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Middletown, DE | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Middletown, DE | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Electronic




"BEWARE’s Block: Ray Catchers"

FreshfromDE – “Doin Numbers”

While “Doin Numbers” by FreshfromDE might sound familiar, the only thing I can truly pinpoint is that the record feels like a hit. The Delaware rapper is showing out in grand fashion on this big ticket track and there’s a sense of arrival omitting from these four minutes that will make you want to check out the rest of his Home Is Where The Heart Is project. You won’t be disappointed. - UPROXX


Delaware’s own FreshFromDE releases his new mixtape titled “Home Is Where The Heart Is” which comes with a total of 8 tracks. Stream the entire project below and let us know your thoughts on it. All beats on this project were produced by Rekord head. -

"AO! PREMIERE: dFresh - Universal Laws: Chapter 1 (Mixtape)"

Since Boston-based Delaware transplant, Doug Watkins aka dFresh first appeared on AO! we shared his story of tragedy and triumph.

Turning life’s obstacles and making them working in his favor, the Delaware buzzmaker has gone on to do some outstanding things in just a few short months. Today, dFresh achieves another milestone with the release of his project Universal Laws: Chapter 1.

Sampling Earl Nightingale‘s 1950 “The Strangest Secret” speech in its entirety, dFresh’s 7-track EP is lead by his single “The Strangest Secret” and features a guest appearance from Damilleo Stacks as GxWay creates the production for the entire project.

DJ Menace, adds a bit of flair with his cuts and scratches but most of the heavy lifting is done by Fresh and his his amazing lyrical abilities. Taking influences from Delaware and combining it with Earl Nightingale’s speech the project holds many thought provoking bars that deserves endless spins.

Arriving just in time for President Lincoln’s birthday, a man who emancipated the slaves, stream dFresh’s Universal Laws: Chapter 1 project and allows him to emancipate your mind. -

"dFresh lets us in on "The Strangest Secret""

There's a story from the famous inventor Thomas Edison that's near and dear to my heart. One night during the height of his career, Edison heard the news that a chemical explosion engulfed ten of his buildings, damaging the very works he spent his whole life creating. When he arrived on the scene, Edison saw the fire and reacted in a fashion opposite of most people: he began to laugh. "Go get your mother and all of her friends," he said. "They'll never see a fire like this again."
Why do I bring this up? In life, we're faced with events that are out of on control. Disasters strike. Friends double cross you. Deals will turn sour. But instead of focusing on the negative, you need to reverse your thought process and practice being grateful for what you've got. When you lab gets broken into and your gear gets stolen, do you give up and quit or keep making music? For Delaware's dFresh, it's the latter. After a rocky December robbery that left his studio stripped to the bone, Fresh called upon his fans through Kickstarter. A number of generous contributions later, D's now got his studio back, plus a story all about it.

Besides the slick Earl Nightingale samples sprinkled throughout the track (sidebar: if you haven't bumped Nightingale in the whip, you're missing out; his tapes will change your life) "The Strangest Secret" has dFresh dropping knowledge over some beautiful production. It's gloomy, yet inspiring, and it reminds us to not let the minor setbacks control our final outcomes. Word on the street is that dFresh has some new heat in the works, so check back real soon. -

"dFresh Turns A Negative Into A Positive Through Kickstarter"

Doug Watkins, aka dFresh, is an audio engineer by trade graduating from the Institute of Audio Research in Boston. Recording a lot of the talent in the city, everyone knew dFresh as an engineer, but few knew of him as a recording artist.

Recently his studio had gotten vandalized with all his equipment, computers, etc. wiped out and stolen. Instead of dwelling on the negative, he was proactive and created a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was successfully funded and was trending on the homepage of Kickstarter, which allowed Doug to bring his studio back to full functionality. One of the goals of Fresh’s Kickstarter was he promised an album as one of the Donation Tiers.

Below is the first single for his EP Universal Laws, titled “The Strangest Secret,” which will be broken up into two or three parts. Universal Laws focuses on the fundamentals with the Law of Attraction, and the whole process of positivity creating positivity. Earl Nightingale’s 1950′s speech The Strangest Secret is sampled throughout the whole EP which is really cool. A lot of artists may complain that they don’t have the notoriety that they should, this can be an important lesson for them. Create a compelling story, along with quality music and the success will follow suit. -


Still working on that hot first release.



FreshfromDE grew up in Delaware to a musically connected family which inspired him to begin rapping at the age of 10. His energy begins internally and is complemented by the creative input of his environment. Enter into the determined mind of an artist that believes in providing a Fresh and independent style of music to listeners.

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