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Christina Custode

Niagara Falls, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Niagara Falls, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Christina Custode "Light of Day""

Christina Custode’s “Light Of Day” is a tremendously powerful single that needs little more than Christina’s vocals and piano to tell a story that resounds through the ages. There are nods to Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco and Natalie Cole here. The simplicity of Light Of Day makes it a must listen, as every note is carefully crafted to have the greatest impact. The piano would seem to be an equally good fit no matter whether one is in a smoky piano bar in the 1970s, a coffee shop in the 1990s, or in a close-knit venue today. Truly a beautiful effort from Christina Custode. - James McQuiston

"Christina Custode: Light of Day"

Toronto’s Christina Custode just released her latest single “Light of Day” and I’m really thrilled to share it with you.

Granted, it’s not going to make you cry or want to go off on someone like most of the tracks we post on the Left Bank, but how about a little versatility huh?

Her voice is so perfect, I feel like she was in my church choir (she wasn’t). She’s got this eclectic, soul-jarring and truthful sound, and lyrics that make you stop and reminisce. - Left Bank

"Listen: Christina Custode: Light of Day"

of Day”
check out the post below

Christina Custode is a singer/songwriter based out of Niagara Falls, NY. She has recently released a new single called, “Light of Day”

In the song, “Light of Day” Custode says about the song that it tells the story of an evening that changed the relationship between two people forever. The song documents the events of that night, which lead to a lifetime friendship being pushed apart. It is a true to life depiction and candidly tells the details of that evening.

If you’re into singer/songwriters, artists like Norah Jones, Tobias Jesso Jr, Sarah McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles, you should really enjoy this kind of music because it definitely falls in the same vein of those artists. It’s soulful and real and that’s the vibe you get when you listen to this track. - Kidfromthe6ix

"Artists worth checking out: Monday Mashup; Women in Entertainment"

Our fourth artist today is for fans of Norah Jones, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. Her name is Christina Custode, and we believe you will be hearing a lot more greatness from her in the not too distant future. Here is her single, “Light of Day.” Enjoy. - LA Music Critic

"Professional Review of Crush"

Some great stuff here. Sounds a bit like Lennons imagine and has a particular extra quality in the voice. - Stuart Epps

"Professional Review of All For Her"

Well crafted song and lovely voice! Love the stop !! Great bv's! Great pianist by the way! Elton would love this !! ITS BRILLIANT!! - Stuart Epps

"Christina Custode The Singer Songwriter With The Voice Of An Angel"

Christina Custode is effortlessly fighting her way into the singer songwriter world. Her voice is angelic, sultry, and full of passion. Her piano driven music is beautiful, full of images, and will separate her from the rest. She has studied and played music through out her life from having graduated from the highly respectable Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, the Western New York music scene has been nothing but kind to her. She has released a few albums that were both praised by fans and critics. With every album, she explores a different genre of music not limiting herself as a singer songwriter who only does love songs. On her most recent album "Mirror" dabbles in the blues genre. It's a playful album with strikingly haunting ballads. A good mix for any experiment with blues. From the opening notes on Wasting My Time?, where Christina's virtuosity on the piano is presented to the world, a signature sound that can be heard through all her albums. Her piano skills are not her only strength, on the song Nothing, Christina's magical voice enthralls her audience and holds them hostage in daze of tempting music. A bluesy beautiful setting where you picture yourself sitting on the back porch staring into the mountains is felt from the music and lyrics. The album is a treasure and no song should be skipped. You might even feel the need to listen to it over and over, it's really that great. The timeless quality of her music will help her endure through the saturated industry of fabricated singer songwriters. You can scope out her music here:
- Indie Music Review

"TGIF Review : Christina Custode LIVE @ Bar Louie/Buffalo, NY"

Sometimes finding a parking space around Galleria Mall is a challenge and yesterday was no exception. Let me tell you that it was well worth the trip in the end enjoy a comfortable place and hear Custode perform live for the first time.
People in Western New York do enjoy cover the bands so much. Its understandable, because they want to hear songs that they know when they go out for the night. That being said, its sometimes difficult to be open to original material, but that isn't the case with her music. If you would like to hear some amazing material from someone local that has a dynamic vocal range and lyrics from the heart, then give an honest try of Ms. Custode. In doing some internet music research, from time to time, I seek to review something different. Well, I came across a breath of fresh air and then some! In fact , this Niagara Falls, N.Y. native went to the Eastman School Of Music in Rochester. Check out her Mozart Concerto No. 25 in C Major which you can find on YouTube. But lets go back to last night. The Bar Louie - bar area was full and almost every table was taken. I was lucky to get one up close and able to take in her angel-like voice. It is one without a strain, that sounds well beyond her years. Her originals are very listenable and I can hear this singer/songwriter get some pop airplay in due time. She treated everyone as she did cover "Someone Like You" (Adele) and "Give Me One Reason" (Tracy Chapman). If you closed your eyes you would think it was live versions by both singers. Yes..that good. She even ventured with the song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (Beatles) and gave it an amazing almost dreamlike sound to the 60's classic. She has a website and facebook pages where you can find her bio and information on her all original CD. Bar none...Bar Louie with Christina Custode was more than fun!

April 13, 2012
- Wayne Mack / News Personality/ Buffalo, NY

"Review from Buffalo, NY Radio Personality"

"A little Sara Bareilles at times, some Lisa Loeb at others, even a bit of Basia at one point. Christina Custode has a little of everything for you here. Nothing & Crush are the big power ballads surrounded by pop songs like The One Thing and The LaLa Song. There's an excellent chance her first big hit will come from this album." - John Anthony, Buffalo Radio Personality

"Professional review of “Nothing” by Christina Custode"

Ahhhh a breath of fresh air. Amongst a number of predictable tracks I have been critiquing, finally a track with true emotion, serious talent and major commercial potential.
Beautiful lyrics that have been very well constructed and perfectly delivered by a fantastic voice oozing with passion, emotion and charm. You are hugely able and I would love to hear more.
I think you would give many of the female vocalists in the UK a run for their money and think you should try and push this here as much as you can. It is very current and given the commercial success of other current female vocalists (Adele, Ellie and so on) with similar work, I'm sure you would get a good following.
…A note about the fantastic delivery of keys and cello must be made too. You are obviously a talented all-rounder. The keys are played as passionately as the lyrics are sung. The three instruments ebb and flow interlinking and complimenting each other.

More, more, more we say!

Martyn Ellis
Managing Director - Alemar Music Limited, UK
- Martyn Ellis - Alemar Music Limited, UK

"I Love your Voice"

This is Christopher Ewing from the Indie Music Channel and "The Radio Cafe". First of all, I love your voice!! I love your song "Just In Case" (as you know I added it to my radio show), and I just took a look at the videos you submitted for TV airplay, excellent stuff! Great job, way to go! - Christopher Ewing


2019 - Just in Case - Single
2018 - Light of Day - Single
2017 - High Water - Single
2016 - All for Her - Single
2015 - Fire - Single
2013 - Crush - Single
2011 - I - EP
2010 - The Mistletoe Song - Single



Christina Custode is a Grammy Academy Recording Artist and multi-award winning singer-songwriter and pianist currently based out of Buffalo, NY ( Roswell Film Festival Best Singer-Songwriter,  Buffalo’s Best Female Vocalist multi-award winner and many more).  She is heavily influenced by songwriting greats such as Billy Joel, Jewel and John Lennon and has been referred to as “the Carole King of her Generation”.  Christina brings her candid songs to life through engaging stories and is a witty performer.   She is a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Bringing her songs, stories and sass to each engagement, she is dynamic performer who is effortless in various performance settings. Available to perform as a solo artist, with a full 8 piece ensemble, and every combination in between, her flexibility is unmatched.  Christina brings her songs to life through engaging stories and witty banter, keeping audiences of all sizes engaged and entertained. Think Joan Jett meets Chelsea Handler in a bar, with a piano. 

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