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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Electronic EDM




"COMPLEX Magazine | "If I Were Me" Premier"

Conrad Clifton may not be a name you're overly familiar with, but even the most cursory of scans at his list of credits and it becomes quickly apparent that, actually, you know this man quite well after all. He's already turned out some remarkable remixes for the likes of Rihanna and L'Etranger, and his production "Down" (performed by Yelawolf) was featured on Eminem's Shady XV comp. With all that under his belt, Clifton is now making moves to establish himself in his own right. "If I Were Me", the lead track from the EP of the same name (due out Dec. 4 via Playground Records), combines elements of hip-hop, house, electro and R&B into an explosion of colour.

"My sound is a crazy mixture of all of my influences, from hip-hop, electronic, alt rock, house, bass, and all types of dance music," says Clifton. "But also, film scores. I love to convey different emotions through my music. I want my music to be able to go with you anywhere and with any situation (the club, the car ride, train ride, house party, a date, a lonely night, or even while you sleep). No matter what, it will be personal to you." It's clear even from the first note that Clifton's priority is emotionally-charged, vibrant electronica, channeling the emotive qualities of a film score with the heat and passion of myriad influences. - James Keith

"Billboard Hot 100 Festival | 2015 Lineup"

Conrad Clifton has officially been added to the 1st ever Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. Featuring performances by Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Skrillex, Kygo, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and many more. - Billboard Staff

"Indie Shuffle | L'Étranger Remix Premier"

There's nothing too fancy going on here: just a SOLID remix that I felt ought to be shared with y'all.

The man behind the wheels is Conrad Clifton, an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based producer with plenty of mixes under his belt. He's also got an EP titled DO U, which you can stream here.

The original version of L'Étranger's "SIngle" sounds hella different, bordering on some sort of groovy future R&B style. It came out about a month ago, and can be listened to here. - Jason Grishkoff

"Billboard | Best Photos of Hot 100 Fest"

Billboard Hot 100 Fest: Best Photos From the Music Fest

Conrad Clifton performs during Billboard Hot 100 Festival - Day 1 at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Aug. 22, 2015 in Wantagh, New York - Billboard Staff

"Hollywood Reporter | Image"

Meredith Jenks caught a photo of Conrad Clifton at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival. - achanen

"HOF is better | "Pusher Maaan" Review"

It’s quite possible you’ve heard the name Conrad Clifton before, especially if you follow the “Future” movement at all. A member of the Black Marble Collective, his new single “Pusher Maaan” is exactly what good bass music is…finding a graceful balance…not too hard and not too soft. Conrad finds a balance between the worlds of Chillwave and a New York Club / Trap / Future Bass style. Definitely a DJ friendly tune you can expect to heat up the dance floors this summer.
Check out Conrad Clifton’s “Pusher Maaan” below. - Robbie

"EDM Sauce | "Pusher Maaan" Review"

Conrad Clifton is back with another powerful record. This time, “Pusher Maaan” the latest release by the Brooklyn native, features a Jersey Club kick pattern at first but slowly molds into a smooth chill trap original. The smooth new original by Clifton proves yet again that this dude has beats for days, keep him on your radar and stay tuned for forthcoming Do U EP out May 19th! - Dylan Rehmer

"DJ Mag | Top Tracks of the Month: "Do U""

Conrad Clifton — Do U

What do you get when chillwave meets hip hop beats? This awesome track from Conrad Clifton.

Catch him live at Canadian Music Week on Thursday May 7. - Gigen Mammoser

"Fist In The Air | Conrad Clifton Introduces The Future Of EDM"

Conrad Clifton is an up-and-coming electronic music producer/DJ based in Brooklyn, NYC. Though he is new to the scene in the underground electronic world, he’s been successfully producing other genres for years now and has even helped assist in production for Hip Hop and R&B artists who’ve won Grammy’s. One of the bigger recent project’s he contributed to was Eminem’s SHADYXV compilation on Yelawolf’s record “Down” – but now he’s back with a new original electronic single. “Skyliight” is a hazy, futuristic hip-hop infused single that is layered with an out of this world sound design.

“This record is one of my more spacey, futuristic tracks. I gave it that name because I want you to feel like you’re between two extremes.. Like you’re underground surrounded by concrete walls, but when you look up at the glass ceiling, it’s like an episode of The Cosmos out there. I love duality, and combining opposing energies. The way I get inspired is just by hearing and experimenting with different sounds in my virtual instruments. I love theatrical sounds that already have a lot of character to them, I feel like they lead me down a creative rabbit hole. I never plan out what I’m gonna make, and I never know what it’s gonna be until it’s finished. Producing this way allows me to stay unique, and not sound like everyone else. That’s really important to me,” says Clifton.

Hit the play below and get familiar with some hot new EDM. - Boom

"Kick Kick Snare | Black Marble Collective LP Review"

LA-based Black Marble started out as collective of creative minds – between producers, artists and taste-makers alike – who came together in support of smooth vibes across a myriad of electronic and urban genres. As things do when the right ingredients are mixed together, Black Marble saw exponential growth and its official record label blossomed. Their goal: “To push boundaries with our sound and to change the Future Beat Landscape one tune at a time.” I think from the release of ‘The Beginning LP,’ we can expect some very forward thinking music from the label. Listen to the full LP, here. We’ve highlighted a couple of our personal favorites by Conrad Clifton and Glacci, below. - Brent

"Noise Porn | "Skyliight" Review"

Conrad Clifton’s “Skyliight” literally made me dream I was soaring through big, puffy white clouds. In short: it is a mental spa retreat from the puny misfortunes of everyday life.

Despite what it sounds like, this New York based producer have earlier seemed to narrow his focus to create hip-hop/trap tracks instead of tracks similar to “Skyliight.” Over the last year however, Clifton have drifted more towards electro/dance territory and the result are some quite trippy and futuristic tunes. This new single can attest to that.

What “Skyliight” strikes with first is a cautious, unearthly, beat followed by ecstatic, yet abstract, synthesizers. This, somewhat trippy, symbiotic relationship prevails throughout the track and together with additional percussion lines, like claps, kicks and drums, “Skyliight” have the means to detach your consciousness from reality.

I cannot guarantee that your mind will be soaring through clouds when you listen to this single, but I do know it will offer you some sort of solace. With a free download of “Skyliight” from SoundCloud, you have no excuse not to get down to it. - RIKARD KÖHLER

"Project Play | Conrad Clifton: The Next Big Thing"

From Brooklyn, New York, Conrad Clifton is a really down-to-earth guy who makes music to simply spread his creativity. Releasing his signature Futuristic Edits on SoundCloud since 2012, Clifton’s well-deserved fame has been rising ever since. Find out a little about the artist’s background at Project Play, and maybe listen to his most recent track, 285 Kent (which is available for free download!), while you’re at it.

1. You started in the show-business at a very young age. What drove you to make your break?

I’ve always been into entertaining in some form, but I think really I’ve always been into creativity. That’s what drives me to do things, ultimately. I was drawn to the creativity in music and acting, never really the fame.

2. The music scene in New York is massive, how would you describe it?

The local music scene here isn’t so huge, as much as the fact that this is THE major city – so literally every act, no matter the genre, must come play here. It seems to be great for an established band/artist to pass through on their way to building a successful career. But, it might be very difficult to start out here, as the bar is set so high.

3. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what are they? Which one do you favour the most?

I play very little keys. I learned as a kid, but I can’t really read music anymore. Everything I play now is my ear, or just by feeling it out. I started learning to play guitar, as well, but I’m not good enough to even bring that up, lol.

4. From music to stage plays to TV commercials, you seem to be all over the place. Why did you settle on music production?

I was doing both for a long time. I really just go with the flow of which talent/skill makes more sense to pursue at the time. For a while I was only pursuing acting, which allowed me to save up enough money to move to NYC. Now I’m focusing specifically on music, but I always feel like I’d want to do them both equally.

5. It’s no secret you produced Yelawolf’s Down off of SHADYXV. What was your reaction when you found out the track would be in a compilation with some of hip-hop’s finest?

We were in talks about it either going on Yelawolf’s forthcoming album or the compilation – so I was really excited when I got the news. This was a huge deal for me, because a few years back I did some really great songs with him, that were never able to be released. This song coming out, brought everything full circle. Also, being on a project that includes some of the best hip-hop producers of all time (Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Just Blaze, etc.), is the greatest honor.

6. How long does it take you to produce a song?

It varies, it takes me a long time to get everything perfected. For example, if I’m just making a beat, I could do something cool in 10-15mins. But when it comes to adding new sounds, and sequencing new parts into a song structure, and fine tuning everything with mixing and mastering – it could take a week, or even a few months.

7. Which of your tracks took the longest to produce?

I have a song on my next EP called “h.e.r. Tattoo”. I spent a lot of time automating sound effects, but I really focused in on perfecting the mix, to keep it as beautiful and dynamic as possible.

8. Could you tell us a story about a time you worked with a Grammy winning producer?

Back when I still went by the name “HeadROC”, I was fortunate enough to work with Christopher “Tricky” Stewart. He’s worked with nearly every important popular artist you can think of, and he gave me an opportunity to create new musical ideas for some of them. Working at Triangle Sound studios in ATL, and Record Plant studios in LA, were some of the best times of my life.

9. Of all the big-name artists you’ve worked with, who was your favourite?

I love the fact that I was able to work with a few artists before they got huge, like Yelawolf, Big Sean, and Asher Roth. My best experience with a big-name artist, was probably Chilli (of TLC). They’re big global celebrities, but she was so down to earth. And the fact that she was so excited about the song we did together, was just crazy for me.

10. You’ve released 3 EPs, how does Post Post / Future Everything fit in with the rest of your work/catalog?

This is definitely my most aggressive EP so far. I usually try to have a balance of aggressive vibes, and beautiful melodic soundscapes, but for this one I kept the energy up deliberately. Post Post / Future Everything is the project that’s meant to draw attention to my sound, and help gain traction in the underground dance music world. That’s why I decided to give it away for free.

11. What’s your favourite track off the EP and why?

Tough call, but I’d say “¥ (Yen)”. This is basically my version of a dope Electro House track. It’s fits the same tempo range, but breaks a lot of rules – like using polyrhythms instead of the ‘four-on-the-floor’ standard. Then of course, there’s that crazy Trap drop around the midway point. I love when that comes in!

12. Should we expect any new music from you in the near future?

Definitely! I’m releasing a new single on Wednesday (2/11), called “Skyliight”. My next EP will follow late February/early March, called Do U. It’ll be the other side of my musical spectrum, which balances out the aggressive energy on Post Post / Future Everything. Also, I’m working on demos for a certain record label, that has released some seriously noteworthy projects. They’ve shown an interest, so hopefully I’ll put something out with them by Fall this year. Fingers crossed!

13. Lastly, do you have any advice for upcoming music producer aspiring to be like yourself?

I’d say to make sure that this is your passion, and that you love this enough to do it for free. Realistically, you probably won’t be getting paid for a very long time, so don’t get into it for the money. Also, continue to be an addict for the pursuit of new and interesting music. In my opinion, this keeps your creativity fresh. Lastly I’d say, always try to create something that you love listening to. This is easier said than done, especially when collaborating with others.

Find Conrad here: - Casey Hon

"The Music Ninja | "Skyliight" Review"

Not too much slips past our radar here, but somehow this dude Conrad Clifton almost made his way through the cracks. Having contributed on Eminem’s SHADYXV compilation for Yelawolf’s track “Down”, it’s a bit weird how low-key this Brooklyn-based producer is. After being heavily involved in hip-hop production, Conrad’s decided to give dance music a shot – we’re not mad about it.

Mad is actually the complete opposite of how this track makes us feel. In fact, if you’re feeling a bit disgruntled, this may be the perfect track for you. The spacey, atmospheric vibes on this tune will relieve those feelings of stress, and replace them with an uplifting energy.

Don’t get mad, get glad and grab the free download of “Skyliight.” - Andrew Ivan

"Kick Kick Snare | "Skyliight" Review"

Meteorologically speaking, “skylight” is the diffuse light from the sky, scattered by air molecules, as distinguished from the direct radiation from the sun. Same could be said about Conrad Clifton’s new single in the form of hazy, futuristic hip-hop infused sounds radiating off my eardrums. The track’s scattered layers cross and reflect off each other forming an out-of-this-world soundscape. Let this one take you away into a spacey mindset that’s carefree and relaxed. Grab your free download of “Skyliight,” below. - Brent

"Chubby Beavers | "Skyliight" Review"

NYC based DJ / producer Conrad Clifton dropped a abstract new hip-hop infused single yesterday titled “Skyliight” up for free download. In the press release he Clifton stated “I never plan out what I’m gonna make, and I never know what it’s gonna be until it’s finished. Producing this way allows me to stay unique, and not sound like everyone else. That’s really important to me.” and I couldn’t agree with him more – this song has an incredibly versatile sound to it. The obscure yet interesting sound design used throughout this record is what really grabbed my attention in this one, but the lush synths, layered drum & percussion session and overall ambient feel is what made me stay. Check out “Skyliight” below, it’s the perfect track to get you acquainted with this upcoming producer. -

"DJ Booth | Yelawolf "Down" Video Feature & Review"

Eminem is hip-hop’s King Arthur, so that would make his Shady Records artist roster the Knights of the Round Table. Even though he’s been fairly quiet, we can argue that Yelawolf is Shady’s Lancelot, the most prominent knight in the circle of bosses. What makes Yela so promising is his ability to reinvent what’s expected from southern rappers. If you watch his latest music video, Down, the videography looks like a concept that Tim McGraw would attempt. Trucker hats, police chase in a F-150 sitting on monster truck tires, and sweet country scenery, even Conrad Clifton‘s production is full of sounds that are foreign in hip-hop. Yet, Yelawolf is ripping it, blending the unfamiliar with his adored southern twang. Down, a song originally intended for his Love Story album, can be found on the Shady XV compilation. If this is the sonic direction that the Bama native is heading in, we’re excited for more. - Yoh

"Your Music Radar | "Skyliight" Review"

After listening to Conrad Clifton’s new track ‘Skyliight’, one word comes to mind. Bliiss. This is a dreamy future bass track that is as chilled as it gets as comes very close to classic Royksopp.

Let Conrad Clifton take you on a journey. - Graham Porter

"Waxhole | "Skyliight" Review"

Conrad Clifton is a New York producer who’s worked in the Hip-hop realm for some time now with a handful of artists, including Yelawolf, but now he’s trying to make a name for himself in the Electronic Music world, and his latest release is a great first impression [for me] of his style. “Skyliight” by Clifton is a spaced out new record that is essentially an audio relaxant due to how awesomely chill it is for its entirety of just under 4 minutes. This future bass infused track is filled with a concoction of sporadic drums, thumping bass and an airy wind like lead pad that’s makes quite the jam.

Support Conrad Clifton: Twitter / Soundcloud - RCD

"Sunken Sounds | "Skyliight" Review"


Think Boards of Canada meets Mr Carmack, this bass laden beat is wrought with airy pads and piercing leads – enough to sweep anyone out of their seat.

Cop the free download and stay tuned for more breathtaking sounds from our boy Conrad.


"HOF is better | "Skyliight" Review"

Someone said recently that “Future” isn’t a genre, and they wanted to be very clear about that. But I don’t get it. To me, it seems like a beautiful blossoming genre of electronic music.

ANYWAY — Conrad Clifton is an up-and-coming electronic music producer/DJ based in Brooklyn, NYC. Though he is new to the scene in the underground electronic world, he’s been successfully producing other genres for years now and has even helped assist in production for Hip-Hop and R&B artists who’ve won Grammys. One of the bigger recent projects he contributed to was Eminem’s ‘SHADYXV’ compilation on Yelawolf’s record “Down” – but now he’s back with a new original electronic single.

“Skyliight” is a hazy, futuristic hip-hop infused single that is layered with an out of this world sound design. This one is spacey as hell and is bound to hypnotize to you into a very relaxed mindset, so turn it up, kick back, relax and enjoy. - Robbie

"EDM Sauce | "Skyliight" Review"

This one is trippy. Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn DJ & Produce who released a new Freebie earlier today titled “Skyliight” that features a clear influence from Flying Lotus. I’m really loving the abstract use of sounds that were sampled in the percussion section [all sorts of clicks, clacks, booms & baps] and the warm lead synthesizer sounds like something that should be used as the soundtrack for the space orientated T.V. program, Cosmos. All in all, if Conrad Clifton isn’t yet on your musical radar now is the time to check him out – stream his latest release, “Skyliight” below. - Dylan Rehmer

" | "Skyliight" Review"

What do you get when you mix futuristic beats with, catchy rhythms, atmospheric vibes, and smooth synth progressions? You get young NYC Producer Conrad Clifton! Though he is new to the scene in the underground electronic world, he has been successfully flexing and producing other genres for years now. He has notably assisted in production for many Hip Hop and R&B artists. Some who have even won Grammy’s.

He received solid recognition with his latest successful project featured on Eminem's SHADYXV compilation and on Yelawolf’s record “Down”

Be sure to give Conrad Clifton some love via his Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud and let him know how much you dig his original track!

Mike Woodward - Mike Woodward

"JACKPLUG | "¥ (Yen)" Feature"

Conrad Clifton – ¥ (Yen)

Conrad Clifton is a producer from Brooklyn and he’s sharing his new track ‘¥ (Yen)’ through that Artist Intelligence Soundcloud app that lets you download the thing is you follow the involved artist or label. Which is what you should be doing anyway, ‘¥’ is just one of Clifton’s playful approaches to different genres of electronic music. In fact, follow the man and head over to his Bandcamp page, just download his entire ‘Post Post / Future Everything‘ EP. Name Your Price, so if you can spare some ¥ be sure to put it in there. - Jackplug

"KZSC Radio | #1 Album 6 Weeks"

Lots of new electronic dance/RPM music coming through the door at KZSC. Here’s ten for starters:

1. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2. HETEROTIC – Weird Drift / Planet Mu
3. RYAN HEMSWORTH – Guilt Trips / Last Gang
4. CHROME SPARKS – Goddess / Future Classic
5. EVIAN CHRIST – Waterfall [EP] / Tri Angle
6. 813 – XOXO [EP] / Jeffree’s
7. PANTHER GOD – Golden Changes / Outside
8. MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune
9. BURIAL – Rival Dealer / Hyperdub
10. SAINT TIIMBRE – Power / Little Friend - KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1 FM

"The Winehouse Mag | NXNE Feature & Interview"

As NXNE nears, it’s time to discover the standout artists that will be leaving their mark on this year’s festival. ♦ ♦ ♦

Who: Conrad Clifton
Where: Brooklyn, NY
When: Studio Bar Friday, June 20 @ 1:20 AM
Sound: Electronic (Soulfulness)

Some may call Conrad Clifton a bit of a renaissance man. The Brooklyn based musician produces, sings, raps and tickles the ivories (as they say). He is also a film and stage actor. At the moment, Clifton is focusing solely on his first love, music. In this Winehouse spotlight he talks about wearing different creative hats, his dream collaborations and what vibe he’ll be bringing to NXNE.

“For people that love music, and really want to feel something in their souls AND their feet.” -Conrad Clifton

Q: When did you decide to make the leap from actor to musician? And why?

A: Really, I was a musician first. As a kid, I was always in school chorus and piano lessons – I started freestyle rapping when I was 15. I knew I wanted to do something creative for a living, and acting was just a piece of the puzzle. I’ve always switched back and forth — I focused solely on acting for a year, which afforded me the opportunity to move to NYC to focus solely on music. That’s where I’m at now.

Q: You are a multitalented artist? You sing, rap, DJ? How do you decide which hat to wear? Or are you always wearing all the hats?

A: I just go with the flow. Sometimes one demands my attention more than the other, like when a great opportunity presents itself, I’m all in. If I could, I’d probably do everything at the same time, but that [would] be a little tough. Although, with the band I play in now, Cloud/Fighter, I serve as producer, DJ, and background vocalist.

Q: What do you enjoy about the producing end of things?

A: I love everything about the creative process of producing. Sometimes it can be difficult if you get stumped on a part, not knowing what to add (or take out), but I can always move on to another track and come back to this one later. The best part to me, is just making something out of nothing, no preconceived ideas or direction. That’s where the best, most creative stuff come from, I think.

Q: How do you describe your sound?

A: My sound is a crazy mixture of all of my influences, from hip-hop, electronic, alt rock, house, bass, and all types of dance music. But also, film scores. I love to convey different emotions through my music. I want my music to be able to go with you anywhere and with any situation (the club, the car ride, train ride, house party, a date, a lonely night, or even while you sleep). No matter what, it will be personal to you.

Q: What were some of the inspirations and ideas behind your album Picture in Picture?

A: Instead of releasing a collection of beats, I really wanted to create a full album experience –with points of high energy and low. A project with a flow that uniquely connects the songs to one another, and allows you to listen to the album from beginning to end, on repeat. Also, I wanted it to have a lasting quality — so if three years from now, a new listener is exposed to it, it’s still life changing (or at least pretty damn cool).

Q: Which musicians would you love to collaborate with?

A: Artists I’d love to work with (in no particular order), are Kendrick Lamar, Santigold, Hiatus Kaiyote, Wiley, Jhene’ Aiko, Kid Cudi, Kenna, Childish Gambino, Emika, Ghost Poet, and the list goes on. Producers I need to collab with, are Machinedrum, Lone, Gold Panda, Hudson Mohawke, RL Grime, Rustie, and Diplo.

Q: What is your dream venue to play in?

A: Right now, I’m more interested in playing festivals, rather than venues. It’s a huge privilege to be able to play at NXNE! I’d also love to play SXSW, Mad Decent Block Party, and Holy Ship. If I had to choose one venue right now, I’d really love to play to a sold out crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY).

Q: Have you performed in Toronto before?

A: Never. This will hopefully be the first of many, many appearances!

Q: What kind of vibe can we expect from your NXNE show?

A: Prepare to have your minds blown (kidding). No, my show isn’t really for the frenzied masses, but you will love it. It’s more for people that love music, and really want to feel something in their souls AND their feet. We’ll have that in common, so we’ll be enjoying the music together. It will be equal parts beats, bass, bounce, bob, feels, and vibes — but above all – it will be personal. - Chaka V.

"Listen With Monger | Album Review"

Conrad Clifton - Picture In Picture

Brooklyn producer Conrad Clifton sounds like a hoity-toity guy with a summer house in the hills and a personal shopper to choose his braces and bow ties but he looks like a cooler, less douchey version of Will.I.Am. I'm a little late coming to this album but it's ten tracks of instrumental beats and breaks that offer something a bit different so I wanted to bring it to your attention. Kicking off with 'Vanilla Skyscraper', Conrad Clifton drops some mellow, slightly Oriental melodies which manage to skit around and flow smoothly all at the same time. The chimes that open up 'Crystal Handgun' sound like the 80s clock in my friend's parents house from when I was about 13 but the beats and melody are like something from the future. The woozy, drunken sounding melodies continue on 'La Da Dee (He's Hopeless)' but with the addition of some Cossack chanting which suggests Conrad may have played too many retro computer games in his childhood.

There's a hyperactivity to 'Blacklight' that is, again, inspired by early Nintendo and Sega soundtracks while 'Polaroid Pixels' features a weird, honky-tonk piano sound atop some wistful, early morning sweeps that only last for a minute or so before 'Audition Subtraction' goes all dance mental on our collective asses. 'Obsessive Tendencies' is the sounds of Cola and Mentos reacting as filmed in slow-mo before giving way to 'Mourning Gold', a song so sketchy and crazy that it's likely to have been fed a diet of sugar and no sleep for about a week before they Conrad started to record. As the album approaches the end, we get 'Too Honest' which again sounds like the menu music to Street Fighter but with better beats while closing track 'Picture In Picture' has a cinematic, dream-like quality that transforms in to a chest beating, posing piece of theme music to cruise down the strip to. Clifton is not what you might expect and that's what makes him so enjoyable so I recommend you get yourself some of this to freshen up your ears a little.

More information:

Listen/Download: - Roland Monger

"VRS Magazine | "Dim Sum" Feature"

Conrad Clifton – Dim Sum

My namesake Conrad Clifton is back and this time with an unrivaled banger. ‘Dim Sum’ simply put is like entropy. When every sound is in order you get the rhythm, the bass, the treble all co-existing perfectly together but the second one drops out of place we start hearing the sounds disperse, overlap and turn this track in a straight-up rave banger. Often I write nonsensically about every track, but this particular one by Conrad needs less of me writing gibberish and more of you listening.

Press play below! (it’s a free download too) - iamkonrad

"A&R Report | "Dim Sum" Feature"

Introducing Conrad Clifton the producer hit us up and showed up this dope, future-trap type production he did. Check out the music below and download it, support Conrad Clifton, he’s the future of music. He’s definitely a producer to watch you can check out more of his music at his Soundcloud page by clicking here and you can also check out his albums at Bandcamp by clicking here. Enjoy! - DAVID ESPINOZA


After a well needed break we are back again and continue as heavy as we left off before the break.

Todays Mondaze Finest introduces brooklyn-based up and comer Conrad Clifton.
A totally new and fresh name to us, after checking his bio it became clear that this guy is not new on the scene.

Starting his early career as an actor he came back to his musical roots (he already was singing, rapping and playing piano at a very young age). His productions were picked up by some pretty big names we won’t brag around with; if you really need to know, go find out for yourself.

The song “Dim Sum” was inspired by a party in Chinatown, NY called Dark Disco. It was setup in an underground Dim Sum restaurant, where the scene looked like proper posh, but the music was all hard-core hip-hop.

Also check out his latest release ”Picture in Picture“, this full length is drawing from a range of contemporary influences, from hip-hop and trap to bass and garage and catch him live at the NXNE music festival in Toronto, Canada (in June) or at the NORTHSIDE music festival in Brooklyn, New York (both in June).

Check the artist below and if u dig what you hear give him a like!

This is the 5th release for MONDAZE FINEST VOL. 2, in collaboration with SATURATE!
Hit up their Facebook for the free download!

MONDAZE FINEST VOL. 1 is now available as a free download from our Bandcamp.

Artwork by Thomas Wahle. - Clap Your Feet

"KAMP Radio | Album Review"

Conrad Clifton - Picture In Picture

As a college student, chill yet upbeat music that lack overpowering vocals is a sweet spot (at least for me it is) when I'm studying or doing homework. It's engaging and inspiring without it being cluttered or loud. And let's face it, sometimes vocals get really annoying when you're trying to read that last paragraph that you're struggling with. So thank you, Conrad Clifton, for putting together the ultimate "get things done" album that is literally music to my ears.

As for the music content, it's got nice beats that will get you jiving and vibing, but not jumping and bumping. The electro background with the slightly hip-hop drum and bass notes is a nice touch. It really reminds me of a more electro-techno, slightly less hip-hop edge-y Flying Lotus or Flume. This album has a few tracks where I would swear were influenced or inspired by Flying Lotus or Flume (especially the tracks that have a heavier hip-hop influence them). Either way, I really recommend this album. Since this album is primarily comprised of instrumental tracks (some tracks have a bit of a vocal loop in the background embedded, but it's not distracting), it is a really easy listen. This is possibly one of the few albums I've been able to listen to from start to finish, but then again, that might be because it's mostly instrumental and that kind of music is easy to just have streaming in the background. Needless to say that this is a pretty good album in general so keep that in mind too!

Sounds Like:
- Flying Lotus
- Flume
- Pretty Lights
- xxyyxx

Recommended Tracks:
2. Crystal Handgun (4:03): One of the more repetitive songs he has, but it's really chill & it's got those hip-hop undertones. (3/5)
3. La Da Dee (He's Hopeless) (3:59): Pretty spacey, I like it. Complex beats/loops in it, I dig it. (5/5)
4. Blacklight (3:06): I think of bubbles popping & floating for some weird reason. Again, spacey, I dig it. (5/5)
6. Audition Subtraction (3:20): I sense a tad of Africana/timpani sounds so it's pretty cool. (4/5)
10. Picture In Picture (4:07): Again, one of his more hip-hop influenced songs. This is the track that has the album name, so it must be worth listening to! (3/5) - Karen Komine

"VRS Magazine | Video Premier & Feature"
Conrad Clifton – Blackliight [PREMIERE]

Well ain’t this sweet. For the very first, of what we hope to be many VRS Premiere’s we present you my namesake and incredibly talented, Brooklyn based artist Conrad Clifton. Conrad is something of an anomaly – rather than being an actor turned rapper, hes an actor turned DJ/Producer/Rapper/Singer (jack of all trades if you will), having spent his childhood on stage, in movies and even commercials. It was his incredible talent behind the boards though that quickly gained him recognition and allowed him to work with the likes of Missy Elliot, Yelawolf and Asher Roth.

What were all here for though is his latest joint, titled Blacklight that comes with a pretty snazzy video too. The track itself has the now synonymous ‘CC’ feel, with layers, on layers, on layers of beautifully crafted instrumentation coinciding in the same habitat. The track kicks of with a drum loop that seem’s to be coming from the depths of the ocean, that then is followed up by these tiny shimmering hi-hats, keyboard chords and snazzy vocal samples. But it’s the electronic beat that kicks in at around the midway point that really does it for me with it completely disregarding the rest of the production, fading in and out and giving it that much needed tonal change.

The video itself is pretty much straight out of a design handbook. With Clif on a podium doing his shit and even giving it a lil shimmy surrounded by sound-reactive lightboxes that give the video a really classy feel. It’s clearly shot by someone with a talented eye + the typography in the background is hella dope, especially with the way the two C’s combine with one another.

Blacklight can be found on Clifton’s current album ‘Picture in a Picture’ and you can catch him at the NXNE music festival in Toronto, this June. So if your Canadian you should be one happy listener. - iamkonrad

"The Playground | Interview & Featured Mix"

5 minutes with... Conrad Clifton

Brooklyn-based up and comer brings forward an interesting and infectious take on contemporary electronic music. The multi-talented beat-enthusiast spent his early career trawling through the show-business world working as an actor- he's done stage plays, films, documentaries and even TV commercials. Music has always been his true love however as he sits on a rich and long-running relationship with music- singing, rapping and playing piano at a very young age. His production was soon picked up by some big names and later went on to work with artists like Missy Elliot, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Yelawolf, Asher Roth, Chilli (of TLC) among others.
Taking his talent to New York City has allowed him to showcase his sound in front of an audience and seemed to be a natural progression for the young hopeful. His ecstatic DJ sets are said to be a brilliant balance between nostalgic R&B echos and contemporary bass styles, drawing inspirations from the inner city lifestyle and pushing it back out through the New York DJ circuits. Whilst maintaining this structure he pushes his abstract ethos challenging the confines of modern dance music.
His latest release ‘Picture in Picture’ sees Conrad highlighting his abstract and alternative ideologies. In this full length we see him drawing from a range of contemporary influences from hip-hop and trap to bass and garage. If we had to put it on paper similarities can be seen in artists like Hudson Mohawke, Tokimonsta, Machinedrum, XXYYXX, and Ta-Ku but who uses paper these days anyway?

We spoke the young talent about the state of contemporary dance music, the Brooklyn scene and where he draws his influences.

Hi there, how are you and what are you up to today?
What's up, I'm great. I'm just taking a break from mixing a new track to search out, and listen to some new music.. I'm addicted to Soundcloud.

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?
My sound would generally be considered Future Bass, but more specifically, it's a mixture of Hip-Hop, Electronic/IDM, Trap, and Juke. I'd fall into the same category as Hudson Mohawke, Tokimonsta, Rustie, Lone, Machinedrum, and Giraffage - producers that don't always fit easily under one genre, but have their own unique sound.

It’s definitely getting harder to pigeonhole producers into certain genres. There are a lot of mixed opinions on trap and it's place in the dance scene. What is your opinion?
I think you can either love it or hate it, but it ain't goin anywhere anytime soon. Essentially, trap is an extension of modern american hip-hop. It's what you'd get if you take a southern rap song, remove the vocals, and combine it with the sensibilities of electro/progressive house (via synth sounds and song sequence/progression). Hip-hop/Rap music has always worked as a party starter, people will dance to it, period. Trap works because it's rap music - without the offensive lyrics, and it's at a danceable 130ish bpm house tempo, or 140ish dubstep tempo. Hip-hop is a genre that was said "would never last", and we see how wrong they were about that. I think trap could be the same way.

What are the 5 albums and artists that have influenced you the most?
Wow, great question.. Ok.
1. J Dilla - Welcome To Detroit
2. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
3. Miike Snow - Miike Snow
4. Machinedrum - Room(s)

You can definitely hear echos of flying lotus in your work. What are some of the key pieces of gear you use to write your tracks?
MacBook Pro, Ableton Push, Maschine, and Triton Pro.

What other artists do you really like at the moment and why?
A few of the hardest beat makers right now are Mr Carmack, Ta-Ku, Starkey, 813, and Ganz. I really like these guys, because not only are the beats hard, but they also give you the melodic content. The rappers I'm into right now are Kendrick Lamar, Wiley (UK), Pheo, and GoldLink. Those last two are not as well known, but I really dig that they give you slick word play/swag, dope cadence, and lyrical content.

If you had the opportunity to work with anyone who would it be?
I think it'd be dope to collaborate with Hudson Mohawke, Machinedrum, and Four Tet. Also, I'd want to produce for Andre' 3000, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Santigold, Ghostpoet, and Kid Cudi.

What’s the best and worst gig you have ever done and why?
My favorite gig was RNDM PRTY at La Zarza LES NYC. It had a dope lounge club vibe - we packed out the basement, and played whatever we wanted to and people loved it, and danced all night.
The worst gig was at The Delancey LES NYC. I was triggering backing tracks for a band, and singing background vocals. The music & band were not the problem, they were really great. But, there was zero promotion for the show, on a cold night, and we went on last. Literally played for an empty room.. We stopped halfway through the set, as there was no reason to keep going, unfortunately.

For those of us who have no idea can you tell us a little more about the music scene in Brooklyn?
I think the Brooklyn music scene mirrors the overall multicultural/melting-pot energy of New York City, in that there are so many genres and musical influences all in one place. There's a lot of indie bands, rappers, jazz musicians, classical musicians, electronic producers, and the bass music scene seems to be growing pretty fast. There's very many niche pockets of people that love any one type of music, which can be a good thing, and a not-so-good thing. Good because when people here love something, they're usually pretty die hard - but not-so-good when you want to have a really large scene for one type of music (like country music in Nashville, or southern rap music in Atlanta).

Finally, can you tell us about any upcoming releases, projects, DJ mixes or collaborations you have in the pipeline?
I'm currently working on new material to be released by Spring/Summer 2014. My album "Picture in Picture" is out now, and can be downloaded at my Bandcamp or iTunes. Stay up to date on new releases and mixes on my Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, or just go to

For those of us that haven't had the pleasure of seeing his DJ sets he has kindly provided us with an exclusive mix. The set is overtly a progressive mix incorporating a balance of old and new cuts. Expect a deep and dark club-related approach with an alternative twist. Stream and download below:

SOUNDCLOUD LINK: - The Playground

"Warmer Climes | Interview"

Q: Give me an imaginary 10 song mixtape, of what you're listening to right now.

A: This is definitely one of the most random collections of songs, because my taste varies widely. But if you know my music, you'll totally get it.

1. Kendrick Lamar | Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe
Love this sh!t. First of all Kendrick Lamar is the truth, period. The whole album is incredible actually, but I've limited my selection to this one. Everything about this is right, from the simplistically, perfectly grooved-out beat, to the rap which is always on point, to the vocal harmonies which are perfectly set in place. But most importantly, I ACTUALLY want to play this song to get in a good vibe :) Cheers, Kendrick.

2. Flosstradamus | ☮☮☮ Lana's Theme ☮☮☮
I love Lana Del Rey, but could never play her music in a party situation… Enter Flosstradamus! This track is so beautiful, but so HARD at the SAME DAMN TIME. With the recent craze over trap music, a lot of people have been getting it horribly wrong. But, Flosstradamus doesn't disappoint, and this one is definitely dope.

3. Teebs | Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (New House Version)
This is so dope, because it's so simple and so perfect. He didn't need anything else in this composition. The reason I love this so much "right now", is because it perfectly translated the mood in Brooklyn when Hurricane Sandy came through. It really didn't hit us too hard, but Manhattan & Jersey got the worst of it, with the flooding & power outages. Other places got really messed up, like in Central America!! But, when everybody was calling around to make sure we were safe, it was like "actually, yeah we're good". We were blessed. Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent… (and enjoy the day off)

4. Cid Rim | Draw
This track is so beautiful. I love when a composition has such beautiful chords, and a vibe that should be really cool and chilled out, but then the drums ride in a way that give it such energy that you can't help but to move to it. This is what I try to do with all of my music.. When you've given your music these "competing" qualities, you also give it it's own unique vibe, and sensibility.

5. Lone | As a Child (feat. Machinedrum)
I love nearly all of Lone's music, and Machinedrum is one of the most incredible producers I've ever heard. Bringing these two together, for me, is like a beautiful gift from the universe.. I mean that 100%. This track is another example of the perfection that comes from combining such beautiful, lush, melodic musicality, and energetic, driving, polyrhythmic, perfectly set-in drums. The reverbed-out vocal on top was just the icing on the Kahlua cupcakes..

6. Floating Points | Farukx
What can I say about this? It's like an extraterrestrial orchestra. Beautiful, I could listen to this on repeat. I wish it was like a Burial track, and 11 minutes long.

7. Rustie | City Star
I love that it starts off so nice, gentle, passive, and dainty.. Then it just gets RAW! So dope. Somethin that kills me is that these kids from Glasgow (Scotland) are making such HARD beats! Being from America, I'd never see that coming.. that's why I love producers like Rustie & Hudson Mohawke.

8. TNGHT | Goooo
This is so ill. Lunice and Hudson Mohawke make a great team! It's hard to get a collaboration right, but I'll be droppin this in my set every chance I get. Everything about this is right, from the heavy kicks & bass, to the reverbed-out background sounds, to the dirty raw synths! So dope.

9. Lone | Aquamarine
Again Lone, one of my favorite producers. I love the movement of this track. It makes me wanna dance in my seat.. like I wanna move to it, but I don't want to miss anything in the track. I want to hear EVERYTHING. The way he composes is so dope, I totally get it. It ebbs and flows.. gives you intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. This is something I try to do with all of my music.

10. Miike Snow | Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
I waited for Miike Snow's 2nd album for what seems like forever. But it finally came, and it couldn't have been any better. I love the whole flow of the album, but this one stands out, and I can't stop listening to it. This sounds nothing like the 1st album, but it's still perfect… very hard to do. I also love that I can play this at a party, and it mixes well because of the naked drum pattern in the beginning. Great segue track :)

11. Flying Lotus | Mmmhmm (feat. Thundercat)
I love this track so much right now.. It's like every chord is a description of the way my soul feels. I don't know, it's hard to describe. It's like a translation to the foreign language that my heart speaks. Beautiful.

12. Conrad Clifton | Too Honest
Now that you know my musical taste, you see where my production style comes from. I'll never get tired of hearing this track, I love it. It has everything on the list - beautiful lush melodies, energetic, driving drum patterns, intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro, and a really dope vibe. The plus is that there's actually a concept here.. There is such a thing as being "Too Honest". Your significant other might think they want to know "everything", but sometimes it might be too much. The track starts off where everything is cool, and she's happy your telling her the truth, because "that's what we should do". But as the track progresses, she starts to get more and more angry, until she's taking your head off, and "can't believe you'd ever say what you just said"! So what now? - Vlad Stoian

" | 2014 Artists To Watch (Interview)"

Skope: How long have you been making music and what do you love about having music in your life?
Conrad Clifton: I’ve been making music for about 16 years, since ’98. Music is pretty much my life – on one hand it’s like a dangerous addiction, lol, and on the other hand it’s like the deepest form of meditation. I feel like making music transports me to another plane of existence, and I’m just not here anymore.

Skope: When are you most inspired to create music?
Conrad Clifton: I can pretty much create whenever, but I’m usually most inspired after watching a live performance of another producer that I like. When I get into their show, it gives me an inspiration that goes further than just the music, it also translates to the crowd loving whatever’s happening. That get’s me hype.

Skope: What are you currently promoting the most via an album, tour, single etc?
Conrad Clifton: While I’m working on new material, I’m still promoting my album “Picture In Picture”. I got some really good response from the single “La Da Dee”, and I look forward to performing more of my original tunes in the near future.

Skope: Where do you turn to hear and discover music, social media, Pandora, FM radio, etc?
Conrad Clifton: Man, I’m on Soundcloud a lot! I like hearing new stuff that no one’s ever heard before, and sharing it with my followers. Other than that, Spotify is my go-to for online radio. It’s the best for discovering new music that you weren’t searching for, and creating stations based on songs/artists you already like.

Skope: Do you have any new Youtube videos or Soundcloud singles posted online we should hear?
Conrad Clifton: You should check out my single “La Da Dee” @
Also, there’s a pretty dope video in the works for “Blackliight”, so watch out for that!

Skope: What is coming up for you & where you at online?
Conrad Clifton: I’m working on releasing a new EP by Spring/Summer. Also, I’ve been confirmed to play at NXNE in Toronto, this June – so if you’re in Canada, come check out the show!
Until then, find me @ - Skope

"Sound Injections | Review"

New York producer Conrad Clifton isn’t new in this game. He got the chance to work with many hip hop artists (Missy Elliot, The Dream) and got some solo works going. His latest effort though is something of a banger. His uk/garage love is mixed with juke and hip hop in a rollercoaster of dancing tribes and trancey venues. On Mourning Gold he has these space synths floating all over your head while the footwork beats uplifts this whole experience in a frenzy pursuit. Too Honest, on the other hand, adopts an exquisite r&b vibe and transform it in a danceable bass monster that sucks your sweat out of your body in the middle of the dancefloor…. Superb listening….

Mourning Gold EP is available for streaming at his bandcamp page. - Sound Injections

"Featured on TS43 with Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba"

Conrad Clifton featured on Team Supreme Vol. 43 beat cypher, back-to-back with Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba.

YouTube: - Team Supreme


L'Étranger: Single (Conrad Clifton Remix) - Remix, Digital (2015)

Rihanna: American Oxygen (Conrad Clifton Remix) - Remix, Digital (2015)

3'Hi: BRUV CHILL - DJ Mix, Digital (2015)

Do U - EP, Digital (2015)

3'Hi: Everyone's A Winner - DJ Mix, Digital (2015)

Do U - Black Marble Collective Compilation, Single, Digital (2015)

Skyliight - Single, Digital (2015)

Yelawolf: Down (prod. by Conrad Clifton) - SHADYXV Compilation, 2xCD (2014)

Post Post / Future Everything - EP, Digital (2014)

Post/Future Vol. 1 - DJ Mix, Digital (2014) 

Post/Future Vol. 2 - DJ Mix, Digital (2014) 

Dim Sum - Single, Digital (2014)

Picture in Picture - LP, Digital (2013) 

Picture That - DJ Mix, Digital (2013) 

Picture This! - DJ Mix, Digital (2013) 

La Da Dee (He's Hopeless) - Single, Digital (2013) 

Good Mourning - DJ Mix, Digital (2013) 

Mourning Gold - EP, Digital (2012)



Up-and-comer Conrad Clifton seamlessly bridges the gap between Hip-Hop & Electronic music. After assisting Grammy winning producers with projects for superstar Rap and R&B artists, he ventured out to make a name for himself. With a healthy catalog of high quality self-releases, and a recent placement on Eminem's SHADYXV compilation, Conrad is showing no signs of letting up. After his captivating performance at the 1st ever Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, and an intimate headlining show at this years SXSW, he's on his way to critical acclaim in electronic music. Similar artists include Hudson Mohawke, Flume, Flying Lotus, Cashmere Cat, and EPROM.

Visit Spotify to enjoy his lush, colorful, and emotive discography.


“One of the most exciting electronic artists to watch in 2016.”

- E A R M I L K -


Conrad Clifton introduces the Future of EDM...”

- F I S T   I N   T H E   A I R -


“Literally made me dream I was soaring through big, puffy white clouds. It is a mental spa retreat from the puny misfortunes of everyday life.”

- N O I S E   P O R N -


Conrad's new single is exactly what good bass music is…finding a graceful balance…not too hard and not too soft.”

- H O F   I S   B E T T E R -


"Conrad Clifton’s new track is Bliiss. This dreamy future bass track comes very close to classic Royksopp."

- Y O U R   M U S I C   R A D A R -

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