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Kent, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Kent, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




"Review: Goodnight Tonight - Parasites (2016)"

31 January 2017
Review: Goodnight Tonight - Parasites (2016)

Nothing excites me more, musically speaking, than coming across either an unsigned or obscure band. I know that I'm not alone in the hunt for such "undiscovered" gems, so I'm rather eager to help spread the word about a female-fronted rock band out of Kent, Ohio, called Goodnight Tonight and their third EP release - Parasites.

Originally formed in 2008 - when the band members were just barely teenagers - as a trio called Noize in the Basement, early success led to a change in name and the addition of a second guitarist. Although I'm not familiar with their work prior to the Parasites releases (a deficiency that I absolutely will be correcting in the near future), I most definitely can attest to the strength of songwriting and musicianship displayed by the band at the current point in their career.

By way of example, I'll jump right to my favorite song on the album - "Pollution". Overall an upbeat track driven by gritty riffs and ear-catching drum fills, there's no doubt in my mind that this one is killer played live. Although the rest of Parasites doesn't quite match the energy of "Pollution", there's still a lot going on worthy of attention - not least of which is "Temptation". Built upon steamy, sultry blues riffs that compliment the lusty lyrics, this track best highlights the band's versatility and strong sense of mood.

Speaking of versatility, frontwoman Emily Gambone dazzles on the album's third track - "Poison". Delivering a strong performance throughout Parasites, Gambone possesses a rather tight range that she more than compensates for with exquisite expressiveness. Gambone reminds me a bit of Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf, though it's not at all a stretch to say that Goodnight Tonight's overall sound warrants comparison to the Texan outfit.

Also worthy of note are the often intricate bass lines from Holly Camp (most notably on "Two Wolves" and "Poison") and the already mentioned drum antics of Brad Sims. The newest member of the group, guitarist Drew Spreitzer, is quite adept at delivering pinched leads but on the whole tends to remain restrained in his delivery.

While the style of alt-rock put forth by Goodnight Tonight is nothing new, particularly among the hundreds of local bar bands working their asses off these days, these Ohioans deliver a kick ass performance and deserve your attention.
Grade: B

Goodnight Tonight - Parasites

Released: 2016 (self-released)
Format: CD

Primary Style: Alt Rock

Emily Gambone - vocals / guitar
Drew Spreitzer - lead guitar
Holly Camp - bass
Brad Sims - drums

Availability: Goodnight Tonight - Radio Aftergloww

"Goodnight Tonight Parasites EP Review"

Goodnight Tonight-Parasites


Goodnight Tonight is a multi-award winning melodic rock/alternative rock band from Kent, Ohio that is lead by skilled guitarist/vocalist Emily Gambone. Active since 2013 (and originally known as Noize from the Basement), Goodnight Tonight has now released three highly-regarded EPs in it's short time together. The first one, "Watch the Rain", came out in mid-November of 2013 and it quickly established this four-piece band as a serious force to be reckoned with. The five-track "Counting Sheep" followed in July of 2015 and just like it's predecessor it showcased a fresh new band that had already mastered the fine art of songwriting. Just issued back on October 30th and available on digital and CD, the lyrically-rich "Parasites" is this group's latest release and without mincing any words here it is easily the best collection of songs that this young band has ever laid to tape! This simply must-have EP, which was produced by John Burke of Vibe Studios and mastered at Michigan's Dreadcore Studios by Joshua Wickman, features a re-recorded version of the group's previously-released song, "Poison", as well as four brand new studio tracks that are just fantastic! Starting off with what might just be the best new track of the lot ("Two Wolves"*), "Parasites" finds guitarist/vocalist Emily Gambone joined by three equally-skilled musicians in Holy Camp (bass), Drew Spreitzer (lead guitar), and Brad Sims (drums). With youth on their side and the ideal line-up in place, Goodnight Tonight has certainly found itself in the perfect position. This extremely-talented quartet has nowhere to go from here but up and they sit poised to make that deserving leap from local favorites to national stars! Oops, I seem to have done it again. My sincere apology, but I've jumped ahead when I should be talking about this group's new EP! Therefore backwards we must go!! After the dust has finally settled that alternative rock and roller "Two Wolves" left behind, "Parasites" gives us the hard-hitting "Pollution" to enjoy. This break-up song is probably the heaviest track on "Parasites" and it works remarkably well when placed in-between the aforementioned "Two Wolves" and the new and improved version of "Poison". Originally appearing on the group's debut release, "Poison" is a slightly-edgy rocker that ended up being replayed a time or two over again at the request of my 18 year old daughter! Seeing as my 16 year old had already offered up a hefty amount of praise for "Two Wolves" I took this as a sign that not only did "Parasites" have the potential for crossover success, but it wasn't just classic rock anymore that the kids and I could enjoy together! After "Poison" we are treated to the hard rock of "Temptation" and then "Creature" (a gloomy alt rocker with some slick goth rock overtones!) closes things out. I suppose one could say that "Creature" ends things on a high note, but seeing as all five of the songs on this well-crafted EP are simply stellar how can there be a high note when there are no low points? As is the case for the artistic band responsible for it's clever creation, "Parasites" is innovative and inspired. The music is great and so are the lyrics. Ultimately this is exactly how alternative rock should sound and feel. As for why this amazing band is still unsigned? Honestly folks I have no idea.....

*As can be discovered by clicking on it's official lyric video right below, "Two Wolves" is a political rocker that is all too relevant given the current state of our country. This emotionally-powerful number is made all the more urgent thanks to the heartfelt delivery of lead vocalist Emily Gambone. No stranger to fans of the Ohio alternative rock scene, Goodnight Tonight's Emily Gambone is a strong and confident singer whose mature delivery often times comes as a complete surprise to some newcomers given her young age. On "Parasites" she ends up being a distinct focal point, but given the many skills of this buzz-worthy band as a whole it is only by a slim margin!  - Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Review Of the Song Creatures"

"A slow and soothing intro helps to set a warm and relaxing tone for a female vocalist who performs with a lot of passion and emotion in her lyrics."

"A slow and soothing intro that becomes more upbeat and leads into a vocalist who brings a lot of passion and energy to the well performed lyrics."

"Compression rates are well balanced, and instrumental choices are great. Female vocalist has a clear tone quality in expression. I enjoyed listening very much. Thanks."

"I am def loving this one. It sounds a lighter version of the band IN THIS MOMENT. She has a dope ass voice. Very very awesome tune to rock out to."

"I am liking this song it sounds familiar this is something I would listen to before bed I really like it. The vocals are good too it sounds like a band I use to listen to in high school"

"I do like that there are a lot of things happening in this song that is nice to me, it just sounds like a song that is working well"

Thanks so much." "I found the music started out to be really soothing and relaxing and slowly switched to an upbeat song, that was a nice change. The singer had a good voice that carried well and hit a wide range of notes."

"I like the guitar part in the intro. I like the singer's voice The lyrics are good."

"I liked her vocals the best, she has a good pitch to her voice and can hit deep notes pretty well. The guitar and drum play was pretty epic and kept me with the song the whole time."

"I liked how the music sounded in general. I think the influences of the band are pretty sound and concrete. I like how they sound like Paramore and how the instrumentation goes. I think there is a dynamic flow to it however it sounds to common as evidence to the Paramore comparison”

"I love the introduction of this song. It is very poppy and the vocalist is has a nice voice - sounds a bit of audio adjustments are noted but very subtle."

"I love the power in this song. It does a great job relaxing me and getting me in a great mood. I love it a lot to listen to this."
"I loved the female vocalist. The music and instrumentation was very basic stuff. It reminds me of early 2000's rock similar to Paramore. Made me feel a little nostalgic listening to it."
"I really like the way the song starts and the lyrics seem to be well written. I would probably listen to this on my commute or during a party or a hangout."
"I think they outstanding great tempo the beat is really strong they have a really different sound she is really good rich vocal the stand out great"
"I was really digging the instrumentals and vocal performance in this song the lyrics were okay and the production quality of the song was okay as well"
“Instrumentation is great here. The guitar playing really shines especially with the added reverb effects. The vocals are also very good. I liked the tone of the female singer's voice."
"Love the vocals. They are so nostalgic to me because they have the mid 2000's rock vocals going on. That is something we don't hear often anymore."
"Nice solid sound that has a really great pace I like the tempo that its has really nice the vocals are really great I like this a lot"
"NICE VOICE that meshes well with the backing instruments. Nice pacing to the song – like the buildup to an aggressive crescendo then a quick fall to silence and slow. Nicely put together."
"I like how it's pretty heavy. Not a bad song at all. Bass line was good too. I would probably listen to them again."
"Really a nice strong sound that stands out really nice the tempo is really great the vocals are outstanding and bold I like this "
"Really pretty haunting voice I enjoyed her voice, just make sure to enunciate clearly! The whole thing was well put together I enjoyed it, the instruments were spot on. Good job."

"The beat of the drums and guitar gives the song a smooth and relaxed melody. I like how the sounds of the artist voice adds excitement to the music."

"The beat was good the tempo was good I loved the sound of the song and the music as it was played well done to GE performance and production" "The beat was good the tempo was good I loved the way the song was performed the music was good and I loved the way the performance was"

"The guitar riffs are cool and the lead singers voice is nice and sultry. It seems like the vocals are louder than the instrumentation and that is a good thing... These vocals should be highlighted."

"The guitar work is very good and I especially like it during the opening of the song. The percussion is also well done and I like the singer's voice."

"The instrumentation in the song is absolutely amazing, I really enjoyed listening to this. The artist also has a great tone. There is nothing that I dislike about the song."

"The intro was a little slow at first, but it picked up. The rest of the song was catchy and very good. The instrumentation was very good, and the vocals were good. I would definitely listen to this song again."

"The production is top notch and all the instruments cut through the mix well. The singer has a beautiful voice, the song is really rocking, makes me want to jump up and down."

"The production on this song was fantastic, the stereo separation and sound stage were spot on. The song itself wasn't hateful to listen to either."

"The song had great intense instrumentation and vocals. I could see this song being played at the local alternative rock venue. Thank you."

"The vocals could have been turned up slightly in the introduction due to the instruments overriding the initial sound. I'm very happy there was not a whole lot of repetition in the sound. I liked the combination of guitar and drums."

"This is a classic rock melody that is great for party music or road trips. The vocalist has a wide range and special quality to her voice."

"This is a cool song. It really is "chill." I like it a lot. This artist has a lot of talent. The tempo and the beat were perfect."

"This is a damn good song. Reminds me of a lighter version of Kittie and In This Moment. Maybe even the vocals of the EDM group Krewella."

"This piece had the rough sound that works well when female vocals take on rock and roll. The vocals were smooth and the guitar riffs worked well. I do miss the instinct to be willing to go rough and metal at times when it comes to female vocalists, especially after the bridge at the climax."
"This song had a quiet intensity that was really interesting to listen to. It built and built, then it finally unleashed and rocked out. I would love to listen to more from this artist. Thank you."

"This song is saying lot. Song really has a nice opening few seconds, amazing effort and hope you keep it up. And the song really starts out well and really gets the job done."

"This song reminds me a lot of some alternative bands with jazz elements. I love the singers voice. It reminds me of In This Moment and Flyleaf. Good melody that carries well into the hook and chorus. The chorus really hit me good and I rocked this."

"This song was awesome. The singer had a terrific and very haunting voice. The guitar riffs were great and very powerful. The bass was very strong and fit in very well with the overall arrangement. Not only would I buy this song, I'd go see this band live. Great song. I wish there was a rewind button so I could listen to it again."

"This song was great. It had a good feel the whole way through. Having multiple periods of rise and fall, the song definitely takes you on a journey. The instrumentation doesn't drown out the vocals and everything meshes well. The drumming was great, I just wish it had a little more "punch" to it. I enjoyed the overall sound of the vocals and could see myself getting into this band."

"This was an easy song to listen to. I like how the music started out simple and then more elements were added to it. The singer had a pretty nice voice."

  - Crowd Review

"Reviewing Temptation"

“A well produced instrumental sound. When you produce a mass sound like this it is challenging to balance the mass guitar sound against the vocal track, so I'd revisit that. Thanks.”

“For some reason, considering the instrumental parts of this song, I didn't expect a woman to start singing. I love that I was wrong. Her voice is so well suited to this song.”

“Good rock song with power driving it into you. Sounds like a lot of those bands back in the early 2000s. I like the singer in how she sings with toughness and really flows well with this song. Good lyrics too.”

“Great strong sound the bass is really nice I like the vocals the song writer is really good the beat and the tempo stand out really nice and strong”

“Great vibe here, some killer riffs. This sounds like it was recorded using top notch pro level instruments and recording gear. Singer's voice is perfect for the song. I'd love to hear this live, I can imagine the crowd would love this one. Not a hit, more like a deep track. Still, i'd listen to this band again based on this track.”

“I am a fan of an artist like this. Showing lots of effort and seeming to really and seems to really have lots of talent. Song is really good”

"The beat and the instruments to sound pretty awesome”

“I enjoyed the track because it starts out in a rather intriguing way with instrumentation that is both simple and makes the listener curious. The melody becomes richer as we progress into the track. Nicely done.”

“I immediately fell in love with this song before I even heard the vocals then when she came out with those vocals I just thought wow she sounds like such a bad a**! Loved it!”

“I like how strong the singers voice is without being too powerful. It has a sulty but rock and roll feel to it, which matches the instrumental of the music perfectly. The lyrics are easy to follow, so the beauty in the song is in the voice of the artist and the melody”

“I like the instrumental tone and theme of the song. The chord progressions that transpire throughout the song are good to hear from the listener perspective.”

“I like the rock and roll feel that I get from this song. The singer is consistent throughout the song. Very good vocals that stand out. I like this song because the melody is good.”

“I like the vocals and how they flow with and complement the instrumentals. The vocalist is the star of the song. Very good production.”

“I liked it a lot. One of the few tracks I've listened to in these hits with clean vocals. Catchy chorus, good band. Can't say there's anything I dislike about it.”

“I liked the tone of this song and I liked the pacing of it and I think they did a decent job of recording and playing this track”

“I liked the instrumentation in this song and the strong, aggressive beat in this. I liked her voice is attention getting and interesting throughout the song.”

“I liked the instrumentation, and the very rock inspired sound to the vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation. I found that it was interesting to listen to.”

“I liked the repeated guitar part since it sounded pretty catchy. I also liked the female vocalist and the way she sang. I played the song again, but all in all a pretty good song.”

“I liked the vocals in this song. There's something about her voice that almost has a Tori Amos feel to it. I mean that in a positive way. I liked bass line in the song and thought the second half was better than the first."

“I love the drums and guitar in this song. It really gets me in a great mood and I like the energy to this a lot. So cool!”

“I love the instrumentation of this song, and I like how the singer has a very original voice.”

“I loved the contrast of the vocalists singing with the rough deep guitar progressions. This piece was powerful, compelling, and fascinating to listen to and the piece worked really well in delivering the punch it aimed for by combining intensity and restraint.”

“I loved this song. I actually Googled you while listening to it. I can really see this song going somewhere. It was catchy and reminded me of another artist whose name is escaping me at the moment. Great job!”

“I really like the lead singer's voice. It rises up above the heavy electric guitar in a nice high, light juxtaposition to the heavy, dark guitar. The instrumentalseems pretty formulaic.”

“I really like this group. Hard rock with good singing. I think this should get radio play but I don't they will because radio plays the same old bands. In an earlier era they would have gotten some radio play.”

“I really liked the instrumentals and beat of this song her vocal performance was rather kind of just pretty good over all this whole song was rather very good”

“I think this song could do well. It's not a number one song but I could imagine it playing on the radio regularly. Her vocals are good and the instrumentation is okay enough to do well.”

“Instrumentals, especially the guitar performance, sounded great overall. I enjoyed the rhythm and overall tempo of the song. Vocals had some really great moments."

“ I like the progression and the lyrics are interesting. The vocals are good, but she kind of sounds like Carrie Underwood if she switched to heavy rock.”

“Not a bad song at all. Liking the production and the way it sounds overall in my ears it's pretty good overall.”

“Really good, solid sound and the track rocks. Love chick singers in this kind of music, she sounds great. I would definitely listen to this again and add to a playlist. I honestly can't think of too much negative to say, even the production sounds good, maybe could use a tad work fitting the vocals in.”

“Rock needs more female singers. I love this! The instruments sound great, the vocals sound great. Why isn't this on the radio? I love the guitars on the chorus, they are very full of emotion.”

“The guitar riff to open up is great and the lead vocal voice works very well with the song. Pleasurable to listen to and it keeps rocking the whole way through, very enjoyable.”

“The production to this tune is on point. I felt the drums as soon as the song started to play. Her vocals were pretty sick and on point.”

“This artist has a very nice voice that sounds like the country singer carrie underwood. I would enjoy listening to more of this artists vocal songs.”

“This has a different type of sound which is nice, It's in a world all by it's self. The instruments are blending nicely together with her voice.”

“This is metal, the dark kind, minor chords. Great minor melody that gives it almost an epic feel. Great riff and the singing is excellent, hope to hear more from them! This is not speed/thrash metal, but the melodic idea does remind me of the more epic metal bands like Megadeth.”

“This song had great guitar instrumentals and an awesome beat. It had great vocals and a superb beat. I love the chorus. This song has potential.”

“This song is pretty well produced and the band is strong. I like the heaviness of it, and her voice is not bad.”

“This sounds like a very girl-power focused song. I do like that it is high energy with a bit of a rock vibe to it.”

“This was a good song. Well done production and vocals were professional. Not sure if I could hear this on the radio, but I think it would be a great concert song.” - Crowd Review

"FMMF Version 3: Ryan G's Experience"

In Columbus there are things you can just count on. The city being gridlocked on OSU game days. Traffic on 270 around US 23. And now, fashion and music combining downtown (and people making FMMF the butt of a joke year after year). This writer thinks those jokes are tired (though they are often rooted in fair criticism). The controversy and unique concept of this festival has made Fashion Meets Music Festival one of the most interesting events for Tuned Up to cover in our five years of existence.
You are on this blog to hear about music, so let’s focus on that for now. Reaction to the festival as a whole aside.
I can always count FMMF to introduce me to some under the radar talent that remains firmly on my radar post-festivities. While some bands may not wish to have their names associated with a controversial brand, when one attends said event and then is wowed by a band’s performance they are planted firmly in that person’s psyche (mine). Some of these bands this year included Goodnight Tonight, Ledges, The Outer Vibe, Motherfolk and LOLO. Goodnight Tonight is from Kent, Ohio (easy to remember because I have grandparents up there) and is arguably one of the stronger female-fronted hard rock bands in recent memory. Some bands in this paradigm suffer from vocals not being as strong live as recorded (or at least a perception thereof) – not the case with Goodnight Tonight. In spite of their early time slot and sparse crowd (though the grass was dotted with fans) they delivered a tight performance backed by strong songs. Speaking of strong female vocalists – enter LOLO. She was informal and cheery throughout her show on Saturday, showing off some pipes to be reckoned with. This pop singer is going places for sure. Shout out to Kids Interview Bands for introducing me to her stuff.
A trio of bands that have been on my radar for a while left a fresh impression with me this year. This FMMF was my first time seeing Cincinnati’s Motherfolk (gotta love that name, eh?), introduced to me by Jared of Graceful Closure. Suffice to say they deliver on all fronts with their brand of folky rock n’roll. I hope to hear more from them very soon, even if they think they suck (it’s a part of their branding). The Outer Vibe from Michigan, soon to be relocating to Nashville, performed in front of a crowd of dozens which didn’t faze the band, and especially not frontman Sean Zee. Zee’s vocal skills and stage presence are a throwback to the rockers of groovier days, and methinks this band would have paired well with Foxy Shazam when they were still active. This was my second year catching Ledges from Akron, who brought their vibey brand of indie rock to the Donatos Stage early on Saturday. I was more actively engaged in their set this year than last year, and was stoked to see the growth and that my passing favorable impression of them last year was more than confirmed in a setting where they had more of a spotlight (they opened the fashion tent stage last year).

So, “what are some other memorable performances?” you ask.
My favorite bands of the fest had to be Wavves, BØRNS, and Little Hurricane. Wavves presented an infectious brand of fuzzy rock that was tight and badass despite their semi-drunk performance (more on that later). BØRNS made the crowd of mostly young women swoon, and for good reason. His boyish face, throwback psych-rocker persona, and catchy psych/electro pop songs are all on point. His vocals are some of the strongest you’ll hear in the business today – I mean, hearing the hits live was nearly akin to hearing them on the radio. Very close. Little Hurricane hails from San Diego and absolutely crushed it. I especially loved hearing their cover of Moby’s “Natural Blues.” The blues rock duo might not be as loud or rambunctious as The Black Keys or The White Stripes but they know their niche and own it.
I’m sure you’re wondering what I thought of DJ Khaled. Well, the dude is definitely an entertainer. The guy is a genius for making a brand out of himself with little work actually going into his performance (though I’m sure lots happens behind the scenes – he directs a lot of his own music videos, for example). The dude alluded many times to this being his first appearance in Columbus and expressed gratitude for the most packed in crowd I’d see all the weekend (though Passion Pit won for sheer size). He mixed in some hits and classic hip hop tracks to get the crowd “lit,” as the kids say these days. I lost count of how many times he told us to “put our hands in the sky.”
Another memorable performance that wasn’t a personal favorite I appreciated for completely different reasons than DJ Khaled. Chris Jamison (flanked by what I was told was a borderline Capital University reunion backstage) absolutely killed it onstage, mixing some originals with covers. I felt kind of out of place since just about everything about this guy is tailor made to melt the hearts of ladies everywhere, but I thought his performance was spot on anyhow. I’ve never in my life heard live a guy nail so many falsettos. Though his feet are planted in a different genre, Jamison was giving Borns a run for his money in terms of sheer vocal chops. And, you have to love the Justin Timberlake medley that took place too. Jamison is definitely his own person, but there is a place for him in the JT fanbase.
So, year three I saw lots of cool music. All good, right?
FMMF has a lot of reckoning to do. I thought it was ironic that FMMF was able to secure the necessary permits for a North Bank stage (which Promowest did not) but the attendance did not reflect the footprint. I’m not great at guesstimating crowd size but I wouldn’t imagine more than two thousand were present over the course of each day. This was judging from the very sparse grounds which persisted until the evening headliners, in which the extent of the crowd barely reached the sound booth at peak volume. Fortunately, several hoopers were present in the fields to break the awkwardness with their graceful dancing and light-up hula hoops, which added an entracing element to the ambience. It didn’t stop some bands from trying to break the tension though, i.e. PUBLIC saying “it’s good to be in Columbus, even if we know most of you” and Wavves quipping “we got way too drunk before we did this, so it’s good there are only fourteen of you here.” VIP area accommodations appeared to be on par with previous years – offering shade in close proximity to the stage but not much else given that attendance was lacking. Water stations, a mentioned need last year, were not obviously apparent (though I didn’t look too hard, admittedly).
More troubling to me than the lack of attendance was the persona FMMF conveyed a bit leading up to the event – trolls by this year should be expected and ignored, not followed up with an occassionally snarky remark. The persona wasn’t overt, but when your media friends respond to said remarks it’s hard not to notice. Do your best, and then let the event speak for itself.
So, what’s next for FMMF? Well, if they choose to return in 2017, I think they need to rebrand and rebuild the infrastructure of the team. Shrink the footprint, and have fashion directly incorporated into the mainstage performances in a way that cannot be missed. I’m no fashion guru, but I think having models parade down the runway during St Vincent or Passion Pit while the band wears the designer outfits being exhibited would be pretty darn cool. Also, a shrunken footprint would condense the crowds and make the feeling less awkward. A more cohesive lineup would probably also help with attendance. Adventure Club fans aren’t necessarily going to be into Passion Pit, and I think that these fanbases aren’t going to pay $60 a ticket just for one artist. That said, most people I observed seemed to be having a blast. Passion Pit and Adventure Club in particular had the crowd really moving in a jovial way.
I truly hope that the FMMF personnel will do some critical evaluation and perhaps bring the concept back under a new name, and perhaps on a day that doesn’t compete with the first OSU game of the season.
One last thought: could Les Wexner be involved with the fashion element? - Ryan Getz

"Review of the song Poison"

Word cloud
easy singer instruments backing drums potential dynamic performance female powerful
catchy chorus full distinctive guitar meaningful kick bass electric beat arrangement
enjoyable melody radio strong perfect rock interesting reason lyrics tune intro
pretty engaging
“Vocals are nice and crisp, with a nice reverb balance. They're sitting a bit to far back in the mix in the chorus and are
drowned out a bit. Kick and snare are punchy and grooving. The arrangement is interesting, in a good way! I enjoyed the
“I like this song a lot in the opening licks and the overall feel of the song created by instruments and I like the quality of the
voice in the melodic line. I think the lyrics are well written and very down to earth in their delivery. I think that this artist has
the potential to create a lot more work of greater or equal value and therefore this artist may be very commercially valuable.
The beat of this song is engaging and is shaking up a little bit to keep it from getting boring and redundant. The chords and
harmonies though are very good at maintaining the feel of the song. I really wish there had been a bridge in the song because
I feel as though that would have added to the emotional value of the song as a whole. As it is though the song is already very
well mixed and balanced. I think this song is very catchy and smooth at the same time. I think that a lot of people across a lot
of genres would take to it very well. The bass line is very interesting and well written, along with the rest of the song. For
that reason I personally enjoyed it and I have no trouble giving it a high rating.”
“The introduction was tuneful and engaging. I instantly got into my rock and roll persona and began bobbing my head. The
guitar instrumentation was flawless! I also like the incorporation of the drums. The beats were amazing. The singer has nice
vocals and I really enjoyed her lyrics. "Such a fragile little girl, couldn't do no wrong, perfection in her father's eyes, but she
wasn't good enough," describes me perfectly, and I like the fact that I could automatically identify a connection between the
song and me. It made me feel closer to the singer, and curious about her story, and her inspirations for writing this song. The
lyrics were clean, with no profanity; therefore it would be appropriate for younger audiences. This song belongs on the radio
now! Such raw, and powerful talent. The song has perfect tempo, dynamics, and execution. I believe that this song, and the
artist in general, have high commercial potential” - Soundout

"Rock n Roll View (Album Review)"

“All tracks are “wow” good! EP Is wow good! To sum it up: I give the Goodnight Tonight an enthusiastic nine out of10 stars and highly recommend this album to any fan of hard pop and rock. Grab yourself a copy and kick up your heels to some solid melodic and catchy as hell songwriting that really stays with you log after the EP’ runs its course. I may never get the chorus of “Lieutenant James” out of my head. All jokes aside – Goodnight Tonight set the standard for the genre, and should be a big hit this Summer. Final Rating: 5/5 Stars”
- Dawn McDowell, Rock N Roll View (May 15, 2014) - Dawn Mcdowell

"Music Street Journal (Album Review)"

Goodnight Tonight

Watch the Rain

Review by G. W. Hill

I love this EP. It’s not overly original, but it just works really well. The sound ranges from near metal to modern pop and more. The vocals are what really sell it, though. The female vocals are quite special. They convey emotion and rock and make this whole thing gel.
Track by Track Review
The Only Thing I Know

This hard rocker is intense, energized and yet melodic. I love the vocals on the tune. The whole thing is accessible and yet meaty.
Another killer hard rocker, the lyrics to this one are powerful. I love this song. It’s definitely got a catchy hook and a potent message. It’s almost metallic at the same time.
A bit mellower and more melodic, this has a lot in common with epic metal. It’s a lot like a power ballad. It’s also a great piece of music. The mellower sections really have a lot of magic.
Because of You
Alternative rock mixes with modern pop rock on this tune. It’s catchy, but perhaps not the kind of killer tune we’ve gotten accustomed to by this point.
Lieutenant James
Hook laden and hard rocking, this is more along the lines of modern pop music. It’s definitely a step up from the last one, though.
Back On My Feet Again
This is a very sad song. It’s more or less a power ballad and a strong one at that. It’s a great way to end things in style. - G.W. Hill


Watch The Rain - 2013

Counting Sheep - 2015

Parasites - 2016



Goodnight Tonight is an Alternative Rock band from the Kent, Ohio area.  Founding members Emily Gambone (vocals & guitar) and Holly Camp (Bass) started their first band in 2008 calling it Noize from the Basement. Drew Sprietzer (lead guitar) and Brad Sims (drums) joined the band after their name change to Goodnight Tonight.  Working with producer Mike Brown of Lavaroom Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, Noize from the Basement recorded their first 6 song self-titled EP. They also worked with Brown at Lavaroom when they recorded their full length album, "Bird's Eye View," which was released in 2011. NFTB performed all over Northeast Ohio, as well as a 5 state 7 city west coast tour alongside other independent artists for the No Bully Tour. They have also had the opportunity to be the opening act for national tours such as Staind, Bret Michaels and Twenty-One Pilots. Noize from the Basement was voted Indie Music Channel's "Best Teen Band" and "Best Teen Album" for 2012. In 2013, they entered the TRI-C Rock Off and took first place. . With 6 new songs written they returned to Lavaroom where they recorded "Watch the Rain" under their new moniker, Goodnight Tonight. Goodnight Tonight had a busy year in 2014. They have played the House of Blues and Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, Ca. and the Vans Warped Tour at its Cleveland stop. In July of 2014, Goodnight Tonight added lead guitarist, Drew Spreitzer.  In December of 2014 Brad Sims was added to the band and they went back to the Lavaroom to record their next EP. "Counting Sheep".

In May of 2015 Goodnight Tonight traveled to Long Island, NY to shoot a video for their song “Save Me”.  The video was shot by Alexa San Roman (Love, Robot & Heirsound).  They met Alexa while she was doing some video work for PVRIS when they did a show in Kent Ohio.     

In May of 2016, Goodnight Tonight was back in the studio to record their next EP, “Parasites” at Vibe Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.  This EP is scheduled for a late 2016 release.   

Goodnight Tonight was direct support for Warp Tour band, Courage My and PVRIS. They also opened for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in 2015.   In April of 2016 Goodnight Tonight was support for classic rocker Lita Ford at the Odeon in Cleveland.   In August of 2016, Goodnight Tonight opened for Lacey Sturm formally of FlyLeaf  These were all sold out shows. 

In September of 2016, Goodnight Tonight played in Columbus, Ohio at the Fashion Meets Music Festival.  This festival gave the band the opportunity to play on the IHeart Radio Stage along with the bands New Politics and Passion Pit.

Please come back to this site along with their other social media sites for more updates on Goodnight Tonight.   


Tri C High School Rock Off 2013
Indie Music Channel Best Teen Band 2012
Indie Music Channel Best Teen Band Album 2012
Indie Music Channel Best Teen Alternative Band 2013
Indie Music Channel Best Teen Band All Genres 2013
Restless Press Featured Artist June 2014 Featured Artist July 2014

Best Rock CD for "Counting Sheep" - The Ohio Music Awards - 2015

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