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Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2020
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Gradiel is without a doubt a diamond for the music industry and he is getting the shape edged to perfection with each song he releases! ”Mi Manera” his third single that will be releasing soon will be without a doubt another latin hit.

”Placeres” his second single has been a huge success due to his warm and sensual voice, singing in the most affecting and resonant way. His sound compels the listener to dance and move to the tempo of his lyrics. One thing that sets Gradiel apart for us is precisely this, the respect and beauty of his lyrics. Striving away from the viral and obscene ”reggaeton” that only focus on sexual behaviours, Gradiel, gives us a more elevated and improved latin genre.

His wild ambition and passion is giving him fruits as only on release day the song was already being played by thousands as well as added to hundreds of playlists around the world. - The Algorithm Agency

"Gradiel, a pleasure that you have to taste"

Elegancy is here and is called Gradiel, he is a new artists with an incredible career ahead and his first song titled ”Placeres” is just melting us inside slowly. Who Is not weak to a beautiful latin voice and that sexy accent? We are and the mix with this Latin RnB instrumental is just something hard to not put on repeat!

You can feel the talent, the details, the masculinity of his voice and we’re extremely happy to announce that his second single titled ”Mi Manera” will be dropping shortly as ”Placeres” keeps growing!

Wait because it gets better! After listening a bit, we wanted more than Placeres (that is of course on all our playlists) that’s when we found that he has another awesome hit called ”3 Copas”, another danceable song that will make you start moving without even wanting to!

What else can we say? We are big fans already and we recommend you to follow him on Instagram!

If you want to know more about him:

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and raised in Florida. Very proud to be born on such a small island, but with so much talent and heart. He hopes that with the help of my fans, my music will cross borders and reach many countries. He considers himself a versatile and enterprising artist. Although he is an artist of the urban genre, he loves all genres of music and never put limits on himself. - Chromatic Music Cloud

""Placeres" by Gradiel"

The vocals are slick, the bass is thick, and the riffs rip. Overall, Gradiel knows how to put a composition together, and the "Girlfriend Test" returned a {voice = pretty, interpretation = i like that } value, so these are all good signs!

Gradiel puts out a great example of the ever more popular crossover hit with his newest single, 'Placeres'. There are a lot of things to love about this banger - I'll try to go down and hit a few of them while leaving you some room to find some of your own things in there.

The composition is great. Leveling is at a good spot and you can tell special attention was given to each layer to make sure that it fits into its space. One thing I can always appreciate in a mix is when I can notice that compression has happened in the sense that "Oh this mix wouldn't have sounded the same without it". Gradiel does a great job bringing the vocals into the whole thing as well, leaving plenty of room for the music to grab at you in between verses. The Latin vibe here is also off the charts. This song is practically the perfect mood-setter for any party you're trying to kick-off. Especially when it comes to getting your body moving.

That brings me back to one of the important parts about 'Placeres' - the vocals. They are... spot on. He has a magnificent singing voice and he doesn't overdo the mixing when it comes to effects on the lyrical parts. It's more and more testament to the attention to detail that was put into something like this - reverb; tuned into milliseconds. Delay; cut down. Attacks; leveled out. Gradiel has a voice that is entrancing and appealing and he makes sure that you know it by putting it in the perfect spot of the music.

I've caught wind that there may be an acoustic release of this song, so I would definitely keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one. If you think this voice sounds sexy behind a phat bass line, I'm willing to wager you will have to file papers after this gets slapped on a good ol' wood body. Make sure you check out this new banger and cross your fingers you get to hear this in a club sometime after this pandemic winds down.

'Placeres' has been a gentle reminder I need to freshen up on my Spanish, but I don't think that will take away from it potentially being up there with 'Despacito' and songs of the like in terms of Latin-Pop music charts. Check out more Gradiel below and let me know what you think of this song, too! Don't forget to help spread the word by sharing this article and following those things! - Can's Headphones

"Rethink Music Blog- Gradiel"

A new artist is raising at a quick pace and we are so delighted to include him into our Latin Artists that are definitely worth listening! Meet Gradiel and ”Placeres” his first song already released on all platforms! This is a perfectly crafted and produced song with plenty of details that will make you fall in love over a slow and beautiful beat perfect for his voice singing in Spanish.

But who is Gradiel?

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and raised in Florida. Very proud to be born on such a small island, but with so much talent and heart. He hopes that with the help of my fans, my music will cross borders and reach many countries. He considers himself a versatile and enterprising artist. Although he is an artist of the urban genre, he loves all genres of music and never put limits on himself. - Rethink Music Channel



  • Compositor: Gradiel
  • Productor: Sammy "El Creativo"

"Placeres FT Gabrielo"

  • Compositor: Gradiel
  • Compositor: Gabrielo
  • Productor: Sammy "El Creativo"

"Voy Hacerlo"

  • Compositor: Gradiel
  • Compositor: Gian
  • Productor: Sammy "El Creativo"


  • Compositor: Gradiel 
  • Compositor: Jahari
  • Productor: Sammy "El Creativo"



Gamaliel José Rodríguez Cruz (nacido el 1 de agosto) y conocido profesionalmente como “Gradiel”, es cantante y compositor puertorriqueño. Gradiel nació en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, y se crio en la ciudad de Miami, Florida. Aunque Gradiel es un artista del género urbano, se considera un artista único y su música es un muy buen ejemplo de su versatilidad.

Gradiel es un artista completo que no se pone límites, inclusive ha expresado interés en hacer colaboraciones con artistas americanos. Sin duda, Gradiel tiene una pasión y determinación en su carrera musical increíble. Definitivamente, su estilo es único y aliento nuevo para el género urbano. Gradiel ha viajado a países como Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New York, Miami y Orlando entre otros. Aunque el artista siempre ha estado involucrado en la música, Gradiel lanzó su carrera como cantante oficialmente a principios del 2020.

“Placeres” su primer sencillo, rompió barreras en ser añadido a multiples “playlists” en Spotify y llegar a más de 80,000 mil reproducciones en todas sus plataformas musicales. A un corto tiempo de lanzar su sencillo “Placeres”, Gradiel lanzó una colaboración del tema con el rapero conocido como Gabrielo. Su sencillo y colaboración fue todo un éxito, consiguiendo miles de reproducciones mundiales. Su próximo sencillo será titulado “Voy Hacerlo” y saldrá lanzado con  video en Enero 29, 2021. Definitivamente, Gradiel traerá música para todas las generaciones del mundo y con un estilo único e inolvidable.

English Translation:

Gamaliel José Rodríguez Cruz (born August 1) and known professionally as Gradiel, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and record producer. "Gradiel" was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and raised in the city of Miami, Florida. Although Gradiel is an artist of the Spanish urban genre, he considers himself a unique artist and his music is a very good example of his versatility.

Gradiel is a complete artist who does not set limits, including not only interpreting songs in Spanish, but being bilingual he has expressed interest in singing also in English. An independent artist with passion and determination in his incredible musical career. Definitely, his style is unique and a new breath for the Spanish urban genre. Gradiel has traveled to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New York, Miami and Orlando among others. Although Gradiel has always been working on his music, the artist officially launched his professional career in early 2020.

“Placeres”, his first single, broke barriers and was added to hundreds of playlists on Spotify and reached more than 70,000 thousand reproductions on all its music platforms. Shortly after releasing his single "Placeres", he released the featuring with the Puerto Rican rapper known as "Gabrielo". This production was also a success, getting thousands of worldwide views. His next single will be titled “Voy Hacerlo” and will be released with video in late January or early February. Definitely, Gradiel will bring music for all generations of the world and with a unique and unforgettable style.

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