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Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop R&B





“Wow I love this beat it sounds so good. If I was at a party and I heard this I would definitely start dancing to this song. I love the rap and how he started talking Jamaican in his lyrics. His rhymes sound really good. He is really talented. This is something that I would download on my phone and listen to wherever I go. I think that he should make more raps like this because I enjoyed every word. I'm a big fan of rap so I thought this was really interesting to listen to.”

“nice vocals. nice melody tune. nice instruments variety in this song, song is very positive. the lyrics are so meaningful and lovely, they're positive and inspirational and i think it would target an age group about 85 plus. they would love to hear this song and would never stop listening to this beautiful son.”

“Sounds a little like Wilson Pickett. Track is distorted. Inter-modulation distortion drowning sax, over modulation. Vocals not bad. Not a very good recording. UN-professionally presented. Nevertheless a foot tapper. Not my kind of music. A little too repetitive to my liking.”

“Melody is good. Rhythm is wonderful. The bridge makes me wanna cry. I love the way that the artist tell the listener a story. The lyrics hold so much value. It makes me wanna jam all day. The groove is off the charts. So much swag is coming from this artist. It makes me feel uplifted and amazing to listen to this song. The lyrics are very delicious. Amen”

“During parts of the song there seems to be too much music and vocals. Instead of blending together they seem to be clashing as if trying to out compete the other, and the result is just a mass of noise. In particular, the loud booming instrument (sounds a bit like an electronic trumpet)sounds really distorted, as if it 's been played too loud through bad speakers. The rest of the song seems okay, although it 's not really the type of music I like. One thing I definitely liked, however, were the background vocals. The song has potential, but in my view it still needs some small alterations.”

“This song has a lot of distortion, it doesn't deliver a very strong message. Playing the horns over and over again is very distracting and takes away from the potential of the song. It lacks a good story and it would have been better if there were some female backup singers somewhere in the song. In my opinion, this song does not have potential to be a hit. I rate it at a two.”

“Catchy beat, great summertime tune feels very fresh and chilling, lyrics are also delightful, god use of other song lyrics and media references potentially a catchy summer song, although the typical money references which make the song seem pretentious”

“Not sure if I like the brass at the beginning behind it but when the beat kicks in it definitely complements it. Lyrics are good and are at a good pace with the music. It 's definitely a head-popping song and my heads bopping whilst listening”

“That Beat!!! this sound professional!! back to some old school shiznit, the MC got some lyrical skills with sounds like these this is certainly a name to look out for in the future. this tracks got everything a hip-hop song needs a good hook and some hot verses.”

“The beat is a little bit overpowered, it sounds too bassy and distorts the whole sound of the song and makes it crackle a little. It also gets in the way of the other music and doesn't allow it to enter the song sufficiently. The rapping is generally clear and has a decent flow, so it 's a shame that the beat just gets in the way of everything. I think it would be better with a toned down beat.”

“this really is a bit on the riveting side here, the music is very much candid, there full of range and has a depth to it. the singer in this has a presence, not so much in a tune full way, but in a style that is very much in tune with the music. this is creative. the lyrics to this have a bounce to it. pretty full is this mix”

“At the opening of this tune, the band plays with an interesting chord progression. There is a lot of confusion going on in this tune. I don't care for the unusual sound that is coming out of the melody. The rapper that is speaking has good timing and good rhythm. The lyrics of this song are hidden behind the music and behind the improper annunciation of the vocal. Closer to the end of the song, the lyrics are easier to hear. I would suggest that you take out the chording that sounds like Batman is on the run. Those chords cause the song to sound really odd.”

“Like the way he made a sound when this song first came in and then the sound came up high and he started incorporating slowly using sounds. Okay thought those were the main vocals but they are not. The main vocals are great and I love the fast
pace and how he comes down lower and you can hear what great rhythm he has. I love how the vocal sounds are continuing to incorporate.”

“The first impression is quite rough about this song, mostly because of the quite confusing and raw touches in the accompaniment. That 's just the tip of the iceberg really, because the rest of the arrangement seems to stick to the same, confusing and distortion packed approach, and give little chance for a clear impact. Frankly, only the vocal layer seems to get along fine with this whole thing, and even if I overlook the repetitive feeling in the instrumental line up, there are issues that
shouldn't. The distortion brought along by the accompaniment, whichever song was mixed up for it, is something extremely obvious and must be cleaned up. The expressive and dynamic vocal performance and the punchy lyrics can't handle everything, so keeping the right volume level, contrast and balance should be paramount for this song.”

“This sounds like something that Seun or Fela Kuti and his band would produce. The only thing is that is sounds more like a sample. Then you hear the vocals from a male artist who mentions about the motherland. I like the emceeing. The instruments that you hear is the bass, percussion instruments, trumpets, and other live instruments. This is a great sound.”

“This track has a very funky and yet classy sort of feel to the beginning of this song. I see myself being on a yacht, though as the song progresses it 's less class and more modern grunge dance. Surprisingly, I enjoy the merge in musical differences and it 's refreshing and attractive to the ear. The male singer has a voice that is confidant and easy to listen to. The lyrics are enunciated well, and while the subject matter is something a lot of artists enjoy singing about, the word choices and couplets are original and creative sounding. Production and recording levels are professional, and over all I'd say this song is definitely
radio or club ready. I'd give this an 9/10.”

“This track has a strong rhythm and fairly unique intro that leads into a decent melody. The variety of instruments are well mixed and finely balanced with the vocals. The vocals themselves are competently performed and show good artistic talent. The song has some commercial potential and could do well in the right market.”

“This starts off with a hot vibe that is creatively done and very unique a hyped song that makes you want to dance. The song has a great vibe that makes you want to listen. I can see this being a great song. I love the vibe of this song I can see this being a song that gets a lot of attention. Adult content. A song that makes you want to dance. A hip hop song that gets you going. The rap is in harmony with the music. A great track.”

“Nice percussion. I like the horn section, the voice over at the beginning is cool (reminiscent of Wu-Tang). Expected more of a jazz tune, then all of a sudden -= BOOM =- was taken to another level. I love it. The vocalist is on point (WHO IS THIS???!) Love the references to other rappers. I actually listened to the whole song (first time) and I think I will see if I can find this song on the internet! You got it!! You really GOT IT! Good job!”

“The percussion is really good! I liked the sample at the beginning. The horns are okay but a little repetitive. It needs a little variation. The background whoa's are good to but also repetitive. The rapping is good though and I like the chorus.”

“nice work on recording and blending the different elements of the track together. Good vocals. The track keeps the audience attention. This is a very likable track. The male vocals could be just a bit louder in the track. Track changes very well from one movement to another.” - SOUNDOUT


Still working on that hot first release.



Growing up listening mostly to Hip Hop and R&B, and being influenced by artistes like Jay Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, The Roots, Tupac, Twista, 112, he describes himself as Hip Hop conscious.

DanO is not just another rapper, he is also a singer and songwriter, and plays several musical instruments, with a bias for the piano and drums. He started writing Hip Hop Music in 2004, and experimenting with open mic sessions.

In 2010, he put out his first song on youtube, a freestyle to Kanye West’s “So Appalled”, generating great response from fellow youtubers and gathering him a fan base. Soon after, he was performing at shows - Montclair State University (Montclair NJ), Fiso Lounge (Philly, PA), Marriot, Virginia Beach, VA For A DEFJAM Showcase, and In Brooklyn NY at Brooklyn Nights, where he opened up for Cory Gunz (Young Money New Artist). In this same year, DanO started work on his mixtape, which he titled “Hooks & Verses”, released in February 2012.

In 2013, DanO released "Verses & Hooks 2" with singles "Do For You", "Sounds Of The Motherland" and "Destined To Shine" featured on various Hip Hop sites such as  DJ BOOTH, ITSBIZKIT, Karen Civil, just to name a few, which gradually grew a fan base for the Nigerian-Born MC. 

DanO is Currently working on "Verses and Hooks 3" which features, "STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM" Producer MIKE ZOMBIE" "RED SPYDA" , BUCKWILD,  LITTLE VIC, just to name a few.

He is currently not signed to any record label.

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