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Gracie and Rachel

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Classical




"WNYC Soundcheck In-Studio Session"

Dark and light constantly fuse, diverge, and unite in Brooklyn violin-piano duo, Gracie and Rachel. Their newest single "Tiptoe" (which we premiered a few weeks ago), from their forthcoming debut album Go, begins with a single haunting note. Pizzicato violin from Rachel Ruggles and Gracie Coates' piano ebb and flow together in a rocking orchestral rhythm, while Gracie's milky vocals add a delicate layer of gothic pop on top. The two hail from Berkeley, California and relocated to New York about three years ago. They've been playing together since high school and as young as they still are, that seasoned partnership is apparent in their music. - WNYC Soundcheck

"Gracie And Rachel: Fusing Dark And Light With Orchestral Pop"

Dark and light constantly fuse, diverge and unite in Gracie and Rachel's newest single "Tiptoe" off their forthcoming debut album Go. It begins with a single haunting note - then finger-plucked violin and piano ebb and flow in a rocking orchestral rhythm.

Gracie's milky voice surfaces with shockingly autobiographical lyrics: "Blonde hair, blue eyes / Violin and black and white." Listening seems almost voyeuristic. Being privy to a moment of veiled yet deep emotion, the sparse and dramatic percussion pull you further in and shed any discomfort, allowing for complete immersion.

The Brooklyn-based duo embodies the dual-personality of their music in all facets, including performance. At an early-evening show the other week, Gracie stood behind the keyboard in white while Rachel, adorned in all black, naturally rested her violin on her shoulder. The two play off each other not only musically but mentally. Different shades of the same emotion would appear simultaneously on their faces and flow through their instruments. A tangled and intimate connection between the two is apparent on stage and will no doubt imprint on their upcoming debut. - WNYC Soundcheck

"Gracie and Rachel - Daytrotter Session"

Daytrotter in-studio recording session

Gracie and Rachel
Aug 24, 2015 - Futureappletree, Rock Island, IL
1. Tiptoe
2. Upside Down
3. (Un)comfortable
4. Don't Know - Daytrotter


French-Canadian sensation Coeur De Pirate made landfall at (Le) Poisson Rouge Tuesday night, treating seafarers and landlubbers alike to a regular treasure trove of fabulous songs. The singer, born Béatrice Martin, moved ably from aching piano ballads (“Francis,” “Comme Des Enfants”) to decidedly poppier fare (new tracks “Carry On,” “Crier Tout Bas,” “I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart”), keeping the capacity crowd enchanted all the while. Those new tracks boded well for Martin’s next album, due later this year.

Opening strings-and-keys combo Gracie and Rachel delivered a refreshingly sophisticated set of tunes, given extra weight by a gentleman playing a floor tom. As classically trained musicians trading in sounds that straddle genre lines, they fit in perfectly at the art-chic LPR. - The Wild Honey Pie

"REVIEW: Holly Miranda (9/19 Great Scott)"

“Sophisticated” might not be the word that comes to mind when you think of a weekend show at the Great Scott, but a New York based, piano/violin combo called Gracie and Rachel opened for Holly Miranda on Saturday, delivering sweetly sophisticated tunes to the Allston venue.

Kicking off their opening set with “Sing Song,” a tune that indulged the use of voice as instrument, Gracie Coates and Rachel Ruggles immediately enraptured those in attendance on Saturday, evoking sounds that might be similar to an orchestral Meg & Dia. Skilled violin work and barely-there harmonies from Ruggles accompanied Coates’ belting, trained vocals as the two collaborated on rich, sweeping songs like “(Un)comfortable” – a track about self-expression on the stage. Their 2014 single, “Go,” created a certain sense of anticipation among the audience, with Ruggles plucking wildly, but decidedly, at her strings, and Coates producing vocals that brought to mind a haunted Regina Spektor.

As naturally as light balances dark, so did Gracie and Rachel balance their experimental yet classical creation of orchestral goth pop. And the duo certainly dressed the part, Coates in all-white, Ruggles all in black save her fading lavender cropped hair, making lyrics like “Blonde hair, blue eyes // violin and black and white” from “Tiptoe” seem purposefully on-the-nose. Backed up by simple, though necessary, bold percussion, Gracie and Rachel found a musical middle ground that ranged somewhere between vulnerable and professional, but definitely provided a fitting segue for the headliner.

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What do doe-eyed vixens, melodically-driven indie pop and Brooklyn, New York have in common? Gracie and Rachel, of course. This up and coming piano/voice and violin duo are stealing hearts from coast to coast with their original music and inspiring outlook on the act of creating art. - Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

"Brooklyn duo Gracie and Rachel to join Holly Miranda on tour this fall"

Brooklyn-based duo, Gracie and Rachel, will be joining Holly Miranda on tour this fall. A modern version of Tori Amos blended with Tegan and Sara would be a good way to describe Gracie and Rachel. They have their own feisty flair in their live performances and bring power and energy through strong vocals. Heartfelt violin and soulful piano playing also marks their music. Gracie and Rachel recently debuted their latest single, “Tiptoe” at the WNYC Soundcheck. This is the fourth single off of the upcoming debut album release, Go. “Tiptoe” isn’t just making noise in New York or New England but it’s also make waves all the way to the West coast. KCRW is one of the first stations in Los Angeles that has played tracks by Gracie and Rachel thanks to DJ Gary Calamar.

Fans and members of the press continue to be captivated with each single released by Gracie and Rachel and each live performance. In the last few months they have not only performed on WNYC Soundcheck but at le poisson rouge and also doing a live in session studio with Daytrotter. It’s refreshing to see a band perform not only a number of different events to promote themselves but ones with different audiences that bring out different performances in them. Gracie and Rachel stand out not only for their raw talent, hauntingly beautiful lyrics and vocals, resounding violin and piano but their ability to give such eclectic and unforgettable live performances. Gracie and Rachel show passion through their lyrics, music, live performances, and their drive to have their music heard by potential fans across the country.

Gracie and Rachel will be performing only one show in the New England area so fans better mark their calendars. They will be at Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts on September 19. Tickets are available for only $10. Gracie and Rachel offer a haunting take on pop music and their music will leave fans with a chill and rush to listen to more. For the latest information on the Gracie and Rachel head to their official site. Keep reading AXS for the latest entertainment news, reviews, and tour announcements. - AXS

"Sweet Alt Rock Fantasy from Brooklyn’s GRACIE AND RACHEL - Tiptoe Reviewed Here and Fresh Tour Dates"

The Brooklyn-based duo — GRACIE AND RACHEL — have announced that they will support the much-loved recording artist — Holly Miranda — on her upcoming tour of the United States. [Dates below]

Gracie Coates (who plays the piano and sings) and Rachel Ruggles (who plays the haunting violin) have issued Tiptoe — a gorgeously sweet (yet strong-hearted) ode to (perhaps) themselves. As the visionaries and architects of their own knowing creativity.
The vocal is free to move, and so it leaps above the mullioned & espaliered boxwood rhythms with the free heart and lusty energy of a white tailed fawn…

Whilst the violin coils it’s wispy plumage through the openings. This is so precious, you will want to hear it again-and-again. High-reigning consummation, in light-winged musical form.

Words: @neilmach 2015 © - Raw Ramp


Still working on that hot first release.



Orchestral pop piano-violin duo, Gracie and Rachel, crafts intricate tunes combining classical string elements with haunting, fierce vocals, augmented by sparse but powerful percussion. Ivory satin lined with teeth, the duo finds beauty in stark simplicity, pausing to breathe a hint of the abstract into the highly emotive, evolved body they create. Through their music, the two young women use lyric and sound to flip common preconceptions on their heads.

With the release of their latest single, "Tiptoe," Gracie and Rachel's NYC audience has expanded quickly into markets across the country. "Tiptoe" was premiered by NPR-affiliate WNYC Soundcheck on July 10th, 2015 and released worldwide the same day, followed shortly thereafter by a WNYC Soundcheck In-Studio Session with John Schaefer. In their track premiere for "Tiptoe," WNYC said about Gracie and Rachel's live show, "The two play off each other not only musically but mentally. Different shades of the same emotion appear simultaneously on their faces and flow through their instruments. A tangled and intimate connection between the two is apparent on stage and will no doubt imprint on their upcoming debut." A national tour with much-loved Dangerbird Records artist, Holly Miranda, followed the release in the fall, interspersed with AAA radio airplay on stations such as KCRW, Daytrotter and Audiotree sessions, and packed out shows across the country at places like (le) poisson rouge, Schubas, and Mississippi Studios.

Gracie and Rachel's forthcoming debut album, GO, is a penetrating record about questioning realities, anxious introspection, and self-exploration, which flows freely between virtuosic violin textures to sylphlike melodies, highlighting uniquely stimulating songwriting. The duo built the record from scratch in their Brooklyn loft and completed it at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut, renown for its long history with The National, Kurt Vile, San Fermin and the like. The result: a heartfelt glimpse into two passionate artists' take on the powers that be. From the pit of despair to the summit of success, Gracie and Rachel will always be headed somewhere unpredictable.

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