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Fort Myers, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFTRA

Fort Myers, Florida, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Blues Rock




"Rob Fontano (Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar) - Bio"

Rob Fontano - (Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar)
Rob was born and raised on Long Island, N.Y. a hot bed of burgeoning rock bands in the 70's and 80's. Heavily influenced by Blues and Rock; Rob delved deeply into the catalogs of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Faces, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Aerosmith, Led Zepellin and Blue Oyster Cult.

Rob left Long Island in 1985 and headed for Virginia Beach where he and Tim Morgan formed "Skin & Bones" a heavy blues rooted original rock and roll band. Rob handled the vocal duties for "Skin & Bones" and shared song writing credits on dozens of original rockers and blues songs. "Skin & Bones" toured the East Coast and recorded three records worth of material at Planet Blue and Mid Ease Studios in Norfolk, Va. "Skin & Bones" enjoyed an electric place on the college and rock club scene until playing there final show in November of 1992.

Rob kicked around outside of the mainstream music scene and eventually relocated to SW Florida where he met up with Matt "Stack" Stachler in Fort Myers, FL and joined up with Matt's band "InDecision". Rob and Matt stayed with "InDecision" until splitting off to form "Noise Police" in 2015. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Jason "Professor" Kloosterman (Lead Guitar) - Bio"

Jason "Professor" Kloosterman - (Guitars)
Jason hails from the home of Gibson Guitars in Rockin' Kalamazoo MI. In the 90's Jason lent his skilled playing style to bands like "Time Machine", "Ride the Planet" and "Mischief"

In 1998 Jason headed South to Fort Myers, FL. and played with the bands "Vargas" and "X Band" before helping to form "Noise Police" in 2016 with Matt Stachler and Rob Fontano.

Jason draws from Influences in Rock and Blues to Avant Garde, Fusion and World Music. Besides handling the bulk of guitar duties and composition for "Noise Police" he also teaches guitar. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Thom Braun (Drummer) - Bio"

Thom hails from the great state of Indiana where he studied music at Ball State. Thom went on to perform and record with Arista recording artist Jimmy Ryser, Wonderdrug, Punch Judy, Randy Rockit and Oliver Syndrome before settling in Fort Myers where he is an accomplished drum instructor and back bone of the Noise Police rhythm section. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Ken Fioretti (Bass, Vocals) - Bio"

Ken sharpened his Bass guitar chops in the North Jersey bar scene, playing anything that rocked from Aerosmith and Rush to the greatest Grunge bands of the 90's. Ken digs deep into every song he plays and let's his subtle, yet hard driving style do the talking. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Old Guard"

Honoring the ranks of former members of Noise Police - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Syd Vainer - (Bass, Backing Vocals) Bio"

Born in a storage garage in south Florida; Syd Vainer found a fondness for music early on. Syd started playing guitar as a child; picking up his father’s guitar and playing along to old Beatles records. He formed his first band in high school. Although it quickly disbanded, he continued to play on his own and study music theory. That is when he discovered his love for the bass. Influenced by bands like Deep purple, Children of Bodom, and ZZ top; his favorite style of music is Rock but will occasionally dabble in Soul and Blues. Prior to joining Noise Police Syd joined the Black Metal trio “Hellfrost” and released their full length album “Pagen Son” and EP “Phrixus”. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Bill Dill - (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals) Bio"

Bill "Boston Billy" Dill plays drums in Noise Police - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Tom Wilson (Drums, Vocals) - Bio"

Tom Wilson - (Drums, Percussion, B. Vocals)
Tom was raised in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania where he started playing drums and piano at the age of 7. Throughout high school he was exposed to many musical influences including The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Phish. He started listening to the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue” at 14 and was inspired to study music at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he graduated with a BA in music in 2001. While in Philadelphia, Tom taught hundreds of students while performing with the progressive rock band Metagroove as well as multiple small group ensembles.

After years in the northeast, Tom moved to SWFL to enjoy the sun and is currently working with the Noise Police, continuing to pursue his purpose of manifesting music into his own life and the lives of those around him.

Tom’s influences continue to be acoustic songwriters, classic rock and jam bands, greatest classical composers and the genius of American jazz music. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Steve "Hammer" Hammett (Bass, Vocals) - BIO"

Steve "Hammer" Hammett - Bass - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Matt "Stackimo" Stachler (Bass) - BIO"

Stackimo - (Bass, B. Vocals)
Unlike the other members of the Noise Police, Matt “Stackimo” Stachler first picked up his instrument in 2003 at age 33. Following the inspiration of his heroes Gene Simmons and Flea Stack worked day and night at his craft. Being self-taught was a fairly slow process initially, but he put in the hours and joined the 90’s Punk-Pop band “Punched Onion”
Playing live accelerated his skill as a bass player and his persona as an exciting live performer. After the demise of “Punched Onion” Stackimo put together "The Down Beat Brigade" and earned a solid reputation on the SW Florida music scene. InDecision recruited Stackimo to their popular local dance band to handle the bottom end and lend his skills as a vocalist to the groups deep harmonies . He soon met Rob Fontano when he joined them in 2013 as lead vocalist.

In 2015 Stackimo left InDecision to form his own band and recruited Rob Fontano to join him in forming “Noise Police”. Stackimo is an active bass player on stage. You’ll often find him jumping around in his Adidas Superstars swinging around his Fender Mustang. Stackimo creates a solid foundation for fun, dance-able Rock and Roll that drives the “Noise Police” live shows.
Matt left Noise Police in December 2019 in pursuit of a solo project. - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Doug Silvia - (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals) Bio"

Doug Silvia - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals - Planet Blue Entertainment

"Patrick Lyons - (Bass, Backing Vocals) Bio"

Patrick Lyons - (Bass, Backing Vocals) - Planet Blue Entertainment


"Love Thing" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2019)
"Noise Police" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2019)
"Charleigh Getaway" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2019)
"Nero's Fiddle" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2018)
"Gonna Break Down" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2018)
"Right Here" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2020)
"Stone in My Shoe" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2020)
"Between the Tracks" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2022)
"Desperate Rider" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2022)
"Hard Honesty" R. Fontano, J. S. Vainer (BMI 2021)
"Sister Kratomite" R. Fontano, J. Kloosterman (BMI 2023)



Dirty Work are an exciting audience focused "Rock and Roll Party Band" that brings a "Live Concert" atmosphere to any venue. Our extensive set lists are easily tailored to rock any venue or occasion. The Dirty Work cover catalog contains a broad range of "Deep Cuts" from 60's through 90's. Literally bringing to life a live concert experience from decades of great concert hall bands.

The Dirty Work cover catalog contains a broad range of "Deep Cuts" from decades of great concert hall bands like; 
AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Black Keys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilots, Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones, Sammy Hagar, Black Sabbath, Screaming Trees, David Bowie, The Police, Talking Heads, U2, The Pretenders, The Beatles, ZZ Top, The Ramones, Joe Walsh, Billy Idol, The Clash, Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, Ted Nugent, Rod Stewart, The Band, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Deep Purple, Rainbow, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, The Cars, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Cheap Trick, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Golden Earring, Queen, The Kinks, plus Blues Standards and Dance Floor Hits from the 70's and 80's.
Dirty Work also have a rich catalog of (BMI) Registered Hot Rock and Blues Originals from their debut album "Between the Tracks" 

Dirty Work are:
Rob Fontano - Vocals, Harmonica & Guitars 
Ken Fioretti - Bass and Vocals
Jason "The Professor" Kloosterman - Guitars
Thom Braun - Drums
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