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Bradenton, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE | AFM

Bradenton, FL | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Cliz Is The Voice Of Positivity"

When it comes to being musically inclined, Florida’s Cliz is not a new person in the recording business and has made a name for himself as the Akademia winner of best rap album for his debut Personal Journal Vol. 1. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to overall performance and style, the music’s speaking for itself. Don’t sleep on Cliz because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up his sleeve that’s purely unexpected.

The hip-soul songwriter/storyteller is in the process of creating a new form of music for the youth. For years, Cliz has been crafting his sound so that it may be a voice of positivity. A voice that resonates with everyone that hears it, young or old. Through music and the power of hip hop, artists have a responsibility to uphold. Whatever artists say has the potential to be more influential than what POTUS has to say. And with that in mind, Cliz strives to become a light in a darkening world.

The recognition he’s received from his debut’s release has provide the momentum for his next project that will be a shorter EP that’s currently untitled. Cliz has a catalog of over 50 songs to choose from and is in the process of find the tracks that will best representation himself and this project. He expects it to release by the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

Official website: - Rude Boy Mag

"Cliz Is Lending A Musical Hand That Will Benefit The Youth"

Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
Cliz: Music has been a part of my life ever since elementary school. When I lived in Pearl, Mississippi I used to belong to my school’s choir and I took part in that for years until we moved. I was an army brat so we moved around several times. Our final move was to Florida in 2006. Prior to moving here I was not a huge fan of hip hop because of the stigma of the genre.

I listened to the big names like Eminem and Jay-Z but as a whole, I was not a fan of hip hop. When I was introduced to Lil’ Wayne after moving to Bradenton, FL and I fell in love. His wordplay, rhyme schemes, and the way he would compare words and phrases together was unreal to me. That is exactly why I fell in love with this genre of music. - Skilly Magazine

"May Nothing Stop You"

Upon first listen to the music of Christian Lizardi known as rapper/poet/songwriter Cliz. One will hear the humbleness in his walk, while sensing his hunger to be recognized amongst the greats in Hip-Hop music. Anxiously awaiting for the time and platform to showcase his message to the masses of avid listeners craving something in juxtaposition to today’s bubble gum, monotonous product selling “Hip-Pop” music that permeates the mainstream airwaves aggressively dumbing down the masses mercilessly with simple hooks and rhymes fit for a third grader. Why do we not strive to dream and create music and art that that is indicative of our true selves? I pondered this question as I was able to sit and discuss the music and artistry of Cliz while exploring his brand, inspirations, current projects and future plans for the rest of 2015 and beyond.

Marcel: I am a long time fan of Hip-Hop music, and I grew to love it because I could be a participant in the culture have an effect on people and culture. I believe that Hip-Hop music and culture is a powerful and influential force on U.S. society & culture. Was there a moment you realized your love for Hip-Hop and decided to become an active participant?

Cliz: I can honestly say that I was never a big fan of Hip-Hop growing up. However, I did like a few songs here and there. Eminem, Jay-Z, and some old school Hip-Hop. But as a whole, I didn’t like the genre. What I heard on the radio (besides the occasional good song) lacked content, originality, and sometimes audibility. Let’s face it most of us would not listen to a song we could not understand. So I kept mostly to alternative/classic Rock, Reggae, or anything that was considered “good music” in my opinion. Until one day, my love for HIp-Hop finally blossomed. I was in the 8th grade, my family and I moved to Bradenton, Florida for my father’s job. The first week I was in school, I noticed how big of an influence Hip-Hop was to the culture. So, I began to listen a bit more. Lil Wayne was a name that I always heard getting tossed around. “Sky is the Limit” was one of the first songs that I was shown and immediately, I took a HUGE interest in Lil Wayne. And when I say huge, I mean I would research every Hip-Hop blog and music site to hear more of him. His wordplay back during the “Da Drought” days were so magnetizing that I could not stop quoting him. I felt like every conversation I had would remind me of something from a Wayne song. I kept listening to my normal Red Hot Chili Peppers or Bob Marley, but I could tell my love for Hip-Hop was only growing, as was my selection of Hip-Hop music. So if I didn’t move to Bradenton, Florida, who knows if I would have become an avid listener of Hip-Hop.

Marcel: How do you feel your artistry differentiates you from other artists?

Cliz: My artistry can speak for itself. When people ask me how I’m different than the rest of the artists out there, I play a song for them. The message in every song, while different, leads you back to the same conclusion. And that is I write to help others, not just myself. I enjoy helping others more than myself. If I were a millionaire, most of it would go to my family. Simply because I don’t need it. It’s little things such as this that can make the biggest impact on a listener. It shows humility and the ability to remain grounded. It shows that I want to make positive changes to the world. My music is neither translucent nor transparent. The message is always clear and it is always for the sake of another. That is music that touches the soul. And that is what differentiates me from others.

Marcel: There is definitely a noticeable sound difference between the Hip-Hop music you hear on the radio versus the music coming from local communities and the underground. What do you think of Hip-Hop culture today and where it is going?

Cliz: Hip-Hop culture today is really a hit or miss. One day, you can meet the coolest cats embodied with humility. The next you can meet people who let their ego stick out like a sore thumb, and in a very negative manner. Some people surrounded by the culture feel like they have to constantly prove themselves. But why? This genre is the single-most listened to genre in our youth and it has been for the past 15 years or more. That means Hip-Hop artists control the future! But all we hear is money, cars, clothes, sex in a derogatory manner toward women, drugs, and partying. And again, I believe it is simply because of the need to prove themselves. Is this what we’ve become? With myself and few others, I believe we can control where Hip-Hop is going. We can bring a more positive message by talking about our struggles and how we overcame them. After all, that is what people listen to music for. To find answers. Answers to happiness, love, and success. So why not give that to the people? Share with them the same advice that was given to you. Mentor and be mentored. This is where Hip-Hop should be going and with us on board, that is where it WILL be going.

Marcel: Hip-Hop music incorporates various genres of music as artists are inspired by and sometimes sample the music by which they are influenced. What types of music inspire you?

Cliz: I’m inspired by all types of music. If I heard a jazz flutist playing some great music in New Orleans, I would stop and watch. Possibly even obtain new ideas from it. But to me, music is music. I do not like categorizing myself as a rapper/Hip-Hop artist. I’m an artist, and that’s it.
With that being said, I like to incorporate as much diversity as possible in my music. I told producers in the past to use orchestral instruments, electric guitars, and even Bongo drums. Simply because I believe that merging all of these diverse and culturally different sounds can and will create unity of the people. And being able to do that through any type of music is extraordinary in my eyes.

Marcel: My favorite Hip-Hop artists are many, but I was influenced by Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast to name a few. What artists are you currently listening to and why?

Cliz: Some of the Hip-Hop artists I’ve been listening to lately have included: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Logic, G-Eazy, Eminem, and Drake on occasion because he has become a bit commercialized. In their own way, each of these artists can create an extremely vivid image in your mind through their lyrics. Cole and Kendrick are quick to tell you the truth no matter who it hurts, while at the same time, provide music that can touch your soul. Logic just relates to me the most because of how old he is and some of the things he has gone through. As long as he continues to speak about it through his music, I will be a huge supporter of his.
Some other artists that I have developed a liking for are Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. Their music is extremely soulful and can touch you in the midst of only a few words. Sam Smith has this dark and hurtful past that he continues to reveal through songs that give you chills. And Ed Sheeran creates some wonderful songs about love that my beautiful fiance, Melissa Malanczuk, and I have taken a liking for. As I touched on before, its because we can relate to his music and sing the songs to each other as if they were written for us. It’s a beautiful moment to capture.

Marcel: Who is the single most influential person of your artistry? Was there a specific moment that started it all?

Cliz: Ms. Smith my 1st grade teacher is the single most influential person to my artistry. My mother would always tell me that I would be a great author/artist because she saw the pictures I use to draw and the captions I wrote along with them. Ms. Smith noticed this as well and acted very quickly on it. On a warm August afternoon, Ms. Smith decided to pay me a visit at our home. She came completely unannounced to bring me something that would change my life forever. The doorbell rang and my mother answered soon after. She had never even seen my 1st grade teacher so she had no idea who was at our door. On her person were a few blank books that she had bought for me. Why, you may ask? It was a mystery to me at that moment as well.
When she gave me those books, she and my mother told me to let my imagination run wild. So I did. But what was drawn and written was not what they expected. I began writing books about the parts of life that I feared most. And at the tender age of six, it was any type of monster you could think of. The first book I wrote was about a cyclops terrorizing a city. And over the past sixteen years, that very cyclops has been deeply engraved in my memory. People ask me all the time why I chose a cyclops as the logo for May Nothing Stop You, and it is because of that same character I drew over sixteen years ago. I dropped my writing for a very long time because I thought it wasn’t the cool thing to do, I knew how much I enjoyed it. So when I began to rap, it showed me that I have never and will never give up on my passion. And nothing could stop me. That is how this entire journey began. And the my 1st grade teacher, Ms. Smith, is the catalyst that began it all.

Marcel: Could you elaborate further on your mantra and brand May Nothing Stop You? What does it mean to you and why?

Cliz: I have always considered myself to be an artist of inspiration and relativity. Simply because inspiration is what drives us everyday to pursue what we aspire to be. And through music, relating to the world is what drives this inspiration subconsciously. There is a bond that begins to form between artist and listener that creates a certain chemistry. And this chemistry allows the listener to recall stories told by the artist during every hardship. Only to help them through those tough times. I was one of those listeners. Music was always the remedy. I would simply put on some headphones and escape to my own euphoric fantasy. Like my reality was all just a dream. This is the inspiration that derives from relativity. One that is able to pick you up from the depths and proceed with confidence. And I wanted every individual to experience that feeling for themselves. Not just through music, but through another very powerful medium.
Through social media, I have kept my posts generally positive and up-lifting. And I noticed that I kept posting statuses and tweets about never quitting when facing adversity. Spontaneously enough, I posted a status on October 30, 2013 that said, “You want it? Then go get it! May nothing stop you.” And I knew at that moment that those four words defined me. Those four words could be the difference between failure or success, or even life or death. And that is why it was chosen to be my brand because it represents me to the fullest extent.

Marcel: Fortunately with Hip-Hop music being a culture comprised of the four elements of the MC, DJ, B-Boy & graffiti artist there are many things to be proud of how far Hip-Hop culture has gone in forty-one years and counting. I personally love when Hip-Hop is able to create livelihood through passion if utilized in a positive way. What are the positive things you see in hip-hop right now or would like to see?

Cliz: Recently, I have seen a big switch in the personalities of rappers. I have been seeing more and more humble artists spilling their hearts and souls onto the music. As I do. And its a beautiful thing to experience. On May 15 of this year, my brother Jacob Izrael and I opened up for Caskey at the Local 662 in St. Petersburg, FL. After our performance, the amount of love that was shown was bar none. Since then, I have been in contact with several artists and entrepreneurs from that very venue and we all show love and support to each other.
This is the norm I want to create in Hip-Hop. I want the stereotype of the genre to disappear so we can make room for a new one. One of positivity. This is where I see Hip-Hop going because avid listeners are becoming more and more susceptive to this kind of music and the love shown.

Marcel: In all senses Hip-Hop is a contact sport of art in which artistic collaborations and projects occur such as DJ Premier & Royce Da 5’9 as PRhyme or Killer Mike and El-P as Run the Jewels and the many others within Hip-Hop music and entertainment. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Cliz: Top of my list has to be Dr. Dre with Eminem at a close second. These two moguls have completely changed the game and are continuing to change the game. Newer artists that I would love to collaborate with would be Logic, Kendrick, Kid Cudi, or J.Cole. I just love these artists because of their storytelling abilities. And all have a diverse and unique sound. I see similarities in my work when it comes to all these artists so I would collaborate with all of them if I had the chance.

Marcel: Looking back to where you first began, and looking at where you are at this present moment. What are your goals to accomplish for the rest of the year 2015 and beyond?

Cliz: The rest of the year has some good things in store. I’m currently working on my new album, “Personal Journal Vol. I”, and it is like no other before it. The only hint I can give you is that I will be “reading” you my life story, in every aspect. Besides the music, my goal is to open for bigger and bigger artists than the ones I have for in the past. Machine Gun Kelly and Caskey are both great artists, but I want to open for a Kendrick or a J. Cole. Beyond this, my biggest goal to date is to be featured in the 2016 XXL Freshman Class. I’ve followed XXL since I began my love for Hip-Hop and the capabilities of my music will soon speak for itself.

By listening to the music of Cliz and speaking with him for this interview, his artistry and brilliance is in his drive and humbleness to learn and absorb every bit of musical influence and creative inspiration that presents itself while not giving up on his artistry, creativity and most importantly himself. He is that dedicated to creating amazing music first, not just Hip-Hop music, choosing to be defined by his creative output and limitless possibilities while simply defining himself to the mantra/brand of May Nothing Stop You. Hear the passion and genuine honestry in his music and it’s simple to see that he has the right formula for success in his character because he is true to himself and honest with his artistry for the world to see. That is inspiration exemplified, to which one will understand that we should strive to create in effort to express our true selves because that is truly who we are. For that nothing should stop you in your creative and artistic pursuits. Cliz is one example that anything possible if we choose to create, dream, pursue and live out our dreams through music and art. May Nothing Stop You. - Funky Fresh Magazine (Interviewed by: Marcel Bauduin)

"Best Rap Album Winner"

With moods ranging from provocative to contemplative,Cliz has crafted an evocative collection of rap jams that are sure to endure. - Akademia Music Awards

"Interview: Cliz Talks Favorite Albums, Moving to Florida, Idols, and More"

Growing up, Cliz was never a big fan of Hip-Hop/Rap which he blames on the radio. He enjoyed listening to the greats like Eminem and Jay-Z but was always looking for more. All of that changed when he moved to Florida in 2006 and began to fall in love with Hip-Hop. One day, Cliz had an idea. That idea was to grab a guitar hero mic, plug it into audacity, and rap over a Lil Wayne instrumental. On that very day, Cliz was born. The first real song Cliz ever wrote was about his cousin, Ryan, who passed in July of 2006. After writing that song, he was positive that his purpose was to tell stories and paint vivid pictures through song and poetry. When you hear his music now, you hear his pain, struggle, and determination like never before.

How did you come up with the name Cliz?

To be honest, my Dad and my brother came up with the name when I was in 8th grade. I was at school and they had bought a brand new Xbox (1st generation). I was ecstatic to get home to play it and as I was at school, they created a gamertag for me. They put cliz23 for the first initial of my first name and first three initials of my last name. It was originally pronounced C-Liz but everybody kept calling me Cliz and Clizzy throughout 8th grade and the remainder of high school. So it stuck.

Why do you make music?

There are several of us that believe we are the only ones in the world with certain problems. I write music because it relieves those problems and I want to help others get through those same trials and tribulations. I write conscious music that relates to the audience and touches you deep down in your soul.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

Longevity is my primary goal. I want to change the world we live in and create a more loving and positive environment. I want to lift the stigma that Hip-Hop currently has (money, cars, clothes) and show the world that there is a wide array of various Hip-Hop artists, not just those you hear on the radio. I strive to push the culture forward and bring this positive stigma because Hip-Hop is the primary genre that our youth listens to. And changing the world starts with helping the youth.

Who are you influenced by musically?

As of late, J. Cole and Logic (because of their storyteller abilities). All time influences are Eminem and Lil Wayne (90’s and early 2000’s Wayne).

What were your favorite albums of 2015?

To Pimp a Butterfly hands down. If Forrest Hills Drive somehow rolled over into 2015, it would have been too hard of a decision. The composure of the project is bar none. The live instrumentation is bringing the actual music back to the genre of Hip-Hop. I just think that Kendrick and his team did an amazing job from the lyricism down to the production. 11 grammy nominations is just shy of Michael Jackson’s record and Kendrick Lamar deserved every bit of them.

Why the move from Mississippi to Florida?

Well I was an army brat and I was born on base in Ft. Riley, Kansas. We moved around countless times after that from Mississippi to Louisiana back to Mississippi to Texas, and on. We had to have moved at least 10 times throughout my childhood. But as you can see, it worked out for the best. I was not a big fan of Hip-Hop until I moved to Florida and without moving here, who knows if I would have ever picked up the pen.

Why did you choose hip-hop to express yourself? Why not another genre?

Strictly because of how much I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the wordplay, analogies, subliminal messages, and the general vibe you get from hearing someone drop a really dope 16. I have always loved music growing up but the way I feel about Hip-Hop molded me into the artist that I am today. That is why I try so hard to keep the culture pushing forward. I want to remove the stigma that Hip-Hop currently has.

What do you want your fans to take from your music?

The music I put out is intended to inspire. The purpose is to lift you up from the depths and keep you pushing forward. My brand, MayNothingStopYou, was started for this reason alone. Music is motivation in its purest form. And if I am able to provide that for another person, my dreams and aspirations are realized.

Describe your sound in three words.

Soulful. Passionate. Motivational

What was the first thought when you found out you won Best Rap Album at Akademia Music Awards?

Before I could even think, enthusiasm filled my body. To win that award with after seeing the amount of submissions is so sublime and is a blessing to say the least. I could not be more thankful. Now, it is time to ride that momentum and keep the progression throughout 2016. There are a lot of big moves coming this year as a result of it.

What’s next for Cliz?

We are in the process of booking shows from New York to Los Angeles so a tour for my new album, Personal Journal Vol. I, is in the works. My brand, MayNothingStopYou, will drop its clothing line during Spring 2016 and we are working on a Youth organization within the brand. Other than that, we are just pushing the music and MayNothingStopYou to the masses.

Connect with Cliz - Matt Ogilvie

"[Album Review] ‘Personal Journal Volume I’ – Cliz"

For over two years, Cliz has worked on putting together his Personal Journal to release to the world. Over 50 songs were written, but only 11 made the cut. These 11 songs (and 3 interludes) show his strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerability. Personal Journal Volume I gives you an inside look at every aspect of his life starting with stories that even his closest friends haven’t heard. The Florida artist started out writing poetry before he got into hip-hop and you will hear that throughout the project.

Cliz begins Personal Journal Volume I with a very inspiring message for listeners letting us know anything is possible. The intro only goes on for about a minute before he gets into the first track. It starts out slow but builds momentum. After listening to “Built Up” I can tell the album will be heavy in storytelling which I enjoy very much. “Another Day In The Lab” is the second song on the 14-track album and it begins with a smooth transition from track 1. Storytelling and rhyming are in full effect through the entire track and Cliz doesn’t waste one second of the instrumental. “One Day” is next and Cliz explains how he got started making music. He grabbed a guitar hero mic one day, plugged it into audacity and keep creating ever since. He explains how he is fighting the odds but making music is a part of his DNA so he won’t stop until he is successful. The first of three interludes follows “One Day” and it is a poetry piece instead of a skit. He continues telling his story of starting his rap career influenced by Lil Wayne. That brings us to “Sistine on the Sixteen” and the first feature on Personal Journal Volume I, dr. O. This is the also the first instrumental on the tape that bangs. Cliz really shows his rapper side on this track flowing with the beat and delivering two strong verses. Cliz transfers the energy from the previous track to “Let Me Talk To ‘Em Real Quick” with another hard hitting beat and track-full of lyrics. The short minute and a half track proves once again that Cliz can rap with the best of them. “What To Call This?” (prod. by Adrian Adonis) marks the halfway point of Personal Journal Volume I and he takes a break from the rap style beats for a couple minutes. With the focus on his lyrics, Cliz explains that he isn’t your normal artist and he is ready for his takeover.

The second half of the album starts with a short skit explaining the pay gap between CEOs and employees. I like that Cliz included this in his album because it’s an important issue that is facing workers everywhere. Cliz keeps his sound with “Shenanigans” flowing all over Maran’s beat. At this point, the album sounds like one long song which I think all artists should aim for. It’s important to stick to your style so that you don’t sound like other rappers. Big ups to Cliz for keeping it 100. “Do Not Be The One…” follows and Cliz doesn’t hesitate to start spitting flames. It sounds like he is coming for that rap god title. The second and last feature comes on “Come a Time” with Layne Harper. Cliz’s rhyme schemes are out of this world by now. I will need to run back almost every track on the tape to get every line. He brings back the poetry for “Clockwork Interlude” and it packs a powerful message. The thing I like about poetry is that it makes you focus on the lyrics. A lot of rap nowadays is focused on the beat which takes away the importance of the emcee. Cliz is helping bring back lyrics and I respect him for that because I am a big fan of lyrics. “Clockwork” the track come next and it is one of my favorite on the album. Nothing seems forced and Cliz stays on beat throughout the track. The last and final track on Personal Journal Volume I is “No More”. If Cliz was to have a “club hit” on the album, it would be this track. The beat bangs and the hook is catchy (in a good way). Cliz finished the album just as he started it; strong.

Connect with Cliz - Upcoming Hip Hop

"Cliz 'Personal Journal Vol. I'"

For over two years, Cliz has worked on putting together his Personal Journal to release to the world. Over 50 songs were written, but only 11 made the cut. These 11 songs show his strengths, weaknesses, and even his vulnerability. It gives you every aspect of his life. Some that haven’t even been told to his closest friends and family. YOU have the opportunity to be the first to hear it. And YOU have the chance to be a part of this legacy. #MayNothingStopYou - The Hype Magazine

"Album: Personal Journal Vol. I"

Everyone’s story about how they discovered hip-hop is different and it’s a thing of beauty as well. Cliz, a resident of Florida now, moved there in 2006 and had the idea to plug his “Guitar Hero” mic into a computer and record bars over a Lil’ Wayne instrumental in Audacity. Cliz is a story teller and on his Personal Journal Vol. 1 he does just that through 14 new tracks. I recommend checking out “Sistine On The Sixteen” for proof. This album is two years in the making and he recorded over 50 songs for it so you can expect more work from him after this. Stream this project below. - Joe Hova

"Album: Cliz - Personal Journal Vol. I"

Two years in the making, Bradenton resident Cliz debuts his audio memoir with the fourteen track release of “Personal Journal Vol. 1”. The project consists of chilled instrumentals with multiple rhythmic deliveries, very reminiscent of Rap group Bone Thugs. Standout songs include “Another Day In The Lab”, “Come A Time” and “No More”. The Florida emcee’s full album can be previewed via the player below. - High Definition Audio

"Fair Shake Review: Personal Journal Vol. I - Cliz"

Cliz is a local artist out of Florida on the rise. He's a rapper who will tell you upfront about how he didn't like rap earlier in life, as told in the "Dumb'd Down" interlude. He recalls that after his move to Florida he was introduced to Lil' Wayne (in his prime) and that changed his opinion. That moved him and his friends to try their hand at the artform and thus, Cliz was born. His love of wordplay has led him to start opening for bigger acts along the likes of Machine Gun Kelly & Caskey. He appeals to those who love the banging beats and clever wordplay, yet with this current project, it gets personal.

Relating to your audience is one of the most important things an artist can focus on when creating a project. That is made an apparent goal from his album's title, "Personal Journal". I can say without a doubt that it has been achieved thoroughly. Cliz managed to give you many aspects of himself from track to track, all while mixing in a few wordplay laden songs. Topics can range from his hip hop origin story & making music to help his listeners to money controlling politics & the time we spend just trying to get by. This all flows smoothly together with the help of skits, poetry, and clips that make the journey cohesive.

Cliz's style has a very mainstream appeal like Mac Miller with southern rap production, excluding two tracks "Another Day in the Lab" and "One Day". He also sings a good amount of choruses and occasionally parts of verses, which is the only thing that is inconsistent in quality. At times, his tone and pitch can be noticeably worse than his lyrical ability. Cliz is very good at relating his thoughts in interesting ways whether straightforward or through clever analogies. This making him a pretty easy listen for casual listeners and hip hop heads alike as his personality is present in each bar.

I can highly recommend this project to anyone who enjoys hip hop about life and rap itself. My favorites would have to include "No More", the album's triumphant closing track with Cliz's passionate delivery and confident defiance. "Another Day in the Lab" has a chill boom bap approach with his dedication to making meaningful music as the main topic. The production throughout the project makes it easy to bounce to as the energy is never lost. In summary, it's an enjoyable album that will be a good one to throw on when you're looking for some substance from a hip hop underdog.
You'll leave remembering his message: May Nothing Stop You! - AdvocateXNegativism



Throughout my childhood, I was never a big fan of Hip Hop/Rap.  Mostly because what I heard was on the radio. I had always liked Eminem and other big names like Jay Z but other than that, I didn’t listen to any other music in the genre. But when I moved to Florida in 2006, EVERYTHING changed.

I began to fall in love with Hip Hop after listening to Lil Wayne. He had this way of relating words to other meanings that would just make you bust out in laughter. Mainly because of how incredibly genius the line was. It showed me that it wasn’t just music. It was poetry. 

One day, we had an idea. Brandt, Robby, and myself grabbed a guitar hero mic, plugged it into audacity, and went over a Lil Wayne beat that we were obsessed with. On that very day, Cliz was born. 

First thing I needed to do was find myself. I started writing about the typical things you hear about on the radio; money, cars, clothes, etc. Quickly after, I realized that wasn’t me because I didn’t relate to the wealth. 

The first real song I ever wrote was about my cousin, Ryan, who passed in July of 2006. After writing that song, I was positive that my purpose was to tell stories and paint vivid pictures through song and poetry. 

When you hear my music now, you hear my pain, struggle, and determination like never before.  That is why I created my brand “May Nothing Stop You”.  So that I can give those people that have gone through similar situations hope to carry on. Hope for a better tomorrow. That is why I write. That is why I am Cliz. 

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