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Salem, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Salem, MA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Amplified: Carnivora's "Pessimist's Tongue""

Melodic death metal scratches a very particular itch; it’s usually pretty straight-ahead, and when those riffs kick in, nothing is the same kind of mosh-worthy. Carnivora caught my eye as fellow New England natives, but then I actually listened to their new single, “Pessimist Tongue,” and it’s clear that these Massachusetts thrashers are here to stay. Fans of At The Gates and Darkest Hour, you want this. If the blistering main riff doesn’t induce chair-moshing right away, just wait for the arena-ready harmonized leads once the guitar solo shows up. The track’s breezy 4 minutes blow by in what feels like half that time – even as I’m writing this, I’ve hit the replay button quite a few times already. It’s just one of four tracks on the band’s upcoming EP, “The Vision,” and every minute of that release rips just as hard. Considering the endorsements that these guys have been raking in lately, (A little amp company called Orange, for starters) plus a few dates with Mobile Deathcamp, I’m obviously not the only one who thinks they shred, either.

Keep an eye out for “The Vision” soon, listen to “Pessimist Tongue” below while you wait, and you can stream their equally ripping 2013 debut, “Eternal,” via Bandcamp. - Metal Insider


One thing leads to another. On April 27 we announced our sponsorship of a tour by West Virginia’s Byzantine with Mobile Deathcamp from Ohio. That led to our May 8 announcement of a follow-on tour by Mobile Deathcamp with support from Massachusetts-based Carnivora. And that led to what you’re about to hear — our premiere of a Carnivora song named “A Vision In Red” from their new EP The Vision.

The Vision is a four-track offering that follows the band’s 2013 full-length debut, Eternal, and “A Vision In Red” is the EP’s opening song. The song blends together riffs that alternately swarm and jab, a flurry of pugilistic drum strikes, and a couple of flickering, spiraling guitar solos that really light up the song like a Roman candle — not to mention a nimble, thrumming bass line and some bleeding-edge vocal excretions.

But what gives the song an added dimension and another layer of texture is the smoothly flowing melody that eventually surfaces, providing a contrast with the jolting vehemence that surrounds it. This is a high-energy, multi-faceted song performed with instrumental flair and a lot of evident passion that stands up well to repeat listens.

The Vision EP is set for release on June 23, 2015. Pre-orders for the EP are now available on Bandcamp via the link below, and pre-orders will get you an immediate download of the song we’re premiering today. - No Clean Singing

"Carnivora – The Vision (Manshark Entertainment): Rating 9.5 / 10"

These are bountiful times for the local heavy metal scene across New England – and acts like Danvers, Massachusetts’ Carnivora are responsible for the resurgence over the past few years. The five piece have arisen impressively since their 2011 inception through a blistering live attack and their debut album Eternal from 2013, performing at loads of local clubs as well as opening for acts like Behemoth, Overkill, Morbid Angel, and Job for a Cowboy among others.

Their latest 4 song EP The Vision takes their modern thrash/death/groove metal template into slightly more focused horizons. Guitarists Cody Michaud and Mike Meehan lay down a crushing bevy of chord progressions while teaming up for occasional quick hitting harmonic bliss in a melodic death manner for “A Vision in Red” (think Whoracle period In Flames), while bassist Cam Hunt and drummer Dan DeLucia fluctuate between solid power groove tempos and fills/time changes that are worthy of say classic King Diamond or Lamb of God meets Morbid Angel. The first video/single “Serpent’s Tongue” opens in restrained fashion before the thrash oriented verses and more mid-tempo chorus kicks in – vocalist M. Scott Lentine bursting his larynx to the max in multi-faceted growl to scream mannerisms.

What is most noticeable throughout for this new Carnivora EP is the levels of musicianship, diversity, and dynamics that have been taken into consideration – the leads, the transitions, and the thick production values rival what you would expect from the larger, signed bands in the modern thrash/death scene. Whether it be the symphonic strains that conclude certain tracks, the emphasize of solid double bass/groove hits to compliment the frantic riffs, or M. Scott’s desire to hone in on the right lyric/phrase – ‘I’ve become a slave to the razor’ in my personal favorite (and future pit healthy) “Razors & Rust” – the lads clearly wish to take their music to larger audiences while not forsaking their street level musicianship and attitude that built things up in the first place.

Beyond that, the cover art could be a piece that consumers stare at for weeks on end (and teens adorn on t-shirts to scare the general public/parents). The Vision is impressive enough to please Carnivora’s growing legions, and gain a treasure trove of newcomers. - Dead Rhetoric

"Carnivora – The Vision EP"

I tend to feel spoiled living in Massachusetts. Why spoiled? Because it’s very easy for me to sit back, enjoy a Miller High Life, and put my elitist hat on when it comes to extreme music. Just look at our track record. The dirty water state has given us bands like SS Decontrol, Sam Black Church, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Converge, Shadows Fall and The Red Chord. We’ve had it pretty good.

But unfortunately with such a strong pedigree comes the risk of complacency. It’s easy to rest on those laurels because we assume that the old guard we be there forever. All it takes is watching the latest deathcore clone or third-rate djent band posturing as progressive metal at the Palladium for me to realize that “The Bay State’s” reputation can be tarnished. We cannot soil our history with guitar backing tracks and shitty neck tattoos.

While it is always best to air on the side of caution, I dare say that the future of Massachusetts metal is safe and sound. We have young bands like Pathogenic, My Missing Half, The Summoned and George Orwell the Musical to fly the flag. Joining that vanguard of New England brutality is Carnivora with The Vision EP.

I was fortunate enough to have as guests on my radio show, Stress Factor, in 2013 when they were promoting their first LP, Eternal. The shred was strong on that début offering and I wasn’t the only one impressed as they embarked on a seamlessly never-ending string of regional shows and battles of the bands.

Less than two years later and with appearances on the 2014s Summer Slaughter Tour and Mayhem Festival, the gentlemen from Danvers have returned with an even sharper collection of songs. While everyone has stepped up their game, it’s the guitar tandem of Cody Michaud and Mike Meehan that take center stage on tracks like ‘A Vision in Red’ and ‘Razors & Rust.’ So much so that if given time to further develop they’ll be hanging with great Massachusetts guitar tag teams like Ken Susi and Buz McGrath of Unearth or Shadows Fall’s Matt Bachand (who manages Carnivora) and Jon Donais.

So no need to worry. I say that the future is ours.

8.0/10 - Ghost Cult Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



In a scene filled with regurgitated riffs and passionless trend followers, Carnivora set themselves apart. The five-piece outfit from the Witch City of Massachusetts thrives with an approach to modern metal rooted in the values of classic headbangers. Combining innovative passages with a more ancestral songwriting style, the band conjures a unique vibe built on riff worship, infectious melody, and groove. With their high-energy live show and unforgettable charisma, Carnivora aims to blow down the doors for the new age of metal. 

After several years of touring the US extensively in support of The Vision EP, Carnivora has reached a new level of work ethic and chemistry as they blaze new trails through 2019. The band has gone back into the shed to return to roots and have recently finished a new record to release later this year. Combined with the vocal prowess of a new frontwoman, Carnivora has seen a rebirth resulting in an unprecedented peak in maturity, passion, and style for the group.

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