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Dream the Electric Sleep

Lexington, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Lexington, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative





Lost And Gone Forever" goes further than just progressive rock...a beautiful and compelling debut album... - Hans Ravensbergen


Lost And Gone Forever" goes further than just progressive rock...a beautiful and compelling debut album... - Hans Ravensbergen


...a grandiosity that surfaces the epic...varied, powerful and emotional - as all great albums should be. - ProgGnosis

"Online Rock"

...the genius of this album is evident from the first stroke to the last strum of the strings. This album is well worth its price to take a chance on; for those who gravitate toward progressive, intelligent structure or emotional and in-depth song writing, Lost and Gone Forever is a hidden gem buried beneath the bulk of dust and soot that is today's surface music. - Tim Rosini


The music within is often so beautiful and astonishing in terms of how it flows together - think of classic Rush here - that it all becomes an immersive musical experience in which your surroundings stop to matter when you get sucked into the soothing world of DTES. Their attention to minute detail is impressive, yet they avoid falling into the trap of needless technical wizardry, and are able to step back and present a thorough and cohesive overall picture where layered melodies are laid on top of each other in perfection, connecting with varying kinds of moods and atmospheres, though never stepping too far away from the Genesis/Rush/Pink Floyd realm. It's as if every note is in its right place, so it becomes increasingly difficult to put the record down once you get into it, because the experience is so immersive and attention-capturing. - Petteri Pertola

"Classic Rock Presents Prog"

Swollen with ambition, Lost and Gone Forever is a precocious first effort from a band who have clearly embraced four decades of progressive rock in their convoluted entirety. The main reference points here are more recent sonic explorers like Radiohead (whose classic album The Bends is brought to mind on numerous occasions) and Cave In, but there are flashes of everything from It Bites-style pomp right back to Floyd-esque space blues floating around in this colorful quagmire. First and foremost, DTES deal in huge melodies and arena-filling crescendos, and from the opening track onwards this album exudes a dogged desire to stir the soul and tug the heartstrings. The finest moments are simply beautiful. - Classic Rock Magazine

"The Big Takeover"

"Is this a new genre, prog-shoegaze? Possibly, as this bursting, incensed epic, 72-minute mega-opus seeks to introduce Gentle Giant to Slowdrive, Catherine Wheel to post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd's long-form guitar breaks, and 1974 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Peter Gabriel's) Genesis to Sigur Rós." - The Big Takeover

"The New Review"

"Lost and Gone Forever is so much more than a standard album, it’s an experience. Not all the coal that is dug may warm the world, but the storytelling and music of Dream the Electric Sleep has the capability to warm music enthusiasts’ hearts everywhere." - The New Review

"Reverb Nation Weekly Featured Artist"

"Dream The Electric Sleep immediately gets your attention with their thought provoking name but it does not end there. The music that they create is just as intriguing, fitting their name quite well. If you are a lover of progressive rock this band will be a great find for you!" - MuzikReviews

"WV RockScene"

"Lost and Gone Forever is indeed the crown jewel of releases so far this year from local and regional rock bands that we’ve come across; it’s really sublime, a true masterpiece of a record." - WV RockScene

"Sea of Tranquility"

"This one gets an easy 5 out of 5 stars - did I say epic? One of the best albums of the year and one of the best debuts I have heard in a while. "

"They have made a mark which will rank them high on this year's best album lists for me and the many others who are fortunate enough to experience this album." - Sea of Tranquility

"The Daily Vault"

"With this ambitious debut, Dream The Electric Sleep show not just courage and conviction, but a great deal of skill in both the framing and the execution of a sprawling, dynamic, fully-realized concept album." - The Daily Vault


"Lost and Gone Forever" - 2011
"Heretics" - 2014



Dream The Electric Sleep are a progressive, concept-rock band from Lexington, KY. Although primarily rooted in progressive rock, the band employs elements of shoegaze, classical, folk, doom, psychedelic and pop.

Formed in 2009, guitarist/vocalist Matt Page and drummer Joey Waters recruited bassist Chris Tackett formerly of Chum (Century Media) and Hyatari (Codebreaker/Earache). The trio spent the following two years developing an uncommon sound characterized by an eclectic blend of influences.

The result was the band's self-produced debut concept LP,
Lost and Gone Forever.

Lost and Gone Forever
received international critical acclaim, gaining a wide variety of print and online reviews (including Classic Rock Magazine, Eclipsed Magazine, The Big Takeover, Progression Magazine, among many others), and was an underground favorite amongst many in the progressive rock and crossover/heavy rock communities. As a result, the band was asked to perform at one of the premier progressive rock festivals in the United States, the Rites of Spring Festival (RoSfest), and were given the coveted “Church of Prog” slot.

The band returned from RoSfest in May 2013 to finish producing their sophomore LP, entitled

Released in February, 2014,
Heretics features 11 tracks and over 70 minutes of revolutionary progressive post-rock that one reviewer described as possibly “the greatest album in the Post-Prog genre to date." The album received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and fans alike, and established Dream the Electric Sleep as one of the more powerful forces in the modern progressive rock genre.

Heretics has since landed on numerous 2014 Top Album critics lists, and continues to gain world-wide momentum.

2014 also marked another significant live performance for the band at Germany's prestigious
Night of the Prog Festival - alongside Prog giants Anathema, Transatlantic, IQ, and Marillion. The band's distinctly heavy approach to progressive rock was a fan favorite of the festival, and confirmed to European audiences the band's compelling live presence.

Dream the Electric Sleep will enter the studio in May 2105 to record the full-length follow-up to

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