Free WiLL Vibin
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Free WiLL Vibin

Tampa, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Tampa, FL | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Soul




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Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Testimony of Free WiLL Vibin

as told by Gaea Labelle

1:1 IN THE BEGINNING, The ALL created a man, the husband of woman, of whom was born a son, William Hill, on the twenty fifth day of the fourth month, in the year nineteen eighty-eight, in Tampa, FL.

1:2 And he without form was seasoned by the hands of his elders with the best salts from the shores of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

1:3 And The ALL said, “Let this calf grow to a bull in the finest churches of Tampa Bay.”

1:4 And The ALL saw that this was good.

1:5 And The ALL said “Let it divide the waters from the waters.”

1:6 And six years from the birth of the calf, his parents separated.

1:7 The young bull, dubbed Will in his days of sailing with the Pirates, became fond of the church, where he was to become patient and kind in the leading of the youth.

1:8 And after 11 years of his public school and church upbringing, he and his colleagues created a group.

1:9 And the group was to be called the Get It Boys, but only for a short time, and the hallways of the Lion's Den were filled with the sounds of tape recordings directly from the hands of two of the Get It Boys.

1:10 The ALL was not satisfied with this name for his children, for the name resembled another existing group.

1:11 And then The ALL decided, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed.”

1:12 In the year of his graduation, the young bull and his colleagues became too fond of the grass and the worldly pleasures of this earth.

1:13 So The ALL protected the child and sent him to Tallahassee with the Eagles, Rattlers, and Seminoles.

2:1 Now Will was going up to Tallahassee to study with the Seminoles. On the way, he said unto his colleagues that he will be delivered and grow into a new man.

2:2 Then He delivered him, now known as Chill Will Hill, unto the fraternities, where he would be mocked and branded.

2:3 There, Chill Will shall use his everlasting patience, for this is all a part of his training.

2:4 And in the year two thousand and nine, he befriended The Sons Of Blood And Thunder, who taught him that Friendship Is Essential To The Soul.

2:5 In his new form, Hannibal Eleven, Will Hill devoted the days of his years to school and many extracurricular activities, most of which with the enthusiastic Sons of Blood and Thunder.

2:6 He finished his schooling with a degree in Family and Child Sciences.

2:7 Then, he continued to analyze and search the depths of the world, for a greater good soon cometh over him.

2:8 Upon finding true Faith, he made a decision, saying, "I will make music forever."

2:9 And with this, The ALL was pleased, and He loosed him from the condemnation of his natural form, which was once bound to the statistics of the world.

2:10 And in the Fall of the year two thousand and twelve, Will became free from the worldly fixtures and bestowed upon himself his new identity FREE WILL.

3:1 FREE WILL was indeed free.

3:2 And his music became the treasures of his soul and spread unto the earth.

3:3 And the humans asked him “For which genre is your music?”

3:4 And he saith unto them “I don’t know. I’m Vibin.”

3:5 And with this The ALL was also pleased. She which testifies these things saith,

3:6 The grace of FREE WILL VIBIN be with you all. Good Vibes.

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