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Greg Dunkailo

Jacksonville, FL | Established. Jan 01, 1990

Jacksonville, FL
Established on Jan, 1990
Solo Comedy Acoustic


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Greg Dunkailo’s done some admirable things for independent music (read the bio at his web site) and on this here record he churns out some decent, workmanlike tunes that will no doubt appeal to rockers who like their funnybone tickled. Dunkailo does that with the opening “Pretty Pop Star,” about, yes, how it’s hard to get signed when your music has substance and you don’t look like Johnny Depp, Jr., and “I Hope Your Nice,” a modern day dating romp that’ll go over well in the basement of fraternity houses all over the Midwest and in the sweat soaked pits of hardbodies in brick-walled clubs everywhere. But something suggests that Dunkailo’s got a little more on the ball than that, that he’s capable of writing stuff that’s much more sincere, much deeper and gets off of fraternity row and into the dorms and maybe even the library. Until then we’ll just have to laugh along and wiggle our way up to the front of the room.
– Jedd Beaudoin (2005, The Daily Copper)
- The Daily Copper

"MPMF Critic's Pick"

Critic's Pick: MPMF

On "Pretty Pop Star," this Newport, Ky., native sings, "If I were a pretty Pop star/I'd be chased by the paparazzi with Beyoncé in my car." Dunkailo, now living in the Bay Area, might not be on MTV anytime soon, but listening to his charming and playfully catchy songwriting is far more enjoyable than watching the plastic drones that dominate the music industry. Who knows -- maybe Beyoncé digs a guy with a good personality and sense of humor. Dunkailo's music isn't all shits and giggles; his "Once Again," for example, is a sweeping, lush and heartfelt ballad. The songwriter's latest release, , is getting solid support from Modern Rock radio stations across the country.

Dig it: They Might Be Giants, Cake with more feeling, Weezer's "Beverly Hills"

- Mike Breen
- City Beat

"Northern Kentucky Native Heard Across the Country"

Newport native and former Highland Heights resident Greg Dunkailo is now living and making music in California. The independent artist's songs can be heard on over 200 radio stations nationally.

Greg Dunkailo lives life by his words and music. And listeners of over 200 radios across the nation are listening, calling in and asking for more.

The Newport native and former Highland Heights resident can't remember when he first wanted to write and perform songs.

"I've always been into music," said Dunkailo who now resides in San Francisco. "When I was a kid my favorite bands were Kiss and the Ramones, that put the spark in me. My writing influences are Tom Petty and John Mellencamp."

The Newport Central Catholic High School graduate started out playing in local punk rock bands such as Blood Thirsty Mongrels, Scrump, and Lohio. In the course of his career as an independent singer/songwriter, the pop-rock artist has worked with locally and nationally known artists.

He also co-founded the Creative Music Alliance of Cincinnati (CMAC) that lead a movement to promote Greater Cincinnati songwriters to higher profile clubs with better pay.

Through these experiences, Dunkailo said he became more familiar with the business aspect of the industry. He served as the band representative and booking manager for the bands he played in and worked with the Cincinnati-based management team of Blessed Union of Souls. The experiences, he said, have contributed greatly to his current success.

"If you want a career in this industry you have to be business-minded," he said. "As an independent artist, I'm responsible for every aspect of my career. You've got to have as much respect for the business as you do the music."

He's come a long way from the local Campbell County biker bars like Blue Devil near Silver Grove. In fact, songs from his recently independently recorded and produced album, "" are reaching people across the nation on over 200 radio stations.

"In a lot of ways, I never thought this was possible," he said. "I've always had big dreams and believed I had the ability to make them happen. But I'm surprised to be here where I am at this point."

Friend and former Scrump member, Nathan Ward, is proud of Dunkailo. He said when Dunkailo first sent his CD to 300 radio stations, they were told to expect no more than 20 percent of them to be receptive. Ward said over 80 percent of the stations are playing Dunkailo's songs. Requests are coming in heavily in Indiana and New York.

One of Dunkailo's favorite songs, Pretty Pop Star, is also the most widely played. The song is a musical satire poking fun at the music industry's visual focus.

The spike-haired, goateed Dunkailo, however, said he doesn't fit the "pretty pop star" image. Instead, he relies on his abilities as a musician and writer.

"He's a character, Greg has a lot of heart," said Ward. "What he plays is who he is."

Dunkailo's favorite part of the artistic process is writing. If the lyrics aren't good, the song isn't good, he said. "I try to make my music positive and fun, and hopefully make an emotional connection to other people."

- The Recorder

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"I Am The Verb", 2005 featured the single "Pretty Pop Star" receiving college airplay on over 250 stations in the U.S.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Musician, Humorist and Speaker, Greg Dunkailo has been described as a "practical poet" for his style of storytelling with motivating purpose; which is code for he entertains you, makes you laugh and more importantly, makes you think about making important changes to your life.

Greg Dunkailo started his music career playing in a small biker bar in Northern Kentucky, where he was convinced it would be his best and last day on Earth.  His career took a giant leap forward from there by playing a small dive bar that wound up being a front for a drug-dealing operation.  Upon the bar being raided, it seemed his music career had hit a wall.

He bravely pressed on and went on to launch a successful music career on both the marketing and performance side of the business working with bands such as The Catherine Wheel (Sony/Columbia), Blessed Union of Should (V2 Records), Tracy Bonham, (Polygram) and releasing his own college single “Pretty Pop Star” that achieved adds on 250 U.S. stations and #5 on CMJ.

With a background in management and marketing, Greg’s musical aspirations took a back seat as penchant for multichannel marketing and E-Commerce landed him a lucrative job in corporate America with a working with brands such as eBay Inc. and PayPal.

After a decade of seeing how the other half live, Greg rededicated himself to his music with a twist.  Too old to be hip, too jaded to be naive and too experienced to be irrelevant, Greg embarked on an exciting journey of motivating aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, young and old, to leverage their passion, engage their inner excellence and thrive in their life and career.

Performing for universities, corporations and those struggling with direction, Greg provides entertaining and inspiring satire of our relationships with career, sense of purpose and our embrace of life's challenges.

Greg Dunkailo's performances are ideal for professional team-building, corporate parties, college classrooms, university events, and entrepreneurial-minded professionals.