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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1993 | INDIE

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1993
Band Blues Blues Rock




"Robin & Whitey Noll of Pennsylvania Musician - 12/04/2011"

"A few other highlights of the month include the great schedule at Market Cross Pub in Carlisle. Market Cross offers that cozy local pub feeling with great brews, English cuisine and a variety of entertainment from a multitude of genres. A highlight this month will be on Friday, December 16th when Bushmaster takes the stage. ... Enjoy the show and check out Market Cross Pub's December schedule..." - PA Musician Magazine

"PA Music Scene - 10/13/2011"

"... Gary D. Brown, and his band Bushmaster, are due to release a new CD entitled, "Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music" within the next two months. Drawing on several current political and social topics in the news recently, Brown's songwriting on this new disc evokes both hope and angst..." - PA Music Scene

"Jim Price at PA Musician Magazine Reviews Bushmaster's Performance at Central PA Festival of the Arts - 08/01/2011"

"... I returned to the Festival Shell Stage to see blues trio Bushmaster. Front and center in this group was singer and guitarist Gary Brown who displayed some incredible scorching solo work throughout the set on original blues rock, plus numbers like Don Nix's "I'm Going Down", and Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile"..." - PA Musician Magazine

"Brandi Mellinger at Ocean City Today Interviews Gary Brown - 11/06/2009"

"...Gary Brown strives to keep Hendrix's spirit alive, not just in his music, but in his everyday life..." - Ocean City Today

"Michelle Oxley at Beachcomber Interviews Gary Brown - 09/17/2009"

"...'Thousand Miles from Nowhere' will cause your face to scrunch up with deep emotion upon listening..." - Beachcomber

"Brenda Golden at Coconut Times - 06/26/2009"

"...You'll be impressed, as I was, at the huge talent that is Gary Brown..." - Coconut Times

"Andy Grigg at Real Blues Magazine (Victoria, BC, Canada) Reviews "Live & Blue" - 03/01/2009"

"...This is a totally mind-blowing album and if Bushmaster had been around in 1972 I'm sure George Clinton would've been recruiting them for Funkadelic..." - Real Blues Magazine, Victoria, BC, Canada

"PA Musician Magazine Reviews "Live & Blue" - 01/01/2009"

"...Instrumental interaction is a constant highlight on Live & Blue, as Brown and his bandmates mix it up and play off one another to create some dazzling musical magic..." - PA Musician Magazine

"Starr Tucker at New York Waste Magazine Reviews "Live & Blue" - 09/01/2008"

"...Solid rocking tunes that go the distance..." - New York Waste Magazine

"Domenick Moore at Shinbone Reviews "Live & Blue" - 08/01/2008"

"... Brown rips off some smokin'syncopated licks in his typically muscular tone...The best part of Brown's abilityis how he plays the silences. He lets the song breathe..." - Shinbone

"RON at Rootstime Magazine (Belgium) Reviews "Live & Blue" - 09/13/2008"

"...However, I can say, Gary Brown is so much more than just an imitation Hendrix, he adds enough of his own elements to make the whole disc fascinating from beginning to end..." - Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

"HBGOnline CD Reviews"


CD Reviews

The following reviews are that of "Crazy John" and are his opinions of CD's submitted for review. If you would like to have your CD reviewed send a copy to: HBGOnline, ATTN: CD Reviews, PO Box 360, Steelton, PA 17113

CD Reviews provided by Crazy John

“Drowning On Dry Land” 11 tracks of Funky Rock/Blues from Bushmaster. This cd is an inspiring collection of original Blues tunes with Rock, Funk, and Rap influences and a riveting blazing guitar style with high Hendrix content to it. Gary Brown and Bushmaster have actually taken the sounds of Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan and updated it into this century. This cd has one captivating blues song after the other that should keep you listening. - HBGOnline.com - Sept. 2007

"Starr Tucker: CD Reviews - Summertime Blues!"


Here's what I found in me box this month...

Serpenteens, Grande, The Undead, Jukebox Year Book 2006 from Last Chance Records, After Dark, Trauma Team, Bushmaster, Broken Land, Innocence is a Bliss, Crimson Sweet

This summer's screamer goes out to BUSHMASTER and their mellow, fast rocker "Drowning On Dry Land". Rollin blues with a pick-up full of licks, real music for great times - smooth whiskey tunes that go the distance. Imagine Hendrix on tour with Taj Mahal, lost in PA on their way to Chicago... friggin brilliant.
www.myspace.com/bushmasterblues - New York Waste Magazine - Summer 2007

"Shinbone Sound Board & Review"


Drowning on Dry Land
By Bushmaster
Critic Rating
Board Rating
• Album Info •
Bushmaster Review :: Shinbone :: Pennsylvania's Free Music Monthly
Reviewed By:
Mike Staugaitis (Bio)
Big Bang Audio
Featured Track:
Drowning on Dry Land
Bushmaster may sound like a rifle you would use to hunt buck. But in reality it is Gary Brown, a blues guitarist and singer from Carlisle.

The Bushmaster does not need a rifle to make an impression on the ears. He uses a six string Strat and his bluesy, gravel-rough voice on his latest offering titled "Drowning on Dry Land."

The album kicks off with an up-tempo blues rocker in "Good Life," where Brown shows off his considerable skills as a guitarist with a great riff and few well placed solos as he sings about sharing his soul and singing his song. It gets things rolling down the highway and sets the tone for the rest of the proceedings.

One immediately thinks of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn as the albums moves into the second and title track "Drowning on Dry Land," which is also Bushmaster's featured track for the album. The track, like the opening one, shows off Brown's impressive chops.

The Bushmaster is not satisfied with making blues rock songs exclusively. He dips his toes in the funk waters with the aptly titled "Cosmic Funk" and excellent and bouncy "Big Back Yard." Another highlight of the album is "Sweet Olivia," which could almost be a lost Cream song featuring lead vocals by Henry "Rusty" Morton.

Brown shows his social conscious in spots on the album. He tackles racism with "Hard Word." Brown's intentions are certainly in the right place but the track comes off as ham fisted compared to the rest of the album with its spoken word parts in the second half of the song. "Ghetto All Over the World" is a better example that more successfully and elegantly bears Brown's concern for injustices and social wrongs with a great vocal bit on the chorus by Lori Rudolph.

Brown surrounds himself with many talented musicians and they all seem up to the task of matching him and bringing out the best in his songs. "Chains" and "Glass House Dweller" are two tracks that make that crystal clear. "Chains" opens up with a crunchy, staggering guitar and bass riff. The track slows to a stomp about two minutes in. The album ends with the hopeful and warm "Song For my Father," where he passes on advice given to him from his father in the track's opening lines.

Highly recommended.
For Fans of:
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood, The Black Keys – Magic Potion, Galatic – Ruckus - Shinbone Magazine - June 2007

"Review of Drowning On Dry Land in Belgium"


Website: www.bushmasterblues.com

E-mail: bushmasterblues@yahoo.com
Label: Eigen beheer

Gary Brown, gitarist en leider van de Amerikaan bluesrockband Bushmaster, is samen met Eric Gales, van wie ik de nieuwe cd volgende week zal bespreken, de man die de fakkel van Jimi Hendrix kan verder dragen, want zoals ik vorige week al zei, de brievenbus zit dezer dagen overvol met jonge gitaargoden die zich laven aan de bron van Jimi en Stevie. Dit is er ook weer zo ééntje, en niet van de minsten. Een van de minst bekenden misschien wel, want op het internet is er bitter weinig van hem te vinden, geen echte eigen website, buiten grote hoeveelheden foto's van live-optredens,en zijn eigen MySpace, zo goed als geen info! Dan maar verder met hetgeen we vinden op MySpace: 35 jaar, van gekleurde origine, uit Pennsylvania. Dat is het zowat, maar is al die info ook belangrijk? Waar 't om gaat is de muziek, en die bevalt me wel, moderne bluesy gitaarrock met hoog Hendrixgehalte, zoals ik al zei. Reeds vanaf de eerste noten in de intro van opener "Good Life" is de overeenkomst merkbaar, veel fuzz, veel wah-wah, een ook qua stem zijn er veel gelijkenissen. De titelsong "Drowning On Dry Land" heeft iets "Voodo Child" achtigs. "Hard Word" ademt de sfeer van "The Wind Cries Mary". Maar soms gaat het er dan weer heel eigentijds aan toe: "Cosmic Funk" is heel funky met rap fragmenten, stadsgeluiden en natuurlijk weer die allesoverheersende scheurende gitaar. Het tweede buitenbeentje is "Big black Yard" met schratching geluidjes, rap en een huppelende funkbas, al is de stem en intonatie van Gary hier 100 procent Hendrix. Het grote aantal live fotos, lovende reacties op een forum en een aantal filmpjes op "You Tube" en "My Space" doen ons vermoeden dat Bushmaster zeer de moeite waard zijn als liveband. Overtuig Uzelf!

A rough translation from Dutch to English utilizing several free online translation sites is as follows:

Gary Brown, guitarist and leader of the American blues-rock band Bushmaster (together with Eric Gales, whose new CD I will discuss next week), is the man that can further carry the torch of Jimi Hendrix; for as I already said last week, the mailbox has become overflowing with young guitar gods who slake themselves to the source of Jimi and Stevie. However he is not just another clone. And of the slightest well known perhaps, for on the internet there is to be found extremely little of him, no real bio information on his own website, outside large quantities of live-action photographs! Furthermore what we found on MySpace: 35 years old, of colored origin, from Pennsylvania. That is about it, but is all that info really important? Where it goes is the music, and that pleases me well, modern bluesy guitar-rock with high Hendrix content, as I said already. Already from the first notes in the opening song, "Good Life," is the likeness noticeable, many fuzz, many wah-wah, and also the vocals have many resemblances. The title song "Drowning On Dry Land" has some aching of "Voodoo Child". "Hard Word " breathes in " Wind Cries Mary". But sometimes it goes very contemporary: "Cosmic Funk" is wholly funky, with quick fragments of city sounds, and naturally again that overpowering tearing guitar. The second funky groove is "Big Back Yard" it's voiced with scratching sounds, rap and a skipping funk beat, already and intonation of Gary here 100 per cent Hendrix. The large number live photographs, laudatory reactions on a forum and a number of films on "You Tube" and "My Space" do we suspect that Bushmaster worth the trouble as a live band. Convince Yourself! - Rootstime Magazine - March 2007

"The Bluesbunny Music Reviews"


Drowning on Dry Land

It is said that life is full of regrets. We would indeed have regretted missing the music of Bushmaster. But for a chance encounter on MySpace, we might never have known about this fearsome slice of electric blues featuring the exceptional guitar talents of a certain Gary Brown.

It is not just standard blues fayre either. The lyrics show political and social awareness relevant to today - take "Hard Word" for example. Not that it is all social commentary however. "Cosmic Funk" is one long mesmeric groove. "Big Back Yard" is a steamroller of a song driven along with bone crushing precision by the drumming of El Toro Gamble. There is a sensitive side on show as well in "Ghetto All over the World". Picking a favourite song from this album was a hard task but we eventually chose "Your Song". A simple song starting with just a click track, it builds beautifully into a lament for lost love. Gary gives his best vocal performance on this track as well.

Ok, so he has a bit of a Hendrix fixation but Gary Brown plays his guitar with real fire in his belly. We suppose it might be considered the ultimate compliment but we wish we could play the guitar just like him. Stirring stuff, indeed. If you will excuse us, we have to put the CD back on, pick up our air guitar and play along once more. Just the kind of music to remind us all that it is a good life!

5 carrots

www.myspace.com - Blues Bunny Magazine - Feb 2007

"DEAR READERS by Susie Mudd"


The first release for me is BUSHMASTER, Drowning On Dry Land. It is Blues at it's best .GARY BROWN writes the songs and he's quite good at his craft.I really like the whole album,I have to tell you, as each song tracks,I smile,cause the guy has it going on.I love great blues, and this guy is quite a bluesman. The lyrics blow me away. The first cut "Drowning On Dry land" features some blistering guitar work. That Fender sings sweetly. I don't expect much from the vocal end of things, but you can't help but love the Blues. And BUSHMASTER delivers in every sense of the word.

My favorite cut,though, is "COSMIC FUNK". I just wish there wasn't the talking under the music.The next cut" SONG FOR MY FATHER", floors me. The man knows what he I would like to tell you BUSHMASTER delivers Blues at it's best. I thank him for sharing it with me. My only complaint is that I get the feeling that the sound effects ruin the music. I sure don't like sound effects in my music. It makes me stop listening because I don't appreciate sirens in my music. That is a minor complaint. I like pure blues, not the sound effects. The incomparable JAY TURNER plays Bass at their CD release party at THE RAM'S HEAD TAVERN in Savage, MD. I am having a hard time finding out who else is on the disc liner notes just aren't what they used to be.The bottom line is that if you like the Blues hard and fast, you will love this CD… - Music Monthly Magazine- May 2007-issue #272

"PA Musician - CD Reviews"



"Drowning on Dry Land"

Robin Trower, Randy California, Frank Marino, Randy Hansen, Eric Gales, even Stevie Ray Vaughan to an extent, the list of Jimi Hendrix imitators goes on. It would be too easy and an injustice to list Gary Brown of Bushmaster in with those names for while the spirit and the sound of Jimi Hendrix looms large over the "Drowning On Dry Land" CD Gary Brown and Bushmaster have actually taken that sound and updated it and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century and made it their own. Much like the Band Of Gypsys at the end of Hendrix's career (and just before his untimely demise) Bushmaster funk up their rock sound much like a fitter, trimmer Buddy Miles. They've actually come the closest I've heard to imagining where Hendrix would have gone with his sound had he lived. Despite the many Hendrix references Bushmaster is their own band and it is a very fine band at that. And hats off to engineer Ronni Santmyer for a high quality recording emphasizing the funk and r & b in Bushmaster's brand of rock. While vocally Gary Brown may be "a bit pitchy in spots, Dawg" you're really not here for the vocals anyway but for that guitar. And can Gary Brown play! YEEEAAH! Far beyond paying homage to his hero Gary Brown is a fiery, emotive guitarist who really can light up a recording with his playing. If you're looking for a new guitar hero look no further. Gary Brown is it and Bushmaster is your band. www.bushmasterblues.com – Reviewed by Sterling Koch - Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

"Today's Feature: July 1st & July 2nd, 2007"

Today's Feature: July 1st & July 2nd, 2007...

Note: Some content on PensEyeView.com may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised.

BushmasterI find the cover art of Bushmaster aka Gary Brown's latest release "Drowning on Dry Land" beyond suitable; an outstretched arm-clenching a guitar or as most musicians call it-an "axe", busting through cracked dry land. For years Brown has been establishing himself as one of the premier musicians in music, busting through clubs with the swagger and ownership of a wild west outlaw. His guitar playing rivals the great blues and rock stars that helped establish what it means to be a true rock star. "Drowning on Dry Land" is filled with energetic and fierce guitar craftsmanship that would make the guitar Gods of a time long past--Clapton, Hendrix, Page, to name a few, proud to know that their work of establishing the ability to master the guitar, an art in its own. Brown summons their goal to keep "real" rock music alive and beating wherever he travels (which Brown calls, "addictive"). Like most musical road warriors, playing show after show, night after night, winning over the crowd with his larger than life presence. That presence is what makes Brown very popular. He commands the stage, sometimes shirtless, contorting all the muscles in his body, from face to toes, as he maneuvers chords, resulting from years of practice. As long as there is life in Brown's body, I believe he will keep on astonishing audiences...and right now Brown's life seems to be rolling along rather smoothly. Have axe will travel. Read his XXQs to find out more.

XXQs: Gary Brown

How and when did you first get involved in music?

Almost from birth. My parents had an extensive collection of blues, big band jazz, and R&B that I would listen to almost non-stop. I got my first guitar at age 12 (a guild acoustic), and I haven't looked back since.

What was it like the first time you stepped into a studio to record your own music?

Exhilarating. Terrifying. And yet somewhere I belonged.

Bushmaster - Live!Is there a certain atmosphere you surround yourself in when you write music?

Yeah, life (LOL). Seriously though, I know some people immerse themselves in settings that facilitate relaxation, and therefore creativity. That's generally not how I do it. Songs just come to me and there's really no rhyme or reason to it. I just try to get out of my own way.

Tell us about the creation of your latest album, "Drowning on Dry Land"?

Writing the album was a reaction/statement inspired by that aforementioned "life" thing. I wasn't living in the safest of neighborhoods, or necessarily keeping the best company. But I think ultimately, good did come out of it. You know, from the grain of sand grows the pearl, from pressure coal becomes diamonds, and all that.

Describe the feeling when you first started to write " Drowning on Dry Land".

In a word, liberating.

What do all your friends and family think about your music?

I generally get the impression they think I'm doing the right thing, and they really seem to be feeling it. I can't overstate how gratifying this is, and how much I appreciate them for it. There has been the odd person here and there for whom my music is not their cup of tea, but no one likes everything, right?

How has life on the road been for you?

Addictive. It's where I feel I belong.

If I were to walk into your house/and studio right now, what is one thing I would be surprised to find?

Me there (ha ha). Let me see, hmmm, that would probably be my pair of musk turtles.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?

Think about working. After that, watching movies with my wife, and my guilty pleasure - boxing.

What can someone expect from a live Gary Brown show?

To be transported (albeit temporarily) away from your troubles and worries, and brought with us to a place of joyful celebration, and funkiness.

Gary BrownWhat is the best part about playing live?

Hmm, that's a hard one to answer. There are many different good things about playing live, catharsis among others.

What other artist right now should people be watching out for?

Geez, I'm afraid I'm really out of the loop as far as current artists go. I can tell you which of my current peers totally kick my butt. Jay Turner (www.jayaturner.com) writes some great stuff, is a great musician, and a hell of a nice guy - check him out! Another good friend of mine, Dayne Shannon (guitarist), has a band called Serving The Industry (www.servingtheindustry.com) that totally rocks! My friend Mystr Treefrog (www.MySpace.com/MystrTreefrog) is a very interesting and unique musician (with a left of center political view that parallels mine)! These are the first guys that come to mind.

In all your travels, which city do you think offers the best music scene?

All of them. (laughs) Lemme see… Baltimore is pretty jumpin', it seems to be the place where the players interact in a mutually beneficial manner.

What drives you to continually create great music?

The satisfaction of exposing your innards and having people not only understand you, but empathize with you as well.

Which venue is a favorite place to perform and why?

I'd have to say the Ram's Head Tavern in Savage Mill, MD, 'cause those people really know how to party. And though I know you asked for one venue, I also have to mention the Frisco Grille in Columbia, MD, it's also a very happening place (with the coolest owner and staff).

What is one thing we'd be surprised to hear about Gary Brown?

Sometimes I tear-up watching a particularly poignant movie. I'll still take anyone in a fight though (LOL).

Which artist do you feel has had the most influence on you?

Oh no, this question…I just can't single out one person. But if you're gonna make me say…I dunno, Freddy King? Yeah! (I also could have easily chosen fifty other guys including Hendrix, Eric Gales, Robin Trower, George Clinton, Sly Stone, Frank Marino, Johnny Winter, Miles Davis…)

What is a normal day like for Gary Brown?

There is no such thing, is there? I play guitar, go for walks, watch cable, same as anybody else.

Finish this sentence, "The most embarrassing moment at a gig was when."

I can't really think of anything since I tend to take things in stride (although my band mates may beg to differ - LOL).

See him live!So, what is next for Gary Brown?

Hopefully just to keep making more music, and keep on keeping on.

To find our more on Bushmaster, check out: www.myspace.com/garybrownbushmaster - PensEyeView.com - July 2007

"Editor Boy's Big Eight"


Silver Spring, Maryland
"Drowning on Dry Land"
Gary Brown's songwriting and guitar chops are zipped-locked to the Hendrix school, and his lack of a truly individual approach almost tanked his appearance here. Luckily, Brown is massively funky, uncorks truckloads of energy, and the wah solo at 1:28, as well as the maniac outro, totally kick ass. myspace.com/garybrownbushmaster
... - Guitar Player Magazine - April 2007

"Blues Bunny Reviews "Live & Blue" - 09/01/2008"

"...expression of emotion that the true masters of their instrument can bring..." - Blues Bunny Magazine


"Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music" - Bushmaster's Fourth CD (2011) (Recorded at Wright Way Studios - Baltimore, MD)
01. Cumberland Blues
02. I Will Shine
03. Victim of Nostalgia
04. Arizona Shame On Ya
05. Phony People
06. Ball ‘n’ Jack
07. Sidewalk Strut
08. War On The Poor
09. River Flow - Splash!
10. Trudi
11. 40 Acres & A Mule
12. Nothing Up Your Sleeve
13. We All Fall Down
14. Alycia Outro
15. Randy Intro
16. Victim of Nostalgia Remix

"Live & Blue" - Bushmaster's Third CD (2008)(Recorded live at two shows)
01. Night Shift
02. Have You Ever Been Mistreated (Nine Below Zero)
03. Lights On, Nobody Home
04. I Got News
05. Drowning On Dry Land
06. Nappy's Boogie
07. Thousand Miles From Nowhere
08. Four Times Better
09. Good Life
*. Bonus Track

"Drowning On Dry Land" - Bushmaster's Second CD (2006)(Recorded at Big Bang Audio - Baltimore, MD)
01. Good Life
02. Drowning On Dry Land
03. Your Song
04. Hard Word
05. Cosmic Funk
06. Sweet Olivia
07. Big Back Yard
08. Chains
09. Glass House Dweller
10. Ghetto All Over the World
11. Song For My Father
*. Bonus Track

"Consider The Source" - Bushmaster's First CD (1999)(Recorded at Wally Cleaver Studio - Fredericksburg, VA)
Eleven tracks and a bonus Track, currently out of print.



Gary Brown (Guitar/Vocals) is a DC area native (Palmer Park, MD) with 30+ years playing experience. After picking up his first guitar (an old Guild acoustic) at age 12, Brown quickly progressed to electric and after stints with various local bands, most notably The Spoilers, and sitting in around DC area clubs he decided to take the plunge and form his own group in 1992.

Gary Brown loves playing guitar, and loves playing/performing for people - the more the better. Festivals are a great way for him to share his love of guitar and music with a wide spectrum of music lovers. It's easy to see, from watching him perform, how connected he is to the music - he emotes - making sure each note counts, conveying not only the melody of each song, but the emotion behind them.

Tone is a hard thing to describe. Just like "tone of voice" is used to describe vocal timber and how "nasally" or "clear" a speaker's voice is used to create a mood or a character - the tone created by a guitar conveys emotion, mood, or adds character to a song.

Gary's constant pursuit of good tone has taken him down a long and winding path through a plethora of different amplifiers, effects pedals, and guitars. Currently he has a G&L Legacy (Fender Strat style built by the guys who left Fender to start their own company), two custom built guitars, a "Viper-Verb" custom built amplifier (designed by Gary and his friend Tim at Full Custom Audio), a custom modified Marshall JMP, and an ever-changing pedal board. Listen for yourself and you can hear his evolution of tone obsession.