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Lowell, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Lowell, MA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Chi Tashi Boasts Lyrically Depth In "Nice Things""

With Lowell's Chi Tashi, you get an authentic point of view of an immigrant's son coming into his own. The duality of his upbringing can be heard throughout all of his songs using his emotional lyricism and unique rhyme schemes, the 29 year old MC paints a vivid picture of his personal trials and tribulations growing up in the city. Developing his craft over the years, Chi has established himself as a talent to look out for in the New England hip hop scene through his live performances, videos and singles releases.

“Nice Things” (produced by 4AM Beatz)is the first single off of Chi’s album “Honey Off Thorns”. At first listen this is a bumping anthem with a west coast vibe chorus but given a few more spins and dissecting the lyrics you hear the layer of morose. It explodes through the speakers with a hard-hitting bass line and Chi Tashi’s legendary vocalism. Equipped with a dynamic sound and bass-filled beats, Chi Tashi is sure to have you vibing along. His vocals are deep and hypnotizing. His smooth flow and flawless bars can be accredited to his years of experience and raw talent. The second verse was created by Chi after the passing of his Father. His music and writing style it's about the duality of life, taking the good with the bad. Chi Tashi’s upbeat flow and flawless, witty bars make “Nice Things” unparalleled in today’s hip-hop scene. Getting a message across, effortlessly reciting perfect lyrics, and finding/creating beats to match is admirable. I highly recommend you give this track a listen and dive into the lyrics with Chi Tashi

Hey Chi Tashi! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?
Where to begin, well, second son of Margaret and Kings Tashi. First generation of Cameroonian decent, Massachusetts resident, Lowell’s very own. 30, father, cook, writer, music is my life blood, beer enthusiast and a plant lover. Also your new favorite rapper.

Love this track “Nice Things”. Can you explain the writing process and any challenges you faced along the way?
Starts by linking up with 4. I’m always on the search for producers and came across him, reached out and over time built a good relationship to the point where he trusted me with his google drive of beats. It was like a legit treasure cove, this was the third beat I ended up grabbing. Had the hook for a bit, 1st verse was completed shortly after that then I sat on the song for what ended up being a year. That tax reference in the chorus is from last season lol. 2nd verse came after my Dad died, the immediate effects of his passing and dealing with those emotions fueled not only this track but the album as a whole.

What would be your dream collaboration?
If you asked me like 3-4 years ago I would have said Kanye, he was an early influence, I related to his story a lot. Before rapping I was in a band and didn’t think I could tell my story through the avenue of rap considering the era of hip hop we were in during the early 2000’s. He inspired me. Now it’s fuck him, that Trump shit. I’m good. Right now…this is hard, umm, Kendrick or Childish Gambino, their versatility as creators! I’d like to be in that studio, cook something.

What do you think sets you apart from other hip-hop artists?
What set’s me apart is that I’m me, my music, is my story. I unapologetically put myself in every song. I’m grateful of that fact that people can relate but we all have our own unique experiences even with those shared, and our view of the world is shaped through that. I describe my music as “authentic, honest lyricism with a lot of sauce” haha and I mean it. My music is an direct representation of me I put that energy into the songs, music videos and shows.

Can we expect more collabs with 4AM?
Definitely, 4 has a dope sound, we have two other tracks that will make the album which I’m excited for y’all to hear. - Buzzmusic LA

"Mass Mix: King Princess, Beeef, And Other Artists Boston Has On Heavy Rotation"

Chi Tashi, “Nice Things”

Lowell rapper Chi Tashi has long been one of the city’s biggest hip hop stars and fiercest advocates, gaining popularity while working hard to help others do the same. His latest track “Nice Things” reflects that work. It’s amassed 41,000+ plays on Soundcloud since its May release and has built excitement for Tashi’s frequent live performances. Sonically, "Nice Things" is crisply produced, especially pairing effects with vocal samples to enhance the beat. Lyrically, Tashi opens with an anthemic hook but then ventures into strings of contemplative rhyme schemes that explore his favorite themes of growing up as an immigrant's son in a working-class city. With a style akin to superstars like Childish Gambino or Kendrick Lamar, and a strong sense of community involvement, Tashi is the rapper the Lowell scene and any other music fans deserve. -Dakota Antelman, writer for The Lowell Spin - WGBH

"Chi Tashi: The High Quality Track With Great Morality."

Through live performances, as well as, creative videos and quality singles, Chi has established his name as a keyboard player in the Northeast Hip-Hop scene. His music blends contemporary sounds with the stylings of old school soul music. Chi touches on as much as he can from his first generation upbringing all the way to, his transition into fatherhood. “Nice Things (prod. By 4:AM)” is the first singe from Chi’s second album, entitled, “Honey Off Thorns”. This track features a nice message of the duality of life and experience. Taking the good with the bad and figuring it out from there. This song has been in the works for a while and it wasn’t until Chi’s father pasted away, that he finished writing it. The song itself has a nice instrumental that reminds me a lot of early west coast hip hop you would hear from Dr Dre or NWA. This duo makes straight hits and I can’t wait to hear the album Chi created. - Lemon Radio

"Video Music Alert"

Chi Tashi (fka Sechion) recently dropped a new single/video “Nice Things”, the first single off of his upcoming album Honey Off Thorns. The video has a outdoor theme which is perfectly timed for the summer. The song and video has a bit of a West Coast vibe and Chi Tashi was first to acknowledge it.

“I knew that sonically instruments like the keys and the synth would be reminiscent of a west coast track so I wanted the video to be bright and lush. I love plants so wanted to incorporate that as well; it’s a summery track so having an outdoor presence was important to capitalize on with our weather. Bring the West Coast to Lowell.”

The full album is due out late summer/early fall and we can’t wait to hear the rest. In the meantime though, enjoy this drop with the windows down. -Joel Gray - The Lowell Spin

"Sechion - District"

Last we heard of Massachusetts artist Sechion, was in May with his debut album, “Black Gums.” Since then he says he’s been busy developing new material.

“Releasing my album was a big achievement for my friends, family and myself. Some of the verses on their I’ve saved for years, the stories told weren’t only mine to tell, it really was an accumulation of a lot of hard work with my team. When you have a small fan base they are usually intimately involved with seeing you succeed so it felt like a weight off my shoulders, giving the world myself in its truest form. Now with that out, I feel free, more than anything what you are hearing is me unchained from the burden of my own expectations. The new music reflects that poise.”

On his latest release, “District” produced by fellow Massachusetts native David Walker, the MC floats through the boisterous production with ease. District can also be found on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal as well as SoundCloud down below. - Swidlife

"“In the Making”: A Walk Through Sechion’s Shoes"

“In the Making”: A Walk Through Sechion’s Shoes

Honesty is something many musicians aspire to achieve. Very often fidelity comes in the form of expressing negative experiences—songwriters are often inspired by negative experiences to transform them into song. Yet, with Sechion’s newest EP, In the Making, the listener gets a more holistic, and altogether more honest, depiction of an artist’s life.

The proof is in the pudding. The first track, “One on One”, is an exploration into the duality of Sechion’s internal experiences. The first verse depicts a person on the top of their game, bursting with inner strength, and altogether at ease with the loneliness of that strength:

“I’m the city’s best of, we don’t need no compilation,

I’m the city’s best, point blank end of conversation,

I ain’t entertaining nothing, went through the trials,

And I came out a better man,

Went through the fire and I came out Valyrian,

They looking at me like I’m an alien,

I really am… one of one.”

Then, after the chorus, the song turns into a meditation on regrets reaped from forging one’s own path, from questioning his own family loyalties, to drug abuse, and many things in between. The opposite side of personal inner strength—either things left behind or some kind of resulting isolation—make “One of One” a journey through jubilation, guilt, and reflection.

It should also be noted here that Sechion makes specific mention of Ohana Media, a local music production company, and his own brother Luteh:

“It’s an Ohana thing, that Potent Po shit,

Luteh got me stuck off that potion,

If you sittin’ at my table

You gunna be gettin’ a portion…”

These, and other drops, give In the Making a sense of locality, something that—and this truly comes from my own perception of the release—confirms and reinforces its honesty. Throughout are references to Lowell and the circumstances from where he comes that makes Sechion’s EP, in my opinion, another chapter in the city’s identity. He not only brings the darker sides of himself into his art, but the surroundings that shaped him—unabashed, shameless, and within a high-fidelity scope of self reflection.

In terms of sound, there’s not a stitch loose throughout all of In the Making. The richness and depth of the bass—coupled with searingly precise beats and novel atmospheric backing tracks—bring the power of Ohana’s production chops to the fore. As someone who doesn’t typically listen to hip-hop, I found myself drawn to the depth and clarity of the music, something which should not go ignored should you listen.

All in all, In the Making is an affirming release by one of Lowell’s premier hip-hop acts. Much like the famously poetic legacy of Lowell, Sechion gives us an inner profile of himself. One doesn’t have to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate what In the Making has to offer—one can’t help but feel that you truly know the artist, perhaps over one of Luteh’s expertly-crafted cocktails or carefully-considered whiskeys, however you take it. – Al Gentile - Lowell Spin

"Stream Sechion's New Album Black Gums"

Lowell, Massachusetts rapper Sechion just released a very authentic project that delivers everything a rap fan wants to hear. The artist is an open book on his 12-track album entitled, Black Gums and we are absolutely obsessing over this new release.

The well-rounded project with zero features is equipped with production from James Rogers, DJ Robotnik 5000, Lil Rich, DumDrumz, and more. The rapper aims to capture stories of his personal trials and tribulations while making a soundtrack dedicated to the people growing up in his city. This album will make you want to follow in Sechion’s footsteps and proudly rep your city like he does.

The founder of the City Love Tour concert series touches on a more fun side of his LP in songs like “Never Tuck My Chain interlude,” “Can’t stand me,” and “Pretty Feet.” Sechion definitely took his time using his heartfelt lyricism and unique rhyme scheme to create a very cohesive body of work.

If you aren’t already hip to Sechion’s music its not too late, go ahead and check out his Black Gums album below. - RESPECT.MAG

"Sechion: City Love Tour (mini documentary)"

#TheMUSEUM TV Presents, SECHION: City Love Tour 2, a Mini-Documentary following up & coming music artist Sechion (@akaSechion). Shot & Edited by #TheMUSEUM’s Creator Noble (IG: @Le_GooLord).

“When Noble approached me to document this year’s iteration of The City Love Tour I was hesitant at first. His vision was to interview me at the beginning of our process to the very end. I think a lot of my resistance had to do with revealing too much of myself and my friends. Being a part of a generation where everyone seemingly draws the curtain into their lives with mixed results I still value privacy. In this case I’m happy to admit I was wrong. The moments captured in this mini doc does justice to all involved. I’m really thankful to have a team surrounding me that believes in what it is we’re trying to accomplish. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share the stage with all the artist that took the time to perform but most importantly assist in building a music culture, a community for the city I love.” – Sechion


Instagram: @Pronounced_Session
Twitter: @akaSechion - The Museum TV

"A New Artist Approaches!: Sechion"

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s officially two weeks until my show at the International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland (at 10 am EST). Ever since starting the playlist for the show, I’ve been feeling a lot of hometown pride, and that spirit is best exemplified through today’s featured artist, Sechion!

Interesting fact: there is a huge absence of rap in the Lowell music scene. True, you have artists like Whiskey James and Mizer, but they blend rap with other styles. Sechion is pure, unadulterated rap, influenced by life in the 978. While he doesn’t have an album out just yet, he has been debuting singles for the past year, blending astute observations about city life with production that could have been taken from Kanye’s The College Dropout.

Check out his video for “Millside”, and be sure to catch Sechion and more at the International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland! - Time In The Study

"Sechion - Black Gums"

Sechion (pronounced session) is an emerging hip-hop artist making his way out of Lowell, MA. Distinguishing himself as a premier up and coming talent out of New England, not only through his live shows but with solid single releases, Sechion brings forth a new sound. His debut album, “Black Gums” highlights his sound and lyrical ability. Coming in at 12 tracks, each track has its own vibe that’s backed by amazing production, taking each record to the next level. Lyrically, Sechion displays raw flows matched up with catchy hooks. This allows him to show just how versatile he can be.

Shortly after the project release, Sechion dropped off the official video to, “End Like This.” The clean-cut visual contains a VHS effect giving it more of that old school vibe. Directed by DISHURD, the video helps bring the essence of the track together. Check out the album as well as the video down below. - Swidlife


Rising from the streets of New England, MA – rising artist Sechion (announced “Session) has something different to offer to his targeted listeners. Taking day to day topics in an attempt to push the envelope on modern indie music, he presents his latest visual “Outchea/Man To You“, which documents his rising claim to a newfound stature. We asked Sechion about what d the playful visual creation and here’s what he had to say:

“Outchea/Man To You” chronicles the attention I’ve brought to the city and what that notoriety has given to me. Navigating through the vices and delusions although some self inflicted that may stop me from fulfilling my potential.”

In a few more years, the world will know Sechion’s name, in a “buzzworthy” sense. His potential to becoming a possible candidate to claim a spotlighted pathway is truly imminent. His works speak for themselves, he knows what he wants. The dealcloser is whether or not he discovers his niche, which can be the toughest process for newfound artists.

What ever the case may be, keep your eyes open. Sechion is sure to ring the alarm on the radar, especially on hypefresh – as we’re paying major attention to him. - Hypefresh

"City Love Tour 3 Full recap video"

This was our second year following Potent Society’s City Love Tour based out in Lowell, MA. Potent Society (MA Based) puts on this Tour every year to provide a platform for Artists. The growth we’ve seen from hearing about their first year, to experiencing the second and then to this year is just inspiring. This time around they pulled in artists from a wider range than usual and made sure each show had it’s own vibe. The tour featured the likes of: 6ixlayne, Garrett, Samo D, RAMS, Noel Pancho, Latrell James, Arty $lang, Cool Dubs, Potent Pelle, Eugene Junior, Darius Heywood, Original Kadeem and of course the headliner, Sechion. Every-night was a different experience and Sechion will help narrate you through the City Love Tour 3! Get Familiar & Join them Next Year! Enjoy & Please share! #TMTV - The Museum TV

"Chi Tashi Hits Us With the “Re-Up” With Smashing New Single"

From Lowell, MA today we are given the gift of incredible Hip Hop delivery from the amazing Chi Tashi and his new song “Re-Up”. This Hip Hop anthem is known as “Re-Up” hits hard from the song starts, until the end of the song. Starting off, the song opens up with a trap-esq sort of synth that then explodes with powerful vocals. Musically, the synth and beat feel like trap influenced Hip Hop with a hint of Grime. Which is a nice touch for an artist from Northeastern America! Vocally, the performance is reminiscent of Drake and somewhere in the middle of 21 Savage, in the best way possible. Lyrically, the song is about the everyday hustle and grind for this 30-year-old rapper who has transitioned into Fatherhood. The song overall is unique and refreshing, allowing the ears to sit with this and not feel like it’s something you have heard many times before. By the time the song ends, you want more as the song closes in at 2:20. Luckily, there is plenty more of where this track came from!

Be sure to keep up to date with Chi Tashi, as we honestly expect much more greatness from this incredible rapper. Re-Up is a song for the times and we are sure that he will continue to re-up with more amazing songs to come!

Listen to "Re-Up" here.

Hey Chi Tashi and welcome back to BuzzMusic! 2019 has been a big year for you. Can you tell us what was the overall highlight of your year?
The recognition, I'll be lying if I didn't say being featured on platforms I respected wasn't gratifying. The release of Nice Things was a highlight for me as well, it's been the biggest song I've released to date. When I recorded it I felt it had the potential to be "something" but it really exceeded my own expectations.

We loved your song "Re-Up". What inspired the creation of it?
The fact that I haven't released a song since May with Nice Things lol. Robotnik sent over the beat, I loved it, wrote to it that day and recorded that night. I wanted something out there, let people hear some new sounds. This song is VERY different from the album.

"Re-Up" showcases your lyrical ability flawlessly. Can you tell us about your writing style and method?
I consider my writing style to be direct and have a lot of imagery. I write scripts, I enjoy tv and reading. My favorite authors, screenplay writes, songwriters are able to evoke emotion while putting a vivid image in the audience's head. I look to paint a picture with words, have the listeners experience what I'm experiencing within that song. Beyond that, I've been working on new flows, key.

We hear a few different musical influences in this song. Which artist has inspired you the most?
I would say this year a big inspiration has been Tyler, I think the Igor album is pretty much flawless. You can tell with this project he mastered his artistry. The attention to detail from the samples and especially with the word choices, I thought he was able to say a lot in limited spaces with his specificity, a technique I applied to this song. I have been playing with different melodies and song structures too, Re-Up really turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. Shouts to Robotnik for the waves.

What's next for Chi-Tashi in as we go into 2020?
Got my album coming out the first quarter of the year, been working on it for some time now and I'm amped to get it out! More videos, more shows, another project for sure just overall continue to level up the in every facet of my craft and be consistent with it. - BuzzMusic LA


Black Gums - May 22, 2017

Chuck and Sechion EP - Dec 15, 2017

In the Making EP - May 3, 2018

Tetris feat. Sicnarf - June 4, 2018

Miss Me feat. Mike Wing - July 18,2018

Check feat. Mike Wyche - July 19, 2018

Higher Thread - Sept 5, 2018

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire - Sept 5, 2018

Tempo - Sept 5, 2018

Nice Things - May 22, 2019



With Lowell's Chi Tashi, you get an authentic point of view of an immigrants son coming into his own. The duality of his upbringing can be heard throughout all of his songs using his emotional lyricism and unique rhyme schemes, the 29 year old MC paints a vivid picture of his personal trials and tribulations growing up in the city. Developing his craft over the years, Chi has established himself as a talent to look out for in the New England hip hop scene through his live performances, videos and singles releases.

Credited for bringing attention to the growing hip hop scene being cultivated in Lowell, Chi is also the founder of the City Love Tour. A annual summer concert series done exclusively in his hometown putting together a mix of genres on one bill from funk, electronic, r&b; and of course hip hop. Giving the audience an opportunity to discover new music, and, for artist, some early in their respective careers, a chance to connect with fans on a platform where as to perfect his or her's live show

With strong performances in L.A's Art District, Brooklyn, and the Greater Boston area coupled with a steady stream of singles and videos he released his long awaited debut album Black Gums on May 22nd of 2017. Not one to let up on the gas he followed that with a new 6 track EP entitled "Chuck and Sechion EP" on December 15th with rising producer Chuck Kennedy out of Connecticut making 2017 a personal milestone. The next year he would build upon his momentum with stand out collaborations and a brand new EP titled 'In the Making" as an appreciation to his fan base for getting him selected to perform at A3C 2018. Keep your eyes on Lowell's Own.

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