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High Impact Band

Redlands, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Redlands, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Rock Pop



The best kept secret in music


"High Impact Rocks the Mountain Communities"


An Inland Empire alternative rock band “High Impact” climbs their way up to the Lake Arrowhead and Crestline Mountain communities. Band members Manny Lopez, songwriter, lead vocalist, guitarist, Daniel Aadland, the drummer and Cristine Falbaux on bass are “impacting their audiences, bringing the community together, “from strangers to friends,” said Falbaux.
You can catch the band High Impact live at their peak at the RIm of the World Sports Bar located at 23459 Crest Forest Drive, top town Crestline on the first Saturday of every month.Their next performance will be on Saturday, February 03, 2024 from 8:pm till midnight.

The band tells us their goal,“is to impact their audiences with a personalized, fun and a memorable experience.” While performing their originals and a wide variety of cover songs spanning from the 60’s to the 2000’s, the atmosphere becomes a “collaboration of energy, singing, cheering and dancing,” She continues to add, “High Impact is dedicated to their fans, 'upon demand they are known to extend their set, go acoustic during a power outage or take it out into a parking lot for after hour fans,” Falbaux said.

High Impact performs with their unique stage presence, with Lopez claiming his individuality, wearing converse sneakers, a different color for each foot, Falbaux sharpens her edgy appearance with fashionable eyewear and flashes of sparkles, sexy over the knee boots and flare skirts. Aadland, with rocker’s long curly hair, and stylish shades, casually and comfortably dressed keeps the rhythm going strong.

Lopez was raised and grew up in San Bernardino, California. He tells us he started playing music at the age of twelve while attending his church youth group. He explains, he was in sixth grade when a friend asked him to play music with them and offered to teach him. Lopez tells us he began writing at the age of fourteen. He describes his first first inspirational song was “November Rain” by Guns and Roses.“That song is friggin ',alright I want to do that,” Lopez said.

Lopez tells us, the name “High Impact” came to him while at work. He explains, the chart they use at the machine shop he manages is categorized by low impact, high impact type of actions that they will apply to improve the workplace. He tells us, he began taking the classes and decided to use the name “High Impact” for everything he does, and “if I ever make a band that’s what it’s gonna be” Lopez said. “striving to make a high impact on whatever you’re doing, that’s the one you want to do” Lopez said.
Since 2012, Lopez describes how he started putting songs together for the band “High Impact.” The first Impact song he wrote was in 1999, called “Set Free.”
He explains the song is about people who struggle to ask for help,“when you ask someone how they are doing, they answer “fine” when their not” and “the hardest thing for people to do is ask for help” he adds the message in the song is “don’t be afraid to let others be strong for you, when you can’t be strong for yourself” and “don’t be too proud to ask for help,” Lopez said. “Let it burn” is his original song with a message “anything that’s bad" or “messing you up” “let it go” “you will rise above,” Lopez stated.“Honors Love and Grace written while he was super down, “don’t let negativity “override what is going on,” said Lopez. Lopez tells us of his passions outside of music, that he hangs out with his kids.“I’m a big Hockey fan, L.A. Kings that is my game,” Baseball “Angels of Anaheim” and “football my Chargers,” Lopez stated.

The band members formed when Daniel met Manny in 2021 at Hangar 24 Craft Brewery’s open mic.He backed him up on cajon, Aadland states, “I learned one of his original songs on the spot, since then, I started being his drummer.” In 2022, he played percussion for “cristinestwin” on one of her originals.
Shortly after, Falbaux responded to Manny’s posting on Facebook looking for a bass player. Already familiar with her performing her solo acoustic originals, they agreed to formally meet.“The seed was planted,” Falbaux said. She expresses, “I am self-taught on bass and while creating bass lines for the first time, “I discovered a new talent I never knew I had” She adds “we went from three song sets at open mics to 60 songs, performing four to five hour sets,”

Falbaux singer/songwriter, performs her originals on acoustic guitar and plays bass under the stage name “cristinestwin.” Because of her name Christine and born under the gemini sign, she came up with her unique name “cristinestwin.” She was self taught on acoustic guitar, writing songs starting at age fifteen. She then attended Musicians Institute of Guitar Technology and upon graduation, Falbaux moved to Lake Arrowhead and joined the Inland Empires music scene.

Aadland started playing the drums when he was in the seventh grade. “I got my first drum set at 12 years old and started getting drum lessons.” He continues by adding, “I play multiple instruments, bass guitar, piano, harmonica, and hand percussion.” Aadland said.

Outside of music, he is a craft beer enthusiast. His craft beer blog is called “Drink for the Love of Beer” on Facebook. “I am an autism advocate, I was inspired to play music” and “I recognize that my autism is how I gravitated towards music.” He adds “I remember struggling to speak and express myself with my words,” and “English was not my strong suit growing up, so music has meant a lot to me from an early age, knowing this is how I express myself when I can’t find the words” said Aadland.

High Impact will be working on their first album for 2024. The band is available for fundraisers, special occasions, and private parties. For more details you can contact them thru their website at: www.highimpactband.com.

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Still working on that hot first release.




 Alternative rock band “High Impact.” 

California's Inland Empire's Rock band "High Impact" is making an impact on their audiences, bringing the community together, “from strangers to friends."

"High Impact" performs at breweries, bars, festivals, private Partys, upbeat original music and covers spanning from the 60’s to the 2000’s.

Bringing your community together, from strangers to friends. The atmosphere becomes a collaboration of energy, singing, cheering and dancing.

The band’s goal is to release their album for 2024 and continue to perform live.  

High Impact performs with their unique stage presence. 

Manny Lopez, singer/songwriter, vocals, guitar, claiming his individuality, wearing converse sneakers, a different color for each foot. 

Cristinestwin Bass player, sharpens her edgy appearance with fashionable eyewear and flashes of sparkles, sexy over the knee boots and flare skirts. 

Daniel Drummer/multi-instrumentalist, rocker’s long curly hair, and stylish shades, casually and comfortably dressed keeps the rhythm going strong.

Contact us at: www.highimpactband.com.                          

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