your next release?
A: "With me, my releases always come based on what Im feeling or what is going on in my life. What I release next will be dictated by life. Whatever vibe my life gives is the vibe I give. I can say that I plan on releasing singles to follow up the EP."

Q: Do you have any big features lined up for the future?
A: "I currently dont, but I am interested in working with anyone as long as we can vibe on a track. For features, Im big on vibing with eachother. So if we can vibe, we can work."

Q: You are a very selective artist, is that due to the fact that your music is your outlet and you need it portrayed a certain way, or is there another reason?
A: "I think it is a mixture of a few reasons. Yes I am selective, yes it is an outlet for me, and yes I want it portrayed in a certain way. However, Im all about vibing with a track. One thing I dont like is being tied to a certain genre. I like being able to be an artist and make whatever music with whatever emotions that Im feeling in that moment. Im very emotionally based when it comes to my music."

Q: How would you say brands or labels like SupportArt help an artist?
A: "I would say they help make people aware. It helps because its not just this artist talking about themselves, its someone else. Its good to have an artist believe in themself and have confidence but its even better when other brands/labels like SupportArt share their support and opinions on that artist."

Q: With amazing growth through this year, where is 2019 taking you and what are your personal goals?
A: "With 2019 approaching, I have a clear goal to make more music that focuses on my current relationship while still exploring my feelings about my past. Im also looking to start performing and getting on stage. So if anyone is looking for someone to rock a stage I am always available. Im trying to expand my dedicated fan base. I want people that enjoy my music to have a specific moment with me and share in my journey."

Q: What areas are easy for you to make it to for performances?
A: "Any areas surrounding North Carolina. Also even as far as Louisiana and Texas. Up north I want to hit New York. Also its bettter to just hit me up and tell me where the performance is going to be and I just might be able to make it."

Q: Do you have a name for any of your upcoming singles or projects yet, and if so why that name?
A: "I have all these singles so to name them all would be insane. I plan on releasing a song every two weeks so pretty much every other Friday. I do have two songs I am very excited to release. One is called 'Ten Toes' which is produced by YungJZAisDead. The other is called 'Dear Ex Lover' which is produced by UnHuman and features SxberBlu. I cant wait for people to hear those two tracks for sure."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your SupportArt Q&A?
A: "Yes. I would like to say thank you to SupportArt for giving me their time. I would also like to say everyone be on the lookout for me. Im not like other artists. I dont make songs for money and fame. I make music because I love it, and it helps me get through my day and life. My goal is to one day be known enough that Im actually in a position to help anyone I can that is struggling with life." - SVPPXRTVRT


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


RVLA is a singer, song writer and hip-hop artist born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana. He started pursuing music at a young age after finding pleasure and enjoying the creative process of creating and recording his art in his music. RVLA’s style and sound is known specifically as PBR&B which is an alternative hip-hop and R&B style. Music journalists actively describe his music as an emerging, trending alternative to contemporary R&B as well as the "Trill Wave" a micro-genre of Hip Hop. 

RVLA gets his inspiration from his life events and uses the emotion of his life, whether it be painful or pleasurable RVLA puts his all into PBR&B (music) it’s his release from the world. Which is why people can relate to his music - this gives him a connection to his fan base, to know that people listen & relate to his music & 'feel' what RVLA is singing/rapping about.

With “KOLE” his first single of 2018 it will be interesting to see what new music he will drop and how his music career will evolve.

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