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he fashioned Love/jennifer rose

Cape May, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 1993 | SELF

Cape May, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 1993
Solo Pop Rock


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he fashioned Love
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Expert Review

From AMG Reviews

27 is a collection of six emotionally revealing compositions, lending deftly poetic insight into the heart of a woman's passion. Singer Jennifer Pagano leads this lo-fi band and does so with a stunning vocal quality unlike many other singers of her generation. You would probably have to reach back to the days of Ethel Waters and Etta James to understand the roots of Ms. Pagano's stylings, although throaty singers Stevie Nicks and PJ Harvey may be the closest contemporaries by comparison. With a substantial assist by Dave McMahon's lyrics and capable instrumental skill, 27 becomes a pleasing and original sonic display of feeling expressed through sound, pop tunes decorated with blues/folk textures and personal revelations. It isn't often that an unsigned music act manages to produce such fine music. But with gusty songs like "Eternally" and "Fever," New Jersey's he fashioned Love has done just that.
- Roxanne Blanford, All Music Guide

- Roxanne Blanford

"hfL Renegade Newspaper"

"He Fashioned Love Fashions Good Music"
by Eric Harabadian
From the chance meeting of two young musicians from New Jersey comes a band that remains close to its roots, writing music based on personal and observational experience backed with thoughtful lyrics and quality songwriting.
Vocalist/lyricist Jennifer Pagano and multi-instrumentalist Dave McMahon were kids in 1985 when they met in a local music store. They soon struck up a partnership and started to jam together. Their first experiences were strictly for fun but, as time progressed, they began focusing their efforts in more constructive ways.

"He Fashioned Love," penned by McMahon from a phrase he read in the tome The Symposium by the philosopher Plato, have released a six song EP that features Pagano's warm and soothing voice coupled with Dave's understated, yet effective arrangements and performances on guitar, bass and keyboards. Picture Carole King in her beginnings as a solo artist or Stevie Nicks in her Fleetwood Mac heyday and you may have a glimpse into what this group is all about.

"Our current album has been described as folk-pop or folk-rock," explains Jennifer. "It's got that mix of acoustic and electric sounds and such but the new album we're working on will take more of a straight ahead rock-oriented approach. It's not heavy metal or anything like that but a bit rockier than our debut."

Although they are a duo when they write and record, occasionally Dave's cousin and brother fill in on drums and bass for larger club venues and events.

Primarily they play in New Jersey and select areas along the East Coast, having also some success in clubs and coffeehouses in the Los Angeles area.

He Fashioned Love has garnered airplay on the radio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and have been featured on Cosmic Internet Radio. You can also read about them in a piece by Roxanne Blanford at www.allmusic.com.

"In Cape May, where we live, I work in a family business at a motel," explains Pagano.

"The summer is especially our busiest season being that this is a tourist town. Dave has a day job as well because we have to pay the bills. But music is always a full time thing with us and now that the tourist season is winding down we're going to put all our effort into booking more dates and lining up an East Coast tour throughout the fall."

Jennifer Pagano, P.O. Box 220, Cape May, NJ 08204; e-mail: hflmusic@aol.com; web: http://hefashionedlove.iuma.com


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- Eric Harabadin

"hfL Musician's Homepage"

he fashioned Love - 27
he fashioned Love is an interesting folk/blues rock band currently making their rounds in Southern New Jersey. I actually have very little information about this group other then the CD and the letter that accompanied it. One suggestion I would make is that they provide some sort of bio information either in the CD or in a bio packet accompanying it. According to Jennifer, the lead vocalist of this group, they have been getting a positive response from the folks in their area, and I can certainly see why! The tracks on this CD suggest a live show that is full of energy and a sincere love for music.

If I'm understanding this correctly, the CD I received is a 5 song demo from their album "27". The production values were above-par but there was some inconsistency from track to track (which I'll elaborate on below). I wish I had some names to go by here, but I'll have to make due specifying the instrument: The lead vocalist, Jennifer (okay I know one name) has a very solid and pleasant alto singing voice. The guitar work is mostly strumming, but interesting and tight. The drum work is mainly simple with some nice off-time fills. This music doesn't really lend itself to complex drum arrangements, so I would say the drummer did a fine job on this CD. The bassist did a good job of complimenting the band, and in some cases provided some nice walking bass lines that made things more interesting.

If you're in the Southern New Jersey area, I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open for this group. While their demo is a bit of a mixed bag (primarily in the area of production values), I can only imagine what must be a wonderful live show.

Selected Songs

eternally - A great opening song for this demo, and I think my favorite song for this group. The music is fairly simple, but the arrangement and vocals have a great moody feel to them and an interesting minor to major progression that is really fun to listen to. The production values are good on this as well, except for a strange "clicking" that seems to appear when the bass player walks through some higher notes, so I think it may be instrument related.

fever - Nice acoustic and vocal work on this solid bluesy rock number.

giving - This is probably the only real weak piece on this CD. The song itself is well written and interesting to listen to, but lacks a "tightness" to it, primarily in the last chorus where it seems like the musicians have lost their lock on each other. I imagine this is something that would either be corrected with more studio time (I get the feeling that this one is more "together" live). Also of note, but the production values on this one were less then the rest of the CD. Both the vocals and the drums are very muffled. The guitars (panned hard left and right) seem to be the only part of the mix that really ring out with their full sound.

brand new - Another nice acoustic/vocal piece.

harm - This is a great arrangement, a step up a think from some of their more simple pieces. This track also suffers from the "muffled" sounds of giving. I'm not certain if there are two guitarists or just one, but I find the interaction between the parts panned left and right to be interesting and pleasant to listen to.

Artist Info

Artist Name: he fashioned Love
Album/Demo Name: 27

Songs on Album/Demo: eternally - fever - giving - brand new - harm


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Artist Website:

Artist Email/Contact: mailto:hfLmusic@aol.com

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Written by Steven Schrader - Steven is the editor of The Musician's Homepage, as well as a musician whose current work includes a solo project (hurting alex), a pop trio (Pocket Full of Pennies), and an industrial rock group (Bhatt/Martin).

- Steven Schrader

"hfL Muses Muse"

He Fashioned Love
I like the name of the band, and I like the opener of this 14 minute cd. Starts with 'Eternally', which has a good trash can beat, and strong female vocals. Subtle blue sort of rock that also trickles over into 'Fever'. I'd personally call the songs something else, since the titles are so short and easy to confuse with other songs of the same title. But that's just me.

It's also the only thing even Slightly negative I can say about this tight band. They never get too loud or obnoxious. They are fun, know how to play, and try to please. The front voice is the sort you'll want to listen to all the time, the guitar is solid, everything else backs it up cleverly.

Just wish I knew what the '27' was for.

Contact Information:
He Fashioned Love
P O Box 220
Cape May, NJ 08204


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- Ben Ohmart

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Jennifer Pagano "HARM"

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Sheldon Tarsha - You are everything (West Hollywood, California)
Carrie Wood - I hate that guy (Brockton, Massachusetts)
Jennifer Pagano - Harm (Cape May, New Jersey)
Justin Burns - Some Kind Of Chemistry (Tampa, Florida)
James Linton - What I'm looking for (Scottsdale, Arizona)

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Grand Prize Winner:
Barb Robinson – "Arizona Sunset" (pop)

Category Winners:

Pop: Jennifer Pagano - "H2O"

Rock: Kirsty Hill - "I Didn't Mean To"

Country: Gail Ann Siefring - "I'm Leavin You For Me"

Blues / R&B: Meshell Baylor - "Need To Know"

Folk / Acoustic: Patrice Webb - "California Dreams"

Gospel: Nick Jackson - "Step Into The Light"

Christian: Scott White - "If You Think That That Is Love"

- nss




Feeling a bit camera shy


The cool sounds of this tight band is a dead giveaway that this IS the next new music for these days! The music which is rock like, and at the same time you have yourself some great rhythms, with a touch of "bad ass" And folk! definitey the main reason for making the trip to the record store in the first place! The vocalist has heard all of the time that her voice was like no other. Jennifer has been singing for more than 10 years and still loves it! Dave, who is a multi-instrumentalist, and still manages to keep things running smooth in the end, is a great asset to the band. Being multitalented is a demanding position and he fills it well. Playing live at places gave them the experience of perfecting their performance. The response has been only too good! Jenn says "people are really staring to take notice, especially when a radio station, changed the radio playlist in Myrtle Beach, SC. Station 101.1 played us FIRST on their sunday night show airing in Jan 1998." The e-mails came in, and 2 offers have been presented via mail and the other a phone call, one with an online record co. and the other with a manager. You never know.... this band just might make it to the VERY top. Just remember, this band knows how it feels to be the unrecognized artist! Just go to yahoo and type in he fashioned Love and a lot of our reviews will come up! Reviews of songwriting and musicianship is featured on www.musesmuse.com go to reviews and type in our band name.We are soon to be featured in the All Music Guide also.Go to WWW.preamp.com and read the review (by Roxanne Blanford) on us! It was extremely flattering and very descriptive! Look for an interview with Jennifer featured in The Renegade Magazine out of Rhode Island.