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Kenosha, WI | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Kenosha, WI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Cover Band




"Scene 262 magazine"

"As for the EcoLimes, you should know them by now. They're that rock/reggae/pop band that takes hits from the '60s to now and, well, EcoLimes them. You know, the guys in the day-glo shirts." - John's Big Boone's Farm Birthday Bash

"Get Out magazine"

"It's pretty cool to have three dudes in lime green attire bang out some of your favorite songs from the '60's, '70's, '80's and '90's and rework them into new pop/reggae/classic rock jams of their own. That, my friends is THE ECOLIMES.
The Ecolimes perform tonight at Cortese's Banquet Hall, 1300 Sheridan Rd. Call 262-553-9469 and check for prices, as a lot of other goodies are thrown in to make it a party package." - Music Matters, Get Out magazine

"Paddy Fineran, Scene 262"

"The EcoLimes are a very fun band that takes hits from the '60s to today and Lime-izes them into reggae rock new gems." - Scene 262 magazine

"Kenosha Rocks' Artist of the Month"

The Ecolimes Interview by Kenosha Rock's "Featured Artist" on Monday, December 6, 2010.

Who are the core members of the group and what instrument(s) do they play?
The lineup consists of multi-instrumentalists Eric Algiers on Guitar and Vocals (Hired Geeks, Five Minute Fire), Dave Earl on Bass (Hired Geeks, The Real Deal) and Ronny Velvikis on Drums (Hired Geeks, Loser Takes All).

How long have you been playing and performing separate and together?
Our rock extravaganza has been Southeastern Wisconsin's premier multi-genred cover group since 1984.

What made you want to play music to begin with?
It’s in our DNA. . . Our true origin is archived on

Does anyone in the band play any different instrument(s) outside of the group besides their designated instrument in the band, if so, who plays what?
Yessir. Refer to question 1, or perhaps surf on over to and watch some pleasurable videos.

If you had to put a label on the type of music you play, what might that be?
We are a non-water soluble cover band with a Rock/Reggae twist. We play from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, today and the future, as well as originals. We have played at every type of venue or event you can think of: festivals, bars, Grandma’s birthday, Brat Stop lunch hours, punk shows, children’s dance academies and residential care facilities.

What artists have influenced you the most musically?
Algiers – Frank Zappa; Earl – Ayn Rand; Velvikis – Anything and everything he’s ever heard

What is an upcoming gig you can't wait to play?
The Christmas Get Down Bash at Scream-in-Mimi’s (2717 60th St, Kenosha) on December 18th is going to be groovy. The party starts at 9:30 and goes til bar close. The Ecolimes will conquer your enemies, rekindle your romance, and expand your soul.

Who is your favorite band to play with so far?
The Monarchs from Kenosha… as well as David Bowie and our great pal Phil Collins.

Where is the farthest gig you've played from home?
Racine, WI is a good 12 to 14 hours drive from Kenosha.

Hypothetically, if you could play with any artist (dead or alive) which one would you want to play a gig with?
Velvikis – Syd Barrett; Earl – Sublime; Algiers – Charles Manson

What's next for The Ecolimes?
Our first full length album is in the works. We will soon be doing some special shows with some newly acquired acoustic gear, drum equipment, and the recent addition of keyboardist Adam Maegaard. With all the shows being played and coming up, we learn an average of 6 new songs per week, mostly requests from our fans. We have a lot of new Ecolimes merchandise including t-shirts, buttons and stickers. With that in mind, we have been working hard on our pantless set. When all is said and done, we will embark on our tour to California, from which we have no intentions of ever returning.

Interviewed By: Andrew Singer - Kenosha Rocks

"Kenosha News article"

"You may need to get some rock music in you tonight. The Ecolimes will be glad to help you. The Ecolimes take hits from the 1960s through the 90s and put their own rock/reggae/pop stamp on them." - Paddy Fineran, Kenosha News


2016 Summer EP
*Monster Mash / Crocodile Rock / Stand by Me (Medley)
*Walkin' on the Sun (Smash Mouth)
*Sugar (Maroon 5)
*Proud Mary (CCR)

2013 Sunshine EP
*Come On (Original)
*Heartstopper (Original)
*Sunshine (Original)
*Camarillo (Zappa)

2011 Singles
* Spin Me Breathe (Spin Me Right Round - Dead or Alive / Breathe - Pink Floyd)
* Hash is Burning (Hash Pipe - Weezer / Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil)

2010 Demo
* Mustang Killer (Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett / Psycho Killer - Talking Heads)
* Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)
* Rocketman (Elton John)

2009 Demo 
* And She Was (Talking Heads)
* Dyer Maker (Led Zeppelin) 



Since 2009, the EcoLimes have been one of the Midwest's most diverse cover acts, transforming hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s into their own twist of jam rock, reggae and pop. Typically seen in lime safety shirts and dark sunglasses, the EcoLimes perform up to 5 hours with hundreds of popular songs and requests. They can provide a full stage act with sound system, lights and lasers - or a relaxed and quiet acoustic set. Their versatility has allowed them to provide entertainment at a wide variety of venues, festivals and parties, delighting audiences of any age or demographic. 

EcoLimes are available for:

  • Bars/venues
  • Festivals
  • Restaurants/Cafés
  • Private parties
  • Weddings 

Band Members