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DeadRingers Guild

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2023
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Awards for War Path"

Best Male Vocals in Metal, week of 14Jul2008
Best Guitars in Metal, week of 14Jul2008
Best Melody in Metal, week of 14Jul2008
Best Mood in Metal, week of 14Jul2008
Rocking Track in Metal, week of 14Jul2008

Best Melody in Metal, week of 7Jul2008
Best Mood in Metal, week of 7Jul2008


"Reviews of War Path"

Epic Speed Metal!!!!
fast and furious riffing and lightning quick drums!!! killer stuff!!! Vocalist is amazing. This is great Power Metal, I could see this band being a great opener for Evergrey or Children of Bodom. Totally classic, horns in the air, headbanging Metal!!! lead guitarist is totally on the money with the solo, great style! I totally enjoy this, I'd love to own a copy of this CD!
Reviewed by: jwd6090 from Ossining, New York

Orchestra of Greatness
This is some great musicianship. Very original and powerful. Im sure this would be even better live. Its great to finally hear something amazing on here. I cant believe you guys are not signed yet. This is brutal kind of reminds me of dragonforce. Very cool song guys nothing negative to say about this one. Where can I get a copy?
Reviewed by: Tanner27 from Indianapolis, Indiana


If you want to hear a band that plays real metal then catch DeadRingers Guild live Friday night at Dado's Downtown. We are talking about dual harmonies on the guitar, shredding leads and clean, clear vocals. No screaming for this band. If you are ready to hear the real thing, I will see you Friday night, just look for the guy headbanging in the front.

- News Herald


Panama City Beach, FL based DeadRingers Guild is among a diverse group of independent musicians named as a Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. Hard Rock / Metal band DeadRingers Guild blends progressive and melodic elements into their music to create modern aggressive soundscapes. The positive, artistic, and thought provoking lyrics incite the emotions of the audience with their powerfully delivered messages. DeadRingers Guild recently placed third in the 2008 Jagermeister Battle of the Bands at Club La Vela, the largest nightclub in the U.S.A. Also, lead guitarist Jake Dreyer took home the award for the Jagermeister Guitarist of the Year, 2008.
IMA Finalists will now advance to the final round of judging by a distinguished group of influential artists and industry insiders. The Judges who will determine this year’s IMA Winners include Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Roger Daltrey, George Jones, Buddy Guy, James “Blood” Ulmer, Paquito D’Rivera, Keith Urban, Lee Ritenour, DJ Skribble, Clint Black, Kurtis Blow, Zakk Wylde, Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis, MTV Music Supervisor, Carrie Hughes, JVC Jazz Festival talent buyer Jason Olaine, mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, and many others.
IMA Winners and Finalists will appear in the 11th annual edition of The Musician’s Atlas 2009, on sale January, 2009. Regarded as the industry’s most comprehensive contact directory, The Atlas is used by independent musicians and entrepreneurs to market and sell music more successfully.
Developed and coordinated by Music Resource Group, publisher of The Musician’s Atlas, the Independent Music Awards program delivers a variety of premiums to Winners including:

• Year-long marketing campaigns, partnerships and distribution alliances, that will place the Winners in front of millions of music fans and industry decision makers around the world.

• The IMA Winners CD compilation will be distributed to 10,000 music fans and industry at events such as SXSW, Ozzfest, The Warped Tour throughout the year and promoted to more than 650 US & Canadian college & public radio stations.

• eMusic will promote IMA Winners to millions of their subscribers throughout 2008.

• Exposure to nearly 10 million viewers of and Havoc TV.

Music fans will be casting their votes for their favorite IMA Finalists at at the IMA Vox Populi Jukebox.

For more information on the Musician’s Atlas and the Independent Music Awards contact
Joelle Caputa ( at 973-509-9898.
For more information about DeadRingers Guild please contact: [] or check out our myspace at: []
- Music Resource Group

"DeadRingers Guild Rings Out A Good Year"

It's been a good year for the Panama City band Deadringers Guild. After forming just over a year ago, the rock and metal outfit is a finalist in the eighth annual Independent Music Awards for the best Hard Rock/Metal Song, the metal anthem "Warpath."
The four-piece group had recorded a demo, began playing locally and posted its music on the Internet. Suddenly they begin to get noticed and started to win contests. Lead/rhythm guitar player Steve Cox recalls, "We wouldn't win just one award, we would win five or six, for song of the week, lead of the week, harmony, and vocals."
Several songs by the band won awards for their blend of '80s metal and progressive rock on Web sites such as garageband. com.
While this is the eighth year for the IMAs, Deadringers Guild is the first Panama City band nominated. The worldwide competition has 50 categories in all musical genres as well as Web design, album packaging and videos. Awards are based on Internet votes and judging by a panel of professional musicians and music journalists. This year's judges include Peter Gabriel, Roger Daltrey, George Jones, Suzanne Vega, Buddy Guy and Ice T.
An IMA award often is described as an "indie Grammy" and can be a launching pad for unsigned bands. It gives them a yearlong marketing campaign and exposure to Web surfers at www. and concertgoers at every Oz Fest and Warped Tour stop across the country, as well as promotion to radio stations.
Past winners of IMA awards include The Moonie Suzuki, who are now signed to a major label and have opened sold-out concerts for the chart-topping band The Strokes.
As a finalist, the Guild will appear in the 2009 The Musicians Atlas, an industry who's who of independent musicians. The Atlas often is the catalyst that connects record labels to unsigned musicians, giving them their chance at a deal with major label.
Doing homework
The Guild is excited about the IMA competition. There is no apparent air of superiority toward other local bands past or present, although Cox says the guys decided early that they "wouldn't be just another garage band."
All of them have "done their homework," he said, researching record labels and talent scouts who might be interested. They also have taken advantage of exposure on Web sites such as
Though the band hasn't toured, it has built a local and Internet following and has honed its skills in playing gigs from Tallahassee to Los Angeles. That includes more than 20 shows at local venues such as Newby's Too and Blondie's. They plan to travel to Nashville in the new year to record a new album, with a tour to follow in 2009.
Members of the Guild range in age from 16 to 32, and all of them grew up in Panama City. Influences range from theatrical '80s metal band Iron Maiden to crooner Frank Sinatra.
This year, the Guild placed third at the Jagermeister Battle of the Bands at Club La Vela, with the youngest member, 16-year-old Jake Dreyer, awarded Guitarist of the Year 2008.
It wasn't Dreyer's first award for his guitar chops. He won a similar award at a high school battle of the bands but later was disqualified when the judges learned that he was only 13, too young to attend high school.
Band mates call Dreyer the "executioner's ax." He started taking guitar lessons at age 8, and he plans to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, once he graduates from high school. He continues to take lessons online from guitarists Chris Broderick of the band Megadeath and David Shankle of Manowar.
The sonic metronome of Drake Garrett's drums keeps the band pounding. While in middle school, Garrett experimented with woodwinds and brass, but he said he later realized he was born to beat the drums.
Lead vocalist and bassist Scott Wells picked up the violin at age 10 and has since studied music in earnest. A master of mixing sounds, both in the studio and live, Wells describes his vocal style as "strewn in chain mail."
Lead/rhythm guitar by Cox rounds out the band. He studied music first at Gulf Coast Community College and then at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. He graduated with a degree in music performance, focusing on classical guitar and jazz.
Cox then became a teacher, giving guitar lessons for seven years, which led to teaching 8-year-old Dreyer. Years later, they formed Deadringers Guild.
To listen to "Warpath," and cast your vote in the IMA competition, go to www. independentmusicawards. com and click on Jukeboxes, then 8th Annual Vox Populi. Go to the best Hard Rock/Metal Song category. Voting will be open during December.
The band doesn't know how the polling numbers look, but if it gets close, they might be convinced to shake some hands and kiss some babies. Or they might end up shaking some babies and kissing some hands.

- Grey Davis, NewsHerald

"2008 Guitarist of the Year"

Battle of the Bands

Winner of the 2008 Guitarist of the Year.

3rd Place Finisher Best Band - Jagermeister's Club La Vela

"REVIEW - DeadRinger's Guild"

DRG took the stage by storm during Club La Vela's Battle Of The Bands Saturday night. Despite their late slot, the band managed to pull off one of the most energetic, bass pounding, snare blasting, metal riffing performances to date...BAR NONE!!!

Front man Scott Wells (bass / vocals) opened the set with a personal favorite titled "War Path" during which the crowd was completely mesmerized by the obvious overall talent in this band. Scott's bass precision was tightly backed by ex - Fatal Chaos drummer Drake "The Drakester" Garrett who never missed a beat with his impressive snare and cymbal work. All six-string wizardry was articulated by guitar master Steve Cox and that sixteen year old guitar prodigy named Jake Dreyer. You may recognize Jake from his previous band Fatal Chaos, in which, he began to aspire as a talented musician. All I can say is...Steve must pack in one hell of a lesson to be turning out success stories like Jake. WOW!!!

The combination of these two talents provided a great audio experience to its listeners. Steve and Jake would switch back and forth on lead duties in order to maintain the complexity of each piece. From Steve's pentatonic soloing on "War Path"... to Jake's consistent arpeggio onslaught on "Morning Star", the audience was given total assurance of the natural pro quality of these two players.

I didn't stick around to hear who was announced as the "winner"...but we all know there was only one band that was able to "bring it".

See you on Oct 18th @ Latitudes,


"Traveling King Awards"

Traveling King: week of 7/21 (in Alt Metal) Track of the Day
Best Make Vocals
Best Guitars
Best Drums
Best Bass
Most Rocking Track
Best Production
Best Beat Overall

- GarageBand


Had to make a quick post. We went to Wahoo's on Sunday and were completely blown away by the bands that were the but in particular there was one that is required to see. All I can say for myself is "holyshit wait till you see the 16 year old rock the Double Neck like a seasoned pro"....Yes you read me correctly 16 years old and the rest of the band rocks out hardcore.... Took me back many a year... Thanks to Push Point for letting me do whatever on stage taking photos at Spinnaker the last 2 nights........all pics to be posted by Tues.
Mike---Pshitty staff
Site Update Sunday Aug. 10th

"Review DeadRingers Guild Demo"

Panama City, Florida contains one of the most interesting recently discovered in the United States. Yet DEADRINGERS GUILD remain for the moment ... Underground
One of those gems that only those who have time and desire to dig will discover, and I hope you who read!

We have to do here with a group that I will be forced to call Epic Heavy Metal, while recognizing the influences that focus on these three titles are much more varied.
Morning Star starting this demo is the most direct way, the darker the Thrash in the mood. But anyway Heavy Metal 80's and today, difficult to define.
Effective in any case, even if it lacks a little melody ...
melodies just come with the excellent Traveling King! A title that begins in ballad limit to finish 70's Heavy Metal in the fast 80's!
There is also a spirit OZZY OSBOURNE from mid 80's and Skyclad (melancholic violins). As a progressive in its intensity, which demonstrates the ability to group songs together we built and intelligent. Yes Traveling is King of Hard Rock, heavy metal that blends the spirit of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Franchement excellent!
Finally the title that ended the demo is War Path ! De la bombe bar! What title Epique
! Ca speed, attack it, it makes you want to headbang, it gives us fishing "Warriors", that's the Heavy Metal 80's updated as you like!
Melodic, powerful, convoluted and Heavy! Short perfect!

Needless to encourage you to discover this promising group! The most melodic of you should listen to the title King Traveling !

For the record the group's name comes from an English tradition of the late 1800; at that time in a city he had to make some space in a cemetery to bury other dead bodies. In opening the graves gravediggers noticed that the inside of some coffins there were traces of claws, evidence that some "dead" were not dead when placed underground. .. Shocked, the authorities have decided that from this date, all the dead would have a string attached to their hands, this string would be connected to a bell outside.
Thus "non-outs" would have a real chance to escape (hence the term I guess) and they were called ... The whistle of death (DEADRINGER)!

Style: Epic Heavy Metal Art
Part: 2 / 5
interest for fans of 80's Heavy Metal: 5 / 5
Interest in traditional metal fans in general: 4 / 5
RASKAL The French Warrior gives as noted: 18 / 20
Objective RASKAL note gives as: 18/20
- Metal Integral


3 song Demo CD Mastered:
Traveling King
Morning Star
War Path




DeadRingers Guild's song WAR PATH has just been named a 2009 Finalist in the Hard Rock/Metal Category at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards.

DeadRingers Guild guitarist Jake Dreyer is named Jagermeister's 2008 Guitarist of the Year at Club La Vela's(Largest Night Club in the U.S.A.) Battle of the Band on October 11.

We are a real metal band. Our music contains diverse rhythms, dual harmonies, shred solos and a clean yet powerful vocal style. All songs are copyrighted and we own 100% of all rights to our music. All members are ASCAP affiliated.

Our Name?
In England, during the late 1800's, graveyards found themselves running out of room to bury the recently deceased, so they decided to begin exhuming the graves of past generations and cremating the remains to make room for fresh burials. Lo and behold they discovered that one out of every few graves contained "claw marks" inside the coffin from where an unwilling or unbeknownst person had unfortunately been buried alive. After consideration, it was determined that the victims must have suffered from a catatonic state of lead-poisoning due to drinking from lead containers which brought the vital signs of the "thirstmonger" to a coma toxic form of zombification.
Hours later they awoke to the morbid realization of spending their last moments on earth pushing up daisies within a coffin. To remedy the situation, casket builders began attaching bells to the coffins and gravesites of the departed, and then bound them with cords which ran to the wrist or fingers of the "deceased". If per chance the dead were to wake from sleep they could ring the bell to notify the gravekeeper, to dig them up. These walking dead were called "Dead Ringers"

Our Music?
Our core sound is the 80's Metal Riffs, Chops, Gallops, Epic Themes and solos of Melodic, Thrash, Speed and Groove blended with minor elements of rock, blues, folk, classical and fused into our own brand of progressive metal with rich colors and vivid soundscapes . Vocally powerful and emotive with a dark passionately pure form of aggressive tones and timbres. Lyrics are positive artistic and thought provoking characterized by classic poetic/literary devices e.g. word painting, foreshadowing and golden moments.

Our Influences?
Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Dokken, Tool, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Yngwie J, Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Gordian Knot, Marty Friedman, Cacophany, Symphony X, Phish, Stavesacre, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Becoming the Archetype, and Frank Sinatra.

Members Musical History?
Scott Wells-- (former)Vocals/Bass was born in Chicago and lived in LA before making his home in Panama City,FL.

Scott (former bassist/vocalist)started playing violin at age 10. In High School he played brass instruments and guitar. Later he switched to bass and decided to give singing a try. Along the way he has had the chance to play shows with legends such as Quiet Riot, Slaughter, FireHouse, Ted Nugent and Crazy Horse. Past bands include: Soulstice, Element 115, and his own solo project Herd the Humans. Scott, who has an semi-extensive background in the computer science field, a wealth of knowledge and experience in the production and live performance arenas, and performs masterfully on the bass while executing his "strewn in chain mail" vocal style, make him an integral part of the DRG crusade.

Jake Dreyer-- (Lead Guitarist) was born and raised in Panama City, FL.

Awarded Guitarist of the Year 2008 at the Jagermeister Battle of the Bands on October 11, 2008

Jake started taking guitar lessons from Steve Cox (co-guitarist) when he was 8 years old and continued to until they became band mates together in 2007. He is currently taking online lessons with Chris Broderick(Megadeth), Bill Hudson (Power Quest, Ex-Cellador) and David Shankle (Ex-Manowar, DSG). he practices anywhere from 6-8 hours a day during the summer and around 4-6 hours when attending school. " I have a goal of attending Berklee College of Music in Boston when I graduate". He started his first band STEALTH when he was 12 years old. They played over 75 shows and opened for Lou Graham of Foreinger and John Waite at the Destin Seafood Festival with over 2,000 people in attendance. Stealth came in 1st at a local Battle of the Bands but was disqualified because Jake was only 13 at the time. An 8 song CD entitled (Pink Tutus and Christmas Sweaters) was produced with Stealth, but they eventually broke up. After Stealth disbanded he took part in a couple of other minor projects before he found Drake (drummer- DRG) through myspace and they formed the band FATAL CHAOS. They performed numerous shows with this band and recorded a 3 song demo (untitled). In October of 2007, Jake was awarded the Best Guitarist of the Year at the Stoli/Budweiser Battle of the Bands (Fatal Chaos). In December of 2007 Drake and Jake decide

Band Members