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Sayreville, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Sayreville, NJ
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Rock Acoustic



The best kept secret in music


"'Music on Broadway' Friday in Bayonne"

BAYONNE -- Musicians will fan out across the city today in various bars and restaurants as part of the town's "Music on Broadway" celebration.

Sponsored by Mayor Jimmy Davis, the Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone and BCB Bank, "Music on Broadway" will feature nine different musical acts across town -- starting at 5 p.m.

Here is a list of the musicians, locations, and times today:
Joe Taino, Pierro's Music -- 942 Broadway, 5 p.m.
George Orlando, The Vic Tavern -- 107 Hobart Ave., 5 p.m.
Paul Addie, Big Apple Sports Palace -- 414 Broadway, 6 p.m.
Dave Bandinelli, Rock Pub & Grille -- 206 Broadway, 6 p.m.
Dave Watson, Perk Up Cafe -- 317 Broadway, 6:30 p.m.
Domino Effect, San Vito's Restaurant -- 406 Broadway, 6:30 p.m.
Soggy Bottom Boys, MezCal Kitchen -- 482 Broadway, 7 p.m.
Bob Dokus, Bella Sorella's Restaurant -- 1020 Broadway,
7 p.m.
Vin Downes, K.P. Sarelli's Restaurant -- 241 Broadway,
7 p.m. - NJ.com

"Prophets of Addiction Unplugged w/ Lesli Sanders and Glenn Gilbert"

Featuring Lesli Sanders lead vocals and bass of Prophets Of Addiction formerly of legendary acts such as Pretty Boy Floyd, Queeny Blast Pop, Talks Cheap, Distractions, City Girls' Boys, and touring bassist of Marky Ramone (Ramones), Phil Lewis (LA Guns) band. Also featuring and accompanied by G.G. ( Glenn Gilbert ) lead guitar of Prophets Of Addiction and Richie Ramone.

After extensive touring the last 4 years playing well over 400 tour dates and festivals the guys will be performing acoustic dates. The Prophets will be spending much of 2018 back into the studio working on two (2) new recordings the third Prophets Of Addiction recording tentatively titled "Take Me to Your Leader" as well as a "unplugged" as of yet unnamed recording.

The duo will be performing songs from the April 2016 release “Reunite the Sinners” on Target Group / Mighty Music. That release featured guitar from the legendary Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille. Of course songs from the critically acclaimed debut CD “Babylon Boulevard" and the "Haunting Truth of My Self Portrait" and "My Eyes are Greener on the Other Side" Lesli Sanders solo release will be included as well

The Cheap Vibes

Dave Bandinelli

Rene Avila - TicketFly

"Jaded Past"

Jaded Past
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Category: Glam

Year: 2012

Label: Self Release

Catalog Number: NONE

Average Rating: 75 / 100 (1 rating)

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Jaded Past Jaded Past Album Cover
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George Becker lead vocals, guitars
Mark Mayer bass, backing vocals
Paul Francis Bergen drums
Dave Bandinelli guitar, backing vocals

1. Taken 4:09
2. Scratch The Itch 3:58
3. Hurt 3:10
4. One Step Closer 4:22
5. Roxy Roller 2:23 Cover: Sweeney Todd
6. Traces 3:48
7. Devil's Playground 3:10
8. Livin' On The Edge 3:38
9. Alone In The City 4:33
10. I Don't Like Mondays 3:43 Cover: Boomtown Rats

Total Running Time: 36:54 - heavyharmonies.com

"Jaded Past"

(Crítica por Lucas Gordon, Noviembre 2013)
Cuando uno menciona New Jersey en cuestión de rock and roll, lo primero que se suele pensar en Bon Jovi, Skid Row o porque no? Bruce Springteen, pero hay mas que ello.

Con alguito menos de cds vendidos están los Jadded Past, que con este segundo álbum buscan abrirse camino en su carrera musical.

De manera homónima salen con este cd conformado por diez canciones que se orientan a un clásico hard rock, donde la armonía vocal encuentra buena asociación con la estridencia de las seis cuerdas y la buena rítmica de la base.

El cuarteto se conforma por George Becker en voz y guitarra, Mark Mayer en bajo y coros, Paul Francis Bergen tras la batería y Dave Bandinelli en guitarra y coros, quien este último aparentemente ya no forma de la alineación presente.

“Taken” es la canción que abre la placa y arranca con un riffeo medio a lo Van Halen.

“One Step Closer” es una balada bien catchy dentro de la línea entre Faster Pussycat y Poison, mientras que “Roxy Roller” es el típico tema danzarín, juguetón, cadente con buen canto de estribillo.

La banda demuestra su gratitud a los que ya han llegado al podio de la fama con este cover de Bob Geldof, “I Don't Like Mondays”, en una versión mas cruda y un poco menos coreada que la original, con la cual ponen fin a este baile.

Si mal no recuerdo la original tenia coros femeninos cuando dice “Tell me why!”

Lo único que noto es que la mezcla le falta un poco de trabajo. Hay canciones que varían en su volumen.

Eso no afecta para nada a las buenas composiciones que se pudieran encontrar aquí, pero quien este prestando atención a detalles lo notará.

La portada esta buena, hay un graffiti debajo de la palabra Jaded Past en negro, que hubiera puesto con letras menos relacionadas con las pandillas, pero ayudada con la foto de retiro de portada, dejan en claro que no hacen hip hop, sino un potente hard rock!

Tracklist Taken, Scratch the Itch, Hurt, One Step Closer, Roxy Roller, Traces, Livin On the Edge, Devil's Playground, Alone in the City, I Don't Like Mondays
Músicos -George Becker: Vocales, Guitarras
-Mark Mayer: Bajo
-Paul Francis Bergen: Batería
-Dave Bandinelli: Guitarras
Producción -----
Género Hard Rock
País Estados Unidos
Compañía Indie
Web www.jadedpast.com - http://www.mundorock.org

"Jaded Past & Trixter The Stanhope House Stanhope, NJ April 12, 2014"

It’s been a LOOONG time since we’ve talked about our old friends in TRIXTER here at rockeyez.com but Saturday April 12 at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey would mark their first appearance (of what we hope to be many more) in the area for 2014. Sharing the stage with another one of Jersey’s finest JADED PAST, this promised to be a night to remember… and it certainly was for more reasons than one both good AND bad.

So let’s start with “the bad”…

I should have known simply by the slogan of a venue which bills itself as “the Last Great American Roadhouse” because in essence… it certainly was! The only thing truly missing was “chicken-wire” in front of the stage! But seriously, it wasn’t a “horrible” venue when I think about some of the sleazy dives I have been to in my lifetime but for an event of this magnitude, the cramped set up of the main concert area and the fact that the stage area was literally only about 15, maybe 20 feet long and elevated only about a foot (if that) off the floor made the entire experience very uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

It didn’t start off bad, mind you. We arrived just moments before JADED PAST would hit the stage. At that time, people were still hanging out in the bar areas, sitting at their tables and the small floor area in front of the stage itself was still pretty open. We squeezed our way in through the tight seating area aligned with tables and support beams finding a quiet little corner just before the thin hallway leading to the bathrooms and kitchen area where Mark (Balogh) and I would park ourselves for the rest of the evening while Brian (Rademacher) continued on to the floor area where he could shoot the show. And even as JADED PAST hit the stage and launched into their set opener “Legs Up,” the floor area remained pretty open leaving both Mark and I to thinking, “ok… this is manageable.” But we had NO idea what was yet to come.

Anyway, as far as JADED PAST goes, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t say that I knew all that much about this band coming into the night, however, what I was familiar with was lead vocalist/ guitarist George Becker’s former band WICKED SIN who were a popular local act with that west coast glam/ sleaze rock sound… back in the day… and a sound I was never a huge fan of so I expected this to be pretty much the same, but it wasn’t! Even though Becker’s voice still maintains hints of that old vibe (ala singers like Steve “Sex” Summers (PRETTY BOY FLOYD)), it combines perfectly with the rich rhythm section of bassist Mark Mayer and drummer Paul Francis Bergen along with the impressive lead guitar work of Dave Bandinelli (whose physical appearance reminds me of that of BOWLING FOR SOUPS’s guitarist Chris Burney only with a shorter goatee and about 150lbs lighter!) to produce a thick, edgy hard-rock sound with touches of a melodic rock flair. Even when they reached into their archives to perform WICKED SIN’s “Lonely Heart,” it just wasn’t the same which is a GOOD thing. With their more modern, mature and straight-forward hard-rock sound and image, JADED PAST is definitely a band I will be keeping my eye on.

From their debut CD available right from their website www.jadedpast.com or CDBaby, the band performed four tracks including the fan-favorite and video “Hurt,” two of my favorites; the electric-acoustic driven “One Step Closer” and EASILY JADED PAST’s best recording to date, the catchy, melodic “Taken” and the high-energy “Living On The Edge.” In addition, the set included covers of THE BEATLES’ “Ticket To Ride” and one of the best renditions of the ROLLING STONES classic “Gimmie Shelter” I have ever heard where Bandinelli just went OFF lifting the crowd to its feet for the first time and bringing their set to a triumphant end. Really enjoyed these guys and look forward to hearing more in the future.

So as the JADED PAST set drew to a close, the “tiny” floor area began to fill in more and more AND MORE which (under normal circumstances) would be a good thing to see such a turn out and support for the bands. However, as I mentioned, the stage was only elevated about a foot so unless you forced yourself up to within 3 feet of the stage OR were at minimum 6’5” tall, by the time TRIXTER had to be forcibly escorted through the now shoulder-to-shoulder packed crowd, the ONLY thing you could see of Steve (Brown) or PJ (Farley) for the rest of the night were from just about their eye-balls up! With an occasional glimpse of lead vocalist Pete Loran’s head from time to time when he would stand on a milk crate on the front of the stage and ANY hope of seeing drummer Mark “Gus” Scott disappeared the second he sat down behind his kit! It was so ridiculous, in fact, that Mark and I were laughing just thinking about what would happen if Steve tried one of his signature jumps! His head would have gone right through the ceiling for Christ’s sake and the truly sad thing is that’s NOT even an exaggeration!

So I guess you could say, yeah… we saw TRIXTER that night but didn’t really SEE TRIXTER, well, except for Brian who, being a “trooper,” stuck it out in the midst of the hot, sweaty crowd in order to get some of these amazing shots you are seeing. But as for me and Mark, FUCK THAT SHIT! Our days of forcing ourselves into a smelly, hot, sweaty sardine-can floor area where the crowd is so tightly packed your arms are virtually glued to your side all night cutting off just about any hint of circulation ARE OVER! As I said, I have been to some sleazy, dingy, holes-in-the-wall in my life but at the VERY least, you could see the band! With a stage that low to the ground, The Stanhope House is certainly not a venue you would ever want to see a performer of this magnitude at as it makes the whole experience unenjoyable and disappointing.

The ONLY redeeming aspect of the evening was the performance itself because TRIXTER was definitely ON performing one of their best sounding shows I have ever heard.

Steve Brown was simply ON FIRE as his fingers danced across the fret board spitting out guitar solos, fills and improvs all night long with the vivacity of a true, seasoned elite guitarist electrifying the songs both old and new. And the rest of the band caught on pretty quick starting right from the top with vocalist Pete Loran who was simply in perfect voice. No, he may not have attempted all of the super-high notes he once delivered back in the day but the ones he did hit were dead-on and his more mature vocal style especially shined on tracks like “Road of a Thousand Dreams,” “Line of Fire” and “Tattoos and Misery” from their latest release “New Audio Machine.” And as the set continued on, you could almost literally feel Farley and Scott pushing the envelope further and further building the tempo and almost challenging the rest of the band to keep up while delivering a performance this writer has not heard in years.

I truly enjoyed the set list as well as TRIXTER changed it up a little bit from the sets we have become familiar with over the past few years. Sure, they played all the old favorites like “Heart Of Steel,” “Bad Girl,” their signature ballad “Surrender,” One In A Million” and “Play Rough” but in addition they included such gems as “On The Road Again,” their set opener “My Machine” also from “New Audio Machine” and a VERY cool addition in “Ride The Whip.” Then finally rounding off the evening was a high-octane rush starting with a killer version of “Rockin’ Horse” followed by an extended version of their first hit “Give It To Me Good” and finally (AND to my surprise) a very cool rendition of the BEASTIE BOYS’ “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” where they not only invited some family and friends up on stage to join them but ALL switched instruments as well starting with PJ jumping behind the kit, Pete taking over on lead guitar, Steve slapping along on the bass and none other than Mark “Gus” Scott leading the charge on vocals! What an awesome, AWESOME surprise… the likes of which hasn’t been seen from these guys since probably around 1995! Sure wish I could have actually SEEN IT!!!

What a TREMENDOUS set… but still, no “Coolest Thing” which I STILL maintain is THE best song this band has ever recorded and should EASILY be treated as TRIXTER’s mantra! I honestly don’t know if these guys realize just what a brilliant, BRILLIANT arrangement it is and despite all the success they have had with their other songs, “Coolest Thing” NEEDS to be heard! Oh well, guess I’ll just file it away on my TRIXTER “bucket List.”

So was the trip worth it? After a performance like that I would have to say a commanding YES! But as far as the venue goes, it would take a PINK FLOYD reunion to EVER get me to go out of my way to go up there again. God I miss Dexter’s or even the old days of Studio One or Club Bene… but there’s still MEXICALI’s! Come on guys… let’s do this again in a REAL venue REAL soon! Till next time… - Rock Eyez

"Fistacuffs at Dingbatz - Clifton, NJ - 9.23.11"

An up and coming New Jersey local band that covers everything from when Rock ruled and Metal dominated! / Vocals: Butch Padula / Guitar: Tom Shauger / Guitar: Dave Bandinelli / Bass: Rich Tanis / Drums: Greg Merkle/ Captured by Susan Rumpf and Clifford Rumpf / Imagine This Design - Flickr


Power Pop, Heavy Rock
Pistol Paranoia is an original band from the Union/Springfield area. Formed in early 2016 with Ron Nole on Bass and lead vocals, Dave Bandinelli on guitar, and Pistol Pete Casesse on drums. The bands sound combines a mixture of power pop and heavier rock performing at north jersey clubs, parks, and V.F.W. halls. - Maplewood Civic

"Jersey Syndicate at Bar A Tonight - The Aquarian Weekly Jersey show of the week"

By Patrick Slevin

The Jersey Syndicate - Guitarist Shaun Cooney, Drummer Mike Sasso, Guitarist Dave Bandinelli, Vocalist Dayna Jade, former Bassist Jason Kelleher (not pictured Bassist Dan Bourguet)
For a group that never set out to pursue a specific sound, Jersey’s own

Jersey Syndicate

have made a name for themselves playing with some of the biggest names in ‘80s metal. In fact, their debut show was at the House Of Blues in Atlantic City opening for Twister Sister in front of a crowd of 2,500. Not bad for their first time out.

“It's something that just happened,” says drummer Mike Sasso. “We have just been very lucky with the opportunities we've had. Playing with all these national acts has been amazing. We never started out with the intention of being an ‘80s sounding band. [Now] our goal is to break away from some of the ‘hair metal’ acts and play with more modern sounding bands.”

The female-fronted six-piece has had quite a few successes over the years, being invited to perform multiple sets in 2006 at the Rocklahoma festival. Matter of fact, they’ve put themselves in a position to turn down large festival appearances, such as this year’s Rock Gone Wild Music Festival in Iowa, due to the recent lineup change with Dayna Jade as the band’s new frontwoman.

Jersey Syndicate’s lineup is one thing that’s remained a little more in flux than what might be comfortable, with Sasso being the sole member since that first performance. “The problem that I see that affects the lineup is finding the right dedicated musicians who understand that you play original music for the love of playing music,” explains Sasso. “You play in a cover band because you like to play, but are really into it for the money. I've had a few cover band musicians in the lineup over the course of a couple of years. And every single one of them could not understand why the project wasn't bringing in the cash like their cover bands were. We’re playing the big rooms, opening for national acts, but not pulling in the couple of hundred a man that they'd get in their cover bands. That creates tension.”

But it hasn’t prevented them from playing out religiously. The act performs tonight at Bar A - NJ.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Dave Bandinelli is a veteran performing and recording artist.  Dave has performed on hundreds of stages throughout the eastern half of the US in both cover and original bands.  In addition to performing, Dave has worked privately as a guitar instructor and appears on two CD releases.  Besides performing as an acoustic solo artist, Dave is also a member of the classic rock band Earthgrinders and the original punk band Pistol Paranoia. 

The solo acoustic show is a raw and intimate evening of entertaining, feel-good classic, modern and party rock and country that everyone knows, loves, toe-taps to and sings along with.

Band Members