Cardboard Dream House

Cardboard Dream House

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Alternative Indie





Cardboard Dream House is a four piece indie/alternative/punk band based out of Southern Ct. The band consists of Bobby Roberts (Guitar/Vocals), Eli Farland (Drums/Backing Vocals), Haneef Harris (Bass) and Lydia Arachne (Keyboards/Backing Vocals). CDH recently released their new album entitled Perspective via NeuroTronix Records. The record was cleverly produced and engineered by Richard Demko at Greenwood Studios in Seymour and Horizon Music Group in West Haven. The band describes their sound as an “obscene and gritty blend of classic Alice Cooper and Kiss meets Alan Parsons and Green Day“.

CDH lives up to their reputation. Their music covers a wide spectrum of genres and musical styles. And they handle the contrast well. They seem as comfortable punking it out as they do being progressive and melodic. The songs are well written and reverberate with high energy. The musicianship throughout Perspective is first rate and the vocal harmonies are outstanding. I’m going to concentrate on the first three released singles as they exemplify the rich content of the entire album.

“Killing Me Inside” is a solid rocker with a cool punk chorus. Roberts’ forceful vocals and fiery guitar perfectly fits the whole timbre of the song. Farland’s drums and Harris’ bass combine for a tight backbeat, Also, Arachne’s keys are a nice touch. The crescendo finish is a superb ending to a driving composition. In addition, the song has garnished over 32,000 streams on Spotify and has been added to countless radio playlists.

“Belong” begins with a nasty grunge guitar and impressive drumming. The song has a galvanic beat with an interesting synth underbelly. Again Roberts’ strong crunching vocals pushes the tune in a compelling direction. In addition. Harris’ bass lays down a potent throbbing rhythm. On “Belong” CDH throws punch after punch of sonic slaughter.

“Until The Next Time” is another energetic rocker that contains sharp beats and an enterprising guitar solo. The song’s vigorous pulse has the listener bopping and stomping. The song’s theme is the age old tale of lost love. One can feel the yearning and distress in Roberts’ vocals and his voice fits ideally with guest vocalist Suzanne Vick’s harmonization.

There are other gems throughout the album including the fierce “Hollow” and the anthemic “Black Light Flurry”. With Perspective, Cardboard Dream House have built a solid framework for the future. The assailing tempos and inventive bounce of Perspective are inspiring. The talent and musicianship is already there. One can only imagine what Roberts and company can come up with next. - RALPH BEAUCHAMP

"Cardboard Dream House rock hard, prove their worth with Perspective"

Cardboard Dream House has just released their latest disc of hard charging, action packed music. Their new CD, Perspective, on Connecticut’s Neurotronix Records, reveals a band with kaleidoscopic talents, a band that can, within one shift, turn a song into a louder, more colorful work, a band that does all that while remaining true to their core sound.

Cardboard Dream House proves on this Perspective disc that it can rock out as hard as any other band while remaining committed to a creative, fresh sound. Connecticut, a fertile ground for a variety of musical styles, just might have themselves another bragging right when this group reaches its full potential. Produced by Richard Demko at Greenwood Studios in Seymour, Connecticut and engineered by Vic Steffens at Horizon Music Group in West Haven, Connecticut, this disc jumps out of the speakers with a seriously real sound. - Bill Copeland

"Cardboard Dream House signs with independent record label in Seymour"

SEYMOUR - Connecticut-based Indie Alternative Punk Band Cardboard Dream House has signed a record deal with independent label NeuroTronix Records.
Cardboard Dream House can be found playing shows all over the area, and its first full-length album is set to be released in the spring of 2020.
The band first surfaced in the summer of 2018 with a collection of whiskey-drenched songs, steeped in gasoline and heartache.

The music of CDH is an obscene and gritty blend of classic Alice Cooper and make-up era Kiss meets Alan Parsons and Green Day.
Songwriter and front man Bobby Roberts delivers a greasy and raw vocal, and his lyrics depict the pleas and confessions of a seasoned musician who has loved and lost too many times. -

"Cardboard Dream House cd review"

Good record, thanks for sending the CD, I found the music catchy, energetic, melodic, hard rockin, anthemic, dynamic, diverse with lots of character and spirit within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling and sometimes complex hroughout the album with plenty of guitar hooks, I think the band sound great and you have made a fun diverse record that I think our readers would enjoy. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting, and fabulous vocals throughout, and you can feel the energy and soundwaves through the
speakers.I enjoyed the songs: Until The Next Time, Belong, Stay, Inside Me, and Dragon's Burn.

I can't fault the album at all.

Best regards,

TSM/Fireworks - Nicky Baldrain


PERSPECTIVE is the first full length album from Cardboard Dream House. Produced by Richard Demko and Neurotronix records in early 2020 and released June 2020. Perspective has 11 tracks. The songwriting on Perspective is very relatable to most peoples everyday situations and has something for everyone. The songs on Perspective take twist and turns and ups and downs and bring you on a journey that deals with loss, love ,Depression and Hope.



Cardboard Dream House is an all-original Alternative Rock band from Southern Connecticut. The band first surfaced in the summer of 2018. A collection of songs written by Bobby Roberts (Guitar/Vocals) started the the foundation for what would become Cardboard Dream House along with (drummer) Joe Covino. After a couple months of honing in thier sound, (Bassist) Peter Doheny was added to the mix along with ( Keyboards/Piano) Lydia Arachne.

After months of gig’s and prepreation, Cardboard Dream House went into the studio to record their self titled ep and Released it June 2019. 

By August of 2019 Peter Doheny and Joe Covino have departed the band and after a breif search, Haneef Harris (Bassist) and Eli Farland (Drums) entered and became members of Cardboard Dream House. Sept 2019 Bobby Roberts signed with Neurotronix records and in Febuary 2020, Cardboard Dream House started the recording process of what would become the first full length album of 11 songs “Perspective” Released Digitally June 19th 2020 on Neurtronix Records.

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