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Fighting for Frequency

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Fighting for Frequency Beating Up New Orleans"

“If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, you need two guitars for a hard rock band, and F4F has two of the best…if you see F4F on a bill somewhere, jump in and check em out. If you like strong southern hard rock, these guys have something for you. It’s hard, without being too hard. It’s melodic without being radio rock. In a city full of doom and thrash, these guys provide a nice break in a show that I can take my wife to without worrying about her being mad at me and asking to leave early. To the contrary, after leaving the second show I was even able to play their CD all the way home, it was a good night.” - Rock-N-Review

"Fighting for Frequency New Album A Million Miles Away"

A hard-rock rush, Fighting for Frequency holds nothing back on the full-on assault of “A Million Miles Away.” Distortion reigns supreme for theirs is an intense urgent album. The rhythms have a powerful potency to the rest of the track. Vocals feature a great commanding presence resting in the very center of it all. Over the course of the journey, they capture a sense of pure chaos, even as the guitar riffs run on through woven together to craft a universe that feels distinctly their own. - Skope Magazine

"Fighting for Frequency — A Million Miles Away EP REVIEW"

Fighting For Frequency is a New Orleans based rock group. They’re a well polished mix of modern rock, pop punk, and 90s alt-rock. They released their EP A Million Miles Away back in 2019 and the quality on this thing is outstanding.

The mix is incredibly solid. Every instrument has its place and sits well. The bass is particularly well done — I love being able to hear the bass without it becoming overpowering and this EP struck that balance perfectly. The guitars are powerful and smooth, and the tone achieved on the guitar solos is primo when the guitarist engages the wah-wah. The drums hold down the fort for the whole group.

The highlight of this release for me are definitely the vocals. He has a distinctive voice, can get powerful and gritty, and delivers tons of catchy vocal hooks throughout the EP that make me want to go and give the whole release another listen.

The release starts with Signs. This tune gave me very strong Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters vibes. It has a really catchy chorus and I enjoyed the song’s message about making things happen for yourself and not waiting for them to happen for you. The solo was a little underwhelming during the tapping section but I enjoyed the second half. This was a fun one.

Fast Forward is track two. I liked the chill acoustic introduction. It felt very stadium rock when the distortion kicked in and eventually leads into an insanely catchy chorus.

Ready to Fall might be my favourite song on here. It’s loaded with cool vocal melodies and I love the chord progressions. It reminds me of Paramore a little bit with the way the vocals hook over the rest of the song. This is a punky, melodic tune and I loved it.

Still Standing is a very vocal driven track where the vocalist shows off some of his grit. The contrast of the powerful vocals over the acoustic guitar was very cool and gave me Rise Against vibes. I also enjoyed the bass transitions in between sections. This song felt like it dragged quite a bit when “I’m still standing tall” was repeated over and over towards the latter half of the song. The first half was great though.

A Million Miles Away has some really cool clean guitar work under the vocals. The chorus was pretty weak and generic sounding but the verses make up for it. This one also has a pretty sweet solo.

Rounding out the EP is Favourite Song, a very pop punk influenced tune with possibly the best chorus and vocal display on the release. The bass is fun on this one.

Check out A Million Miles Away if you’re into modern rock or older alt-rock — you won’t be disappointed. Check out more of Fighting for Frequency and listen to the EP at the links below! - Kitchen Toonz

"Album Review: Fighting for Frequency – A Million Miles Away"

Rock has gone through many fazes over the years, and some bands remain true to its roots. Fighting for Frequency has an enjoyable blend of the style of old school rock and the modern evolution that has taken over in the past twenty years. Their EP, A Million Miles Away, may have its flaws, but it satisfies the qualifications of a solid rock record. - ZTThoughts

"Fighting for Frequency Kickstart Rock Radio"

Fighting for Frequency is a New Orleans, Louisiana based band on a mission. Since their 2018 debut the group has set out to, “bring Rock back to its former glory.” They remember fondly the days when power chords and squealing Les Paul solos dominated FM radio. The five man band is determined to bring those days back.

To that end, the group has created a sound that blends the power of Grunge with the Pop/Punk hooks of late 90’s Alternative, executed with the virtuosity and bombast of 70’s and 80’s Rock & Roll. Lo-Fi verses meet multi-part harmony Arena Rock choruses. This is the sound of a group of guys who grew up on Rock & Roll radio. They learned all of the Nirvana howls, Randy Rhoads solos and soaring Journey vocals. Now they’ve put them all together on their debut EP.

“A Million Miles Away” is the inaugural 6-song record from Fighting for Frequency. Since its 2019 release the record has enjoyed success across the digital terrain. Their songs have landed on dozens of playlists and earned tens of thousands of spins on multiple streaming platforms. The record continues to draw in new listeners each month.

The record opens with a bit of life advice for lazy dreamers and a call to action in the form of the song “Signs,” a 90’s Alternative rocker paired with slick 70’s harmonies in chorus. “Fast Forward” follows with a post-breakup lament that pairs the sound of Alt/Pop pioneers Big Star with the slick late 90’s rock of Nickelback.

“Ready to Fall” is a warning to a new love interest that the good times could come to an end at any minute. The tune matches the F4F Alternative sound with a touch of 80’s Metal lead guitar. “Still Standing” turns the volume down a bit for an acoustic ballad that is one part Grunge and part Southern Rock. As the song progresses it builds into a big Rock sound.

The title track is a melancholy power ballad that chronicles a relationship that has seen better days. Its an emotional track that peaks with some big concert-closing, lighter-in-hand sing-alongs. “Favorite Song” closes the EP with an ode to the Rock & Roll radio that inspired Fighting for Frequency to head out on this creative journey in the first place.

Fighting for Frequency will soon follow the success of “A Million Miles Away” with a brand new single. Watch a sneak preview live performance of the song “Bomb Shelter” below. You can also hear the song “Ready to Fall” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below the video to connect with the band. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from Fighting for Frequency. - The Static Dive


A Million Miles Away (EP)

  • Signs
  • Fast Forward
  • Ready to Fall
  • Still Standing
  • A Million Miles Away
  • Favorite Song



Not content with rock's absence on
the airwaves, the formidable five known as Fighting for Frequency took
an oath, vowing to bring rock back to its former glory. In their
crusade, this New Orleans-based rock group fights through the
media clutter of the 21st century to bring
listeners new stories composed of pure rock awesomeness. Forged in the
fires of alternative rock and fortified with influences from rock acts such as Foo Fighters, Metallica, Jimmy Eat World, The Gaslight Anthem, Breaking Benjamin, Journey, and Three Days Grace, this band is conquering stages and airwaves in cities near you. Join the fight to bring rock back with Fighting for

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