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Pensacola, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Pensacola, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Hip Hop R&B




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Burn N' Pass
    1. D.T.2
    2. Just Wanna Know
    3. Money To Be Made
    4. Day N' Night
    5. Girlfriend Remix
    6. Forbidden Love Affair 
    7. Nothing On Me
    8. Tru Hustle
    9. Smug Love 
    10. Critical State

Hits Out The Closet
    1. What's Up
    2. Getaway
    3. Shake Em' Up
    4. Love Alone
    5. All Night
    6. Give A Baby
    7. Be Somebody
    8. Higher
    9. Bring It Back
    10. Hometown
    11. Ridin, Smokin'
    12. Hard To Say
    13. Quit Crying
    14. Forbidden Love Affair
    15. Just Wanna Know
    16. Nothing On Me

Rello 4 President
    1. Intro
    2. The Campaign
    3. Let the Beat Ride
    4. What is Music?
    5. Stacks
    6. Do you mind?
    7. "850" Remix
    8. Statement Made    
    9. Young
    10. Replay
    11. Go to Girl
    12. Slow Rollin (Let's Kick It)
    13. Retire
    14. Be Like That
    15. Venus Fly Trap 

    1. Let The Beat Ride
    2. Jig
    3. Way Back
    4. Big Bad Wolf 
    5. View
    6. Do You Mind?



Rello & Hog2
(Fat Boy Swagg)

Rello & Hog2, also known as Fat Boy Swagg (FBS), are a converged music duo out of Pensacola, Fl.

"Ya boy" Rello is a music artist, song writer, and engineer born in Atlantic City, NJ, who moved to Pensacola at a young age and soon discovered his love for music. He didn't until later in his mid 20s, when Rello stepped onto his first stage. He is known for his versatile artistic skills with a microphone, and the brand "Rello For President" (R4P), in his hometown and surrounding areas' music scenes.

Hog2, (Hogg, H-O-two G's, H-O-G squared)
 He was born in Cantoment, Fl and moved to Georgia at a young age. He discovered his loved for music very early. Being a well trained singer, music artist, and song writer, Hogg moved back to Pensacola, ready to see what the local scene had to offer.  Music definitely wasn't done with him.

Rello & Hog2 met in early 2010 through a mutual friend, but they didn't discovered each other's love for music until almost a year later. The story goes...

     Hanging out in the studio one day, the mutual friend mentioned to Rello that Hog2 made music as well. Hog2 immediately replied,
" I don't make music anymore."
Rello somehow talked Hog2 into making one song with him called:
"Forbidden Love Affair"
The track included artist Rello. o.N.e (HipHop artist) and Hog2 as the singer.

    In early July of 2011, Rello & Hog2 stepped onto their first stage together at Sluggos Music Venue, and haven't stepped off since. 
    For having just begun their music career together, they had amazing chemistry and energy, blowing the crowd away!
    In their first year, they collabed with another local artist, Sincere Logic. This would unknowingly be the beginning of a musical tyranny!
Performing together as a musical trifecta, consisting of Fat Boy Swagg(F.B.S) & Proposition Records(PR), they created
"Proposition Swagg"

They reached a milestone performing in their first big show in the start of year 2 by performing with ScarFace and the GetoBoys at Pensacola's Grand music stage, Vinyl Music Hall.

    They quickly continued to progress in their music talents and careers and started performing more and more shows, as well as hosting shows around Pensacola and the surrounding areas with proceeds going to non-profit agencies. Until they did the UNTHINKABLE!!

They started a BAND!!

A Band of Saints started at the beginning of "year 3". Starting with just three emcees and a drummer,  their sound was extraordinary! They later added in a funky bass player and a smooth guitarist. They were on a roll. They continued, doing twice as many shows and hosting twice as many more, bumping up the music scene like it hadn't been in years.
They got news one day that a favorite of theirs was coming to town, and to make a long story short, they got on the act with them. Opening up for Deltron 30/30, sstarted a string of Vinyl Music Hall shows each one out doing the last... they were on a rise....

Still working on their solo project FBS continued to make amazing hop-hop and shortly after released their most recent album:

"Rello For President"

Geared Up to start a strong string of shows Opening up for "Audio Push" as the Talented Group FBS... Rello and Hog2 Are To Be Watched...

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