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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Folk Americana




"Crimson Calamity Kick A$$ & Take Names On Debut Album “All In The Cards”"

High spirited singer/songwriting duo Crimson Calamity encompass badass, no-nonsense attitude on their debut EP “All In The Cards” due out on March 31st, 2015. Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell have been performing music as solo artists for pretty much as long as they can remember, but it was when they banded together to experimented with their long held country music inspirations that something changed for both of them. Out of effortlessly emotive harmonies, high flying vocals, and firecracker songwriting Crimson Calamity was born. In fact, the first song they wrote together “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down,” was the catalyst that inspired them to take their collaborative efforts seriously. Not since the days of folk-country pop duo, The Wreckers, has a female led band generated this much musical heat. And these women mean serious business.

Inspired by strong-female led artists like Miranda Lambert and Grace Potter, with a hint of old school Cash and Hank - they infuse a little of each inspiration into their rowdy sound, embodying that spitfire southern personality that explodes off of each and every track. The songs that make up “All in the Cards” are built on a country-rock landscape littered with smooth vocals that drip like honey over their hellfire melodies. All and all, it’s an EP that any true country music fan needs to listen to.

I had the chance to catch up with them ahead of the release of “It’s All In The Cards” and talk a little bit about the album, how they met, and what inspires them. Check out my interview below and be sure to pick-up their album when it’s released this March. Don’t forget to head over to their official website and follow the duo on both Twitter and Instagram. This is one release, I promise you, you don’t want to miss.

How did the two of you meet and what made you want to start collaborating together?
We met in college where we both majored in musical theater, but were brought together having a mutual aspiration to be songwriters and create our own music.

We became best friends and we have been collaborating in various ways for years now… co-writing, touring and singing together. When we wrote ‘Line em Up and Shoot em Down’ that sparked ideas that led to us becoming a band officially.
What inspired the two of you to explore this country/rock sound on your EP “All In The Cards”?
We come by it rightly. We both love that sound as music fans. As the project was born, we had both been searching for our next move musically. We had one solid discussion about performing together for this incarnation of our career, and the ideas and imagery of Crimson Calamity came to us so quickly we just started writing like crazy. The sound came from that imagery and our desire to create great organic music. Alt- Country seemed like a natural direction for us to go in.

These songs all have such distinct and descriptive story lines, tell me a little bit about your writing process and the story behind some of the tracks?
Its funny because each song has its own process… for example, Rock Bottom came from a moment of frustration and we wrote it in all of 20 minutes! Dead Man’s Hand was a much harder song for us to write because its a story song. We strove to say everything we wanted to say without being too wordy while still keeping the integrity of the tale. The dichotomy between results like that always keeps the journey fresh and interesting.

There’s such a sense of girl power on these tracks. Tons of attitude and trouble surround the lyrics, was that part of your vision as you went into this project or did you naturally gravitate to those feelings?
We definitely come by it naturally. We are both girls who have had our own heartbreaks and challenges, we’re fiery and sassy and we write what we know. It’s in our nature as songwriters to get stuff out by turning it into art that people can hopefully connect with. On this project we’ve had a fascination with the Wild West and people like Calamity Jane, who had a lot of attitude herself. She said ‘I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.’ That concept has been very rich to draw inspiration from for these songs, and why we gave her homage with our band name.

What artists have had the biggest impact on the “All In The Cards” sound and why?
Both of us have an affinity for Country music, especially the old school stuff… Johnny, Dolly, Hank etc. But we are also inspired by the Roots-Rock sound of current artists like Grace Potter and the haunting melodies of The Civil Wars.

You both make music as individual songwriters and artists as well, what do you feel is the biggest difference being part of a duo instead of on your own?
The biggest difference for us (aside from our solo stuff being more pop/singer/songwriter based) is that we get to help one another grow in a different capacity than ever before. Being in a band is, in a way, like a marriage… you need to communicate and challenge one another without egos getting in the way. Thank God, we are best friends and completely trust each other, so that helps!

When people listen to this album, what do you hope they take away from it?
We hope people rock out to it, find things they can relate to and we hope the fellas remember to not leave their pistols at home ;) – We really want to connect with our fans and inspire the next generation of artists as well.

It would be so fun to hear this collection of songs live, do you have any plans to take this show on the road?
Definitely! We are going to Nashville in the spring and from there we plan to tour as much as possible throughout the rest of the year.

Will you two continue to collaborate in the future? What are you working on now?
Of course! As songwriters, we will always be writing for ourselves and likely with other artists as well. That’s a joy. But this is it for us. We want to perform as a band for a long time. Crimson is our baby and we are ready to hit the ground running and build a longstanding relationship with our fan-base.

If Crimson Calamity were hanging out at a bar with friends, what three songs would you put on the Jukebox to get everyone revved up?
“Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin
“Fuzzy” by The Randy Rogers Band
“Cool Kids” by Echosmith

A huge thank you to Crimson Calamity for taking the time to talk with me. Be sure to check out their debut album, It’s All In The Cards, on March 31st on iTunes! If you’re in Nashville, follow me on twitter @JukeboxMixtape so you know when they’re coming to town! Because you better believe I’ll be telling you. - Jukebox Mixtape - Autumn Haile

"Crimson Calamity - 'All In The Cards'"

Back when it was all the rage to sing songs about the President of the United States, there was a group called the Dixie Chicks who seemed to be rather outspoken and I do believe- though I'm not entirely sure why- I actually even watched their documentary "Shut Up and Sing". Unlike those who took political sides with the Dixie Chicks, I chose not to like them because of their actual music because it just wasn't for me. There was something that it seemed to lack and Crimson Calamity seems to find it on "All In The Cards".

The vocal patterns can remind of me Delta Dart, though this is more of a country feel overall. It has some elements of pop mixed in as well because these songs both get stuck in my head and are fun to sing along with as they blast out of my speakers.

These songs may or may not have a country comparison that I am simply unaware of due to my lack of country knowledge, but I don't like to think of it as sounding like anyone imparticular anyway. These are songs that are delivered in enough harmony that they are easy on the ears. Combine that with the fact that these ladies are singing about guns, playing cards and booze and you've got yourself a combination that I want to be a part of for sure.

You just have to imagine a time in the old west when a group of women would have walked into the saloon and asked to play cards. The men would all have a good laugh, but when they flashed the cash they'd say deal 'em in. When the men realized they'd been taken it'd be too late because the women are just quicker to draw their guns. So then they all buy a beer and have a laugh together about it.

That's one of the songs is about and maybe even the plot of that one movie about all the cowgirls (Was it called "Bad Girls"?) Either way, even the most jaded of country fans would certainly find something to enjoy about this because it isn't as much country to me as it is a story being told in the old west. If you can't appreciate that I don't know what to tell you because really it's just history. - Hobo Toilet - Joshua Macala

"FEATURED: Crimson Calamity 'Rock Bottom'"

Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell make up fiery alternative country/southern rock duo Crimson Calamity, officially forming in 2013 with single ‘Line ‘Em Up And Shoot ‘Em Down’, but beginning writing together as early as 2008. Inspired by such hard-hitting acts as Miranda Lambert and Grace Potter, this pair’s sound is an electric, sonic explosion that you would likely not expect from two women who look as fair and gentle as they do. That’s all a ruse, however, as these girls kick a lot of ass and aren’t afraid to take names.

On new single ‘Rock Bottom’, their harmonies are well-delivered but roughened up enough to pierce through the mix, a dose of sassy twang infusing a gritty and guitar-led arrangement that makes them just as much raw, roots rock as anything else. Yet despite all this they still manage to make the song rather sexy, sensual, and sultry, warning a potential beau of the dangers of picking the wrong woman. Be prepared for this duo to shake the foundations of the alternative country scene, especially as their debut EP ‘It’s All In The Cards’ is set to drop this March. - For The Country Record - Vickye

"Crimson Calamity 'Rock Bottom'"

The first single from Crimson Calamity’s Debut EP ‘All in the Cards‘ which becomes available March 31, 2015 has just dropped and it hit hard! These girls are an Alternative Country duo that are sultry, rockin’ and sexiness personified. With lyrics that tell it like it is, “Lady whiskey’s a bitch to get out of your system” (Boy, don’t I know it ladies) and down and dirty beats mixed with an appealing twang that are reminiscent of Pistol Annies meets SHeDaisy if “Rock Bottom” is a hint of what is to come from the new EP, SIGN ME UP! You have GOT to hear this song, it’ll get you hooked and make you wish it was already March 31st! (I know I do.)

A little about Crimson Calamity passed over to me via Sera at Magic Tree Productions:

“Alternative Country duo Crimson Calamity debut a high-spirited, attitude fueled sound on their debut EP “All In The Cards” due out on March 31st, 2015. Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell were no strangers to intricate songwriting and the bright lights of the stage on their own, but together, they discovered a talent for firecracker lyrics and glistening harmonies that became entirely irresistible. And so, Crimson Calamity was born. An initial songwriting experiment turned out the hard hitting single, “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down,” which became the catalyst that inspired them to take their collaborative style to the next level. Fans of fiery rock and country artists, like Miranda Lambert and Grace Potter, they infuse a little of each inspiration into their rowdy tracks with characteristic hellfire. The tracks on their debut EP, “All in the Cards” are built on a country-rock landscape that’s occasionally dashed with bluesy affect.

Opening track, “Dead Man’s Hand” builds on a slow-burning intro that launches into an earth rattling chorus. Their sharp harmonies fly high atop slamming drums and rambling banjo, as they warn of a dangerous man with no remorse or sympathy for his actions. It’s the perfect introduction to a duo that is fearless in their exploration of old country and alternative elements that make-up their cohesive sound. “Rock Bottom” packs a punch that never stops. A Lush, rich sound comes flying at you in the form of bluesy melodies and lush harmonies that dance around the high impact instrumentation. With a sheen that practically gleams, they defy the typical love song and instead turn it into an anthem against mistreatment that demands to be heard, with slick production and hellfire attitude to boot. The song behind their inspiration to work together, “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down” comes barreling towards you with a Johnny Cash train track-style bass line and bluesy cabaret vocals that sizzle. Harding and Trunnell get lost in the sound instantaneously, and that peppy energy is immediately shared with their listeners. It’s fun and frisky, just the way this kind of music is meant to be. On “Pistols” they take an acoustic, back porch approach that would fit in just as well in the Deep South as it would on the streets of Nashville’s neon-lit Broadway. There are moments reminiscent of The Wreckers, another duo that wrote with elements of rock and country, though they’ve absolutely drowned themselves in the dedication to a truly authentic exploration of the sound. And it sets them apart. From their slow, southern vocal cadence, to the ambient background vocals and layered instrumentation, they pull listeners right into the atmosphere of the music on every single track.

Crimson Calamity are dedicated to creating a true representation of traditional country music and harrowing rock on their debut “All In The Cards.” Fans of that old school country sound will find bits and pieces of the past within the hidden gems that this dynamic duo have created. Don’t miss one of the breakout country EP’s of the year, Crimson Calamity’s “All In The Cards,” when it’s released on March 31st, 2015.” - Musical Seduction - Willow Raine

"Crimson Calamity Comes Out Swinging With 'All In The Cards'"

Crimson Calamity comes out swinging with 'All in The Cards'
By Chelsea Lewis , 3/30/2015
Author Rating:
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Crimson Calamity has released All in the Cards and from the first track on, they prove that they aren't your average female country group. Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell form Crimson Clamity and have a hard hitting, unique country-infused sound that feels like they have taken classic country music and made it modern again.

The EP opens with "Dead Man's Hand," which showcases the sharp harmonies and how the ladies have a hard-hitting, electrifying vocals. This type of music demands attention because it's bold, loud and dynamic. The music that frames their vocals not only compliment but add in that older country feel.

From "Dead Man's Hand," the EP seamlessly transitions into "Rock Bottom," which shows off the more rock inspired side to Crimson Calamity. "Bottom" also showcases how complex and catchy the lyrics are. The backing helps bring out the passion within the lyrics. Harding and Trunnell are impressive vocalists solo, but when they come together with this rock tone, their harmonies feel modern and natural.

At times this feels like a Miranda Lambert release, since Trunnell and Harding are powerful and focused in their performances. They are proud of their sound and want to deliver it in an aggressive, no-apologizes way.

The EP ends with "Line 'Em Up & Shoot 'Em Down" and "Pistols," which are a continuation of the musical evolution that was started at the beginning of the album. These powerful country females are ones to watch in the country industry. - Celebrity Cafe - Chelsea Lewis


Excerpt: "The Playing is solid, the song-writing better and the vocal arrangements better still. 'All In The Cards' is a fun debut from Crimson Calamity, showing the pairing of Harding and Trunnell to be one with plenty of potential." - Real Gone

"Crimson Calamity release fiery and honest EP with All In The Cards"

All In The Cards, the new EP from country duo Crimson Calamity is a fiery and honest EP that makes us want to hear more from the female duo, as their chemistry is something to be envious of. The opening track “Dead Man’s Hand” introduces us to Mallory Trunnell and Lauren Harding who sing together flawlessly and their version of alternative-country music will sway music fans who are resistant to the country sound. “Rock Bottom” comes up next, and the crunchy hard rock edge of the song, adds another twist in the duo’s country influenced tunes. While many country songs heard today heavily rely on pop elements to give the track decent radio play, Crimson Calamity bring a certain authenticity to the genre that we don’t hear too often anymore. Nothing we hear on the EP feels too much or overdone, and the blending of their chosen genres ends with good results.

“Line ‘Em Up and Shoot ‘Em Down” is a bouncy track that feels the most pop orientated out of the EP’s four cuts. While most of All In The Cards features Mallory and Lauren singing together, on this song, we hear each of them solo at different points, which allows us to hear their individual voices, leading us to fully realize that they are both very capable vocalists. Lastly, we have “Pistols” a quieter acoustic track that features both women singing melodic harmonies over an acoustic guitar. Beautiful and captivating, “Pistols” is the perfect ending to a release that should be heard by every country fan that isn’t looking for modern country songs. - Listen Here Reviews - Lauren G


'All In The Cards' EP - March 31st 2015

'Heart of Steel' Single - August 11th 2015



Song-sirens Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell were veterans of intricate song-crafting and the bright lights of the stage on their own, but together, they discovered a shared talent for firecracker lyrics and glistening harmonies that became irresistible. The ladies penned a tune while participating in a songwriting challenge that sparked the notion to forge a Badass, Harmony-Laced, Folk/Rock driven, Americana Lady Duo. Thus: Crimson Calamity was born.


With inspiration from artists like Brandi Carlile, The Civil Wars and Fleetwood Mac, Crimson Calamity infused their influences into the release of their first two EPs, 'All in the Cards' and 'Gypsy Heart.' The music Crimson Calamity is devoted to creating embodies both sultry rock and traditional country aspects. Fans of both genres will hear these attributes in every song the gals concoct.


The fiery twosome will be released their latest EP 'Wildcard' on 02/11/22 and are in Season 3 of their podcast "The Liner Notes". Wildcard is a feel good, nostalgic tune with Fleetwood Mac vibes that showcases the evolution of the pair's artistry that is seasoned and re-energized, while still offering their signature sound. 

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