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Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop




"Video Premiere: Dacav5, 'Dirty Style'"

I know, we're still wiping our tears about the third season of "Jersey Shore" ending too, but here's a little something to hold you over until it returns -- Philadelphia pop/hip hop group Dacav5's video for their song "Dirty Style." It's basically "Jersey Shore: The Musical," complete with tattoos, fist pumps, and yes, a cameo by "Jersey Shore"'s Angelina herself. So let's keep this party going, shall we?

Dacav5's "Dirty Style" short could only be described as a higher caliber Shakespearean sonnet, ruminating eloquently on those age-old themes that only the most learned of poets have attempted to articulate: loneliness, death, and the transience of life. JK!!! It's about partying!!!!!! And Dacav5 is really good at it!!!!!

"Dirty Style" has got all the entertainment essentials -- synchronized grinding, a game of strip poker, a "Beer Helmet Cam," and, oh, a cameo by Jersey Shore's very own Angelina. Best to go straight to the source when you want that authentic party vibe, right? And we might be a little premature here, but we're gonna go ahead and call Dacav5's "Dirty Style" the "Shots" of 2011. As in, the LMFAO classic. Now, if you'll excuse me -- I have a glittery T-shirt to iron. - MTV BUZZWORTHY

"Party Patrol"

Prepare to “sweat your weaves out,” people. Coming straight outta the city of brotherly love is DaCav5, an electro-pop band armed with its own party rock anthems. Like LMFAO, DaCav5 specializes in crazed, pitch-bent beats that burrow down into your brain and command your body to move. “Dirty Style” has a whiff of “Party Rock Anthem,” kicking off with a big, fat, bassy beat. Add defiant mantras like “I don’t care what people say, Ima party anyway,” with a sexy female refrain and you’ve got yourself a hit. David Guetta, eat your heart out. “Party Started” does exactly what it proposes to do. The track gets underway with orchestral pulses and edgy vocal stylings. “Bitch get back, you know the kid got swag.” The kid definitely has swag. Make that all five kids. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some partying to do. - OurStage


I have been waiting for an opportunity where I can get an exclusive interview with these boys and lovely lady from Philadelphia and I am almost positive that once this post goes live on here and on EatSleepBreatheMusic.com they’re going to give me a few minutes of their time but for now all I have are some staggering numbers and music nesting in my brain. So let me give you the break down of all this noise I’m tossing at you now.

DaCav is the newest great thing to escape out of Fly-delphia since Charlie, Mac, Sweet Dee and Dennis reminded us that it is okay to hide Danny Devito naked in a leather sofa. In other words these young artists like to play with a “Dirty Style”.

Brian, Mikey P, Kristyn and Mike make up an eclectic group for an eclectic, fusion and pop-club sound. In fact their club track from 2011 “Dirty Style” was premiered during an airing of ‘Jersey Shore’ as ‘Buzzworthy’ material. Unfortunately MTV loves, loves, loves embracing a lack of follow through and that just enrages me because the popularity of DaCav is growing a year after that release.

Check it, my boys at SIRIUS XM got it right when DaCav jumped on to their top 20 list this summer with their Summer single “Na Na Na” and the group will without a doubt catch more air time on terrestrial radio now that it is club season and not out-door concert season anymore. (Screw You Sweat Soaked Bonaroo Crowds). People I think its time to sweat and dance with a little more excitement because the sounds coming out of their studio is nothing but ear blasting and catchy to the point of insanity! Currently “Na Na Na” (don’t kid yourself cus you know it’s going to infest your playlist at work) has over 340,000 thousand views. Now that’s money-making numbers right there.

To “To The Sky” in one week has received 27,895 views on YouTube and I am only hoping that this is their next single. This is going to be my pub crawl theme song this fall! Check out DaCav and don’t be scared to bounce with the crew and give your girl a little horse dance. Just don’t tell her you think Kristyn is a stone cold hottie. MEOW!

Their song “Tetris” has gotten (hold on to your butts) 1,118,173 views on YouTube and rising!!! Over a million hits that’s something I am giving the “YouTube Sensation” stamp of approval on.

I’m OUT!!! - Hipsters and Yuppies / EatSleepBreatheMusic.com

"DaCav music video features Clique Vodka"

DaCav is a group from Philly who hit us up about their upcoming video for To The Sky. We have spent years studying the Philadelphia market planning our expansion for Clique Vodka. So when we had the chance to work with DaCav on their upcoming video, we were completely on board.

Finally today, DaCav released the video for To The Sky featuring Clique Vodka. This type of song is instantly one that immediately gets stuck in your head. The video features a summer pool party with a lot of beautiful women, good music, and Clique Vodka flowing! Check it out and let us know what you think.

DaCav is an eccentric group of extremely fun individuals. Consisting of B-Roc, Mikey P, Kristyn and Michael Cartel, these Philly natives have the lively personalities to back up their addiction to getting the party started! Starting off back in 2006 by winning the Philly Idol Competition, they knew the road for them had just begun.

Since then they have been moving upward, performing with the likes of Rihanna, Pussy Cat Dolls, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, and Flo Rida, just to name a few. They have also received the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Breakout Philly Artist” and were featured in and wrote five tracks for the feature film “Standing Ovation”.

Coming off the success of their recent single release, Dirty Style, DaCav is ready to hit the ground running with their EP “Party Mode”. Including chantey songs such as Na Na Na and To The Sky, Party Mode is a necessity for any get together! Not to mention a feature by none other than the Jump Smokers on the song, Sexy Body (Marilyn Monroe).

Look out for them, the sky’s the limit for this group.

Check out more with DaCav: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram - Faded Industry


Clubkid pranksters DaCav are back with “NaNaNa,” a chant-driven party-ready track that might just get stuck in your head. They return with one less guy in the mix which explains the 5 excised from ‘dacav5.’ The remaining members develop more into archetypes of aspiring dj, street mc, muscle head and hot chick while aiming to poke fun at themselves along the way. Imagine the offspring of Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO by way of the Jersey Shore for a frame of reference. Blending varying elements of electro beats, ragga toasting, “Din Daa Da”-esque stuttered chants, sirens, and sexy female vocals, a song is created that is better than the sum of its parts. The video further reinforces the fact that DaCav are all about having a good time and don’t take themselves too seriously. They definitely aren’t afraid to experiment with any fetish out there: chains, plashes, trannies, musclemen, snakes and more. I personally would love to locate the computer speakers that emit such an overpowering volume of sound in the video that cause harm to the elderly. Equipped with last summer’s club hit “Dirty Style,” Sexy Body (featuring the Jump Smokers) and “Na Na Na,” DaCav’s new EP Party Mode is definitely worth checking out. - notabledance.com

"DaCav5 - Fresh N Fly"

What makes up a championship team? A strong army? A successful group? Bringing people together to create a winning combination is all about having a common vision and passion. In music, it's also about having creative synergy and a long-term plan of action.

The four members of DaCav5 come from different backgrounds and perspectives, yet they are able to mesh their talents into a unified sound that is already resonating in the clubs and on radio.

Yo! Raps touched base with DaCav5 members Benofficial and Mikey P who appeared in the hit MTV reality series From G's To Gents.

For our readers who are not already familiar with you and your music please give us a breakdown of who DaCav5 are?

Benofficial: DaCav5 is a group from the South Jersey/Philly area. The group consists of four members, B-Roc, Benoffical, Mikey P and Mike-eee. We like to think that we really don't have a genre. We are eclectic in every sense because we are inspired by such a broad range of music. We try and reach a broad audience so we draw comparisons to a pop group, that is Hip-Hop based.

What does DaCav5 actually stand for?

Mikey P: DaCav is short for The Cavalary... the 5 represents the 5 elements that make up our movement and that is our 4 members and the 5th element is all of you; the fans, the DJs that play our music etc. we are an army and we have created a big movement and we could not have not gotten this far without that 5th element.

You are all from different backgrounds yet you work so well together, how come? Do you never have a clash of personalities?

Benofficial: Well we believe in a common goal; trying to become successful as a group and we all have good senses of humor. With this many personalities, and ideologies, some times there are issues internally. Every group is going to have its differences. Just like you do with your family. When your around each other a lot and growing together, there will be differences in opinion. However, it's a testament to how much we believe in each other and respect each other, the way we stick together and continue to build!

How long have you all had a hand in music? Was it something you all wanted to do from an early age?

Benofficial: Myself, I have always loved music. I came up off my pop playing Motown, and Doo-Wop records at the house. Then I was a big Michael Jackson fan. But, I embraced Hip-Hop at a really young age, and I used to always kick freestyles on the low. Eventually I took it more serious and started battle rapping. That's when B-Roc started encouraging me to be more of an artist and start making more songs. I wake up today and I'm in a Pop/Hip-Hop group? [Laughs] It has been quite a transition to say the least!

Where do you take your influence from and who are some artists you look up to?

Benofficial: My influence comes from life and parties. I like seeing people having fun, and being able to deliver that message in music. On the other hand, sometimes we will kick freestyles about whatever is on our mind, politically, personally, whatever. That all comes from being a diverse individual I think. Over the years I have listened to all different types of music. In my 6 disk changer right now, I have Jay-Z, Buju Banton, Panic At The Disco, Otis Redding, Ghostface, and a Crooklyn Clan Club Mashup Mixed CD.

Mikey P you appeared in MTV's show from G's To Gents, what was that like for you?

Mikey P: Being on G's To Gents was a great time, it was an extremely different experience for myself and something that I never expected to be doing. All in all I would have to say that it was worth it, because it was just another outlet to promote DaCav5 and myself as well. I wish I stayed on the show a little longer, but hey... everything happens for a reason! Never know, you keep your eyes open and you might see me pop up some more on your TV screen!

How was it working with Fonzworth Bentley? Any behind the scenes info that you can reveal?

Mikey P: Mr. Bentley is a real cool dude, he was always chilling with us on set, cracking jokes, shooting the shit. He also took us out to some clubs after the show finished airing and just showed us that he wasn't just there to do this show and be out. He actually respected us and enjoyed being there. I got nothing but respect for Fonzworth. What behind the scenes stuff can I reveal? Well, I can say that everything you see may not or is not what it is. A lot of the scenes were scripted, the producers "guide" a lot of the conversations, and those elimination ceremonies took place at like 4am and it takes like two hours to go through that process! But hey, everything good comes with a little bad.

It has been said that most of your fans are ladies, what do you think of that? Surely it's a good thing but also restricting that you are only reaching one part of potentially massive fan base?

Benofficial: I don't worry about whether or not guys view us differently because of our strong female fan following. We love the ladies, and a real man knows how to cater to his woman anyway. Besides, most times in the club, guys spend their time standing around, eyeing each other up, or staring down girls dancing (maybe to our music at that) so it's only natural that these type of characters aren't going to give us credit. I mean realistically, that's why we call our album Guilty Pleasure, some people don't want to like us, but sometimes they can't help it. Not to mention we can get lyrical on these jokers whenever, we just choose to make mainstream music and the ladies love us for it!

You have gained some major noise in your area, what's it like to know people are recognizing your hard work and talent?

Benofficial: Having a strong local buzz has been great. We appreciate the support we get, and when people acknowledge the growth and success of our movement, it's extremely gratifying.

You have had the pleasure of opening for some big named artists in your time so far including Nelly Furtado, JoJo, Sean Kingston and Maroon 5. That is a huge accomplishment for any artist but what does it mean to you personally?

Benofficial: Personally, opening up for major artists has been more about motivation then anything to me. I like to watch pieces of other artist's sets, and I love to see the crowd's reactions. Especially being that we have done shows with such a diverse range of artists. I like to measure our performance and crowd feedback to that of the established artists.

What projects are you currently working on? Can we look forward to an album anytime soon?

Benofficial: Well, right now we are finishing up our album called Guilty Pleasure and it has been a long time coming. It is just a matter of putting on some finishing touches then release what the fans and industry deserves! February 10th, 2009! Other than that look out for some upcoming songs we have written appearing in some films, we are going Hollywood baby!

To date and excluding your current projects what has been the most successful release you have had to date on a personal level?

Mikey P: I think our mixtape The Most Popular Group You Never Heard Of was our most successful release. It was when we first started to get a buzz, and I think that was what introduced people to us in a major way! Our most successful song release is Tetris. I won't even explain the song, just go to Google and search DaCav5 and Tetris, it was a worldwide internet sensation to say the least.

What is your current label status? Are you signed to a major or do you prefer the independent route?

Beneofficial: We are currently are operating under DaCav5 Records making money independently but with the machine behind us we could definitely take this movement to a whole other level and are keeping open to the opportunity.

Where do you see yourselves being musically speaking within the next 3 years?

Benofficial: In 3 years we should be writing songs for dozens of other artists. I feel like we are catchy and have a good grasp on mainstream pop culture. That said, we have a unique ability to develop songs that are conceptually fresh, and we would love to be able to contribute that to some other artists as well.

In the end let the people know where they can find you online?

Go to myspace.com/dacav5 and enjoy! or www.youtube.com/dacav5

- By Kai Denninger
- www.yoraps.com

"DaCav5 - Be About It"

Mikey P of the group was one of the contestants on "From G's to Gents" on MTV and will be appearing in the movie "Transformers 2".
- doctorexclusives.com

"DaCav5 sets it off with runway"

DaCav5 Sets It Off with "The Runway"
DaCav5 sets it off with "The Runway", a new single lighting up Philly radio, and a full length album coming this fall. DaCav5 member Mikey P will be a contestant on MTV's G's To Gents.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 17, 2008 -- Enter the next generation of popular music. South Jersey's DaCav5 is an enigmatic group, pushing the boundaries of futuristic sound with their eclectic blend of Hip Hop, Dance and Pop. Their new single "The Runway" has been put in rotation on Philadelphia's Q102 and 15 mix shows (and counting) nationally, as DJ's and key tastemakers are taking note of the group's dynamic talent.

With over three million plays on their Myspace page and a strong rapport with their fans, DaCav5 is well on their way to national stardom. They are currently preparing their album "Guilty Pleasure" for a September 2008 release. Additionally, group member Mikey P is a contestant on the upcoming MTV reality series From G's To Gents, which is hosted by Fonzworth Bentley and produced by Jamie Foxx.

The group was initially formed by member B-Roc in 2000, as he brought on members that included Benofficial and Soul while still in high school. After a debut album which had them touring throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, some temporary breaks (including time to graduate college), and some membership changes, Mikey P and Mike-EEE came aboard and the group pushed into 2007. Together they released their Indie project "Change Of Plans", which spawned two locally popular singles.

Their current single "The Runway" featuring Daade will be available on iTunes worldwide in mid-July, as well as on Napster, Amazon and Rhapsody. Performance dates over the Summer will include shows in Las Vegas, Miami, Atlantic City and other key U.S. cities.

Few artists have been truly successful at fusing several genres of music, however those who have touched fans through their work have attained global success beyond their wildest dreams. Creative songwriters like Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley, Andre 3000 of Outkast, Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas and super-producer Timbaland have been able to defy and transcend the categorization of their art. DaCav5 is truly the next wave of ultra-edgy artists.

"We are creating the belt curve instead of following it," explains B-Roc. "We've got five different guys, five different races, five different styles - which means the fans will have their own member that they can relate to. The good thing about it is that it works! We've got the whole pop layout visually...but we rap."

DaCav5 has opened for the likes of Nelly Furtado, The Pussycat Dolls, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, The Fray, Maroon 5, Sean Kingston, JoJo, Cassie, Chingy and many other major label artists in various genres over the past two years. Their persistence and likeability keeps promoters intrigued, although it is ultimately their ability to grab the audience, and sometimes outshine the headliner, that keeps them coming back.

"When fans listen to our music, I want them to feel good and vibe to it," says Mikey P. "I want them to connect with what we are saying in the record. Music is all about the way it makes you feel - so I hope it makes our fans feel good."

For more information on DaCav5, go to www.tygereye.net/dacav5, www.myspace.com/dacav5 and www.youtube.com/dacav5.

Tygereye Entertainment
Email us Here

- http://www.hiphoppress.com/2008/06/dacav5-sets-it.html

"Hip-hop grows strong in South Jersey"

There are pockets of the United States where certain musical genres and tastes flourish. For grunge rock there was Seattle and San Francisco. For country, there's Nashville, Branson, Mo., and even Las Vegas. And for hip-hop, New York City, Atlanta, South Central Los Angeles and Detroit. But South Jersey?

There are several rap acts here looking to blast off in 2006 and their styles run the gamut from esoteric and fun to edgy and dramatic. DaCav5, short for "The Cavalry," is made up of five young South Jersey guys who occupy that fun, mischievous slot. Their appeal is fast-paced with a stage act to match, full of highly sexed suburban high jinks and 101 inside jokes.

BenOfficial, the unofficial spokesman for the group, says he wants everyone in on the jokes, too.

"We come up with an idea collectively, like a blueprint, on how we want a performance to look, so when we go out on stage, everything's from the heart. I'm inviting everybody in the crowd to dinner," he said. "We want them to feel what we felt when we were in the studio. Fans can see it on your face. If you don't enjoy what you're doing up there, why are they gonna hang around?"

Tracks like "Vertical Luv" and "Wallflowers" prove that not only are these guys great fun, they also have something clever to say. BenOfficial and other members BRoc, Lost Soul, o8o and Mikey P., all in their early 20s and from Mount Laurel, are winning a solid fan following -- even a cult following. One of the the band's mottos is that they are "the most popular group you never heard of."

But thanks to playing several area high school "Radio Takeover" parties with radio personality Rocco of Philadelphia's Q-102 (where Mikey P. interned); staging friendly ambushes at local malls to pass out their demo CDs, and randomly inviting fans to hang with them and listen to new music, that could soon change.

On Jan. 23, the group got a chance to perform for J. and Jive Records executives at Remote Lounge in New York City, according to BenOfficial.

"We're going to make somebody rich," he said.

Whether it's fun you're searching for, a hard edge or socially conscious insight, it looks as if South Jersey will become a worthwhile source for music if hip-hop has your ear. The scene is fertile and growing, and South Jersey's hip-hop artists are poised to nurture that growth regardless of the battling and competition inherent within the genre.

Said Lost Soul of DaCav5, "That's why we always say, "If you're a South Jersey artist you've got to stick together.' There's so few of us that when you find one, don't try to knock them."

~KELLIE C. MURPHY For the Courier-Post

for online article - http://www.courierpostonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060127/ENT/601270313/1069
- Courier Post

"Jersey Swagger"

Jersey swagger
DaCav5 wants A&R to wake up to the suburbs

By Joe Simek
Philly EDGE Correspondent

Artist: B-Roc from DaCav5

Where are you from?

We are from a small town called Mount Laurel in South Jersey.

Who is in your group?

B-Roc, o8o, BenOfficial, Lost Soul and Mikey P.

What's your latest album called?

The Most Famous Group You Never Heard Of

Describe your sound in five words or less.

Eclectic, fresh, entertaining, energized, progressive

What's your quintessential track and where can you find it online?

“Swagger” www.myspace.com/dacav5

How did the group form?

B-Roc and o8o created the group in 2000. After the solo release of B-Roc's album, B-Roc & o8o decided to start a five-man rap group to represent Mount Laurel, NJ. So over a four-year period, we auditioned nine emcees and only three made it: Benofficial, Lost Soul and Mikey P.

Your song "Tetris" blends an obvious trance beat with rap, and you guys seem to be adamant about not just being labeled hip-hop. Considering that is the genre currently dominating the mainstream, is it harder to get people's attention or book shows with your sound?

It's not about how good your lyrics are anymore, it’s all about how good your beats are, how marketable you are, and how good your flow is. For example: No one understands what Daddy Yankee is saying during his verses and hook, but it sounds good. That’s why he's gonna sell more albums than Jadakiss, who is one of the best lyricists in the game. The rap game is watered down right now and true lyricists ain’t benefiting like they used to -- and we are five of those lyricists. That’s why we crossed over; we are trying to survive in this rap game. The lyrics on “Tetris” aren’t good but the song as a whole is fire. Ten years ago, if I would’ve played "Tetris" to someone, they would've laughed and ejected the CD. But today, there are people that will have it on repeat. Why? It's simple. The majority of hip-hop fans now like up-tempo music that’s easy to sing along to. We mastered that and that’s why we have such a large fan base and why it’s easy for us to get performances, because we give the people what they want.
You don't often hear about hip-hop groups from South Jersey.

Is the scene growing there or do you feel isolated?

We feel very isolated. We feel like we have to live in Georgia, New York or any major city just to get our big break There are a lot of talented emcees in South Jersey, but what A&Rs don’t realize is that some of the most creative emcees are from the suburbs. You don’t have to live in the hood to be an emcee. Your rap name could be MC Pinkslippers and you could live out in the woods on a farm, but if you look right and sound right, then what’s the problem? Look at Kayne, Pharell, De La Soul. They’re all from the suburbs and look how creative they are. Suburban kids buy the most CDs and attend the most concerts. A&Rs need to stop sleeping. The suburbs are where creative hip-hop lives.

What are your "mall sweeps” all about?

Mall sweep, party sweep, street sweep, club sweep -- any kind of sweep is considered “promotion" for us. We hit up these places and we sell CDs or pass out flyers. If we can’t sell CDs or pass out flyers then we do a face sweep, which is pretty much getting our faces out there. A few people do come up to us and they say: "Aren't you DaCav5 from Myspace.com?" or "Hey, your that group from the computer right?" So, a face sweep is just as good as any other promotion.

You are making videos for two of your songs, "Tetris" and "Swagger." Will these be self-produced? How important is it for you to make videos, especially considering your genre?

These videos will be self-produced, just so the people that live 495,745 miles away can get a visual of what we look like in real-time opposed to coming to the site and seeing a bunch of still shots. Each of us has our own style, our own image, so it’s important that we show that.

In your opinion, what's the biggest misconception about underground hip-hop and dance music?

For underground hip-hop, people always feel that underground artists can't put together music with a commercial swagger and mass appeal. For dance music, people always assume that because it’s more beat driven, artists/lyricists won't have any verbal substance.

What does the future hold for DaCav5?

World takeover! DaCav5 is going to take its regional success to help propel it to the next level. DaCav5 will shoot for a radio song in the next month and move on to a national presence and hopefully sign a deal before the end of the year. Then later down the line, we will launch solo careers in music, acting and modeling. So once we get our foot in the door, expect to see us around for a long time.

The direct link to the online article is http://phillyedge.com/node/751

- Philly Edge

"DaCav5 wins VMA for Best Breakout Philly Artist"

DaCav5 is awarded the VMA for Best Breakout Philly Artist! - http://blogs.phillyburbs.com/news/bct/mount-holly-bands-battle-on-mtv/#more-18289



"The Most Popular Group You Never Heard Of"

"Change Of Plans"

"Guilty Pleasure" (TBA 2009)

"Dirty Style" (Single Release)

"Party Mode" (available on iTunes)

"Tug of War" (Single Release) Feb 5th



DaCav is an eccentric group of extremely fun individuals. Consisting of B-Roc, Mikey P, Kristyn and Michael Cartel, these Philly natives have the lively personalities to back up their addiction to getting the party started! Starting off back in 2006 by winning the Philly Idol Competition, they knew the road for them had just begun.

Since then they have been moving upward, performing with the likes of Rihanna, Cody Simpson, Pussy Cat Dolls, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, and Flo Rida, just to name a few. They have also received the MTV Video Music Award for Best Breakout Philly Artist and were featured in and wrote five tracks for the feature film Standing Ovation.

Coming off the success of their recent releases, Dirty Style, and their EP Party Mode. which Includes chantey songs such as Na Na Na and To The Sky, DaCav is a necessity for any get together! Look out for their upcoming single release of "Tug of War", a song produced by super producers Mr Mig and Mike Rizzo. "Tug of War" hits iTunes Feb 5th!

Look out for them, the skys the limit for this group.

Band Members