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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop




"Duke Evers – Handful of Pennies EP [TMN PREMIERE"

Mondays are a bitch, aren’t they? There’s not much that can help you over that seemingly insurmountable hump that is the start of the week. Aside from a breakfast beer, the only thing we can really think of is some solid tuneage, which is exactly what we have for you today.

Coming out of the Emerald City (that one up in the Pacific Northwest, not the one from that classic movie) this two-piece can produce more sound than your average five person band. Their sound is booming, to say the least, inciting references from that classic Homer Simpson line, “no, no, no, don’t stop a rockin’.”

Dropping today on your favorite music blog, Duke Evers are releasing their EP, Handful of Pennies. Officially releasing to the public tomorrow, this EP delivers eccentric guitar work and fast-paced, thundering percussion worthy of replacing the strongest cup of coffee you can find. “Lions” embodies the bands sound, creating a soundscape that calls on associations of The Killers, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Kings of Leon and other notable energetic indie rock acts. The crux of its attractiveness lies in its engaging, encapsulating and invigorating tempo, driven by drummer Kyle Veazy, who delivers a five minute ride thrill-ride.

Other tunes in the album display why this band has made waves recently at the Capitol Hill Block Party and CMJ in NYC. “Seaside” boasts a slightly more folk-driven feel in comparison to “Lions,” rife with a catchy hook and twangy guitar chords. It has the pop sensibility that will approach the masses, while still maintaining it’s indie originality that will have the blogosphere clamoring. “Pixies,” which is assumedly a tribute to the Boston-based alternative act, has a strong 90′s-style vibe. Lead singer Josh Starkel definitely harnesses his inner Eddie Vedder on this tune, providing listeners with strong associations to the great grunge-rock act of yesteryear.

As a whole, “Handful of Pennies” gives us a glimmer of excitement in an otherwise mundane start to the week. Press play, and get ready to grin ear-to-ear. - The Music Ninja

"Evers ‘Handful of Pennies’ EP Has No Frills- Its Just Damn Good Music"

Seattle rockers Duke Evers are set to release their debut EP Handful of Pennies, and it’s bound to grab your attention. The four-track record is full of classic rock feels with great guitar rhythms, catchy drumbeats, and smooth lyrics. The self-proclaimed “barn burning rock-n-roll with blues flavored pop melodies” duo has certainly found their signature sound.

Two songs from the EP, “Lions” and “Seaside,” have been available for the past few months on their soundcloud. “Seaside” is the standout song with its funky rhythms and quick lyrics. It definitely shows off their bluesy side as well. “Lion” creates that nostalgic rocker feel with just guitar and drums that is still able to have a mass appeal.

Duke Evers has found a way to combine pop, old school rock, and a tinge of blues to create their awesome upbeat indie rock music. Handful of Pennies EP comes out September 23rd so you don’t have to wait too long for it to drop. Sit back, relax, and be reminded of what real music used to be like before Justin Bieber. - IX Daily

"Listen To This! Album Review: Duke Evers – Handful of Pennies E"

Seattle’s Duke Evers are a power pop duo rooted in the foundations of nerdcore, southern grit, and 90’s alternative rock. On their debut EP, Handful of Pennies, Kyle Veazey (drums) and Josh Starkel (guitar/vocals) produce a charming version of noise rock that is simultaneously appealing and fancy free.

Between the two, Duke Evers generates a sound much larger than one would attribute to a duo; they channel the power and the energy of like minded bands like Kings of Leon and Hey Mercedes. They rollick as freely as the Followill clan and they’re as earnest and as rowdy, as the hard hitting boys from Chicago.

For example, the rambunctious and schizophrenic opening track “Lions” channels the spirit of the first two albums by Kings of Leon, Youth & Young Manhood and A-Ha Shake Heartbreak. It’s nowhere near identical, but “Lions” roars with a certain humble ferocity, enticing us to join the Duke Evers with exciting, reckless abandon.

The following track, “Seaside,” is a familiar friend to fans of Mumford & Sons as it employs some of the same rural, modest, foot stomping tricks as the crazy popular folk outfit from Great Britain.

Following that is “Pixies.” Before long, the song picks up a whimsical, surf rock pace, reminiscent of Best Coast, but peppered with a sound that could’ve been lifted from Doolittle, an album crafted by the song’s namesake, alt-rock heroes, the Pixies. Blessed with the ability of harmony and rhythm, Veazy and Starkel have constructed a band ripe with potential and thirsting for a shot at the big time - Fuzzy Headphones

"Seattle-based, indie rock duo Duke Evers premiere “Seaside,” from their forthcoming debut EP Handful of Pennies, on SYFFAL!"

Seattle-based duo Duke Evers create barn-burning rock ‘n roll, with blues-flavored pop melodies. Set to release their debut EP Handful of Pennies in September, 2014, “Seaside” is a taste of what’s to come from the pair: unbridled energy and genuine songwriting chemistry. - Vents Magazine

"Seattle Sounds – S(Jenn Ghetto) and Duke Evers"

The second Seattle-based band is the duo named Duke Evers. They also had a Tuesday release. The EP “Handful of Pennies” was dropped, with its high energy tracks containing a small measure of Folk and a greater quantity of Rock. “Seaside” is the song that receives the highest marks from Indie Obsessive.
Duke Evers comprises Kyle Veazey (drums and vocals) and Josh Starkel (guitar and vocals). In addition to being the name of the band, Duke Evers was the name of a character in at least one of the Rocky movies. - Indie Obsessive


The first time I hit play on "Seaside" from Duke Evers, I assumed I was hearing yet another incarnation of some adorably/annoyingly folky Monsters & Men meets the Lumineers clones that have plagued our email inboxes since PR reps thought they were going to break the "next" M&M or Lumineeeez bro. While it isn't as constant as it was a few years ago, holy Fuck balls on a ball of Fuck that is holy, EVERY REP THOUGHT THEIR VERSION OF THE SAME DAMN THING WAS BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S VERSION OF THE SAME DAMN THING.

Duke Evers might have fooled me into thinking I was hearing a band cling to that kitsch that isn't just starting to bother me, it's starting to fucking infuriate me, but dude?


Pretty sure I'm sober as I've ever been, and I fucking adore the shit out of this song. Any time you put a galloping snare under a song this flighty I'm sure to, at the very least, pay attention, but you throw in a WHOAAA OH OHHHH in that bitch? shit, I ain't evens knows whens I tooks offs these pants bros.


Whoever the Fuck Duke Evers is, and I can see from using my eye holes there's only two guys in the band, they're fucking phenomz. I'd like to roll them into a joint, gently lick thems along their sides, and then suckle their heady aroma into my lungs as I traipse into the ether that is STONED AS HELL NAW BRAH!

Please join me in fondling this band asap. - Joel Frieders (SYFFAL)

"New On The Scene- Duke Evers"

‘Just what we’ve been waiting for’-Fresh Independence - Fresh Independence

"Seattle indie rock duo Duke Evers"

Seattle indie rock duo Duke Evers just released their new EP Handful of Pennies yesterday and it is raving. This powerful duo is bringing back the good old Kings of Leon vibe with their fast-paced tunes and catchy lyrics. Their music will get your foot tapping in no time. If you need a tune for your 90s inspired montage, “Dancer” is an excellent choice with it’s more lax vibe. Take a listen to these modern rockers and rock away from your troubles. - Abduction Radiation

"ONG PREMIERE: Duke Evers – “Dancer”"

Seattle-based Duke Evers’ are making inroads in one of the country’s most esteemed music cities, and with their take it or leave it gusto and up-tempo melodic rock, we should be hearing more from them nationwide. The band just made waves at the Capitol Hill Block Party and is slated to perform at the Seattle Hempfest this month. In less than two years, Duke Evers have taken leaps and bounds, performing at Tractor Tavern, The Crocodile, and at CMJ in NYC.

Listen to the premier of “Dancer” below from their forthcoming EP Handful of Pennies. Josh Starkel (guitar/vocals) describes the track: “It’s about a girl, of course, that Josh was seeing and didn’t feel like boundaries were necessary and would just barge into our place at random times expecting to catch him in some explicit situations with other girls. That’s kinda the irony of the chorus “hey hey hey, who could this be. Knock knock knocking for me” because she never knocked a single time before just bustin into the house..e actually recorded that song months before the others as a single to bring with us to New York for cmj. We weren’t planning on having anything out by then and when we got the news to play CMJ we brought that song to Joe Reneike and pumped it out” - glide magazine

"Single(s) of the Month:"

I had an agonizing time making my single pick this month, changing my mind no fewer than three times. Oh So Quiet and Tankus the Henge were both in the running, but in the end I went with relative newcomer Duke Evers. The Seattle-based indie rock duo recently released single "Seaside" off their upcoming album Handful of Pennies. The song is full of energy and soul and gave off a bit of a Paul Simon feel, though influences from newer bands like Kings of Leon or Arctic Monkeys can be found. In any case, it's made me eager for the full album release in late September. Might we see another staff pick then? Check back in a month or so to see. - Indie Mine


In less than two years, Duke Evers have taken leaps and bounds. Hailing from the city that brought the world Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, Duke Evers are ready to take their place beside Seattle’s greatest.

The indie rock band Duke Evers was born in February 2013 when Kyle Veazey (drums) and Josh Starkel (vocals/guitar) teamed up. Making a lasting impression, the band quickly landed several shows around Seattle, including a June 2013 show at the legendary Crocodile which led to immediate request to come back the next month for a bigger event, followed by a headlining gig at the Tractor Tavern, and showcases at CMJ 2013 in New York. After a whirlwind of traveling and sold out local dates, the original pair parted ways with their bassist and completed their forthcoming EP, Handful of Pennies, due out in September. - SKOPE

"Capitol Hill Block Party 2016 reveiw"

They’re like classic-rock incarnate: vintage flair, preening dance moves, inspired chemistry, with a debut full-length on the way this fall. - Seattle Music News


Still working on that hot first release.



When the chatter of the music biz got a little too loud for Seattle-based one-two punch Duke Evers (a moniker pinched from an intriguing character in the Rocky trilogy), the rock n’ roll duo simply turned up the amps and pounded harder on the drums. You can’t begin to please the suits if you can’t even hear their pleas. 

This exhilarating outburst against the industry is captured on Duke Evers’ sophomore album, Dreams And Desires That Are Common To Youth. Here, the pair place youthful f@#&-you passion above all, and come out swinging with an uncompromising collection of imaginatively-arranged, and infectiously-catchy rock n’ roll.

Previously, the pair has issued one full-length, and an EP. Thus far, its output has been praised by Seattle Music Insider, Seattle Music News, and Electric Sloth.com. Duke Evers has performed locally at the famed The Crocodile and the Tractor Tavern; performed at CMJ in New York; and appeared at events such as Volume Fest, Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot, Upstream Music Festival, Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, and Botanique Festival in Bologna, Italy. In addition, the band has shared stages with Portugal The Man, Mudhoney, Alex Clare, Austin Jenckes, White Buffalo, Leighton Meester, My Goodness, and Bright Light Social Hour, among others. 

Duke Evers’ album title is both playful and sincere. Kyle and Josh are now living the dreams and desires alluded to in the name. They’re taking the reins on their career, they’re self-releasing their music, and the guys are being unrelenting in following their artistic desires. Josh concludes: “It was liberating to hold the test pressing of this album because we did fulfill these desires—we made a record that sounds awesome and is true to ourselves.”

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