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Anaheim, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Anaheim, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Critical Thought"

Who’s Critical Thought?
Critical Thought is a reflection of the 90s generation. My fashion, musical tastes, sense of humor, and slang come from that era, mixed in with a swagger that is wholly, Southern California.

How you got started in the music scene?
I started freestyling about four years ago with a high school friend just for fun. He took me to a producer’s studio in Anaheim one day where I met, Telli!, we collaborated, and I’ve been working and developing a friendship with him ever since.

What’s the story behind your artist’s name?
Critical Thought pretty much defines my personality in-a-nut-shell. I was always that kid who was pretty quiet and kept to himself, in constant thought or questioning, whether it was myself or the outside world around. I’ve just always been a very in-depth, introspective person and I think it reflects my artistry. I’m also a perfectionist, almost to a fault. I’ve been like that my whole life, my high school coach used to always yell at me saying that I was “my own worst critic” so that attributes to the name I commonly go by, Critic. I guess you can say Critical Thought is my formal address, on the majority of my work, however, you’ll just see Critic.

What are your music influences?
My sound is definitely inspired by the Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, and the Blues that I grew up on, or my elders put me up on. I’ve listened to so much music throughout my life that has shaped what you hear today that it makes it hard to name just a few because I’ve been emulating what a lot of the greats did even as a child, before I ever thought of making my own music. And, probably the most important influence is the constant quest for perfect self-expression, which is something I think we all go through as human beings, regardless of what we do.

What’s your method at the time of writing a song?
I don’t really have an exact method. I like to just let the inspiration of the beat, and whatever I’m going through or feeling at the time, lead the way. Sometimes I come up with a hook first, sometimes I come up with it last, and sometimes I might not use one at all. I don’t like to limit myself or restrain my creativity, I think its the most beautiful and true when its allowed to flow.

The Critically Acclaimed EP. How was the recording and writing process for this record? How you came out with the name? Any release date yet in mind?
The writing process was amazing, I think the writing process is always my favorite because I just love creating these stories and knowing that when someone hears it they might feel the same exact way, there’s nothing more rewarding than that for me as an artist. The recording process is always crazy for me because I get to see Telli’s musical genius on display, this being the second project I’ve recorded with him now. I think he always brings the best out of me when we’re in the studio together because he’s got such an ear for music and he’s always trying to push the bounds of his creativity. Sonia, a friend of mine actually came up with the name and randomly messaged me the idea one day, as soon as I heard it I ran with it, so shout out to her haha. I released my last project on September 1st of last year, so let’s just say Fall for now, I want this one to be very special and we’re going to make sure that it is.

What’s been the funniest moment you have or took part while touring?
I’ve had a lot of great memories at all of my shows. Partying with everyone afterwards is the funnest. Recently though, was meeting someone at the show who had sworn she had seen me at school like the day before, we were both kind of tipsy though so I didn’t remember, but she was cute so I played along to get her number. Come to find out, we actually do go to the same school.

Are there any more plans for the future?
Continue to strive for quality music that tells my story, continue showcasing my creativity abilities, finish school, maybe a Master’s Degree, and put myself in a position to where my voice is affecting the world.

Where can we find more about your music?
You can find more about my music on Facebook, my Youtube Channel, Soundcloud, and on Hot New Hip Hop,, where you can download my debut mixtape “Humble Beginnings” for FREE. You can keep up with me on the day-to-day on twitter @CRTCL1

Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?
Yes, I feel like I am moving in the right direction. A lot of people showed “Humble Beginnings” a lot of love this past year but that was only the beginning (no pun or, pun, either way). Now that I have a producer, videographer, clothing designers, and other networks that I work closely with I think the Critical Thought BRAND, the Critical Thought MOVEMENT, is becoming something real. But it is all going to be, and always will be, driven through the music, which is an extension of my overall vision for myself. Look out for the Critically Acclaimed EP! - Vents Magazine

"Artist Profile: Critical Thought"

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"Critic - Humble Beginnings (Mixtape)"

Cali emcee Critic is a young and up-and-coming out of Orange Conty. Although he began rapping just 2 years ago, it seems as Critic has already developed a deep passion for Hip Hop and has completed his debut mixtape entitled Humble Beginnings in a short amount of time. One-third of the Mile High Club, Critic, along with fellow rappers and childhood friends, Scissoro and Slimmy Blaze, look to start a new movement for the West Coast with cutting-edge music and revolutionary style. For just starting out in the game, this tape is worth a listen. This cat definitely gets the dap from me.

Want some more flava for ya ears?
Listen/Download at - Womazing

"@CRTCL1 - "HowManyMics? QP""

Critical Thought's HowManyMics? QP is a compilation of mics ripped over both classic, and new-age productions. Critical reflects, introspects, and elaborates on the trials and tribulations of a young man's aspirations of success, understanding, and perfect-self-expression in this crazed world; kicking dynamic flows over classics such as the self-entitled, Fugee's "How Many Mics," as well as contemporary productions from Sound Scientists and in-house genius, Telli! The QP captures a lapse in time between the evolution from his Humble Beginnings mixtape en route to his forthcoming, debut CRTCLLYACCLMD LP dropping Summer 2014 - All That Dope Shit

"Critical Thought (@CRTCL1) "HowManyMics? QP""

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"The Top Tep Rappers in OC"

Critic is a dreadlocked MC thinking critical thoughts. Armed with smart raps and a willingness to experiment, he's one of OC's most innovate hip-hop artists. Critic's monotone flow was layered over sometimes futuristic beats on songs off his debut Humble Beginnings. Following up with How Many Mics? the rapper ripped tracks like "Where It All Begins" with a more classic sound. That level of flexibility is part of what makes him a critic's choice! - OC Weekly

"CriticalThought - HowManyMics? QP"

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"Critical Thought "How Many Mics" Release"

Critical Thought dropped off, How Many Mics, a four piece set, in the mail to get us all excited for the release of his new LP, CRTCLLYACCLMD. He should have that all ready for consumption by this summer. - Bringing Down The Down

"CRITICAL (@CRTCL1) x Slimmy Blaze (@Blahzae) "Lemonade""

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Humble Beginnings (2011) mixtape
HowManyMics? QP (2012) mixtape
The Chucks Black, The County Orange (TBA)



CriticalThought hails from Orange County, CA. His blossoming young career began in 2011 with the release of Humble Beginnings, a mixtape that quickly drew critical acclaim from local music heads for its lyricism and genuine originality, showcasing a style that was incomparable and completely his-own. Thereafter, his HowManyMics? QP (2012) built upon the momentum of his debut project, further solidifying Critical as one of the most serious lyricists around. Now, with two quality, in-depth projects, a handful of music visuals, blog features in the OC Weekly, the DMV area, and even the UK, and numerous live performances under his belt, CriticalThought's cult following await his highly-anticipated debut EP, The Chucks Black, The County Orange. The EP will be available on his official website and features all original productions from Absurd P.

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