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Hudson, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Hudson, NY
Established on Jan, 2019
Duo Electronic Singer/Songwriter




"New England Sultronica"

HBA consists of a self-described "wordsmith" and an "alpha geek," collaborating to create a genre they call "Sultronica."

Christina Abbott (the wordsmith) and Kim Galibert (the geek) came together in the fall of 2005. They are based out of New England and despite their aggressive band name, assure listeners their music is about "all that is chill."

Taking cues from electronica groups like Sneaker Pimps, Portishead and Massive Attack, HBA rely heavily on Abbott's superb vocals. The HBA have lofty aspirations of creating a high-tech, interactive live show where the audience can fulfill "their quest for repeatable, scientific proof of the existence of telepathy."

HBA are using the Internet and word-of-mouth almost entirely to promote their album. They call the traditional model used by record companies to be "terrible for musicians, fans and the environment. Why use those precious drops of oil to make more plastic when the listeners are just going to rip the CD to the iPods anyway?"

The featured track from Secrets in Tiny Pockets is "You Bet I Will." - NPR.org


Anthropocene - TBA 2019



Based in Columbia County, NY, Heart Beats All has been around under the former moniker Hot B*tch Arsenal since 2005. Comprised of Kim Galibert and Christina Abbott, this duo brings a unique blend of sultry electronica, loops, soul and folk to its' music.  The band gets together about once a month and comes up with about seven songs at a time and records them on the spot in Christina's basement.  There has always been a magical quality to this duo, as they not only explore and push the boundaries of genre together, but interact with the audience in their live shows that in a way, makes the audience part of the band.  Kim and Christina will invite guest musicians up on a whim, and can often be found making up a song on the spot during live shows, from audience input. We have a slight obsession with all things space.

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