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From These Ruins

Terre Haute, IN | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Terre Haute, IN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Hard Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"From These Ruins - Gig Review"

From These Ruins played Couch Studios on August the 12th, and, despite the smallness of the venue, took the stage like they had something to prove. If that was their intention, they certainly delivered in spades. Debuting several songs from their forthcoming LP, Advocate of the Unwanted, they didn't waste any time lighting the audience on fire. For one thing, vocalist Rusty Sparks and drummer Chad Anderson are consummate showmen in a way that is innate rather than learned. They were the kinetic lynchpins of the set. This isn't to diminish the importance of the other members' contributions. Far from it. Tim Hartman delivered the razor guitar leads that cut through the mix, while rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Joshua Bogard brought the grind; as heavy as a black star. Bassist Mark Cole occupied the space between Bogard and Hartman, filling out the mix into a dense stew that bubbled over once a song. Any of my regular readers will know that heavy music is outside my personal taste. However, From These Ruins had won me over by the end of their set. Judging from the crowd reaction, I wasn't the only one. Advocate of the Unwanted is due to drop sometime in September. Keep an eye on our news page to find out when and where you can pick it up. - Joshua Seprodi

"From These Ruins – Brotherhood"

-Greg’s Take-

Let’s face it, metal has essentially become anyone who can scream into a mic while their friend pounds out power chords and another annihilates a double kick drum. If we get any melody, it is a plus.

With that all being said, it is obvious why the likes of Rob Zombie and Disturbed make up the elite class of hard rock/metal. They know how to bring character to their sound without an overdose of obnoxious shredding.

When a metal band comes along, I’m rather apprehensive. But from the moment I hit play on Terre Haute-based From These Ruins, I was addicted.

Finally a hard rock/metal sound with all the right ingredients! In early 2012 they released Brotherhood. The six track, pulse pounding, over thirty minute album is loaded to the brim with heavy licks, melodic vocals and powerful messages.

From These Ruins finds an impressively rare quality with their sound. Rusty Sparks booms out the perfect metal voice while Jeff Garloch and Timothy Hartman intertwine their tour-de-force guitars. Matthew Bridgewaters and Chad Anderson pack the rhythm section with precision audible explosions. And here’s the bonus, Anderson, yes a metal drummer, shares vocals.

We’ll let that sink in for a moment.
From These Ruins’ talents never, not once, come into question. If they are anything, it is a sleeper band ready to dominate the mainstream with their sound.

Is there a catch?

Depends on how you look at it; I certainly do not think it is anything that would deter the masses.

You see, Brotherhood tears through your expectations with tracks like “Biblicon,” “Crush The Devil” and “Temptation.” Figured it out yet? Since it is far too easy to get lost in their sound, allow me to enlighten you. From These Ruins is clearly a Christian metal band.

This is a rather rare thing to find in the grand scheme of this sound. They do well not to play to the overly religious undertones. Instead they do what they do best; they combine well written lyrics with a sound that can only be described as Rob Zombie and Disturbed’s love child; Disturbedbie. Or in plain English, one of the best metal sounds I’ve heard in a long time.

From These Ruins is a stand-up and stand-out band that is poised for greatness. They have enough character to last them a long, long time. Don’t be afraid of their sound, embrace it. Don’t just listen to them, tell someone about them. From These Ruins is what Metal is all about. - Nanobot Rock Reviews


From These Ruins may just be the best band you’ve never heard of. Their debut EP, Brotherhood, released last May and features an impressive nu-metal meets hard rock punch.

If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Rob Zombie and Sevendust had a lovechild who had an illegitimate child with Disturbed, this is what you would get… Epic, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Brotherhood is what we’ve been looking for in the metal scene for awhile now. Oh, did I mention they’re a Christian metal band?

Songs like “Crush the Devil,” “Biblicon” and “Brotherhood” are sure to get your metal juices flowing and this EP has put From These Ruins on the fast track to the top.

It shouldn’t be long before we see them on a major tour or festival.

Rating: 9/10 - (Staff)


Still working on that hot first release.



Sometimes change is necessary for growth. That’s the mindset From These Ruins took going into their debut full-length album- Advocate of the Unwanted.

After a very successful run in support of their debut EP- Brotherhood, which saw them share the stage with numerous national acts from Soulfly, Nine Lashes, The Letter Black,12 Stones, Tantric to Smile Empty Soul, From These Ruins revamped and became even stronger than before. With the departures of bassist Matthew Bridgewaters and longtime guitarist Jeff Garloch, the band welcomed in bassist Mark Cole and guitarist Zach Burger and the rest was history.

With a message of brokenness, hope, love and compassion, From These Ruins know no boundaries. Their personal histories are not what you might expect from a Christian band. Rather, their message- as you might expect comes from personal experiences and their personal pasts, making for a powerful experience for the listener.

“We're influenced by our faith and lives' experiences to title this LP, Advocate of the Unwanted for obvious reasons,” explains singer Rusty Sparks. “Being in a band gives us a unique opportunity to meet people we would never meet otherwise. We hear the stories and struggles that we ourselves can relate to. Feelings of being lonely, unwanted or left behind are easy too common.”

The band released the lead single from Advocate of the Unwanted in the form of a free download, which started generated some early buzz and critical acclaim and made fans immediately want more. Now, the time has come for From These Ruins to unleash the love and compassion they know so well. The time has come for Advocate of the Unwanted.

From These Ruins have are also on heavy rotation on over 50 radio stations including Broken FM, Righteous Radio – where they have been named band of the month numerous times, Broken Neck Radio, Threat Con Radio and Nuclear Fallout Radio where the band is the current Headline Artist.

To get the latest news and tour information for From These Ruins, you can make your way to the bands official website at and on any and all of the popular social networking sites.

“From These Ruins is a stand-up and stand-out band that is poised for greatness. They have enough character to last them a long, long time. Don’t be afraid of their sound, embrace it. Don’t just listen to them, tell someone about them. From These Ruins is what Metal is all about.” Greg’s Take –

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