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Lakeland, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Lakeland, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop





Feel good songs not only awaken our spirit but transcend time as they are symbolic remnants of cultural evolutions. The band Happiness To Life is scheduled to release their newest single “New Age” an upbeat expression of modern zest and worldly exploration. With a bright and catchy chorus and thunderous rock beat, the song captures the essence of a revolutionary period in our time. Happiness To Life delivers positive energy while venturing to describe the impact of modern technology in our lives.

The high-energy single exudes uptempo rock drums and infectious guitar riffs that roll out with the greatest of finesse. Illustrating the multidimensional sound of the band, the song captures the elements of classic rock, funk, and contemporary styles of music. With a slightly vintage sound and trendy esprit, the song will likely covet a tremendous fan following. Music fans will enjoy the retro rock style that the band delivers with epic riffs and shreds alongside synthesized vocals and electronic stylistic elements.

“New Age” delivers a fast-hitting, cutting-edge sound that complements the thematic element of the track. Lead vocalist King Fernand impressively displays a flawless vocal performance with stylish tempo changes and lyrical prowess. Listeners will absorb immeasurable energy from the track as they rock out to the spirited beat and melodious verses. The upcoming release from Happiness To Life is likely to be one of the most inspirational and uplifting tracks of our time.

Rising to prominence as one of the most breathtaking groups in indie music, Happiness To Life graces fans with a broad sound-scope that encompasses a variety of styles and genres. Pioneered by lead vocalist King Fernand, the band has crafted a phenomenal sound that has been described by industry critics as “timeless”. With a strong focus on delivering uplifting music filled with relevant content, the band is currently working on completing their album “I Am the Winner” set to be released around the end of July. In the meantime, Listen to the upcoming single from Happiness to Life “New Age” at www.happinesstolife.com. by BDclothing - http://glitterandstilettos.com/2014/07/band-happiness-to-life-set-to-release-highly-anticipated-upcoming-single-new-age/

"Happiness To Life"

Chuck Taylor has been an Arts and Entertainment journalist for 25 years including nearly 15 years at Billboard magazine as a Senior Writer and Editor . This is what he had to say :
Happiness To Life , " New Age "
With a group name like Happiness To Life, how could you not anticipate positive and uplifting messages? Single “New Age” from the Florida-based act’s EP “I Am the Winner” offers an uptempo ode to the lyrical dawning of a new era. With driving electric guitars, pounding percussion and dreamily layered vocals, the song builds into an intensive froth of energy, as songwriter, lead singer and guitarist King offers: “This is the new age, the internet is shaping our lives.” Perhaps it makes sense that Happiness to Life’s commando is a Certified Massage Therapist, because here he offers serenity—as well as a sing-along chorus to comfort the masses. - Chuck Talyor

"Interview King Fernand (Happiness To Life)"

Interview: King Fernand (Happiness To Life)
For this week’s interview we have King Fernand, an accomplished guitarist, singer/songwriter from the Indi-Rock band “Happiness to Life.”

MW: King Fernand, thanks for taking the time to talk to Current Music Thoughts.

KF: Well , thank you so much for having me on Current Music Thoughts.I appreciate it.

MW: I noticed from your bio that you actually have a formal music education from both LaGuardia College and Plattsburg State University. How do you think that colors your approach to songwriting?

KF: Yes that does play a factor whether I am at home writing music or at the studio, specially when I am writing parts for other instruments besides the guitar, such as violin, harpsichord .Whether I am writing a three parts harmony , or I am applying chord substitutions for an arrangement

MW: I think it’s incredible that you write for harpsichord! - You’ve played with some impressive folks – F.S.B., Spirit 9, and Raging Storm – do you tend to take a lot if inspiration from your colleagues?

KF: I have learned so much from many of the musicians I played with in the past -and currently - and I am grateful those musicians came along my path and inspired me.

MW: I was also reading about some of your favorite acts, which certainly runs the gambit, from Marvin Gaye all the way to Imagine Dragons. Have your tastes always been so eclectic?

KF: Well, since I was about 7or 8 years old I had great appreciation for different styles of music and as I get older my appreciation for music continues to expand and throughout those years my tastes have been eclectic .

MW: I’d like to talk about your guitar playing for a bit – could you tell us all what your favorite axe is?

KF: Great, I love this question, without a doubt: FENDER STRATOCASTER

MW: When did you start playing?

KF: I started to play guitar when I was in High School. I used to watch one of my friends playing the guitar all the time, then one day I went to a music store and bought a guitar.

MW: Let’s talk about your new single “New Age.” How did that song come about?

KF: Well, I had the title “New Age” for a while. I was not so sure exactly how I was going to structure the song, not so much the music but the lyric, then one day I sat quietly with a recorder and I kept strumming the guitar and singing along .Afterwards, I listened back to the recording and chose the parts that I liked best.

MW: Interesting – that kind of leads me to my next question - One of the first thing that struck me about “New Age” was it’s very unique speech rhythms in the lyrics – did that come about naturally, or is it something you’ve had to hone?

KF: As I mentioned in the previous question, I sang the song a few times because that day I felt I had something good cooking in the stove. Then I listened back to the recording and I noticed all the parts that I needed were in place.

MW: You must be tickled that GlitterandStilettos.com took a look at your new album. She’s one of my favorite music bloggers by-the-way. To quote her: “Illustrating the multidimensional sound of the band, the song (“New Age”) captures the elements of classic rock, funk, and contemporary styles of music (GlitterandStilettos.com July 4 2014). How does it feel to be looked at so favorably by such a popular writer?

KF: I think I am at the right place at the right time, but seriously I feel very honored that my music has popped up along her way. She is truly amazing to say the least.

MW: Are you performing live these days? If so, where can we see you?

KF: I am in the process of rehearsing the entire album with some new members and talking to booking agents to try to get a good deal because at this present time all of my band members are hired musicians. I will definitely keep you posted.

MW: Please do! So, what’s next for “Happiness to Life?”

KF "Happiness To Life "is in the process of promoting the album, such as: trying to secure college and public radio plays, booking gigs and tours etc.

MW: That sounds awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to talk today!

KF: I thank you for giving me this opportunity and continue on with this great job you have been doing for the community. Take Care.

To learn more about Kind Fernand and Happiness to Life, please visit their website here: http://happinesstolife.com/ - Current Thought Music

"Meet King Lead vocalist and guitarist of HAPPINESS TO LIFE"

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Meet King, Lead Vocalist and Guitarist of Happiness to Life
King is the lead vocalist and guitarist with Happiness to Life, a Florida-based band which has just completed its first indie pop/rock studio album. King grew up in New York and moved to Lakeland, Florida in 2000, where he studied to become a nationally certified massage therapist. Look for Happiness to Life's album on Amazon and Google Play in October!

1. Would you tell us a little bit about your new band, Happiness to Life?

I just finished our first studio album. I am grateful to have formed my new band, and at this point in time, the band consists of: myself as lead vocalist and lead guitar, a bass player, a drummer, a keyboardist, and a rhythm guitar player. All the musicians in the band are hired members at this moment. We are rehearsing the songs a couple times weekly in preparation before we hit the road.

2. How did the band form?

Originally the band was formed with one person: me. Gradually I started to hire the band members.

3. When it comes to writing songs, what's your process like?

For me, there is no exact formula. A lyric or a melody might pop into my head, and I can use that as a starting point for a song, or I can sit down and concentrate only on writing lyrics or writing the musical structure.

4. How do you balance your music career with your work as a massage therapist?

I took a long break from music. I dedicated a lot of time to my therapy work, and I achieved my objectives. Now my main focus is strictly on my music. On my days off, every now and then, I can do a little therapy work.

5. Why do you feel that you are drawn to creating music with positive, uplifting messages?

As I enter into a higher state of consciousness, I begin to realize that my word is my life, and my feeling is my life because I choose to create them. I can send my word or my feeling to any part of the universe. It will travel, and it will stretch out, and then my word or my feeling will come back to me. Why? Because I am the creator, and this is a very simple universal law whether we are conscious or ignorant of it. So therefore, I decide if I have to say something, I would rather say something that is constructive, positive, and uplifting .

Thanks, King!

Posted by Mandy at 12:47 PM
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"Inspiring and Uplifting : Band Happiness To Life releases " I am the winner""

Inspiring and Uplifting: Band Happiness to Life Releases Album 'I Am The Winner'

Powerful and uplifting music often seems difficult to come by on the current music scene. The truth is that many aspiring artists and independent hopefuls often leave their intended craft by the wayside in exchange for fame and fortune however, there are a few artists that have emerged armed with rare vitality and the ability to capture audiences with strong and meaningful content. Facing the challenge of maintaing a stronghold on the industry while staying true to one's personal vision is not always an easy task in a world clouded with commercial materialism and publicity antics however, the band Happiness to Life has taken on the battle, equipped with a fresh new style, meaningful lyrics, and a resounding presence.

From the band that brought us the release of “New Age”, a contemporary music marvel, fans are now welcomed to inhale the full album release 'I Am The Winner' from Happiness to Life. With a sound that is deeply rooted in providing positive and encouraging music, Happiness to Life delivers with unabashed vigor. As a pleasant release from the often weighted sounds of commercial pop music, the latest project explores music that can actually be heard, understood, and appreciated for all of its meaningful messages. This indie-rock band is actually delivering music that the people can use, something that is long overdue.

From smooth guitar sounds to lighthearted rock rhythms, and soothing vocals, 'I Am The Winner's opens up a bright new world of contemporary music that is not only catchy and amusing but strikingly remarkable. Fans will quickly take notice of the band's expertise on the track “Ever Wonder”, a dashing piece of work with a stellar guitar riffs and light-rock vocals. But, not only is Happiness to Life spreading an infectious wave of sound, but they are raising the bar for songwriters from every corner of the music scene.

The track “Where Do We Go from Here”, is a song that truly encourages listeners to evaluate the world around them while the title track “I Am the Winner” uplifts, motivates, and inspires people to be resilient and never quit, messages that are of utter importance in such turbulent times. The track “Find Your Passion” is a fast-driving and upbeat track that asks individuals to find what brings them joy in life. Happiness to Life ignites the fires of enthusiasm in the hearts of many, while providing a fun and energetic soundtrack to devour.

The band offers a great amount of variety on the album, changing up tempos and slowing things down a bit with some laid-back, contemporary tracks as found on “Angel”, Charisma, and “Child of the Light”. Without straying away from the intention of the album, the band keeps every track clean and friendly while still mixing it up with sultry sounding beats and mellow ambiance. The album is an easy listen and is certainly an enjoyable accompaniment for daily walks through life.

Happiness to Life has boldly gone where other bands have not dared. Their latest album is not only brining to light a cutting-edge indie-rock sound, but they are exploring concepts that are rarely touched in modern music. This, in and of itself is enough to tune in, especially if engaging lyrical content is on your musical wishlist. Music aficionados who enjoy alternative sounds, light-rock, and pop sounds will enjoy experiencing the sounds of 'I Am The Winner'. This project is likely to be one of the most motivational and inspiring projects of the year.

On a steady climb to notoriety, Happiness to life has garnered a substantial mass of followers and fans across the world. Delivering a lively and catchy sound, the band's lead vocalist King Fernand has developed a timeless concept and the band delivers a style that is transcends multiple boundaries. The band sets themselves apart from other groups by appealing to fans, blending famed rock sounds with uplifting and encouraging messages. Keep an ear to the streets for Happiness to Life's upcoming album 'I Am The Winner', coming soon to your favorite music stores iTunes and Amazon.

Learn more about Happiness to Life by visiting the band's official website at www.happinesstolife.com - Glitterandstilettos.com


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The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Happiness To Life the Semi-Finalist placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Semi-Finalist placement in the songwriting competition. - http://songcontest.songoftheyear.com/happinesstolife.html


Still working on that hot first release.



 " Happiness To Life "   has become  one of the hottest and impressive  group   in the State of Florida . King -  his   lead vocalist / guitarist     is  an accomplished musician  who has been exposed to diverse musical styles . King studied music theory , composing  and arranging  at Plattsburgh  State  University in New York , and performing his  original  materials is vital to King's  chemistry as an artist .  Happiness To Life   has  just finished up  its  first   Indie  Rock/POP album .
Grew  up in New York  ,  moved to Lakeland , Florida  in 2000 and he stopped playing music  while he went on to study biology at F.M.U. and became a nationally certified Massage Therapist . He further continued his study and then became certified in in Modalities such as : ultra sound , traction , electrical stimulation , mechanical traction etc . He opened up his own clinic and had been working there for the many  years , now he is committed to play music only . Here  is a man who was raised  in New York surrounded by myriads of musical influences . King has performed with  tons of R&B  and Rock bands : F.S.B. , Spirit 9 , Raging Storm  to name a  few and  he is a very well known studio musician . He has been involved in the writing and releasing of several  single songs in the style of   r & b , rock while playing with different bands . Now he is focused on his brand new indie  rock album entitled  "  I AM the WINNER " which is very exciting with  uplifting ,  and encouraging lyrics  ,  catchy melodies  and substance .

King had also produced and released  a rap album  for" Castle  made of Kings" band , a couple of house /club  singles   for F.S.B.   band  .   a  Urban/Rock  album for KingFernand Family band   which  appeal to everyone's taste   with more than a smattering of soul , funk , and dance floor sensibilities . King's  influences included everyone from Jimi Hendrix , Albert King ,  Marvin Gaye , Radiohead , Coldplay , Imagine Dragons just to name  a  few . Now with his new  band  " Happiness to Life " King  has just finished his first indie ROCK/ POP  album with the sound of a  talented artist finding his  true voice  . At this point in time the band is consists of :  King   on lead vocal and lead guitar, a bass player,    drummer ,  a keyboardist and a rhythm guitar player . All the musicians are members for hired at present time. Currently working   on booking tours ,  college and public radio promotions ,  sync licensing  . This album has been put on hold  due to our new legal team and management .This album will be release on Amazon  and GooglePlay  .  

Band Members