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Daphne Eckman

Annapolis, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | AFM

Annapolis, Maryland, United States | AFM
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Daphne Eckman’s new peppy indie-folk release ‘Jackson Pollock’ entangles a warm energy and cathartically empowering message of moving on"

The upcoming singer-songwriter Daphne Eckman calls herself a “professional over-feeler”, and her intimate genre-blending of indie-rock and acoustic-folk makes for the perfect stage to unleash any array of heartfelt emotions. Based in Annapolis, Daphne has spent the last year touring with her five-piece band around the east coast of America, flavourfully filling rooms with a musical edge only possible through her multitude of weaving layers. Inspired by Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell, Pinegrove, Daphne’s sound is familiar and yet completely original too, and her newest offering ‘Jackson Pollock’ is sure to prove why she’s not someone to let pass by your radar.

Warm, peppy and a little bit intimate too, ‘Jackson Pollock’ spills through your earphones or speakers with a paired-back indie-folk feel that’ll whisk you away, energetic but minimal all at once. Led in by acoustic guitar strums and Daphne’s haunting vocals, the track right away paints an easy-going, slightly personal feel, almost as though you’re watching the main character of a movie read their diary aloud with a perceived level of privacy and confidence in how they choose to speak freely. Thudding drum beats weave into the sound amidst a slow finger-picked guitar riff, progressively building in intensity as things tumble along, all the while Daphne’s vocals airily glide through a higher, self-assured range unafraid to posses a dominant delivery you’ll get looped in your head right away. The chorus picks up with the addition of some intermittent male backing vocals amidst a grittier electric guitar undertone and later some unexpected but wonderfully fitting horns and claps that make for unique layers of instrumental sounds. Ebbing, flowing and evolving the entire way through, ‘Jackson Pollock’ is a lively concoction of sounds that wraps you inside of its patchwork of elements like you’re a part of its journey too, enchanted by Daphne’s open-hearted spilling of thoughts and feelings while not for a second letting the sound feel anything but vibrant.

Infused with a spirt of empowerment, ‘Jackson Pollock’ began for Daphne as a manifesto to an ex about refusing to tolerate being treated terribly, but shortly morphed into a chaotic unleashing of complete freedom and unfiltered honesty. Cathartic in its releasing of bottled-up emotions, Daphne sings ‘leaves change, maybe I should change too. On my way home I stepped on one, I heard a crack and I hoped it was you’, a very much brutally dark admission of the torment she’s been holding within, building up a hateful resentment for someone she once loved. Interlinking with her title, the rose-tinted glasses Daphne once wore slip off throughout ‘Jackson Pollock’, particularly within the line ‘I saw Jackson Pollock instead of a mess’ that reminds sometimes being swept-up in love can make you blissfully ignorant to the piling red flags that pass you by. As she spills out with all these thoughts, the painful admission that ‘I wish I was brave, I’d say it to your face’ shows the shell she was forced to sink into, still unable to speak freely about the hurt she’s been put through unless it’s indirectly. Promoting a message of finally garnering your courage and walking away from someone who doesn’t offer you the love you deserve, ‘Jackson Pollock’ is a completely mesmerising, almost poetic penning of a heart-wrenching journey that feels deeply personal. - Existential Magazine

"Daphne Eckman delivers new single 'Jackson Pollock'"

After spending the last few years delivering a wealth of warm and riveting releases, US singer-songwriter Daphne Eckman is back once again to offer up her woozy new single 'Jackson Pollock'.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut album 'Where You Left Me', which is set to land later this year, 'Jackson Pollock' makes for a brilliantly bright and uplifting listen. With her sweet and emotive vocals layered across a shimmering pop-rock production from start to finish, she is continuing to cement herself as one of the more captivating names on the rise with this one.

While these last few years have certainly been a great time for self-discovery and innovation, 'Jackson Pollock' shows that she still has plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to pursue. With such a firm and confident grasp over her direction throughout, we can't wait to hear what this new full-length has in store for us as well.

Have a listen to 'Jackson Pollock' in the player below. - Mystic Sons

"Daphne Eckman offers up the wondrous new single 'Jackson Pollock'"

Ever since she first broke through with her stunning debut single 'Cannibal' in 2021, US singer-songwriter Daphne Eckman has been on an exceptional run. Turning out a wonderfully alluring array of releases in recent years, as well as touring around the east coast with her five-piece band, she is now back once again to deliver her shimmering new effort 'Jackson Pollock'.

Honing another warm and heady dose of vibrant textures for her latest outing, she is continuing to showcase some beautifully embracing songwriting once again. Brimming with this rich and captivating ideal that heightens her sweeping voice throughout, 'Jackson Pollock' is another shining example of her immersive direction to date.

Set to appear on her forthcoming debut album 'Where You Left Me' alongside the recent gems 'Iris' and 'Ghost', this new offering marks a vital moment within her career to date. While many in her field focus on what they think will work, Daphne Eckman is breaking the mould in its entirety and creating some beautifully mesmerising delights as a result.

Enjoy 'Jackson Pollock' below. - Flex Music Blog


debut album 'where you left me' set to release 1/14/2023

Jackson Pollock (released 07/28/23) - last single from debut record

Another Year (released 01/01/23) - christmas song

Ghost (released 10/21/22) - second single off debut record 

Iris (released 07/04/2022) - first single off debut record

Cannibal - single version (released 10/07/2021)



Daphne Eckman is only kind of sorry about making you cry. The Annapolis, Maryland-based indie folk singer-songwriter creates an unapologetic space for catharsis: inspiring not just tears, but laughter, scream-singing, and stomp-the-floor angst, too. Eckman’s five piece band (whose members are affectionately referred to as “the ladies”) is devoted to musical and emotional arrangement, creating impact in every moment. Eckman has opened for Nancy Wilson of Heart, Bailen, Deb Talen of The Weepies, and Vanessa Carlton. Eckman’s debut album “where you left me”, releasing January 2024, highlights her relationships and quest for autonomy in her early 20’s, with singles “iris”, “ghost”, and “jackson pollock” already published and paving the way. Filtering acoustically driven songs through folk and indie rock influences such as Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers, Radiohead, and Big Thief, Daphne Eckman wears her heart on her sleeve as she rips yours out: all with a guitar and a smile

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