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Death Knell

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Americana Punk





As their band name not so subtly indicates, Death Knell definitely aren’t your average Country band.

Any fans of Amigo the Devil’s Murder Folkstyle are sure to appreciate the angsty lyrical ingenuity found in their single “Boom, Click”. Especially anyone who is sharing contempt for the 1% whose odious nature is leaving us non-billionaire folk rightfully enraged.

Lyrics such as “And they don’t realize they’re doomed, with their bleached white teeth, fake tits, and exceptional veneers. Their thousand dollar suits will be nothing but ash when I’m through”. Imaginatively narrate the injustice we’re all subjected to so the upper-classes can have their Eyes Wide Shut style soirées.

Death Knell are an essential band to have around right now. Their satrical approach to Country is sorely needed on both sides of the pond. I for one am extremely grateful for their resonantly cathartic yet riotously energised track which immediately found a home on my playlist.

You can consider Boom, Click to be an invitation to fuck the establishment while simultaneously being treated to some intricately mesmerising frenzied instrumental alchemy.

You can check out their single Boom, Click for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory


The Final Generation of Man - Released November 2020

LIVE for Cause Cabaret - Aired March 2020



Death Knell is fucking angry.

Their style exemplifies feelings of civil unrest in a way that is uniquely American - Like blood drawn from a wound, they form the blood of political activists, artists, musicians, and any citizen left dissastified or silenced by the governing elite into a mirror in which your reflection can be seen - The chimera of your change; the solemn knell of the United States.

Death Knell's intent is to wake you up. Join us.

They write “Dark Country” music: Pissed-off Americana that can exist, now, in a country where children are locked in cages, federal goons kidnap protesters off the street, right-wing politicians retweet and repeat Neo-Nazi propaganda on national television, and where the cries to stop killing Black people are met with White silence and violent retaliation by the police.

They write this music for the disenfranchised, whatever their political leanings, that suffer under the wild notion that People are People and should be treated fairly and with dignity; they write it for those who no longer have voices, silenced by cycles of violence and systemic oppression; they write for their own catharsis; they write because a pathological liar and criminal should never have been the President of the United States, nor should an alleged rapist sit on the Supreme Court.

Death Knell was created in response to this. And they are angry as hell.

Death Knell is Chris O'Toole on guitar and vocals, Cameron Poehner on drums, and John Bruner on bass.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon - If you require a free streaming source, please do not hesitate to let us know as money should not be a barrier to music.

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