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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Artist on The Watch: Cleva Thoughts"

There are just some artists you hear about who are talented in every single possible way; Cleva Thoughts is that type of artist.
Cleva Thoughts, Chantilly Kornegay, was born January 20, 1985 in Bronx, New York to Gina and Russell.
She was introduced to a wide variety of music like reggae, Latino, R-N-B, House, and jazz but Cleva also indicates that Hip-Hop really influenced her at an early age.

Cleva has always been a fan of Hip-Hop culture:
“I could not stop reciting LL Cool J Around the way girl. I was impressed with the be-boy dance moves and the heavy chains. Walking down the street in New York City is so inspiring to new eyes.”
Cleva recalls at 15 years old free styling and recording with all of her friends in Palmer Park, MD.
She remembers this time in her life as a turning point where she was able to refine her technique, style, and delivery into something remarkable.
Today, Cleva Thoughts has recorded hundreds of songs that she shares across social media with her loyal followers.

Before the shutdown during the pandemic, Cleva Thought’s dedicated passion for a music career has landed her shows in DC, MD, TX, and NY.
She was also featured in a magazine featuring Tech N9Ne as well as several underground radio stations (Rolling with Swanny River).
As an undergraduate at Strayer University, Cleva Thoughts is not only a full-time artist but also a full-time student going for her Bachelors degree.

This passionate, young individual truly understands that talent comes in all shapes in sizes.
Cleva Thoughts not only writes, records, and performs music but she also produces, conducts graphic design, web development, video editing, photography and marketing.
Cleve Thoughts understands that in order to make it all, you have to learn how to do it all.

As the owner of Box The Mic Entertainment, Cleva Thoughts describes herself as:
“A lyricist and lover of words; an old soul, a vibrant energy trying to understand the world around me. I vow to observe the cultures around me and try to understand. There is still so much to learn as an artist and human. I will continue to write about whatever crosses my mind. I hope you join my journey. Your encouragement and support is well appreciated.” - Dark Magazine

"Chantilly Kornegay on Using Her Expertise and Experience to Help Music Artists"

Not everyone who dreams of being at the top of the entertainment industry strives for fame. While others aim to climb the summits of success in order to obtain eminence and wealth, some people equate a triumphant end goal in one’s career to having the ability to transform the lives of many. And more often than not, these individuals who have dedicated themselves in the service of others have shown to live a life filled with passion, vigor, and determination. One such person is Chantilly Kornegay.

Chantilly Kornegay, otherwise known as Cleva Thoughts, is a professional hip-hop vocalist and songwriter who has devoted her life to helping other artists create a path of their own. With her unique music background and an unparalleled passion for the art, Chantilly has continuously proven herself worthy of her sterling name in the entertainment industry. However, this life filled with success and altruistic pursuits did not exactly start the way Chantilly hoped.

Raised in Maryland since the age of 10, Chantilly Kornegay has had her fair share of trials and triumphs. As a matter of fact, Chantilly was profusely greeted with a myriad of difficulties that made her youth far more challenging than other 10-year-old girls. And it did not help that she spent most of her childhood years in a new place, tugged with countless adjustments and a broken family with parents who lived in different states. Because of this extraordinary family situation, Chantilly had to travel back and forth to spend time with her father in New York while adjusting to a new life in Maryland. And although it may sound that Chantilly’s youth was challenging, she never complained. If anything, it was in these moments when Chantilly found an interest in writing songs and producing beats. One day, when she returned to Maryland, Chantilly was inspired and decided to pursue a career in music.

Fueled by her newfound interest, Chantilly Kornegay began to develop a variety of skills, talents, and techniques to propel her towards becoming a success in the field of music. With the help of her friends who share the same passion as her, Chantilly learned more and concentrated on refining her path. Her uniqueness in the industry quickly rose above as Chantilly focused more on techniques that highlight the beauty in mashing New York style music topped with a southern flavor. And ever since the moment she found her niche, Chantilly has written and recorded hundreds of songs that can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

As Chantilly Kornegay continues to traverse the industry with her musical prowess, she took things up a notch by becoming a freelance songwriter and a hip hop vocalist on Fiverr. Her exceptional skills in the field have led her to gain more than 140 five star ratings and various collaborations with artists from around the world.

On top of that, Chantilly Kornegay has started to delve into other music genres in order to cater to more artists around the world. Aside from hip hop, Chantilly is known for her talents in the field of dubstep, R&B, Trap, EDM, Techno, Bass and Drums, and more. Chantilly has also slowly transitioned into becoming fully independent in her craft that she is starting to learn the ropes behind advertising and marketing.

It has become common knowledge about how the entertainment landscape nurtures a cutthroat environment. But thanks to the people who help dreamers get ahead in such an industry like Chantilly Kornegay, everything is possible and within reach.

To know more about Chantilly Kornegay, you may visit her website. - Music Observer


Still working on that hot first release.



Cleva Thoughts is a global hip hop vocalist and lyricist. She assists artists, brands, producers and labels with bringing song ideas and concepts to fruition. 

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