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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Synth




"Harrison Scott's Moody, Artfully Sexy 'Locked Up' Video"

The new music video by Harrison Scott, an up-and-coming entertainer you’ll certainly be hearing more about, based on his unmistakable ear for creating '80s-esque synth-pop bangers and the fact he looks like he’s straight out of Armani advertisement. And by that I mean he’s wickedly handsome and extremely aware of high fashion. The new video, released to accompany his single “Locked Up,” is visually very compelling, full of avant-garde tunics and, naturally, a healthy amount of washboard abs. As well as several distant, pained expressions.

Scott has released one other music video so far, for “Silence into Noise,” also full of moody shots of the gorgeous man in next season’s best looks. His songs are a compelling mix of New Wave hooks-meets modern, synthesizer-filled dance tracks with strong percussive beats. - OUT Magazine

"Synthpop auteur Harrison Scott shares retro-fied 'Silence Into Noise' video"

New York-based Harrison Scott has a real knack for emulating the sounds of ’80s synthpop, but it’s the little tweaks that he throws into the proven formula–like the Auto Tune-esque vocoder–that make his new single “Silence Into Noise” stand out.

With its sticky melody, body-jacking beat, and whiff of haughty intellectualism (which is definitely not a bad thing in this case), the track would have worked well on club dance floors when Erasure first hit the scene—and it still works great now. The video continues the theme of slightly chilly aesthetics by putting Scott in a couture shorts set and a series of mannered poses, which reflect the aloofness that all serious synthesizer artistes should aspire to. - Entertainment Weekly

"The Next Big Thing: EDM Producers to Watch in 2015"

There was a period – say, the ‘80s into the mid ‘90s – that the vocalists behind instrumental electronic music acts sounded decent. They didn’t have to have operatic chops – they could just produce a clean, decent tone. Unfortunately, the idolization of that scratchy, Peter Murphy-esque style, or a strictly robotic, vocoder quality, has meant 20 years of interesting production on electro-pop and synthpop tracks, coupled with the sounds from a person who should stay as far away from a microphone as possible. Need proof? Listen to Digitally Imported’s Future Synthpop channel for a bit.

This past year, Harrison Scott came out of nowhere with single “Silence Into Noise,” and then followed it up with “Void.” His smooth vocals hark back to a time when the “pop” in synthpop and electro-pop mattered, while the production on both tracks maintains a timeless quality, one nodding to the style’s ‘80s roots without sounding overtly retro. We’ll have to see if this strong streak continues on his upcoming EP, Spectral Evidence. - Crossfadr

"See It First: Harrison Scott Offers New Synth-Pop Anthem"

NYC based synth-pop artist Harrison Scott is taking 2015 by storm with his first single of the year, the moody and isolating anthem “Locked Up.” The track is taken from his forthcoming EP, which will be released this spring.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere a live session of the song, exclusively to whet fans’ appetites for the new project.

Harrison’s well-constructed songs take inspiration from synth-pioneers Depeche Mode and Gary Numan, with an emotional helping of Perfume Genius and Twin Shadow. If you’d like to keep up with his schedule, check here. - Yahoo! Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Singer/Songwriter/Producer Harrison Scott was born September 14, 1990 and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. After a proper art school education in Baltimore, Harrison landed in New York City, where he began laying the groundwork for what would become his debut EP. His self released first single, the haunting “Silence Into Noise,” premiered on Entertainment Weekly with a self-directed video, which EW said “reflect[ed] the aloofness that all serious synthesizer artistes should aspire to.” With “its sticky melody [and] body-jacking beat” they said “the track would have worked well on club dance floors when Erasure first hit the scene—and it still works great now.” They went on to call Scott a “Synthpop auteur.” Following this initial online buzz the video was quickly picked up by MTV, VH1 and LogoTV and added to their broadcast rotation. This prompted Crossfadr to name Harrison as a “Producer to Watch in 2105, ” saying his style nods to “80s roots without sounding overtly retro,” with Impose Magazine calling his music "ambitious electronic pop." Harrison followed up this streak with his next single “Locked Up” which premiered with a live performance on Yahoo! Music. They called the track a “moody and isolating synth-pop anthem” citing how “well constructed” the song was. Harrison’s sound takes inspiration from 80’s new wave, horror film soundtracks and dark synthpop, utilizing “smooth vocals [that] harken back to a time when the ‘pop’ in synthpop and electro-pop mattered, while the production…maintains a timeless quality.” His debut Album "Skin Game" arrives Spring 2016.

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