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Spring Hill, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Spring Hill, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Metal Rock




"HEENE BOYZ by Lindsay Keith (Page44 - 45)"

When I heard I was meeting with “The World’s Youngest Metal Band” I was stoked!! These kids are awesome and brilliant artists! From writing their own tunes, to having their own inventions, and energy shot that will be in tattoo shops, strip clubs, and smoke shops, to storm chasing and writing comic books while drawing their own illustrations. Wishing all of my interviews was easy as this one; meeting with The Heene Boyz was quite an experience! …. Their hard hitting fast melodies with quick and intricate time changes are sure to get any of you metal heads out on the dance floor and easily into a pit. The brothers are all full of energy and positive vibes, they are a MUST SEE! - Mayhem Magazine

"The Heartbreaking Heavy-Metal Ballad"

…when he sings "Chasing Tornadoes," the second number of tomorrow's gig across the state in DeLand. These kids can rock and are especially tight after three years of doing this song at bars and street fairs from Florida to New York. It starts as a slow power-chord drone, accompanied by Falcon's raised fists, blank-eyed stare, and dramatic rendition of the opening lines that's more Kabuki than metal:

Chasing tornadoes tomorrow
In the field of pain and sorrow . . .
If it doesn't bleed, it will not read . . .
Milk the event, sleep in a tent

Handing out flyers to the crowd gathering in the three square blocks that've been roped off for DeLandapalooza. One of Florida's bigger pay-to-play festivals…Several have seen the Heene Boyz before, though. "Man, I saw you kids in Gainesville," says a profusely sweating man with a red mullet and a Black Flag T-shirt. "Kick-ass motherf!?king show!"...By the time Falcon screams out the opening "WEL-come to the CROSS-roads of time and space!" the crowd at stage 15 has swelled to more than 200. Halfway through the set, Falcon descends the stage to rock out among them—bumping fists and exchanging devil horns, then exhorting a metalhead in his mid-fifties with a cane, a purple mohawk, anALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS T-shirt, and an NJoy e-cigarette to "Rise!" He does, slowly on his cane, then joins Falcon's headbanging… - Details Magazine

"Tween Heavy Metal Career Lifts Off"

The Heene Boyz's live set is a well-rehearsed feat of metal-god pageantry: synchronized hair-flipping, choreographed stomping footwork, scripted stage dialogue. Bradford and Falcon were shirtless in leather vests, skinny jeans, and all-black sneakers. Ryo wore a black T-shirt, dark jeans, and black Chuck Taylors. Falcon's microphone is a wireless headset, which allowed him to run through the crowd so vigorously... - Gawker

"Boy, Now 10, Launches Heavy Metal Career"

The family, who had appeared on two episodes of Wife Swap… and would later appear on CNN and Today, have now moved across the country to pursue a heavy metal career for their three young boys. - Hollywood Reporter

"Born 'not long ago' to rock"

If you made a list of professional musical groups comprised of brothers, you’d come up with names such as the Jackson 5, the Bee Gees, Sly and the Family Stone, the Beach Boys, Van Halen, AC/DC, the Isley Brothers and Hanson to name a few.

These are siblings who discovered early on that together they had a natural affinity for making their own kind of music.

Spring Hill musicians Bradford Heene, 13, Ryo Heene, 12, and Falcon Heene, 10, aspire to become part of that list, someday.

The three brothers make up the band, The Heene Boyz.

Right now, they are enjoying the possibility that they just may be the youngest heavy metal band in the country. - Hernando Today

"Falcon Heene Fronts a Metal Band"

"When it's time for the guitar solo, Bradford nails it one-handed, Eddie Van Halen style. Falcon plucks bass strings with his teeth. When finished, they grin, make devil horns, and do handstands." - Broward Palm Beach New Times

"Falcon Heene crashes back to earth with a very loud bang to launch 'world's youngest heavy metal band' with his brothers"

"The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show." - Mail Online, UK

"Artist of the Day: The Heene Boyz"

“...there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes.” - Tampa Bay - Soundcheck


4th Album: American Chilly
1. Cactus People (rm2015) (7:00)
2. Chasing Tornadoes (rm2015) (6:00)
3. Burnin' To Play (rm2015) (4:19)
4. Duct Tape Man (rm2015) (4:58)
5. Road Rash (2:10)
6. American Chili Part 1 (4:30)
7. Horrortox (4:59)
8. Finger It Out (4:20)
9. Psycho (rm2015) (3:22)
10. Tone of Voice (rm2015) (4:19)
11. Heart Attack (4:32)
12. Rejection (rm2015) (5:02)
13. Latte Vampiress (rm2015) (5:04)
14. Time and Space (4:04)
15. American Chili Part 2 (3:54)

3rd Album: Finger It Out
1. Time and Space (4:04)
2. Finger It Out (4:20)
3. Horrortox (4:59)
4. Heart Attack (4:32)
5. Balloon Boy No Hoax (4:59)

2nd Album (EP): American Chili
1. American Chili (8:11)
2. Duct Tape Man (4:59)
3. Cactus People (6:59)
4. Psycho (3:22)

Debut Album: Chasing Tornadoes
1. Chasing Tornadoes (6:00)
2. Rejection (5:01)
3. Again (6:34)
4. World of Warcraft (5:00)
5. Burnin' To Play (4:18)
6. Latte Vampiress (5:03)
7. Tone of Voice (4:22)
8. Candy Cane (5:05)

Cover Songs:
Master of Puppets
Hail to the King 
Breaking the Law 
Seek and Destroy 
Paradise City 
Run to the Hills 
Iron Man
Smoke on the Water 
Crazy Train 
I Shot the Sheriff 
Sweet Child O' Mine 
Hot For Teacher
Kick Start My Heart



The powerhouse trio sound of HEENE BOYZ was developed over the first 2 years of experimenting with different sub-genres of metal. The trio consist of Falcon age 12 on lead vocals and bass, Ryo age 14 on drums, and Bradford age 15 on lead guitar.
They like metal from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, to Metallica, Anthrax, Pantera, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Guns and Roses, and the list goes on.

All of their favorite bands became the culmination of the HEENE BOYZ heavy and dark sound with the rich vocals of Falcon Heene. The boys were bored with songs that had light drumming and steady tempos, and decided to write more complex songs with complicated time changes resulting more depth and meaning to their songs. Bradford writes all of the riffs, while Falcon writes most of the lyrics.

HEENE BOYZ started their American Chili 2013 tour in NYC at Sullivan Hall to celebrate their second album.

After months of recording, "American Chili" is a theme album that is both horror and comedy where each song is in sequence to tell the story of the album.

HEENE BOYZ had been touring Florida for a year and a half and are now touring The U.S. in the summer and fall of 2013 to promote their EP "American Chili".

HEENE BOYZ has recorded the 3rd Album, "Finger It Out".  They are planning to have a national tour in 2015.

HEENE BOYZ has made many appearances on television that include two times on Wife Swap, and have they been in the news for their storm chase adventures.

HEENE BOYZ were featured in Oprah Winfrey Show, HLN, E!News, Fox News, Quartz, & Details Magazine in 2014, Gawker, Gothamist, & Voice in 2013, 11 magazines of Voice Media Group (New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Observer, Westword, Houston Press, LA Weekly, New Times Miami, City Pages, Voice, OC Weekly, New Times Phoenix, & Riverfront Times) and Yahoo News in 2012.

Camille Dodero, Gawker "The Heene Boyz's live set is a well-rehearsed feat of metal-god pageantry:"
Jay Stephens, The Village Voice: "...you definitely gotta check that shit out."

Ivan Solotaroff,  Details Magazine  "These kids can rock and are especially tight.."
Jay Thomas, Howard 101Sirius XM: "Something New..You might have a hit on your hands."
Tampa Bay Soundcheck: "..there’s a genuine touch of Bruce Dickinson’s wail in young Falcon’s pipes."
Mail Online, UK: "The Heene Boyz music is certainly heavy, both in sound and themes as the video below for 'Chasing Tornadoes' and 'Again' clearly show."


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