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Milwaukee, WI | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Milwaukee, WI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Christian Hip Hop






May 8, 2017 by allenhalas

Milwaukee artist C.M.P. is gearing up for the release of his next record, “Crescendo”, on July 7th, and today we have the second single from the album, “Bones”. The track features John Daniels III, and is more uptempo than some of his previous tracks. “Crescendo” is C.M.P.’s fourth full length album in the last year, and seventh project overall. While his output is unparalleled, his growth as an artist is also something to be spoken for, as well. On every project, there’s progression, and “Crescendo” will likely show that as well. Check out another preview of the album with “Bones” below: - Breakin' & Enterin'



April 18, 2017 by allenhalas

C.M.P. is simply a workhorse when it comes to putting out new music. The Milwaukee artist is preparing for his next album, “Crescendo”, which is due out on July 7th. The Christian artist puts a unique spin on his verses, delivering them in a way that wouldn’t necessarily put off a casual listener. There’s a stigma associated with Christian hip hop, and C.M.P. is one of a select few artists that knows how to masterfully weave in and out of both genres to diminish that. We’ll likely get more singles before “Crescendo” is released, but you can check out “Raise Up” below: - Breakin' & Enterin'



February 22, 2017 by allenhalas
The buildup for Christian rapper C.M.P.’s new project is increasing, as he plans to release a new track every week until the project drops. The latest in this series is “Throwaway”, a track that, admittedly didn’t make the final cut, but still has plenty of lyrical skill in it. While many Christian artists get placed with the stigma of being confined to one subject matter, one listen to C.M.P., and you can see that his skill transcends the content of his lyrics. In our eyes, it’s similar to a political band only writing about politics; yes, that is their niche, but it doesn’t mean that it discredits any of their talent. In fact, listening to “Throwaway”, you can see plenty of creativity from C.M.P., and a natural flow that is well-established. Listen to “Throwaway” below without any pretension, and you’ll discover that for yourself: - Breakin' & Enterin'



February 10, 2017 by allenhalas

While C.M.P. won’t be releasing his “Renaissance” mixtape until March 14th, he’s previewing the tape with the release of a new track, “Rules”. Over the course of a little more than three minutes, C.M.P. gets his message out and then some with a combination of rapped and sung bars. Religious artists often get pigeonholed due to their subject matter, but a select few do get to create some crossover success with their sound. C.M.P. should fall into that latter group, as his style transcends the stigma that often comes with religious music. Check out “Rules” below and hear for yourself: - Breakin' & Enterin'

"AUDIO: C.M.P. – “CIRCA 2016”"

AUDIO: C.M.P. – “CIRCA 2016”

January 6, 2017 by allenhalas

To say that Milwaukee native C.M.P. has been busy creating music is nothing short of a huge understatement. In 2016 alone, he’s released a mixtape, EP, compilation, and album. To cap off the year, he presents another short collection of songs which could be considered an EP, “Circa 2016”. In five tracks, C.M.P. manages to spit his gospel, with a strong delivery and clever wordplay. This has been a big year for the local rapper, as he’s managed to make his name very visible with all of his releases. He’s definitely set to send things off in style, and this is the EP to do it. Check out “Circa 2016” - Breakin' & Enterin'



Posted by Editor | Dec 20, 2016 | Articles, Featured

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions (C.M.P.) is known around Milwaukee as a photographer, spoken word artist, filmmaker, educator, creative consultant, and author.
Perceptions recently went back to his roots as a recording artist with the new album, Intuition. The 18 track compilation was digitally released on December 15.

“The doors of the art world were opened to me through music when I was 13 years old, growing up in the Sherman Park area of Milwaukee,” said Perceptions. “More than a decade later, I have rediscovered my passion to create music. This reawakened has led me to produce, write, and record over 40 songs in one year.”

A mixtape called On Notice was released in July, followed by an EP titled Freedom in October, and now Perceptions has packaged a comprehensive body of work in the Intuition album.

His new single Vices x Venture, premiered live at the Islands of Brilliance’s “Colors & Chords” event at Turner Hall on November 22. The video of that song was filmed at the new Eastside art destination, Black Cat Alley.

The artist is also making it his mission to donate 30% of the profits from Intuition to three nonprofit organizations, ALIVE Milwaukee, Running Rebels, and an international Christian ministry in Pakistan.

“I believe that Intuition is a timely yet timeless record that will bless minds, hearts, souls, and ears, helping connect our lives to this world we share,” said Perceptions. - Milwaukee Independent



October 13, 2016 by allenhalas

An emerging newcomer in Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, C.M.P. recently released his “Freedom” EP, which is a very insightful look into the emcee. The son of a preacher and a drug dealer, you can see the duality of lifestyles from his parents come out in his music. The six track EP is full of quality music as well, and a solid introduction to C.M.P. as an artist. Check out “Freedom” - Breakin' & Enterin'



September 19, 2016 by allenhalas

One of the great things about the Milwaukee hip hop scenes is that just when you think you’ve heard everybody, you can discover another pocket full of artists doing their own thing, regardless of the coverage (or lack there of) that they receive. C.M.P. recently popped onto our radar with his single, “Black Out”, and is definitely an artist that has a potential to make a name for himself within the city if he plays his cards right. On “Black Out”, he throws in as many bars as he can, with a flow that can only be described as natural, to say the least. “Black Out” is from the upcoming “Freedom” album, which is coming soon. In the meantime, get acquainted with C.M.P. - Breakin' & Enterin'



The self-taught Milwaukee native known as C.M.P. beat the odds by the grace of God. Coming from a split family where his father was a drug dealer and his mother is a Christian evangelist, he lived in two worlds at once. When C.M.P. gave his life to the Lord, he felt compelled by God to change the perception of men in his family so he legally changed his name to Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, which is where his artist name originates from. As an artistic polymath, creating is like breathing for C.M.P., considering the arts became an escape that turned into a platform for ministry. CMPerceptions, his company, became the home for the artistic legacy of C.M.P. which transcends solely music although his relationship with art started at 13 years old when he learned how to rap, produce music and write poetry. Within music, C.M.P. creates bodies of work more than singles that point to a forthcoming body of work. God, Family, Business is the mantra of C.M.P. that shines through his layered lyrics, lush self-production and intricate spoken word pieces. C.M.P. creates art that is unorthodox, peculiar and soul touching to accomplish the goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world at large.

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