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Roanoke, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF | AFTRA

Roanoke, Virginia, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Rock Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Roanoke Times"

"If you haven't heard Brach Rauchle wail on guitar, sax, keys and electronic wind instrument, etc., you are missing out on an astounding display... Brach plays like he has two brains."

- Tad Dickens, Roanoke Times -

"Rock City News"

"Have you ever seen or heard one person play dual leads simultaneously on guitar (while also playing bass) and sax? Brach does... he's like a musical tsunami!"

- George Stanley, Rock City News (Los Angeles, CA) -

"Venues/Festivals performed:"

(VA / East Coast)
Martin's Downtown- Roanoke, VA
Growlers - Roanoke, VA
Sycamore Deli - Blacksburg, VA
622 North - Blacksburg, VA
Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC
Sun Music Hall - Floyd, VA
The Camel - Richmond, VA
Hoss' Deli - Newport News, VA
The Local - Boone, NC
The Hot Spot - Waynesboro, VA
The Jewish Mother - Norfolk, VA
Cary St. Cafe - Richmond, VA
The Bungalow - Chantilly, VA
Hideaway Saloon- Louisville, KY
City Dogs - Richmond, VA
Muncheez- Beckley, WV
The Spot- Virginia Beach, VA
The Box - Charlottesville, VA
Brewbakers - Winchester, VA
Sharkey's - Radford, VA
Roanoke Civic Center - Roanoke, VA
Camp Barefoot Music Festival - Bartow, WV
Werk Out Music Festival - Legend Valley, OH
Pink Moon Music Festival - Rock Camp, WV
Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival - Martinsville, VA
Catawba Farm Fest - Catawba, VA
Steppin Out Festival- Blacksburg, VA
Down By Downtown Fest - Roanoke, VA
Summer Solstice Festival- Blacksburg, VA
Rock the Blocks Music Festival - Blacksburg, VA
Live on WSLS NBC Roanoke - Daytime Blueridge
The Lion’s Den - NYC, NY
The Golden Rail Ale House - Poughkeepsie, NY
Tumulty’s - New Brunswick, NJ
Arlene’s Grocery - NYC, NY

(CA / West Coast)
The Baked Potato - N Hollywood, CA
The Coconut Teaser - Hollywood, CA
The Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA
The Galaxy Theatre - Santa Anna, CA
Molly Malone’s - Hollywood, CA
Harvelle’s - Santa Monica, CA
The Venice Bistro - Venice Beach, CA
The Blue Saloon - N Hollywood, CA
DiPiazza’s - Long Beach, CA
The Joint - Los Angeles, CA
Naked Lunch - Beverly Hills, CA
Canter’s Kibitz Room - Hollywood, CA
The Mint - Los Angeles, CA
The Temple Bar - Santa Monica, CA
Westwood Brewing Co. - Westwood, CA
Hard Rock Cafe - Tustin, CA
Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
Henessey’s - Laguna Beach, CA
The Marine Room - Laguna Beach, CA
14 Below - Santa Monica, CA
The Golden Sails - Long Beach, CA
The White House - Laguna Beach, CA
The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA
The Riverbottom - Burbank, CA
The Malibu Inn - Malibu, CA
The Sail Loft - Laguna Beach, CA
Rusty’s Surf Ranch - Santa Monica Pier, CA
BB Kings - Universal City, CA
The Troubador - Hollywood, CA
The Roxy - Hollywood, CA
La Ve Lee - Studio City, CA
Vynyl - Los Angeles, CA
Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
The Sandpiper - Laguna Beach, CA
The Muse - Pasadena, CA
The Martini Room - Hollywood, CA
Slims - San Francisco, CA
The Lizard Lounge - Hollywood, CA
Dizzy’s - San Diego, CA - URTH

"Opened or provided direct support for:"

Ozric Tentacles
Jeff Sipe Trio
Consider The Source
The Mantras
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
The Bridge
James Taylor
DJ Williams Projekt
Tiny Boxes - URTH


Still working on that hot first release.



The Man From URTH is a unique and innovative solo act the likes of which has never been heard before on this planet. Multi-instrumentalist Brach Rauchle adeptly and synchronously performs on guitar, saxophone, vocals, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and electronic wind instrument utilizing custom self-built instruments, foot keys, triggers and finger pads to create a multifaceted sonic experience - all in real-time without the aid of any looping, sequencing or prerecorded material of any kind. In a feat of high-energy musical acrobatics, he moves among instruments and executes multiple parts simultaneously. Brach designed and constructed his elaborate setup to allow for great freedom in live performance so that he is able to reinforce and interweave instrumental textures and percussive elements organically the instant a thought or direction is born, effectively bridging improvisational boundaries across multiple instruments.

Laying down a powerful blend of originals and covers that range from high energy rock and gritty funk to progressive fusion and soul jazz, audiences are often astounded at the huge sound emanating from just one musician who single-handedly captures the fullness and feel of a five or six piece band. While this does provide an engaging spectacle for wowing audiences, the core intention is purely musical in nature. Brach's concept of performing in such a manner is not to substitute or replace a band. On the contrary, the chief purpose is to create a new vehicle for something entirely different while not losing the sound, feel and impact of a full ensemble. While maintaining that force of a multi-piece live group, his solo act eliminates the need to communicate impromptu ideas prior to execution. This allows for off-the-cuff changes to any part of a song's performance and for truly spontaneous composition (improvisation of form in addition to melody/harmony). The end result is the ability to move much closer to the very roots of the creative process so that the instant an idea is conceived it can be immediately executed without the need for external communication or prearrangement.

The reason it is so essential to perform everything 100% live with absolutely no looping, no prerecording, no drum machines nor sequences of any sort is Brach's desire for a truly in the moment, binding connection with the audience. To him, live music is not simply created solely on the stage. Instead, Brach feels that live music should be a symbiotic cycle of communication... an exchange or collaboration between the audience and the performer driven by everyone present and creating a oneness of musical and biological synchronization. For this to happen, everything must take place in real-time, entirely in the moment, allowing for greater and more intimate interaction with audiences. While taking music to this new place and exploring untrodden sonic ground is at the heart of what drives The Man From URTH project, always of the utmost importance is keeping things fun, danceable, and energetic. With this in mind, Brach delivers both classic favorites as well as his upbeat, funky/progressive originals.

Brach initially began developing his multi-instrumental approach while studying jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music where he created his unconventional fingerstyle technique. His affinity for constructing multi-voice guitar arrangements ultimately led him to experimenting with and modifying a 7-string guitar so that he could play bass parts on the bottom 3 strings while simultaneously executing guitar leads and accompaniment on the upper 4 strings. After years of experimentation and development of many other unorthodox techniques and self-designed instrumentation, the end result is an other-worldly conglomeration of instruments and contraptions that affords him a vast timbral palette from which to draw while executing multiple parts simultaneously.

Principally based out of Los Angeles for many years, Brach worked as a session musician and performed around the country with previous acts.  He also became a regular performer at well-known venues such as the Knitting Factory, the Coconut Teaser and the legendary, world-renowned jazz/fusion nightclub the Baked Potato. The name URTH, which Brach initially happened across in an old mythology book, has served as a sort of musical pseudonym for his original projects over the years. The term essentially represented the unification of past, present and future. The Man From URTH's soulful mix of funk, rock and jazz achieves that unity by combining elements of our collective musical roots with Brach's unique inventiveness, defining a distinct, innovative sound unlike any other.

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