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Newport Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Newport Beach, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Alternative



The best kept secret in music


"Meet the Finz Band"

Newport Beach Living sat down to chat with Jason to learn more about The Finz.

NBL: When and how did The Finz get started?

Jason Barber: It started when Brody and I played together at Andersen Elementary School. Andersen had an after-school rock band program, and my guitar teacher, Kirk Vickers, asked me to audition in second grade. The band was called The Andersen Band. Before I joined the band, it consisted of all 5th and 6th graders.

Brody joined next, and we started playing a lot more often. We decided we needed a real band name, so we came up with The Finz; a nod to the school mascot, the Andersen Dolphins. We agreed on just The Finz with a Z.

After sixth grade, our drummer quit. I had heard about a beast drummer named Vallon. I found him on YouTube, and the first day we met, we played for hours. That was more than four years ago.

NBL: When was your first performance outside of Andersen Elementary?

Jason Barber: Our first gig was Sgt. Pepperonis in 2015. I was not big enough to hold my guitar, so I sat on a small red wooden chair.

NBL: What type of music does The Finz play?

Jason: We play classic rock and alternative music. We also write our original music in those same genres.

NBL: Where do you play currently?

Jason: We play all over the place. We have gigs in LA, San Diego County, Vegas, and, of course, here in the OC. We play at house parties, benefits, and at bars and restaurants. UCLA books us for a benefit every year. We have played the VA in Long Beach, House of Blues, and have a show scheduled for Balooja's Foundation, an animal rescue we support. We also play at the OC Fair and have regular gigs at Muldoon's Irish Pub, Surf City Alehouse, and Hangar 24. Of course, we support Corona del Mar High School and play there whenever asked.

NBL: What awards, accolades, and recognition have The Finz Band, or any individual band members received?

Jason: We were the youngest band to play the House of Blues Anaheim, which is pretty cool.

I started singing and touring internationally with the All-American Boys Chorus when I was 12. I have received several vocal awards from The All-American Boys Chorus and Musician of the Year from Cdm High School Vocal Music.

NBL: What do you enjoy most about performing?

Jason: I love the adrenaline rush of being on stage. It is a feeling of freedom I don't get anywhere else. All three of us become different people when we are performing together. We each bring something individually that is exponential when we put it all together.

The Finz has an energy that people come to expect from us, and it's awesome that we have developed a loyal following. We see familiar faces even when we play new venues.

NBL: Do you or the band have future goals in the music industry? If yes, what are they?

Jason: We aim to finish and record our first album and go on tour. We all love playing music. It's our life.

NBL: What are your favorite memories with The Finz Band so far?

Jason: We played our first original song, June Gloom, at Muldoon's, and everyone went nuts. Muldoon's feels like home to us, and it was incredible to share the moment with our football coaches, team, and so many friends and family. It felt amazing to have so much support.

NBL: What motivates you or inspires you to do what you do?

Jason: Looking back and realizing how far we've come is what motivates me. It makes me realize that every day of practicing contributes to the progress we've made. We rehearsed almost every day during COVID; that repetition and practice made us much better. It got us through something hard, and we looked forward to it. It also bonded us closer together as a band.

NBL: Tell us a little about your personal life.

Jason: I was born in Newport Beach. I live in the Port Streets with my parents and my little sister, Brett. I first knew I wanted to play guitar when I saw the "Andersen Rock Band" play when I was in kindergarten. I walked up to their music director, Kirk Vickers, and told him I wanted to learn to play guitar. He said, "Oh buddy, I'm not sure you could hold the strings down." I said, "Please, Mr. Kirk. Let me try." I was hooked from the first lesson. It's been ten years, and Kirk is still my guitar teacher.

NBL: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Jason: Brody and I play football at Cdm High School. I swim competitively and am a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool. I also participate in school plays and volunteer with Young Singers of Orange County and Balooja's Foundation.

NBL: Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Jason: We are all extremely grateful for our parents' support. They roadie for us, and drove us to gigs before we could drive. They also help sell our mechandise.
Vallon's dad, CC Deville, is a professional musician and one of the world's most gifted guitar players. He helps us perfect the songs we have written as well as record them. We've seen firsthand what it takes to play professional music and prepare for a tour, and it's been amazing that CC is so generous with his time. He supports us, and unless he is on tour, you'll find him at our shows. - Newport Beach Living Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



The Finz are an American rock cover band with original music produced by CC DeVille. 

The Orange County trio are comprised of guitarist/vocalist Jason Barber, drummer Vallon DeVille, and bassist/keyboardist Brody Bogdan.

The group began playing together in kindergarten and were playing live shows by 2nd grade. They are the youngest band ever to have played at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA and have never looked back.

They have made their presence known, with Vallon's "animal like" pounding drums, Brody's relentless energy and high intensity bass-lines, and Jason's smooth tenor voice and surgical precision on guitar. The band has been gaining momentum and they have developed a ferocious sound playing all over Southern California. Playing a host of covers, they also are creating unique original songs such as 2023's "June Gloom".

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